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               SeanKelson's Super Smash Brothers Melee Walkthrough
                                 ~Full Version~


                               [email protected]
                                 By SeanKelson

                          Copyright, 2002 SeanKelson

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Table Of Contents
4---One Player Mode
    A. Regular Match
    B. Event Match
    C. Stadium
5---Multiplayer Mode
    A. Bonuses
    A. Characters
    B. Stages
    C. Trophies
    D. Other
7---Other Information
    A. Author's Note
    B. Contact Information
    C. Future Versions
    D. Credits & Copyright
---File Summary---

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                             Section 1: Introduction

    Super Smash Brothers Melee is the sequal to the Nintendo 64 game Super Smash 
Brothers.  In this game, you select from many different characters from different 
video games.  Some are from famous series, others are not.
    The characters battle on courses, also from similar series of games.  You can 
complete special challenges to unlock more characters or secrets.
    This walkthrough described every part of Super Smash Brothers Melee.  It 
described each mode you can play in, how to get the secrets in the game, tips for 
beating challenges, and many more things.

                             Section 2: Characters       

    This section describes each of the 25 characters in Super Smash Brothers Melee 
as well as lists there moves.
    Each description of a character is in the following format:

        Name of Character (Secret or not)
Move List

    A characters smash attack is when you tap a direction on the joystick then 
immediately press a button.  In Multiplayer Mode, you can tap a direction with the C 
joystick to do a smash attack.
    All characters have the following moves:
X, Y, or tap up on joystick - Jump
 While in air - Double jump (once)
A forward - Physical attack
 While in air - Physical attack
A up - Physical attack
 While in air - Physical attack
A down - Physical attack
 While in air - Pysical attack
Smash A forward - Physical attack (can be charged)
Smash A up - Physical attack (can be charged)
Smash A down - Physical attack (can be charged)
Z - Grab
 Joystick Direction While Grabbed - Throw Attack
R and L - Shield
 Joystick While Shielded - Quick Roll

        Dr. Mario (Secret)
B forward - Shoot capsules (bounce off ground)
B up - Jump up, Deals damage when hits people
B down - Tornado attack
B smash - Cape, Use to reflect long range attacks

B forward - Shoot fireballs (bounce off ground)
B up - Jump up, Deals damage when hits people
B down - Tornado attack
B smash - Cape, Use to reflect long range attacks 

        Luigi (Secret)
B forward - Shoot fireballs (go straight)
B up - Jump up, Deals damage when hits people
 When by Target - Shoots character upwards
B down - Tornado attack
B smash - Cape, Use to reflect long range attacks 

B forward - Breath fire
B up - Move up if in the air, Deals damage when hits people
B down - Ground pound
B smash - Claw, Can grab people

B forward - Toad shield
B up - Jump up and fall slowly with umbrella, Deals damage when hits people
B down - Get vegetable, Can throw vegetable
B smash - Launch self across short gap of space 

B forward - Swallow enemy and turn to egg
B up - Throw egg
B down - Ground pound
B smash - Turn into egg and roll around

        Donkey Kong
B forward - Shoot Capsules
B up - Jump up, Deals damage when hits people
B down - Tornado Attack
B smash - Cape, Use to reflect long range attacks 

        Captain Falcon
B forward - Falcon punch
B up - Jump up, Throw people when hit
B down - Falcon kick
B smash - Fire throw

        Ganondorf (Secret)
B forward - Power punch
B up - Jump up, Throw people when hit
B down - Power kick
B smash - Fire throw 

        Falco (Secret)
B forward - Laser beam (goes straight)
B up - Jump up, Deals damage when hits people
B down - Reflector shield (reflects long range attacks)
B smash - Dash 

B forward - Laser beam (goes straight)
B up - Jump up, Deals damage when hits people
B down - Reflector shield (reflects long range attacks)
B smash - Dash 

B forward - PK Plus, overhead attack
B up - PK Thunder, hit self to soar one direction and hurt people
B down - Absorbtion shield (absorbs long range attacks)
B smash - PK Fire 

        Ice Climbers
B forward - Shoot ice (follows platforms)
B up - Jump up, Deals damage when hits people (need both Ice Climbers)
B down - Ice breath
B smash - Hammer Spin

B forward - Inhale people to absorb their B attacks
B up - Jump up, Deals damage when hits people
B down - Ground pound as rock
B smash - Hammer attack

B forward - Energy ball (goes straight, can charge up)
B up - Jump up, Deals damage when hits people
B down - Drop bombs
B smash - Missile

B forward - Ice spin
B up - Teleport up
B down - Transform to Sheik
B smash - Fire spark 
B forward - Throw knives (go straight)
B up - Teleport up
B down - Transform to Zelda
B smash - Whip

B forward - Bow (can charge up)
B up - Jump up, Deals damage when hits people
B down - Grab bomb (can throw)
B smash - Boomerang (can charge up)

        Young Link (Secret) 
B forward - Bow (can charge up)
B up - Jump up, Deals damage when hits people
B down - Grab bomb (can throw)
B smash - Boomerang (can charge up)

        Pichu (Secret)
B forward - Electric attack (follows platform)
B up - Jump up
B down - Lightning strike
B smash - Electric misile

B forward - Electric attack (follows platform)
B up - Jump up
B down - Lightning strike
B smash - Electric misile

        Jigglypuff (Secret)
B forward - Roll
B up - Sing (puts nearby enemies to sleep)
B down - Go to sleep (if by enemy will send enemy soaring)
B smash - Power punch

        Mewtwo (Secret)
B forward - Energy ball (can charge up)
B up - Teleport up
B down - Stun
B smash - Confuse (reverses enemy's attacks)

        Mr. Game and Watch (Secret)
B forward - Throw sausages (can charge up)
B up - Jump up, Deals damage when hits people
B down - Deflect shield (deflects long range attacks)
B smash - Hammer smash

        Marth (Secret)
B forward - Sword swing (can charge up)
B up - Jump up, Deals damage when hits people
B down - Deflect shield (deflects long range attacks)
B smash - Fancy sword fighting

        Roy (Secret)
B forward - Sword swing (can charge up)
B up - Jump up, Deals damage when hits people
B down - Deflect shield (deflects long range attacks)
B smash - Fancy sword fighting

                               Section 3: Courses          

    This section describes all of the courses in Super Smash Brothers Melee.  In 
parenthesees behind each course name is the game the course is from.

        Infinite Glacier: Icicle Mountain (Ice Climber)
    This screen goues infinitely vertically.  There are no ledges to fall off of, 
but if you're knocked off the edge and fall to low you'll die.  The screen scrolls 
up and down at times, so be sure to stay on the screen or you might die.

        Mushroom Kingdom: Princess Peach's Castle (Super Mario 64)
    This course is set on the roof of Princess Peach's Castle.  There are two random 
events that can happen here.  Sometimes switches will appear over the course.  Hit 
them to make different platforms appear.  When a missile goes into the castle, it 
will explode after a few seconds.

        DK Island: Kongo Jungle (Donkey Kong 64)
    This course is a raft stuck on a rock in some rapids.  Occasionally things float 
by that you can get onto.  Below the course is a barrel going left and right.  If 
you fall off a platform, you can get in the barrel and shoot yourself up with A.

        Termina: Great Bay (Zelda: Majora's Mask)
    In this course, there are three platforms above the water below.  There is also 
a turtle that appears on the right side of the screen sometimes.  You can get on the 
turtle and on the trees on top of the turtle.  There's a person hovering with a 
balloon on the screen too.  If you pop the balloon, he will fall.

        Yoshi's Island: Yoshi's Story (Yoshi Story)
    This course is a small island.  On both sides is a dotted line that small clouds 
that you can stand on follow on occasion.  In the sky will be Shy Guys that fly by.  
You can kill the Shy Guys as well.

        Dream Land: Fountain of Dreams (Kirby All-Stars)
    This is a very peaceful fountain hovering in space.  The only thing special that 
happens here is the platforms move up and down.

        Lylat System: Corneria (Star Fox 64)
    This course is a moderately sized one.  The only random events that occur here 
are the Great Fox (what you're on) shooting lasers and also Arwings flying by and 
shooting lasers.

        Superflat World: Flat Zone (Game & Watch)
    This is a 2D world with no ledges.  You can die by going too far up, left, or 
right.  Occasionally tools fall down from the top of the screen, causing damage.  
Oil can also get on the lower floor, slowing movement.

        Mushroom Kingdom: Rainbow Cruise (Super Mario 64)
    You start the course on a boat, but the screen moves in a circle over several 
platform.  Be sure not to stay too far behind, or the platforms will start 
disappearing.  At the upper right corner of the circle, head down as soon as the 
arrow appears, or you'll be left behind and die.

        DK Island: Jungle Japes (Donkey Kong 64)
    This course is right outside Donkey Kong's house.  There are no random events on 
this course.

        Hyrule: Temple (Zelda: Majora's Mask)
    This is a gigantic course, definitely the largest in the game.  In the lower 
part of this course, you can sustain large amounts of damage without dying.  The 
other parts of the course are ruined buildings.  There's a small ledge below the 
lower part of the screen (right side) that you can get on.

        Yoshi's Island: Yoshi's Island (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island)
    This course has three trios of blocks.  When you hit the blocks, you can 
temporarily go through them, so watch out with the blocks with pits beneath them.  
There's only space that people can fall down in on the left side of this course.  If 
you go too far right though, you'll die.

        Dream Land: Green Greens (Kirby All-Stars)
    This course is made up of three areas seperated by blocks.  You can destroy the 
blocks (watch out for the bombs inside some) and then the blocks will reappear after 
a while.

        Lylat System: Venom (Star Fox 64)
    This course is the Great Fox from a frontal view.  You can pass through the 
upper wings, but not the lower ones.  Keep that in mind when coming up from a 
platform.  There are no special events that happen on this course.

        Planet Zebes: Brinstar (Super Metroid)
    This course hovers above a pit of steaming acid.  Falling in the acid will send 
you shooting towards the top of the screen.  By attacking the supports of the two 
platforms, you can cause the platforms to collapse in a diagnol direction.

        Eagleland: Onett (Earthbound)
    This course consists of two houses with space in between.  In the space in 
between, you'll get hit by cars that whizz by.  The cars won't kill you unless 
you're at a high damage percentage.  By going too far left, right, or up, you can 

        F-Zero Grand Prix: Mute City (F-Zero)
    You're on a levitating platform in this course.  It stops and sinks into the 
course, and then you will be fighting on the course.  Get on ledges to avoid F-Zero 
cars that are coming by.  Be sure to get back on the levitating platform when it's 
time to get back on, as you will take damage and be shot upwards if you remain on 
the race track.

        Kanto: Pokemon Stadium (Pokemon Stadium)
    This course changes between many courses.  The original course is fairly flat 
and empty, but the special courses have many things that can make getting around a 
little more important.

        Mushroom: Kingdom
    This course has several series of bereakable blocks and two pits circling the 
middle.  You can also die from going too far left or too far right.

        Planet Zebes: Brinstar Depths (Super Metroid)
    This course is a circular platform that rotates around.  There are several 
ledges around the platform that you can get on if you so choose.  Watch out when the 
course rotates, as it could cause your death.

        Eagleland: Fourside (Earthbound)
    You are atop several skyscrapers in this course.  There are gaps between each 
skyscraper, be sure not to fall in and die.  There is a platform that moves around 
slowly on the left side of the screen.  On occasion, UFO's will appear in the area.  
You can get on them, but they quickly fade away.

        F-Zero Grand Prix: Big Blue (F-Zero X)
    You are above the race at the beginning of this course on a large car.  Jump 
down from the larde car and you'll find yourself on smaller cars.  Hop around these 
two things and also hop on platforms that show up.  If you fall on the road, you'll 
be forced backwards.  There's little time to jump up, but if you don't you'll die.

        Kanto Skies: Poke Floats (Super Smash Bros. Melee)
    In this course, you'll hop from pokemon to pokemon.  The course keeps changing, 
so be sure to be very mobile.

        Mushroom: Kingdom 2 (Mario II)
    This course has two pits surrounding the middle of three platforms.  Platforms 
will sometimes fall down the two waterfalls.  Birdo will also pop out at times and 
shoot eggs.

        Special Stages: Battlefield (Super Smash Bros. Melee)
    The battlefield is a flat small zone with three platforms above it.  Nothing 
special happens on this course.

        Special Stages: Final Destination (Super Smash Bros. Melee)
    This is like the Battlefield course, only it does not have three platforms above 

        Past Stages: Dream Land (Kirby 64)
    This course is designed the same way as the Battlefield course.  Occasionally, 
the tree in the middle of the course blows one direction and will slightly move you.

        Past Stages: Yoshi's Island (Yoshi Story)
    This stage consists of a central platform and three clouds around it.  You can 
get on the clouds, but don't stay on too long or the clouds will disappear.

        Past Stages: Kongo Jungle (Donkey Kong 64)
    This platform has two rotating platforms just above the middle of it.  
Underneath all the action is a moving barrel that will shoot you back up to the 
course if you fall and happen to reach it.

                           Section 4: One Player Mode       

    This section describes the One Player Mode of Super Smash Brothers Melee.

                                A: Regular Match  

    There are two normal types of regular matches.  There is also one secret type of 
regular matches, All-Star Mode.  This mode can be unlocked by getting all 25 

    In the classic game, you duel people or fight teams each round.  Every third 
course is a bonus course.  The first course is Break the Targets, which is described 
in the Stadium section.  The next is a bonus game where you must hit the falling 
trophies into the chamber in the middle.  You get whatever trophies you get in.  The 
third bonus game is a race.  Go as far as you can until time gets low.  Once it 
does, go into the nearest door.  The farther you make it, the more points you get.
    At the end of the Classic game, you fight the Master Hand.  Dodge his attacks by 
jumping and using your shied (R and L).  Use A up attacks and attacks in the air to 
harm the Master Hand.
    In higher modes of difficulty, the Left Hand also comes to fight you.  Dodge 
both the hand's attacks and destroy one at a time if you are playing on a higher 

    In the Adventure game, you go through different courses and fight different 
people.  There are some enemies that you must defeat to continue, there are others 
that you do not have to fight to continue.  The final encounter in the Adventure 
game is Bowser.  He is just like any other character you'd fight.

        All-Star Mode (Secret):
    In All-Star Mode, you must fight all 25 characters with the selected character.  
You have a limited number of health recovery items available to you between 
battles.  After time, you start fighting two and three characters at a time.  (In 
between some battles you'll be able to grab a trophie.)  The last battle is against 
a team of Mr. Game and Watches.

                                 B: Event Match  

    In Event Match, you go through numerous events that can be battles to the death, 
or survival matches.  You can enable events by completing other events, or gaining 
characters and courses.  This section describes each match as well as gives 
strategies for some events.  In parenthesees () is the character that you use for 
the event.

        Event 1: Trouble King
Fight Bowser in a classic Mushroom Kingdom clash! (Mario)
    This is a very basic duel between Mario and Bowser.  Just fight Bowser normally 
and you should kill him.

        Event 2: Lord of the Jungle
A duel of epic proportions! Which ape is top primate? (Donkey Kong)
    Despite what you might have guessed, you are the giant Donkey Kong.  Use your A 
down attacks to reach the smaller Donkey Kong.

        Event 3: Bomb-fest
Bombs are everywhere in this explosive battle! (Select Character)
    You fight Link and Samus in this battle.  All the items are bombs, and all that 
Link and Samus want to do is drop bombs.  Use the items against Link and Samus to 
defeat them.

        Event 4: Dino-wrangling
A giant Yoshi is on the loose! Somebody stop it! (Select Character)
    The easiest way to defeat the giant Yoshi is to use smash attacks on it.

        Event 5: Spare Change
Don't stop until you get 200 coins! (Ness)
    Get in between the two houses and battle there.  Jump up right as a car comes by 
and you'll get several coins as your opponent gets hit.  Quickly gather 200 coins 
before time runs out.

        Event 6: Kirbys on Parade
Look out! A rainbow of Kirbys is after you! (Select Character)
    Stay on the bottom level and use smash A down attacks to defeat the Kirbys that 
are in this event.

        Event 7: Pokemon Battle
Use Poke Balls to deal with Pikachu. (Select Character)
    Defeat Pikachu by throwing Poke Balls.  Only the pokemon from the Poke Balls 
will hurt Pikachu.

        Event 8: Hot Date on Brinstar
You're interfering with Samus's Brinstar raid! (Select Character)
    Duel Samus in this event.  You'll start fairly damaged, and so will she.  Just 
defeat Samus three times to complete this event.

        Event 9: Hide 'n' Shiek
Only Shiek KOs count! Wait for the change... (Select Character)
    In this match, you fight against two Zeldas.  Wait until they change to Shiek to 
attack them, as they will come back to life if they are Zelda.

        Event 10: All-Star Match 1
It's the Mario Stars: Mario, DK, Yoshi, Peach, and Bowser. (Select Character)
    In this event, you fight against Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Peach, and Bowser.  
You fight one at a time.  Once you defeat one, you'll go to another course with 
another opponent but you will not recover your health.  Defeat all five opponents to 
complete the event.

        Event 11: King of the Mountain
Ice Climbers protect their turf! Just try to survive! (Select Character)
    Avoid the attacks of the pairs of Ice Climbers attacking you.  Survive for 
around a minute and you'll win this event.

        Event 12: Seconds, Anyone?
Take out Capt. Falcon in less than seven seconds! (Select Character)
    Though it sounds impossible at first, it becomes much easier when Captain Falcon 
starts with 100% damage.  Use a few smash attacks to send Falcon soaring.

        Event 13: Yoshi's Egg
Protect the single remaining Yoshi egg from being broken! (Yoshi)
    At the beginning of this event, go to the right side of the screen to lure the 
enemies away from the egg.  Hit the enemies and run back to grab the egg.  Hover 
back and forth across the top of the baot until the boat starts to fall.  Get on the 
platforms and jump around platforms as quickly as you can.  As long as you're 
evasive, you should be able to beat this event.

        Event 14: Trophy Tussle 1
Face off for a trophy! The prize this time: Goomba! (Select Character)
    You'll fight three computers at the same time in this event.  Defeat them for a 

        Event 15: Girl Power
A group of femme fatales has dropped by for a visit... (Select Character)
    You fight Zelda, Peach, and Samus in this course.  Everybody has two lives, 
including you, so defeat each of the three enemies twice to win this event.

        Event 16: Kirby's Air-raid
Warp Stars are everywhere! Climb aboard and hang on! (Kirby)
    Run around and grab whatever Warp Stars appear, as the warp stars are the only 
way to harm the many Kirbys.  If you get lucky and enough Warp Stars appear, you'll 
win this event.

        Event 17: Bounty Hunters
Fight a fellow bounty hunter for the bounty on Bowser! (Samus)
    You fight with Captain Falcon against Bowser in this match.  The trick is, 
though, that you must deliver the final blow to Bowser.  Let Falcon use a couple 
hits to weaken Bowser then jump in and take control of the battle.

       Event 18: Link's Adventure
Everyone has a dark side... Link has two! (Link)
    You must defeat the dark Link twice in this event.  Do so by evading the quick 
enemy and attacking with smash attacks.

        Event 19: Peach's Peril
Bowser's after Peach! Again! Guard her until time runs out. (Mario)
    In this battle you're on a team with Peach against Bowser.  Attack Bowser and 
get him to an edge.  Keep him occupied there.  As long as Peach is not killed in the 
timespan of a minute, you will win this event.

        Event 20: All-Star Match 2
Nintendo's realistic stars are out in force. (Select Character)
    This is the same as event #10, only this time you're up against Samus, Link, 
Zelda, Captain Falcon, then Fox.  Defeat all five to complete this event.

        Event 21: Ice Breaker
Your cold mission... is to KO both Nanas. (Select Character)
    You're up against two pairs of Ice Climbers in this event.  You can't kill the 
blue Ice Climbers, or you lose.  You must take out both pink Ice Climbers to win.  
Take them out by first seperating the Ice Climbers with a smash A up attack.  Then 
whack the pink Ice Climber before the Ice Climbers are reunited.  Take out both pink 
Ice Climbers to win.

        Event 22: Super Mario 128
Battle 128 tiny Marios in a wild endurance match! (Select Character)
    Use Mario against his miniature selfs.  Just get in the middle of the stage and 
do your smash A down attack to send these midgets flying.

        Event 23: Slippy's Invention
Slippy: With my new invention, you guys'll be invisible! (Select Character)
    You fight Fox and Falco in this match, but both are invisible.  Take one out 
first before you move to the next.  This is one of the harder events.

        Event 24: The Yoshi Herd
Yoshis, Yoshis, everywhere! Defeat 30 within 2 minutes. (Select Character)
    Take Mario and get on an edge and do smash attacks.  You should be able towin 
this event with some practice.

        Event 25: Gargantuans
Giant Bowser VS. Giant DK in a spectacular war of titans! (Bowser)
    You have limited space as you battle Donkey Kong.  Just stay shielded and safe 
and throw attacks occasionally.  Donkey Kong will probably wind up killing himself, 
so you should be able to quickly win this event.  There's also a miniture person 
walking around, so take him out if you feel like it.

        Event 26: Trophy Tussle 2
Another match for a prize... Who will get Entei? (Select Character)
    Take out this team of three computers by knocking them dead one at a time.  
You'll get a trophie once you finish the battle.

        Event 27: Cold Armor
These metal bounty hunters take no prisoners! (Samus)
    Three metal Samuses are after you!  Since the Samuses are easily distracted and 
will just begin wandering around, duel each one near an edge and flick them off the 
rotating world one by one.

        Event 28: Puffballs Unite!
Kirbys galore... each with a unique copied ability! (Select Character)
    Get near an edge and start doing smash attacks like crazy!  This event will take 
several tries to win.

        Event 29: Triforce Gathering
Enter Ganondorf! Team up with Zelda and fight evil! (Link)
    You're teamed with Zelda in this event.  Keep her alive and defeat Ganondorf to 
win this event, as well as get Ganondorf as a playable character.

        Event 30: All-Star Match 3
Kirby, Pikachu, Ness, and Ice Climbers want to fight! (Select Character)
    Go about this match the same as you did with events 10 and 20.  Defeat each 
character, one at a time, and this event will be finished.

        Event 31: Mario Bros. Madness
A classic plumber clash in the Mushroom Kingdom! (Select Character)
    Knock out each Mario Brother one at a time to win this event against a team of 
Luigi and Mario.

        Event 32: Target Acquired
Incoming Arwings! KO Jigglypuff more than they do! (Falco)
    This is one crazy event.  Take out Jigglypuffs quickly away from incoming 
Arwings.  As long as you kill around three or four Jigglypuffs, you should win this 

        Event 33: Lethal Marathon
Avoid the F-Zero machines and race for the finish. (Captain Falcon)
    Begin by running to the fourth platform and getting on.  Go on all the way past 
a few platforms until the "!" appears.  You should be at stair steps of platforms 
now.  Get on one and let the F-Zero cars race above you.  Your next dash should be 
able to take you to the finish.

        Event 34: Seven Years
Young Link VS. Link! How can you fight yourself? (Young Link)
    Get on the left platform and use smash attacks.  Computer characters do well on 
the right side, so avoid that side.  Smash Link out of the battle zone three times 
to win this event.

        Event 35: Time for a Checkup
Are routine physicals supposed to hurt this much? (Luigi)
    Get near the edge and jump off the edge when the team of Peach and Dr. Mario 
comes close to you.  Grab onto the ledge and then fall off and get back up.  If you 
do this, at least one of the enemies should fall off and die.  Since you might be 
pushed on time once one enemy dies, get up and duel the other one.  This is a hard 
event to win and may take some practice.

        Event 36: Space Travelers
Adventurers head for Earth: Ness is the welcome wagon. (Ness) 
    You'll fight a series of Samus, Kirby, Fox, Falcon, and Falco in this event.  It 
is very similar to the All-Star matches (10, 20, 30).  Fight it as you would one of 
those events.

        Event 37: Legendary Pokemon
A slew of legendary Pokemon are all the help you'll get! (Select Character)
    You're against five enemies and you have very little hope of winning this 
battle.  The only help you have are Poke Balls containing powerful pokemon.  You'll 
need to beat Jigglypuff to each Poke Ball and use it.  If you happen to take out 
Jigglypuff early, the battle will be much easier.  After you win this event, Pichu 
will become a playable character.

        Event 38: Super Mario Bros. 2
The cast of the classic NES title are rearing to go! (Select Character)
    You're up against Mario, Luigi, and Peach in this battle.  Knock out one at a 
time to stand a chance at winning.

        Event 39: Jigglypuff Live!
Jigglypuff nabs the spotlight on center stage. (Jigglypuff)
    Use the items that appear in this battle against three Jigglypuffs to win.  You 
may also want to use the smash B forward move to win this event.

        Event 40: All-Star Match 4
Secret characters emerge to join forces. (Select Character) 
    Another All-Star match!  Go against Marth, Young Link, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, and 
Mr. Game and Watch in this battle.  Fight it like you have the other three All-Star 
matches (events #10, 20, 30).

        Event 41: En Garde!
The lithe Marth challenges Link in a battle of steel! (Marth)
    Get some distance from Link and charge your B attack.  When Link gets close, 
smash him.  Eventually you will kill Link with this tactic.

        Event 42: Trouble King 2
Hey, Mario! When did Bowser get so big, huh? (Luigi)
    This is a very intense battle, as Bowser will blow you away quickly.  On the 
first pokemon, Squirtle, get on the left arm right against the head.  Bowser will 
come down and try to attack you, but he should fall off in the process.  Soon 
another pokemon will come in for you to get onto.  Jump up quickly and Bowser will 
forget to come up and sink with Squirtle to his [second] doom.

        Event 43: Birds of Prey
Capt. Falcon and Falco join forces to take out Fox! (Fox)
    The main key to this battle is mastering the course you're on.  Jump down onto 
the smaller cars and hop between the large car you start on and the platforms.  Take 
out Falcon and Falco twice to win.

        Event 44: Mewtwo Strikes!
Don't waste your time battling Zelda... (Select Character)
    Avoid Zelda at the beginning of the battle.  Don't attack her, it's pointless.  
Focus all attacks on Mewtwo once it appears.  Defeat Mewtwo without killing Zelda to 

        Event 45: Game & Watch Forever!
The system that started a worldwide boom lives on! (Mr. Game and Watch)
    You'll fight several weak Mr. Game and Watches in this battle.  Use your smash 
attacks to blow your clones out of the battle.

        Event 46: Fire Emblem Pride
The heroes of Fire Emblem join forces to fight you! (Select Character)
    Try using Marth or Roy for this battle.  Charge your B attack and when either of 
your enemies come close, release your attack.  You should be able to take out Marth 
and Roy this way.

        Event 47: Trophy Tussle 3
Want a new trophy? Here's your shot at Majora's Mask. (Select Character)
    Get on the left platform and use smash A up moves.  Once the enemies are damaged 
enough, use a smash A down move to send the three enemies you're against flying.  
Once you win, you'll get the Majora's Mask Trophie.

        Event 48: Pikachu and Pichu
These Pokemon are pals... but not with you! (Select Character)
    Dodge the enemies until at least one is distracted and is shooting thunder.  Try 
to take out the Pichus first.  Once they're gone, take out Pikachu.  (Go after the 
Pichus first because they only have one life each.)

        Event 49: All-Star Match Deluxe
Dr. Mario, Falco, Ganondorf, Roy, Young Link, and Pichu! (Select Character)
    Since this is the last All-Star match, it will also be the toughest.  You're 
against six enemies in this match.  Try not to die in the first four enemies.  You 
should be able to win, it's not too difficult.

        Event 50: Final Destination Match
Master Hand's the right hand; now meet the left! (Select Character)
    You're against Master Hand and the Left Hand in this battle.  Try using 
Pikachu.  Go to the Left Hand first and use your B down move when the Left Hand 
isn't doing any moves.  Once the Left Hand is dead, take out the other hand.

        Event 51: The Showdown
Giga Bowser, Mewtwo and Ganondorf unite! (Select Character)
    This is extraordinarily hard to win without using some devious methods.  I've 
never won fairly fighting the enemies.  An easy way to win is to take Kirby and hang 
on a ledge.  Fall down and go back up to the ledge.  Keep doing this and all your 
opponents will eventually fall off and die.  Keep repeating the process.  Mewtwo is 
the hardest to kill with this method, so if it's the only one alive at the end you 
might have to duel it.

                                   C: Stadium         

    In the Stadium Mode of One Player there are three mini games.  The first is 
Break the Targets, where you go around and smash all the targets.  The second is 
Home Run Contest.  There, you damage the Sandbag as much as you can and then hit it 
with the Home Run Bat that is provided.  The third challenge is the Multi-Man 
Melee.  There, you defeat many enemies, or survive for so much time.  Try using 
Donkey Kong and simply using the B down move to clear most of the melees.

                           Section 5: Multiplayer Mode       

    The multiplayer mode is by far the best part of Super Smash Bothers Melee.  In 
Multiplayer Mode, you can have battles of up to four people at a time.  CPU players 
can play with an adjustable challenge rating.  There are many options you can choose 
to customize the multiplayer match.
    You can also choose to have a tournament.  This option allows for up to 64 
people total to play (only four at a single time though).
    There are four types of combats.  In stock, everybody has a limited amount of 
lifes.  Once one person runs out of lifes, they are eliminated.  The last person 
alive wins.  In time, you get as many kills as you can in a limited time.  Every 
kill adds one to your score, each time you are killed you lose one point.  You can 
customize how killing yourself affects your score.  In coin, coins appear each time 
somebody gets hurt.  You can grab coins and collect them.  You lose a large amount 
of coins when you die.  At the end of the battle, whoever has the most coins wins.  
In bonus, you gain bonuses based on how you play and whoever has the most points 
wins.  Descriptions of the bonuses you can gain in bonus mode are below.

                                   A: Bonuses         

    Below is a list of all the bonuses you can get in a bonus game of multiplayer 
and a brief description on how to get them.  The list is copied out of the Melee 
Records section of the game in the order that they appear in that section.  For easy 
finding of a bonus, uuse the Find command to search for a certain name.  Bonuses are 
in this format:

        Name (Points)

        Bird of Prey (4000)
    Used only arial attacks.

        Combo King (2500)
    Used many combos.  (Average # of combos is 2.5 or greater)

        Juggler (1500)
    Struck an enemy many times while keeping him airborne.

        Backstabber (2000)
    High % of attacks were from rear.  (70% or more of total)

        Sweeper (2500)
    High % of attacks were low.  (50% or more of total)

        Clean Sweep (5000)
    All attacks were low attacks.

        Meteor Smash (800)
    KO'd foe with a Meteor Attack.

        Meteor Clear (3000)
    Cleared the level with a Meteor Attack.

        Meteor Master (8000)
    Every Meteor Attack KO'd an opponent.  (Minimum of 2)

        Meteor Survivor (2000)
    Succeeded in recovering from a Meteor Attack.

        Exceptional Aim (4000)
    Hit with most attacks.

        Perfect Aim (10000)
    Hit with all attacks.  (At least 8 per minute.)

        All Ground (6000)
    Used all standard ground attacks against enemies.

        All Aerial (4000)
    Used all standard aerial attacks on enemies.

        All Variations (10000)
    Used all attacks except finishing blows on enemies.

        Berserker (3500)
    Attacked in a frenzy.  (60 attacks or more in 1 minute)

        Smash King (3000)
    Used many Smash Attacks.  (50% or more of all hits)

        Smash Maniac (3500)
    Only used Smash Attacks.

        Smash-less (1500)
    Used no Smash Attacks.

        Specialist (2200)
    Hit only with special moves.

        Dedicated Specialist (3100)
    Used only one kind of special move.

        One-Two Punch (1800)
    Hit consecutively with all weak attacks.

        First Strike (500)
    Delivered first blow of match.

        150% Damage (1000)
    Took 150% damage or more.  Not valid in team battles.

        200% Damage (3000)
    Took 200% damage or more.  Not valid in team battles.

        250% Damage (7000)
    Took 250% damage or more.  Not valid in team battles.

        300% Damage (10000)
    Took 300% damage or more.  Not valid in team battles.

        350% Damage (15000)
    Took 350% damage or more.  Not valid in team battles.

        Heavy Damage (20000)
    Took 400% damage or more.  Not valid in team battles.

        Sniper (2000)
    Hit only with flying items.

        Brawler (2000)
    Hit only with direct attacks.

        Precise Aim (10000)
    All attacks hit immediately after execution.

        Pitcher (6000)
    Fought only with grabs and throws.

        Butterfingers (-500)
    Had a high rate of grab and dash-grab failures.

        All Thumbs (-1500)
    All dash-grab attempts failed.  (At least 4 attempted)

        Cuddly Bear (2000)
    Performed at least 3 grabs, but did not attack or throw enemy.

        Compass Tosser (3500)
    Used all four directional-throw moves.

        Throw Down (2500)
    Threw last foe to clear game.

        Pummeler (1500)
    Did a lot of damage by holding and punching foes.

        Fists of Fury (2500)
    After grabbing, always held and punched, never threw.

        Close Call (2000)
    Threw just before enemy broke your hold.

        Opportunist (-1000)
    Didn't attack for a very long period of time.

        Spectator (-2500)
    Spent a long time on sloped terrain.

        Statue (500)
    Little left-to-right movement.

        Never Look Back (5000)
    Never changed direction.

        Stiff Knees (300)
    Did not crouch.

        Run, Don't Walk (6500)
    Did not walk.  (Extremely short distance doesn't count)

        Ambler (2500)
    Walked a lot.

        No Hurry (1000)
    Did not run.

        Marathon Man (2000)
    Ran a lot.
        Eagle (1500)
    Went airborne a lot.

        Aerialist (2500)
    Did not jump from the ground.  (No overlap with Cement Shoes)

        Acrobat (3000)
    Always did a midair jump.  (No overlap with Cement Shoes)

        Cement Shoes (4000)
    Never jumped, including midair jumps.

        Elbow Room (2000)
    Bumped into or pushed does a lot.

        Shield Buster (2500 each)
    Broke an enemy's shield.

        Shattered Shield (-1000 each)
    Shield was broken by enemy.

        Shield Stupidity (-2000 each)
    Broke own shield.

        Shield Saver (500)
    Dropped shield just before it was broken.

        Skid Master (1000)
    Had long stun-slide distance.  (9 feet or more in 1 minute)

        Edge Hog (2500 each)
    Hung from edge to precent opponent from doing the same.

        Cliffhanger (2000)
    Grabbed a lot of edges after being knocked off the stage.

        Life on the Edge (800 each)
    After being hit, grabbed edge without a midair jump.

        Poser (2000)
    Taunted often.  (6 or more times in 1 minute)

        Poser Poseur (500 each)
    Taunted right after someone else.  (Within 1 second)

        Pose Breaker (800 each)
    Gave a quick weak attack to a taunting opponent.

        Instant Poser (100 each)
    Taunted right after knocking down a foe.  (Within 1 second)

        Control Freak (1000)
    Taped the Control Stick twice as fast as second fastest tapper.

        Button Masher (700)
    Pressed buttons twice as fast as second fastest presser.

        Rock Steady (3000)
    Did not fall down.

        Pratfaller (1500)
    Always landed face up.

        Face Planter (1500)
    Always landed face down.

        No R 4 U (300)
    Did not press the L & R buttons.

        Climactic Clash (1200 each)
    Hit same enemy with progressively stronger blows.

        Punching Bag (100)
    Got stuck between two enemies and hit back and forth.

        Stale Moves (-2000)
    Persistently used same attack.

        Bling Eye (3000)
    Always looking in opposite direction as an incoming attack.

        Crowd Favorite (2500)
    Audience cheered for player.

        Lost in Space (2000)
    Frequently magnified. (1/4 of time in a magnifying glass)

        Lost Luggage (3000)
    Was in magnifying glass on all four sides of the screen.

        Half-Minute Man (2500)
    Beat level within 30 seconds.

        Moment of Silence (3000)
    Took no damage for 1 minute. (No overlap with Impervious)

        Impervious (7000)
    Didn't suffer a single attack.

        Immortal (5000)
    Never got knocked down.

        Switzerland (12000)
    Never attacked anyone, never took any damage.

        Predator (-1500)
    Attacked only opponents with high amounts of damade.

        Down, But Not Out (2000)
    Fell all the way down, but got back up the most in a match.

        Solar Being (800)
    Only left stage by flying off screen and becoming a star.

        Stalker (-1000)
    Always attacked a particular player.

        Bully (-2000)
    Always KO'd a particular player.

        Coward (-500)
    Spent a long time a great distance away from enemies.

        In the Fray (2000)
    Average distance between you and foes was very small.

        Friendly Foe (3000)
    Never pushed an enemy.

        Center Stage (2000)
    Spent a long time in the middle of the arena.

        Merciful Master (3000)
    Won without KO'ing anybody.

        Star KO (300 each)
    KO'd an enemy and turned him or her into a star.

        Wimpy KO (4000 each)
    KO'd a foe with a weak attack.

        Bull's-eye KO (800 each)
    KO'd a foe with a firing item.

        Cheap KO (500 each)
    KO'd an enemy from behind.

        Bank-Shot KO (3000 each)
    KO'd an enemt with a deflected item.

        Timely KO (3500 each)
    KO'd a foe at the time limit.

        Special KO (800 each)
    KO'd n enemy with a special attack.

        Hangman's KO (2000 each)
    Attacked an enemy that was hanging from an edge for a KO.

        KO 64 (640 each)
    KO'd an enemy when the enemy was at 64% damage.

        Bubble-Blast KO (1200 each)
    Attacked a magnified enemy and KO'd him or her.

        Sacrificial KO (1500 each)
    The same attack KO'd both you and your enemy.

        Avenger KO (2500 each)
    KO'd a foe right after foe KO'd you.  (Within 5 seconds)

        Double KO (2000 each)
    KO'd two enemies at once.

        Triple KO (4000 each)
    KO'd three enemies at once.

        Dead-Weight KO (4000 each)
    KO'd an enemy by throwing another enemy at him or her.

        Kiss-the-Floor KO (1000 each)
    Threw an enemy onto a damaging floor for a KO.

        Assissted KO (1500 each)
    KO'd foe with an item.

        Foresight (500 each)
    Hit the front of the screen.

        First to Fall (-1000)
    First one to be KO'd after match begins.

        Cliff Diver (500)
    Let go of the edge of a cliff and fell off stage.

        Quitter (-1000 each)
    Fell off stage without even trying to recover.

        Shamefull Fall (-1500 each)
    At less then 50% got KO'd by a foe with over 100% damage.

        World Traveler (2000)
    Got KO'd off all four sides of the screen.

        Ground Pounded (500)
    Got KO'd by a gamaging floor.

        Environmental Hazard (1000)
    Got KO'd by a part of the stage environment.

        Angelic (2000)
    Was standing on revival platform when match ended.

        Magnified Finish (1000)
    Ended the match in a magnifying glass.

        Fighter Stance (500)
    Finished match while taunting.

        Mystic (2000)
    Ended match while offscreen.

        Shooting Star (1500)
    Ended match as a star.

        Lucky Threes (3330)
    Finished with 3:33 left.

        Jackpot (1110)
    Damage at end was the same number repeated three times.

        Full Power (2000)
    Damage at 0% at finish.

        Item-less (1800)
    Did not use any items.

        Item Specialist (2000)
    Only hit with item attacks.

        Item Chucker (3000)
    Hit only by throwing items.

        Capsule KO (800 each)
    KO'd an enemy with a capsule.

        Carrier KO (800 each)
    KO'd a foe with a large item carrier.

        Item Catcher (1000 each)
    Caught an item thrown at you.

        Reciprocator (2000 each)
    Threw an item thrown at you back at an enemy.

        Item Self-Destruct (-1000)
    Item caused player to self-destruct.

        Triple Items (3000)
    Got the same item three times in a row.

        Materialist (100)
    Spent the longest amount of time holding items.

        Minimalist (1500)
    Spent the least amount of time holding items.

        Item Hog (4000)
    Got ten or more different kinds of items.

        Item Collector (4000)
    Got every kind of item that appeared.

        Connoisseur (3000)
    Got every kind of food that appeared.

        Chuck Wagon (1500)
    Only grabbed throwing items. (3 or more)

        Super Scoper (2000)
    Did 100% damage or more firing the super scope.

        Screwed Up (2000)
    Held Screw Attack for 30 seconds or more.

        Warp-Star KO (1000 each)
    KO'd a foe using a Warp Star.

        Mycologist (2500)
    Got three or more Mushrooms.

        Metal KO (800 each)
    KO'd enemy while metal.

        Freezie KO (2000 each)
    Froze enemy with Freezie then KO'd him or her.

        Flipper KO (1000 each)
    KO'd enemy with a flipper.

        Mr. Saturn Fan (3000)
    Only item used was Mr. Saturn.

        Saturn Siblings (4000)
    Got three or more Mr. Saturns.

        Saturn Ringer (4000)
    Caught a Mr. Saturn thrown at you.

        Giant KO (600 each)
    KO'd a foe while giant.

        Tiny KO (2500 each)
    KO'd a foe while tiny.

        Invisible KO (800 each)
    KO'd a foe while invisible.

        Bunny-Hood Blast (1200 each)
    KO'd someone while wearing a Bunny Hood.

        Vegetarian (1800)
    Got two or more Maxim Tomatoes.

        Heartthrob (2800)
    Got two or more Heart Containers.

        Invincible Finish (1200)
    Player is invincible at the end of the match.

        Invincible KO (800 each)
    KO'd a foe while invincible.

        Beam Swordsman (800 each)
    KO'd a foe with a Beam Sword.

        Home-Run King (600 each)
    KO'd an enemy with the Home-Run Bat.

        Flame Thrower (1600)
    Got a 10 combo or higher with the Fire Flower.

        Headless Hammer (2500)
    Grabbed a broken hammer.

        Super Spy (800 each)
    KO'd someone with a Motion-Sensor Bomb.

        Bob-omb's Away (-500)
    KO'd by a wandering Bob-omb.

        Pokemon KO (1000)
    KO'd a foe with a Pokemon.

        Goomba KO (100)
    KO'd a Goomba.

        ReDead KO (300)
    KO'd a ReDead.

        Like Like KO (500)
    KO'd a Like Like.

        Octorok KO (150)
    KO'd an Octorok.

        Shy Guy KO (20)
    KO'd a Shy Guy.

        First Place (1000)
    Got 1st place in a timed match.

        Last Place (-1000)
    Got last place in a timed match.

        Wire to Wire (2000)
    Led in points from the start to the finish.

        Whipping Boy (-1500)
    Trailed in points from the start to the finish.

        KO Artist (3000)
    Had a lot of KOs.  (More than 3 and double second place)

        KO Master (1500)
    Had the most KOs.  (Not awarded if Artist is earned)

        Offensive Artist (2000)
    Caused a lot fo damage.

        Offensive Master (1000)
    Caused the most damage.

        Frequent Faller (-1000)
    Had a lot of falls.

        Fall Guy (-500)
    Had the most falls.

        Self-Destructer (-2000)
    Had a lot fo self-destructs.

        Master of Disaster (-1000)
    Had the most self-destructs.

        KOs (500 each)
    Counts each KO.

        Falls (-500 each)
    Counts ech fall.  (Self-destructs not counted)

        SDs (-500 each)
    Counts each self-destruct.

        Target Master (30000)
    Smashed all targets in Target Test!

        Hobbyist (1000)
    Got at least one trophy before the stage ended.

        No-Miss Clear (10000)
    Cleared without losing a single life.

        Continuation (-20000)
    Cleared by continuing.

        Speedster (10000)
    Cleared all levels quickly.

        Speed Demon (20000)
    Cleared all levels very quickly.

        Classic Clear (50000)
    Cleared the Classic mode.

        Adventure Clear (50000)
    Cleared the Adventure Mode.

        All-Star Clear (50000)
    Cleared the All-Star Mode.

        Giant Kirby KO (10000)
    Defeated Giant Kirby in Adventure mode.

        Metal Bros. KO (8000)
    Defeated Metal Bros. in Adventure mode.

                               Section 6: Secrets               

    Though all courses and characters are listed in this walkthrough, you don't 
start with all of them.  Below is the ways to get all the hidden courses, 
characters, and such.

                                  A: Characters         

        Dr. Mario:
    To get Dr. Mario, complete the One Player Classic Mode on any difficulty or 
stock without having to continue.

    To get Luigi, finish the first part of Mushroom Kingdom on Adventure Mode with a 
2 in the seconds digit of the time (xx:x2:xx).  Then you will fight Peach and 
Luigi.  Finish the game of Adventure Mode to get Luigi.

    To get Ganondorf, complete event #29.

    Complete the 100 Man Melee.

        Young Link:
    Complete the Classic One Player Game with at least 10 characters, 2 of which 
must be Zelda and Link.

    To get Pichu, complete event #37.

    Complete the One Player Classic Mode on any difficulty or stock to get 

    To get Mewtwo, play Vs. Mode for a total of 20 hours.

        Mr. Game and Watch:
    Beat One Player Classic Mode with everybody but Mr. Game and Watch to get Mr. 
Game and Watch.

    To get Marth, complete the One Player Classic Mode with all 14 original 

    Complete One Player Clasic Mode with Marth to get Roy as a playble character. 

                                   B: Courses            

        Flat Zone:
    Complete One Player Classic Mode with Mr. Game and Watch.

        Brinstar Depths:
    Play 50 matches of Vs. Mode without quitting.

    Play 100 matches of Vs. Mode without quitting.

        Big Blue:
    Play 150 matches of Vs. Mode without quitting.

        Poke Floats:
    Play 200 matches of Vs. Mode without quitting.

        Mushroom Kingdom II:
    Get the Birdo Trophie.  (You can get it from the Lottery.)

    Complete One Player All-Star Mode on any difficulty, stock, and character.

        Final Destination:
    Complete all 51 events.

        Dream Land:
    Complete the Beat the Targets game under One Player Stadium with all 25 

        Kongo Jungle:
    Complete the 15-Minute Melee.  (Use Donkey Kong with his B down move.)

        Yoshi's Island:
    Under the One Player Stadium game Home Run Contest, smash the Sangbad to more 
than 1,300 feet.  Use Yoshi's A down move in the air to weaken the Sandbag, then 
smash it with the Homerun Bat.

                                   C: Trophies           

    You can get 25 trophies (one for each character) for completing One Player 
Classic Mode with each character.  You can get another 25 for Adventure Mode, and 
yet another 25 trophies for All-Star Mode.
    You can earn 25 more trophies by completing certain tasks.  The list of trophies 
and tasks are below:

Battlefield: Gain the Battlefield Course
Captain Olimar: Have a Pikmin game save on the inserted memory card.
Donkey Kong Junior: Get Mr. Game and Watch as a playable character.
Entei: Beat event #26.
Fighting Wire Frames: Enable the Kongo Jungle Course.
Final Destination: Get the Final Destination Course.
Giga Bowser: Beat Adventure Mode on Normal difficulty.
Goomba: Beat event #14.
Heart Container: Enable the Fourside Course.
Kirby Hat 4: Get Mr. Game and Watch as a playable character.
Kirby Hat 5: Beat event #37.
Kraid: Enable the Brinstar Depths course.
Lon Lon Milk: Your Total High Score for Break the Targets must be under 25 
Mach Rider: Get a Speed King award in One Player Adventure Mode.
Majora's Mask: Beat event #47.
Male Wire Frame: Complete a 100-Man-Melee.
Maxim Tomato: Play Vs. Mode for a little bit.
Motion-Sensor Bomb: Beat event #3.
Mr. Resetti: Beat 5 or more enemies in the Cruel Melee.
Paper Mario: Hit over 1,400 feet in the Home Run Contest.
Sandbag: Hit over 1,000 feet in Home Run Contest.
Sheriff: Your Total High Score for Break the Targets must be under 12 minutes 
         and 30 seconds.
Sudowoodo: Enable the Poke Floats level.
Target: Enable the Dream Land course.
UFO: Enable the Fourside course.
Wario: Enable the Battlefield course.

    There are 192 other trophies.  These trophies are all random trophies, and can 
be earned by playing One Player Adventure, Classic, or All-Star Mode.  You can also 
get random trophies from the Lottery under Trophies on the main menu.

                                    D: Other              

        All-Star Mode:
    All-Star Mode can be enabled by earning all 25 characters.

        Random Stage Select Setting:
    This special multiplayer setting, which allows you to choose a group of stages 
for the computer to select, is made available once you get all the courses.
    OR... Beat the game in All-Star Mode with Pikachu.  (Not sure if this works, 
would somebody please check it?)

        Sound Test:
    Earn all characters and all courses to be able to enable the Sound Test.

                          Section 7: Other Information

    This section includes contact information and copyright information.  This 
section does not have any information pertaining to Super Smash Brothers Melee, only 
to information about my walkthrough and me.

                                A: Author's Note   

    If you like my work and wonder what other walkthroughs I have written, below is 
a list.  

Walkthroughs written by me:

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    Send any suggestions for new FAQs to me, please, and I will consider writing 

    Please place the site you found this FAQ on in any e-mail you send to me.

                             B: Contact Information

    My e-mail is [email protected]  I read all my e-mail, and attempt to
reply to all of it as soon as possible.  I appreciate it if you don't ask a 
question that is answered in the walkthrough, but I will answer all questions, 
since it isn't always easy to find things in an FAQ.

    I don't like advertisements in my e-mail.  The:
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    Please include the address of the site you found this on in your e-mail.

                               C: Future Versions  

    There will be no future versions of this walkthrough.  Unless somebody tells me 
about something not in the walkthrough or a find an aspect Super Smash Brothers 
Melee that I have not yet explored, I will not update the walkthrough.

                            D: Credits and Copyright

    Thanks to Nintendo for the Gamecube Console and production of Super Smash 
Brothers Melee.
    Thanks to HAL Laboratory, Inc. For creation of Super Smash Brothers Melee.
    Thanks to GameFAQs for being a great site.
    Thanks to people on the GameFAQs message boards for help with event #51.
    Thanks to the helpful Bonus List on the game that listed all the bonuses.  It 
really would've been hard to list those if that wasn't there.
    Thanks to [email protected] for correcting several errors in the Secrets 
section of my walkthrough.

    The rest:
 My e-mail:
[email protected]

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  You've probably heard it before, but...
  You can't sell this or any of that stuff, this is my work!!!  Not yours.  
  OK?  Good.

    The following sites have permission to use this walkthrough as of 1/4/02:
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    Occasionally, I forget to add sites to this list.  Just e-mail me and I'll fix 
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