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               /                    \
              /                      \
             /                        \
            /                          \
           :                           :     Subspace         
           :-------------              :     Emmissary
                         :             :     ----------------
               SSE       :             :     The greatest army
           :-------------              :     ever assembled in
           :                           :     subspace is about
            \                          /     to be taken down
             \                        /      by Nintendo...
              \                      /       -----------------
               ......................        SMASH BROS HAS RETURNED!
By Daveizcool

HEYYYYYY! Who missed me?! I kno, I was gone for a while- about a year. ok not a 
year, since January about. but that dont matter cuz im back to writing FAQ's! 
Before I start, I want to announce...

This game rox this game rox this game rox this game just 

*Whew!* Ok... Come on, you all kno it's true! Ok now to start...
There are 3 characters in SSBB that arent included in the SSE storyline, 
correct? the 3 characters are Toon Link, Jigglypuff (I CANT BELIEVE SHES STILL 
IN SMASH!!!) and Wolf O'Donnell. well, they can all be found and flushed out so 
they join your party. here are the places they are hidden:
***NOTE!!*** You must have completed the SSE! Not 100%, just as long as Tabuu 
is dead, ok?

*Toon Link*- The Forest. Enter the forest lvl with 4 characters of your choice. 
walk a few steps into the level, killing baddies as you go. soon as you walk up 
a ill, you will notice  floating platform with a floating door above it. 
Mysterious... Jump in. you'll c a cutscene with Toon Link on the Pirate Ship, 
then he notices you, jumps down, and challenges you. Ok, this is just like a 1-
stock brawl. Kill Toon Link, and he will be added to your SSE and Brawl party. 
you will also get his stage, the Pirate Ship. if he unfortunately kills you, no 
problem: Just enter the forest lvl again and go through the door!

*Jigglypuff*- The Swamp. Enter this level with once again, 4 of your best 
characters. go through the level, then when you get up to the scrolling screen 
part, pass by the door WITHOUT going into it. You should now be at the swamp 
part, and pay attention while bein launched through the barrels. if you happen 
to see a floating door, use any means to get to it- its usually on an island 
towards the end of the rocket barrel ride. you can swim in, or use whatever 
else that suits you. jump in, and you see another cutscene with Jigglypuff at 
Pokemon stadium, dancing around and people cheering her name. then, she notices 
you and challenges you. Just kill Jiggly and she will be added to your SSE and 
Brawl party. your reward? a pretty weak character... :(

*Wolf O'Donnell*- The Ruins. Such simple level names... incase any of you 
forgot, this is the cave-like place that Lucas and Pokemon Trainer go through, 
finding Ivysaur and Charizard on their way. go through the ruins until you 
reach the spot where the screen scrolls for u (rather slowly imo...) and then 
you reach an elevator part with crystals on the wall that hurt u. while going 
down, you may pass by a door. Like last time, DONT go into it! when you just 
keep going down, the elevator dissapears and u fall to the ground. u should see 
a giant Byton... and another floating door! jump in. Yet another cutscene 
rolls, showing you in the middle of space where a Wolfen flies over your head. 
the character jumps out of the Wolfen, and you find Wolf land by you. he 
challenges you and after u kill him, he gets added to your SSE and Brawl party. 
This time, your reward is a slow but very powerful character!

Congrats, you have now stepped yourself closer to having the SSE 100% complete 
AND unlocked all the characters! Nice goin'! And as always, you can thank me 
for the help by recomending this FAQ. Just remember not to copy, you mean copy 

-Daveizcool, signing off. c ya later!

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