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Ok here is some stuff you'll like to view, this is information that will help you if 
your still trying to beat the game.Here starting with the levels:

*******************HOW TO GET THE SECRET LEVELS********************************
===============|(*Star:go to the bottom for something more helpful*)
BRINSTAR DEPTHS|Complete 50 vs matches.*

FORSIDE|Complete 100 vs. matches.*

BIG BLUE|Complete 150 vs. matches.*

POKE'MON FLOATS|Complete 200 vs. mode matches.*

*****************************OTHER HELPFUL STUFF*************************************

Ok here are some things that will help you........maybe.(starting with some other 

A spare jump=|When you jump theres a forht jump that helps in some cases and here it 
=============|is.When you are about to fall to the side (of the level)(the ground 
etc)push left or right on the control stick = B at the same time it might work in 
some cases.But.....its really not a jump its a move yes i know that but it does work 
sometimes.heres a combo=X,left or right on the control stick +B at the same time 
then, Up on the control stick+B.That can work as well.

New music for certain levels|Ok for one you can not here new music for levels unless 
============================|you already heard the music in the single 
player.........yes that is true.Try your self.Ok for two you can here the music on 
multi player.But you can't hear the new music with a two human player mach.You have 
to be with  the computer....Oh well.To hear the new music push start on the level 
you selected then right away push L+R at the same time right away.NOTE:Only certain 
levels have new music.

******SOUND TEST*************|Complete ALL the event matches all the "break the 
=============================|targets" and i m not sure ....*maybe sucessfuly 
complete all the classic mode with all the players*

 *************There is a easier way to  do the matches and it is a faster way too.
alls you need to do is go to custom rules and set it to stock match with one sotck 
player then set the damage ratio 2.0 and then go to special melee and then.....go to 
super sudden death and play against a light weight  i myself find that very easy.

Well hope you enjoyed my help and i hope you find that helpful....I'll be back soon 
with another thought-up fact.Thankyou and I enjoyed helping you.

Byebye all !!!!! ^___________________________^


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