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           Paper Mario 2

Hi my name is Madness guy my e-mail address is [email protected] Are you a 
perfectionist? Can’t find all the tattle log pages? I know were some secret bosses 
are! Just read and learn.  If you have a boss send me were he is and how to find 
him. I also have several hints. (Send those too.)

Secret boss one GUS
You know that guard that charges ten coins just to go to the east side he’s a 
secret boss. He has 20 hp and an attack of three. First you should rest if your 
hp/fp is not full. Even one point could make this match. Buy two mushrooms and a 
fire flower. When Frankie gives you the badge equip it and use it. To fight him 
talk to him and say I can take you. 

Secret boss two GOLDEN FUZZIE
Technically this is a boss. You won’t be seeing one again. 20hp 1attack and can’t 
suck your hp. After about 7/10 hp is lost he will call in a fuzzie horde. They have 
10 hp and do a lot of damage. But you can lower it, hit them and they will lose 
some fuzzie and will do one less damage. To fight him get both stone keys and go to 
the tube. There he’ll jump out and say you stole the keys and he’ll jump at you.

Secret boss three BONE TAIL
Bone tail is at the hundredth trial in the pit of a hundred trials. The grandpa of 
Hook tail and Gloom tail. (If I had to guess) 200hp 8 attack and can poison shrink 
and make you fall asleep 2 defense. Tough, insanely though. But it’s possible. I 
did it the first time I tried. First get tons of bp then go to the pinta parlor and 
get a lot of hp pluses, lots of ultra shrooms and life shrooms. Lucky day is a good 
badge equip it and any other lucky badges. Lucky day is in the 90th trial. One more 
thing tattle on all the things in The Pit of hundred trials and some times you’ll 
meet the guy with the items buy some if you need them. And you may meet a guy with 
sun glasses he will ask you to pay to go down or back up. Pay close attention to 
the trial that you’re on, every ten there is a badge even after you beet Bone tail 
you’ll get a very good badge. I suggest having all 7 stars.

Secret boss four ATOMIC BOO
Go to creepy steeple with a super hammer. When some boos are on you spin around, 
then repeat. The boos will get mad and send the atomic boo after you. 40 hp 7 
attack. At lest you get a badge. 

First beet level 5 and fall down the sewer vent and go to the wall and then you 
should see a bout space. Sail in tell you see a secret area. And then da da daaa, 
an army of spiny things and on pink one with horns and if not the horned one is in 
the pit of a hundered trials.


Want money? How does 999 sound? Good? All you have to do is during a certain 
chapter there will be a mouse looking thing at the dock, he will ask for some money 
give him three donations of a hundred after a couple of chapters he’ll go to dry 
dry desert and strike oil and get rich. As a thank you he will be down at dock 
waiting for you talk to him and he will give you 999 coins.

In Frankie's waste basket there some times are tattle log pages.

There is a badge shop. go to the rest area in rougeport. Head up stairs and by the 
lower right corner you should see a door. go in and jump on the roof and you will 
see it.

                           Ester eggs
Wario costume: Some times the traveling market guy will have the w emblem. Buy it 
for 360 coins

Luigi costume: in level six after you go in the painting do what you did to hit the 

Waluigi costume: put on both Wairo and Luigi costumes.

8 bit characters: when in the air vents on the moon base go all the way over to the 
side and fall down the vent. You fall in a changing room open the curtain and you 
and your party are 8 bit.

                      Special thanks

Me. For writing it
Jared. For the atomic boo info
My Mom/Dad. For buying the game
Mario and Luigi. For being so cool.
Sora from Kingdome Hearts. For being cool.
Sephoroff. Because he is coolest guy ever.
You. For reading my guide 

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