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Saddle FAQ

by: Michael Firestone

Email: [email protected]

AIM: CO Advance

Version # 1.00

Created: 5-5-03

Table of Contents
I. Legal
II. Riding
III. Horse/Elephant Abilities and Appearance
     A. Red Hare
     B. Hex Mark
     C. Storm Runner
     D. Shadow Runner
     E. Elephant
IV. How to Obtain a Saddle
     A. Red Hare
     B. Hex Mark
     C. Storm Runner
     D. Shadow Runner
     E. Elephant
V. Credits

I. Legal
This FAQ is Copyright 2003 by Michael Firestone. This guide may not be reproduced 
or published in any way at all, except with special permission from me. However, 
you do have permission to print it out for personal use. This FAQ, in no way may be 
distributed or sold. The following sites are the only sites that have permission to 
have this on their site:

III. Riding
To get onto a horse or elephant, walk up to it and press X
To strafe left and right use L1
Turn/move the elephant or horse using the D-Pad or Analog Stick
A normal attack is Square(swings weapon right and left if repeated)
Charge attack is Triangle(charges and swings to the right)
Musou is Circle(faster and stronger regular attack) 

IV. Horse/Elephant Abilities and Appearance
A. Red Hare- Appearance: Red hair with gold, horse-like fixings
                      Ability: He's the fastest horse

B. Hex Mark- Appearance: A sort of Gray
                       Ability: Rider's Luck goes up 

C. Storm Runner- Appearance: Yellow with a yellow tail
                            Ability: Adds to mounted attack 

D. Shadow Runner- Appearance: Black with a blue cresant on the saddle
                                Ability: Cannot be knoked off of any horse

E. Elephant- Appearance: You know what an elephant looks like.....
                    Abilities: Square=Charging Elephant
                                  Triangle=Pound the Ground
                                  Circle=Elephant Musou

V. How to Obtain Saddle
A. Red Hare- To get Red Hare, play Lu Bu Musou mode "Battle of Xia Pi.Do not        
defeat ANY Officers or Sub-Officers. Wait until the "Guan Yu Meets Red Hare" event. 
Quickly defeat Guan Yu. When you do, a message will come up saying "A valuable item 
has been discovered!" The item will be in the bottom-right hand of the map. Defeat 
Cao Cao after grabbing the item and congratulations!

B. Hex Mark- Play Yellow Turban Musou mode. Beat the Yellow Turban Fortress. Then 
play "Campaign Against Liu Bei." Defeat both Guan Yu and Zhao Yun before enemy 
reinforcements show up. Next, kill all of Liu Bei's bodyguards and take Liu Bei 
down to about 1/2 health. The precious item should appear on the island in the 
Southeast corner of the map (where you find Red Hare in the Battle of Xia Pi).

C. Storm Runner- To obtain Storm Runner, play Lu Bu Musou mode "Campaign Against 
Cao Cao." Go south from your starting point and kill Cao Zhang. After doing so, the 
enemy will ambush you. Destroy Xu Huang(ambush party leader) and head to the South 
of the battlement. Go to the area on the left and the other enemy ambush party will 
flee because you've spoiled their ambush. Once you spoil the ambush, go to the 
center of the battlement and eliminate the officer there. The North battlement 
gate should open. Then, head South and kill the officer in front of Cao Cao's 
fortress and it's gate should open. Go into the fortress and defeat Dian Wei. The 
doors will close and Xiahou Dun will ambush your forces in the Northwest. Defeat 
the Guard Captain in the fortress and hurry towards Xiahou Dun's unit. Defeat 
Xiahou and "a valuable item" will be discovered in Cao Cao's fortress. It's around 
the area where Cao Cao is sitting. Take the item and defeat Cao Cao.

D. Shadow Runner- Play Shu Musou mode "Tong Gate".Take out the 4 generals at the
bottom on the right. Wait for Han Sui to confer with Cao Cao. The gate to the
castle will open; take out Yu Jin, Xu Huang and Cao Cao’s 2 sub generals. Go around 
and  slaughter countless soldiers until his personal morale drops to 1. Two things 
will occur: your army will find a large pack of horses and Han Sui will refuse to 
defect to Cao Cao. The item report will be in the Southeast.

E. Elephant- Play the first level of Nanman Musou mode. Wait for one of your allies 
to get knocked off of their elephant. Take the elephant and ride it into the enemy
base. An item report will appear in Nanman base, it will be around Meng Huo.

VI. Credits
Cao Bu Xun for Shadow Runner method, ability, and the ability of Storm Runner


UltimaSwordsman for the appearance of Shadow Runner

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