Secrets Nibelheim - Guide for Final Fantasy 7

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Getting Vicent:

Your firsttime in Nibelhiem go to the basement of the mansion and open the barred 
door. Youll see a cofin open it a man will pop out and tell you of his past. Open it 
agian and You will get to name him. (I always call him Dimitri). Go to the next room 
and talk to Sephorth get the materia he gives you and attmept to leave the masion 
before you leave Vicent will come and ask to join you. Let him and then leave.

Playing the piano:

You will get Tifa ultimate limit break from playing the piano at Tifas house.
Play X, Square, Triangle, L1+Triangle, L1+Square, X, Square, Triangle,L1+X, Circle, 
X, Square, X. To get it. (Rember you must get all of her other limit breaks to use 

Secret movie: 

After Cloud recovers from materia poisining, use the Highwind to fly to Nibelheim.
Go to the mansion basment. Go to the libary and youll notice two bio cantainers in 
the south east corner. Press X on them and watch a movie on how Cloud is special.
(note this only works after cloud recovers from materia poisn)

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