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"Secret Items" Guide for Harvest Moon: Magical Melody

*Game: Havest Moon: Magical Melody for Gamecube.*
*Date Of Release: March 28th, 2006              *
*Guide Title: Secret Items                      *
*Date Of Creation: Wednesday, May 10th, 2006    *
*Author: marjo5858                              *
 *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Table Of Contents~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
0. Updates
1. Recipes 
2. Cooking Tools
3. Crops
4. Shops
5. Other 
 *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0. Updates~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
This Guide Is Version 2.0 (as of May 11th, 2006.).
Version 1.0: The Guide was created on May 10th, 2006. I still need a few more 
things in here.
Version 2.0: I forgot a few shops. I also added to the Spoilers section at the 
 *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1. Recipes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
Here are the recipes that must be unlocked. I still need a few more.

*Grass Juice: Ship 1 of every ore so Tai's Blacksmith moves in. Get Tai at 5 
hearts. Tai likes ores. Then, the next day see him, he will give you this recipe.
Grass Juice Recipe:
Cooking Tool: Mixer
Ingredients: ?

*Potato Gratin: Ship 1 Good Clay. Saibara will move in. Give him Good Clays and 
Eggplants (only 1 per day so he doesn't get annoyed.) and ship Good Clays. Get him 
at 2 hearts, and then the next day go to his shop (if it's not closed.) He will ask 
you to go remind the Mayor of a clay plate that he needs to pick up. Just go to the 
Mayor's house so he can give you the Potato Gratin Recipe.
Potato Gratin Recipe:
Cooking Tool: Oven
Ingredients: Egg, Butter, Milk, Potato 

*Truffle Saute: Put a pumpkin in the collection box in the square just before the 
Pumpkin Festival (Fall 30) and go to the Festival. Gourmet will give you the 
Truffle Saute Recipe.
Truffle Saute Recipe:
Cooking Tool: Frying Pan
Ingredients: Truffle, Butter

*Stamina Drink: At some point in the game, the Harvest Sprites will give you the 
Stamina Drink Recipe in the morning. They will be at your door.
Stamina Drink Recipe:
Cooking Tool: Mixing Pot
Ingredients: Pontata Root, Honey, Red Herb

*Potion: Buy an XL kitchen. (This can be purchased at the Workshop when you have a 
Lvl. 5 house.)
Potion Recipe:
Cooking Tool: Mixing Pot
Ingredients: Pontata Root, Honey, Green Herb

 *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2. Cooking Tools~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
Here are the cooking tools that need to be unlocked. I am certain that I have all 
of them.

*Aging Pot: See the Potato Gratin Recipe in Recipes section. Return to the Pottery 
shop, and Saibara will give you an Aging Pot.
Recipes: Things like Sodas, Pickled Vegetables.

*Mixing Pot: Get Saibara at 5 hearts, and see him the next day in his shop. He will 
give you a Mixing Pot.
Recipes: Things like Stamina Helpers.

 *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3. Crops~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
Here are unlockable crops. I might not have them all yet, but I don't think that 
there is much left to unlock.

*Strawberry: Ship 50 cabbages, then they will be in Spring Farm, OR just buy a 
Spring Seed Pouch (the variety seed pouch) and plant it. There will be strawberries.
Recipes: This crop can be used for things like juices and shakes.

*Bell Pepper: It can't be purchased, so buy a Fall Seed Pouch (the variety seed 
pouch) and plant it. There will be Bell Peppers.
Recipes: This crop can be used for things like pizzas and stews.

 *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~4. Shops~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
This is all the shops and how to unlock them.

*Library: Go to a festival to see Maria. She will open her Library in the first 
Description: Read books here. (Books vary upon season.)

*Blacksmith: Ship 1 of every ore. The next day, the Blacksmith will move in.
Description: Upgrade tools cheap here. You can also bring a gem or ore to buy as a 
ring or brooch.

*Hearty <3 Lyla: Put a flower in the town collection box near the Flower Festival. 
You will see her at the Flower Festival, and she will move in that summer.
Description: Buy things like yarn, jams, vases, or fragrances. It's the town's gift 

*Paradise Orchard: Plant 3 fruit trees. Become friends with Ronald and Dan. They 
will later open the Paradise Orchard.
Description: Buy Sodas here.

*Cafe Callaway: Go to the Spring festivals in the first year. Meet Carl at the 
festivals, and he'll move his Cafe in later.
Description: Buy things like Cakes and Juice here.

*Perch Inn: Just like Cafe Callaway, you must meet Doug at spring festivals.
Description: Gourmet, Henry and others stay here upstairs. You can also buy food, 
such as stews and pizzas.

*Moonlight Cafe: Just like Cafe Callaway and Perch Inn, you must meet Duke, the 
future owner, at spring festivals. He'll move into town later.
Description: Often confused with Cafe Callaway, this shop sells sodas, juices and 
snacks, not sweets.
 *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5. Other~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
*Use your hoe under Mora trees in the fall. You will find Truffles, worth 1,000 
each. You get a note for shipping one. (Also useful in the Truffle Saute Recipe. 
See Recipes.)

*Use your hoe on the edge of the beach water to find a clam. (Can't be found in 

*Tilling any ground can make money appear...This associates with a note if you till 
up bits of money, totaling to 1,000G.

*The day after a rain, go to the Island to find the Squid Prince, or the Sunny Lake 
to find a Huchen.

*At the bottom of Moonlight Cave, you can find Tim (if Tai's Blacksmith moved in) 
and he'll give you a Power Berry. Bring a Hoe here, because in the North, East, and 
West, tilled land offers good pay.

*At the bottom of Lake Cave, Jamasquid can be caught.

*Win the Horse Race to receive a Power Berry.

*Put a pumpkin in the Square near Fall 30. At the Pumpkin Festival, you'll get a 
Power Berry.

*Win the Beach Festival (Summer 3) for a Power Berry.

*Collect 30 notes. The Sprites will give you a Power Berry at the Harvest Shrine.

*Go to Sunny Lake if you reach Copper level for your fishing rod...

You have reached the Spoilers section. It is unlisted for people who don't want to 
see spoilers. 
If you want to see the spoilers, please continue.
DANGER! Spoilers.
*Items in Moonlight Cave:
Lv. 1: Pontata Root (use hoe.)
Lv. 2: Good Clay (use hoe.)
Lv. 10: Limestone (Ship 10 for fertilizer) found in black rocks.
Lv. 1-approximately Lv. 49: Ores and occasional Amethysts, and in the black rocks 
there is mostly Junk ore. Might be some Limestone in the black rocks.
Lv. 50+: More commonly Rare Ores and Amethysts.
Lv. 100: Tim gives you a Power Berry to increase your stamina maximum. Use a hoe 
down here to find money.

*Items in Lake Cave
Lv. 1: Pontata Root (use hoe.)
Lv. 2: Good Clay (use hoe.)
Lv. 10: There are no cracks. Use your hoe to find the spot (see the NEXT bulleted 
item for info on how to do this.)
Lv. 11+: Aquamarines, Topaz, Sapphires, VERY RARELY Diamonds, Amethysts, maybe some 
Lv. 50: Diamonds are VERY common.
Lv. 100: You can catch the Jamasquid (use fishing rod.)

*Stairs in Mines 
This is useful for the Lake Mine because Lv. 10 is a trap. Here's how:
1. Move all around the Lv, especially near the stairs from which take you to the 
2. Look for a square with a pixelated, noticeable line.
3. Use your hoe there to find the stairs to the next level.

*Heart Item for your rival, Jamie, is any type of jam.

*Heart Item for Saibara is Eggplant, Good Clay.

*Heart Item for Lyla is Pinkcat Flower, Pumpkin.

*Heart Item for Basil is Pontata Root, Herb Tea.

*Heart Item for Carl is Honey.

*Heart Item for Woody is the log that you split to make lumber.

*Heart Item for Joe is the log that you split to make lumber.

*Heart Item for Kurt is the log that you split to make lumber.

*Heart Item for Dan is Cayenne, Blueberry.

*Heart Item for Ronald is Special Egg, Herb.

*Heart Item for Ray is Yellowtail, Yellowtail Sashimi, Stewed Yellowtail, 
Yellowtail Teriyaki.

*Heart Item for Dia is Blueberry.

*Heart Item for Alex is Herb, Pontata Root.

*Heart Item for Tim is any ore.

*Heart Item for Ann is ore.

*Heart Item for Louis is any ore.

*Heart Item for Tai is any ore.

*Heart Item for Nina is any crop or flower.

*Heart Item for Liz is any crop.

*Heart Item for Gourmet is any dairy product.

*Heart Item for Terry is a fish.

*Heart Item for Gina is an Herb.

*Heart Item for Doug is certain foods, such as prepared meals.

*Heart Item for Martha is wool.

*Heart Item for Maria is a flower.

*Heart Item for Theodore is a potato.

*Heart Item for Henry is bell pepper, herb.

*Heart Item for Eve is ruby ring, any soda.

*Heart Item for Duke is a prepared meal.

*Heart Item for Blue is Special Egg.

*Heart Item for Ellen is flowers, good dairy products.

*Heart Item for Hank are dairy products.

*Heart Item for Gwen is flowers.

*Heart Item for Meryl is jam.



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