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Submitted by: Colin Thomas
E-mail address: [email protected]
Last Edited: 4/7/2002
Final Fantasy 9

      This will mainly list the secrets, with a short explanation of the secrets.
I am trying to avoid the blah-blah-blah that I have experienced while reading other 
peoples strategies. 

This is a list of all known moogles in the game, and thier locations. They are in 
order which you meet them.

Kupo: Alexandria castle/steeple
Mosh: Alexandria castle/guard house
Mosco: Evil Forest/near Prima Vista
Monty: Evil Forest/majic fountain
Mois: Ice Cavern-fossil roo entrance on disc four(must have Quina in party)
Gumo: Dali Village/inn
Kumop: Dali Village/underground
Moodon: Lindblum/Buisness district
Mogki: Lindblum/guest room
Moontie: Lindblum/dragon's gate
Mogmi: Gizamaluke's Grotto
Grimo: South Gate/Bohden station
Alta: Burmecia
Nazna: Bohden station/summit
Mogrioh: Treno/knights house
Mochos: Treno/tower
Monev: Cleyra/trunk
Mopli: Cleyra/inn
Sorino: Red Rose
Monty: Pinnacle Rocks
Kuppo: Fossil Roo (in the area where a man is digging for treasure, keep digging at 
the end of the top section)
Mogmatt: Condie Petie
Mogryo: Black Mage Village
Suzuna: Condie Petie/mountain path
Mocci: Lifa Tree
Mosco: South Gate/Treno Arch
Mimozo: Oilevert/entrance
Mooel: Oilevert/inside
Mojito: Desert Palace/rack
Mogsam:Desert Palace/library
Mogrika: Esto Gaza
Moolan: Gulug Mountain/on right
Mogtaka: Gulug Mountain/on left
Noggy: Daqquereo
Moorock: Bran Bal
Mozme: Pandemonium Elevators

        This is a complete list of all the Stallazios, thier reward, and locations.

1. Aries/First floor of Dali Village windmill/Pheonix Pinion
2. Cancer/Fruit cart in Burmecia/2000 gil
3. Sagittarius/Left side of Lindblum Market place/20,000 gil
4. Scorpio/Quan's Dwelling/Blood Sword
5. Gemini/Fountain in Treno/5000 gil
6. Taurus/Behind shop in Treno Slums/30,000 gil
7. Libra/Behind fountain in Madain Sari/10,000 gil
8. Aquarius/Right side of first room in Ispen's Castle/
9. Virgo/Far right of the inn in the Black Mage Village/Robe Of Lords
10.Pisces/On board the invincible/Black?
11.Capricorn/Lower-right of Daqquerreo entrance/Rossetta Bracelet
12.Leo/upper right of Alexandria Castle statue room (in right tower)/Elixer
13.Last Stallazio is in Quan's dwelling where you found Scorpio/Hammer as reward

        The Coffee Beans that you are collecting for morrid at the Dali Village 
observatory can be found at these locations:

1.Mocha: South Gate/where Tantalus was
2.Kirman:Madain Sari/in kitchen
3.Burman:during the Treno card game tournament, go to Dali Village. Go to the 
Mayor's house, and search the desk a couple times in a row, then search the shelf 
once the boy who is sleeping says "zzzzz". Once you get the Mayor's Key, go to the 
door in the windmill room, and get 30,000 gil from the treasure chest that is there.
Search the chest again, and you will get the beans.

        While Alexandria is being attacked, you will have to give commands to the 
following Knights Of Pluto:

Blutzen and Kohel: gather info
Weimar and Haagan: protect townspeople
Dobejon and Mullenkiedam: prepare cannons
Breirect and Laudo: Contact Lindblum for reinforcements

        Frog Catching rewards:
9=Silk Robe
23=Silver Fork
33=Bistro Fork
45=Battle Boots
99= Battle master Quale to receive the Gastro Fork

        Ragtime Mouse:
Ragtime mouse is a Character who resides in forests all over Gaia. You will 
encounter him after you spend some time fighting in wooded areas. He will ask you 
various questions (20 total) about the world of final fantasy 9, which you must 
answer true or false. The rewards for correct answers are as follows:

1.1000 gil
2.2000 gil
3.1000 gil
4.2000 gil
5.2000 gil
6.3000 gil
7.3000 gil
8.4000 gil
9.4000 gil
10.5000 gil
11-20. You should have found the pattern by now

Some of the questions that Ragtime Mouse will ask are:
1.The 15 Lindblum war started in 1600? (false)
2.Chocobo Forest is located between Lindblum and South Gate? (True)
3.The theater ship Prima Vista was built in Artania Shipyards? (False)
4."I Want to be Your Canary" was written by Lord Afon? (false)
5.Lindblum Castle is larger than Alexandria Castle? (true)
6.Lindblum's Air Cabs run around the clock? (true)
7.Some Mus are friendly and don't attack? (true)
8.Berkmea Cable Cars have been running for eight years? (true)
9.Fossil Roo is a tunnel that connects Treno and Alexandria? (false)
10.Theater ship Prima Vista uses mist as its source of energy? (true)


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