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    !               !
    !               !
    \               /
     \             /
      \           /       PPPP      H      H
       \         /        P   P     H      H
        \......./         P   P     H      H
         \...../          PPPP      HHHHHHHH
          \.../           P         H      H
           \./            P         H      H    
            !             P         H      H
           / \
          / . \
         /     \
        /   .   \      By Daveizcool
       /         \
      /     .     \  
     !             !

Man, that thing was hard 2 draw...(if you don't know what P.H. stands for, 
you're playing the wrong game, my friend) Amyway, I'm Daveizcool and im here 2 
tell u all about Bannan Island in the northwest. Your good pal Wayfare lives 
here. If it wasnt 4 him, u wouldve never gotten through the fog! This island 
may look normal, but there's some things u should know about it. let me start.

The Mermaid

When you first arrive on Bannan island, u can see a house and lots of enemies 
around. go in the house and talk to the old man inside. Its the legendary 
Wayfare! man, his nose is big. talk 2 him and he says something about a 
mermaid. he might also say that she never comes with enemies around. this is 
the key! go back outside and kill all of the enemies-dont worry, it'll be easy. 
notice a small cave when u r done. enter it, then leave. when u get back 
outside, look around in the water. u should see a mermaid. When u do, throw a 
boomerang at her- but from a distance. If you stand too close, she'll dive back 
in the water and appear someplace else. when u hit her, she tells u she's in a 
costume!! she also says that she loves Wayfare's stories. go in wayfare's house 
and tell him that u saw the "mermaid". He says that she really loves another 
man. Ceila, your fairy, thinks it's Lineback! Then, go back outside and talk 2 
Lineback. he tells u that the mermaid talked 2 him. Go back in Wayfare's house, 
and u see the mermaid in a mini-pool. Talk 2 Wayfare, and he says that he's 
very happy. He gives u a fishing rod. He says that he used it 2 catch the 
mermaid, but now he doesn't need it. You can have it!
*How 2 use the fishing rod- While on your ship, look at your sea chart. Notice 
a picture of a fish moving across the screen. If you get close enough to it, go 
into your menu and choose to fish- the icon will be all the way 2 the right on 
the bottom. U see a cut-scene of u throwing the fishing rod in the water. Ceila 
tells u how 2 fish. I'll sum it up 4 u: when it starts, begin drawing small 
circles on the touch screen. suddenly, the fish will grab yor line. put yor pen 
on the top of the screen and slide it down. it will eather say "CATCH!" 
or "MISS!". If it says the first thing, begin slidding the pen wildly on the 
screen. if it says the second thing, you go back to sailing, but i'm not 
talking about that right now, am I? A small bar will appear on the left of the 
touch screen. the bottom is red, and the top is green. As you can guess, u want 
to keep it on the green side most. when the pointer is at the top (to move it 
to the top, slide the pen up and down on the screen, or u can just slide down. 
whichever makes u happy), draw small circles on the screen. the pointer will 
drop down to red, but the fish will be closer to you. keep rotating jobs! if 
the fish leaps out of the water, stop whatever you're doing or else he'll get 
away.Keep reeling and pulling until u catch the little sucker.

Cannon shooting game
Requirements: Bombs

When u get bombs after dungeon 2, go back 2 Bannan Island and go in the cave. 
Blow up the cracked wall and exit the cave through the new exit. You step 
outside and see a guy who lookes completely bored out of his mind (my 
suggestion: find a new place 2 open ur shop!!) Talk 2 him and pay him 50 
ruppees to play the Cannon shooting game. He begins 2 show u a corny puppet 
show. It's simple: You will be on your ship and there will be targets all over 
the place. Some r blue, others red. the blue ones will give u 100 points once 
shot. Red ones never break. Each time u shoot them, u get 20 points. the high 
score is 2500 points. If u beat that, u get to choose from 3 random but 
valuable prizes in treasure chests, plus your 20 ruppees back! If you don't 
beat the high score, you still get a prize just 4 playing.My high score is 2740 
points. Can u top that?

Well thats about it. I just have 2 requests now: can someone post a walkthrough 
of the ghost ship? I'm completely stuck. Also, I need u 2 recomend this 
FAQ... :) Thanks. Just remember, don't copy me.

...Why r u still here? go away!!

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