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  • Adventure, Action / RPG Adventure
  • Squaresoft
  • Squaresoft
  • Teen
  • November 26, 2000


How To Get Dead Peppers

Okay, so I've had an extremely hard time finding Dead Peppers and if you want Zidane and Freya's Ultimate weapons you NEED Dead Peppers. So I found a website all about Final Fantasy stuff called FFInsider. Net and found out this is what you gotta do, first get a chocobo next, get its mountain upgrade and once that's done you can find Dead Peppers while playing the chocobo's Hot and Cold game so good luck and have fun.

Trance Mode And How To Learn New Trance Skills

Trance can be very tricky to obtain. The only way to achieve it is to be attacked by an enemy, allies don't count. Each character has their own Trance skills and will gain new skills as they progress throughout the game by learning abilities from equipment to as far as eating the enemy. Take Zidane for instance. Zidane's Dyne Skills all do Physical damage to either one or all of your enemies and are very strong. He learns new Dyne Skills by getting new weapons and mastering their abilities. Once an ability is mastered Zidane will learn a new trance move. And as for eating the enemy, that's only for Quina, that's how she learns her Blue Magic spells, by eating different monsters.


The "Bug Fairy" cheat code listed here at cheatcodes is actually a Friendly "Ladybird, " part of the series of Friendlies. There about 9 of them, she comes after The Mu near 1st Qu's Marsh and the Ghost outside Treno. Each asks you for a jewel, like an Ore at first, then gives you a jewel for the next Friendly whom they name. Like "say hi to Ladybird for me. " If you miss one, the next in the series will not appear (which was the problem the above author had. ) That is, until you do finally meet the missing Friendly and give them their requested jewel/s.

Best EXP / Leveling Up Is With Grand Dragons

Grand Dragons, found initially by climbing up the vine from the Moogle save in Gizamaluke's Grotto, provide the best leveling up in the entire game. 8, 800 EXP per each in 4 person party. They are best from the moment you can beat them to the end of the game (better than Epitaphs even. ) The 1st time I can beat them is right before going to Fossil Roo, the part where you are to ask Quale in Qu's Marsh if he knows where Fossil Roo is. Instead, head over to G's Grotto and climb the vine back by the moogle (later in the game there are other ways to get there, of course. ) Run thru the woods up there (the Garuda's cast Stop and there's no way to prevent that yet. ) The Dragons, and no other enemies, appear in the grassy area (it's called Popo Hts ) To prepare, you'll need all chars. Equipped with Auto-Reflect. Get the Reflect Ring from Treno's Auction house when Garnet & Steiner are 1st there, it'll go for about 15, 000 gil. (unlike Pearl Rouge and Madain's rings you can only find one auctioned. ) Have everyone; Garnet, Zidane, Vivi and Quina in ur 1st party, learn Auto-Reflect from it. Equip the best Def. Armor etc you have, and don't forget to equip Level-Up and Ability-Up for everyone who has them. In the fight, have Vivi cast Bio, or his strongest spell you have, against the party so it reflects off them and hits for 4 times the normal damage. That and the Dragon's own Thundaga spell, which oddly bounces back and damages the dragon, will do him in quickly. 4 or 5 turns usually. Revive people if you want, but it's easier to spend that time once u've gained a few levels. If all 4 survive they get just over 8, 800 EXP pts. Each. I started at level 25 or so, and literally leveled up 1 or 2 levels after each fight. I kept going for about 3 hours and everyone was at level 58. Quina's Limit Glove is fun play with when you get the chance, but it only works when his HP is 1, and u'll get the chance randomly here when you revive him/her with Phoenix Downs. I spent time going back catching frogs, so I had like 45 or so and Frog Drop hit for more than Zidane's best attack. Later in the game, you can toy with Auto-Life and Level 5 death (Dragons are lev 60. ) Note, you COULD equip Coral Rings instead of auto-reflect, but altho u'll absorb the Dragon's Thunderaga, you won't be able to reflect Vivi's spells off ur party to increase the damage, and also the dragon's Thunder won't be hurting himself. IE, the fight'll take MUCH longer. His claw attacks will kill low level characters in one swipe, so be careful if you choose that battle plan. Be sure to save before climbing the vine up there to them, those Garuda could be game-ending. I made another save up there past the woods. The 1st fights are tuff, but you'll level up so fast u'll soon forget that and start having lots of fun. BTW, an oft forgotten trick: any character who is "Defending" as their action in the fight will STOP defending if you set them to Defend again in their next turn. That is, they become vulnerable for almost an entire turn before they again return to the Defend stance. The point is, instead of taking 1/2 damage during that time, they'll take the full 100%! So, do NOT reselect Defend! Once they are defending already, just skip them with the triangle button (or have them do it RIGHT AFTER the dragon's turn. ) That way they'll never have that vulnerable time. A BIG difference fighting the Grand Dragons, as well as others in the game.

Steiner Auto-leveling

If you have an auto-fire controller for ur PSX/PS2/PS3, you can auto-level Steiner in the only area in FF IX where there are infinite re-spawning enemies. Early in the game, Steiner and Garnet visit Treno. Give the Stellazio Queen the 1st 4 coins (you can have 5 at this point)and obtain Steiner's Blood Sword. This weapon transfers damage to enemies to Steiner's health. Infinite healing. Then, after Steiner and Marcus escape from the swinging cage in Alexandria, run to the left, but stop before the ladder you are to climb. Equip Steiner with the Blood Sword, turn on auto-fire (or tape your X button down if that works), leave your game running, come back in a few hours and he's leveled up incredibly. 20 hours took him over level 64, but half of that I'd given the Blood Sword to Marcus to keep him alive while Steiner used auto-potion on himself. The soldiers frop enough potions & hi-potions that he never died either. Marcus's stats (not his level, just some stats) transfer to Eiko later in Disc two when you get to CondePetie.

Easy Ozma Battle

An easy way to beat Ozma is when you are high enough of a level, equip Magic Counter with Vivi and Amarant, and equip a dark absorbtion armor or dark nullifying armor, and you can easily beat Ozma if those two take the damage from Doomsday, and inflict him with about 19, 000 damage. With that cue, use Zidane's Thievery and Garnet's Atomos and you should win.

9999 Damage With Every Character

Zidane: Use Thievery after you Steal enough times.
Dagger: Get boost (Pumice Piece) and use Atomos.
Steiner: Use Shock after you gain enough levels.
Vivi: Get Zeus' Mace and use Doomsday (doesn't work all the time)
Amarant: Use No Mercy (doesn't work all the time)
Quina: Get 99 frogs and to level 99 (highest I could come up with, and does about 9, 800 damage)
Eiko: Use Holy or Madeen (doesn't work all the time).

Easy Training

Are you tired of training in Memoria? If so I have the perfect place to train where there are easy monsters to kill but give 50000 EXP with 1 person, 43000 2 people, 36000 3 people, 31000 full party of 4. There is an island south of "Treno" called "Suma Archipelago". It is only possible to get there with an air chocobo or an airship. There are only 3 monsters on that island. Some of the possible battles could be "Mistodin x1", "Mistodin x2", "Marlboro", and "Ironite". Mistodons and a Marlboro give you the same amount of EXP. but Ironite's give you less than 600 EXP. but you barely ever run into Ironites.

How To Defeat The Boss Soulcage In One Turn

At the Lifa Tree have Dagger or Eiko use life or have someone in your party use a phoenix down on him and you'll win.

Excalibur 2

You have to beat the game in under 12 playing hours and you will get the Excalibur 2, Steiner's powerful weapon.

Easy Gargoyle Kill

They aren't especially tough to beat but it takes some time. An easy way to beat him before or after he has been raised is by throwing a soft at him. A message will pop up saying "To Soft to Live," and then you have one less creature to worry about attacking you.

Hades Card

You hav to be in Memoria to geet this card. Make your way to the Time Portal or the room with the broken clock. At the top you'll notice 2 doors. The one at the top goes to the next room where you fight Lich,and the door at the upper right goes to a balcony. Go to the balcony and WALK around near the edge until you see "!" When you do, press the square button and challenge the Rare Phantom to a card game. She will most likely not use it until you win a few times.


(Note this only works with turbo controllers.) First, put o as your turbo button. Next, as you are walking, hold o and your character will look as if they are shivering. No, they are not having seizures, and no they do not make teeth chattering sounds. No mages, summoners, knights, theifs, and/or genomes were hurt during the making of this code.

Easy Money

Once you fly to the Chocobo homeland or paradise (the little island on th corners of the world map) with your chocobo talk to the chocobo on the left of the fat chocobo. He should give 99 dead peppers every time you talk to him. Keep going back and forth between the closest town and selling the dead peppers. NOTE- This isn't very good for getting enormous amounts of money, but good for making up the cost of expensive items or buying items just out of your reach.

Best Way To Beat Necron

First of all, if you have fought Necron before, you know that he can dish out a lot of spell that will keep you dizzy for the rest of the battle. Your party should consist of Zidane, Dagger, Vivi, and the Flaming Amarant. Equip them with bright eyes, jelly, insomniac,etc. Make sure that you have a couple of Gyashi Greens to dispel berserk. It can really take a toll on you if your own teamates attack you(especially Amarant).Now I have figured out the perfect way to kill Necron. It's very simple when you think about it. When you fight Trance Kuja make sure that he hits Zidane enough times to raise his trance level.Then kill Kuja.(To some people this won't be an easy task).When you get to Necron, keep Zidane alive and let him get hit until he gets in his Trance. Once he does, use Grand Lethal about four times. Keep throwing Wing Edge with Amarant. And you should be O.K.Make sure that you use your strongest summon with Dagger and Firaga or Doomsday(if you can afford it)with Vivi.With this, you should be able to beat him.

The Potion Knock Off

Buy a GOLDEN HAIRPIN and Master it on Each of your Party Members then ste your abilites for AUTO-REGEN.If you have high enough levels about 40-99 you will heal up about 500Hp. If your Fighting Somebody Hard Cast Bahamut and your party will Heal 3 times before the Monster/Boss/Opponent Attacks you.

More Magic Damage W/ Vivi

For this trick you need everyone in your party to know Auto-Reflect. Then when its Vivi's turn use Blck Mag on all of your party members (pres L1 to do multiple targets) and it will reflect onto the enemy and do 4 times the damage! Some magic doesnt reflect. Its helpful fighting Trance Kuja.

Another Way To Get The Pumice

Another way to get the Pumice without needing the two Pumice Pieces is to defeat Ozma.

Easy Way To Beat Hades

Have in your party Zidane, Dagger, Steiner, and Amarant. have their best weapons(Ultima weapon, Whale Whisker, Ragnorok, and Rune claws). give Dagger Half MP ability then equip antibody, clear headed, bright eyes, and Body temp have all characters at a level close to 50 or above when u get into battle have Steiner use Shock Amarant use no mercy Zidane just attacks and Dagger uses Bahamut and acts as a medic (when needed). using this tactic uyou should be just fine.

Win Hunting Tournament

When someone has 100 points, head to the Buisness District. Make sure you have the Orge and the Beast Killer Abilitie and help Freya kill the Zaghonalf. You will get all the pionts and Freya will get none.

Easiest AP

On the Outer Continent, if you run around you will find a Jabberwock. Give it an emerald. He will give you 40 AP and a moonstone. Take the moonstone to the snow continent behind Mt. Gulug on the far left side of the continent. Give it to the good feather circle. It will give you 30 AP and a lapis lazuli. Take the lapis l. to Popos Heights on the Mist Continent, it is located on top of the Gizamalukes Grotto exit on the Burmecia side. Go to the forest area farthest left. When a good Garuda appears, give it the lapis l. and you get 40 AP and a diamond.

Zidane's Weapons


Mage Masher

Mythril Dagger

Butterfly Sword- Synthesize with a dagger and a 
Mage Masher

The Ogre- Synth with 2 Mage Mashers


Exploda- Synth with a Mage Masher and a Mythril 

Rune Tooth- Synth with 2 Mythril Daggers

Zorlin Shape

Angel Bless- Synth with a Mythril Dagger and 

Sargatans- Synth with a Gladius and Zorlin Shape

Masamune- Synth with a Zorlin Shape and Orichalcon


The Tower- Find it in Memoria in a ledge that 
sticks out from a staircase

Ultima Weapon

Defeating Trance Kuja In Memoria And Hints For Necron

Trance Kuja

HP: 42,382
AP: 0
Weak vs.: None
Steal Items: Rebirth Ring, White Robe, Ether
Spoils: None

Boss Preparations:
~ equip Freya with Kain's Lance and the High Jump ability
~ use Steiner if he has the Ragnarok
~ equip Auto-Life, Auto-Reflect, Counter, and High Tide 

Battle Tactics: 
~ use Eiko to cast Carbuncle to protect your party
~ use Quina's White Wind ability to heal your party
~ use your party's stongest attacks (duh)

HINT: after facing the previous boss, Deathguise, you have the opportunity to leave and return 
to face Trance Kuja and Necron (which by the way has no break in between!). Don't be stupid! 
Go to the previous room and save your game before heading out to the final boss fights.

If you need additional strategy for defeating Trance Kuja, go to (register if you 
have not) and type in the keyword: TRNCKUJ1


The final boss awaits! Equipping Jelly, Antibody, Clear-headed, and Loudmouth will help 
prevent the slew of status effects that Necron is capable of inducing all at once. You must figure out ways to quickly cure the Mini status as well. Good luck!

Secret Of The Eidolion Wall (discover Dagger's True Name)

At the beginning of Disc 4, form a party that has Dagger in it. Visit Lani who is standing on Eiko's back porch (in Madian Sari). Upon arriving, Lani will run away. Exit the village. Return with anyone but Dagger or Amarant. Talk to Lani twice. Read the message and then go to the Eidolion Wall. ATTENTION! THIS PART IS VERY IMPORTANT AND MUST BE FOLLOWED VERY CAREFULLY! Walk clockwise from the entrance (heading to the right) until you return to the entrance. Move just past the "!" until you hear a chime. Then walk counterclockwise back to the entrance, just past the "!" again. Repeat this nine times. Make sure you hear a chime each time. On the ninth round, your HP/MP will be recovered and all status abnormalities removed. Now read the paintings on the Wall. This may be done in any order, as long as you read them all. A whole slew of messages will appear at this time. At the end, return to the Ifrit drawing for Dagger's true name!!!!!

Mognet Central

You can reach Mognet Central with Reef Choco on Disc 3. Go to the uppermost island on the top right continent (this is where Mognet Central is located). On the east side of the island, find the crack in the mountain. Feed Choco a Dead Pepper to open the crack. Leave Mognet after the Moogle that you speak to inside confesses to something that he has done. He will send you off in search of an item needed to get Mognet Central up and running. Go to Alexandria and speak to Kupo at the bell tower. This will start a chain of letters that MUST be delivered. (Hint: each time you receive a Kupo Nut, feed it to the family at Gizamaluke's Grotto). Deliver the next letter to Atla, who is in Burmecia. The next letter will go to Mogryo, who is standing outside the Chocobo Farm in the Black Mage Village. Return to Ispen's Castle to deliver a letter to Kumool. Then, take Quina along to Fossil Roo and deliver the next letter to Mois. Go to Daguerro to deliver to Noggy. Finally, go back to Alexandria to deliver the last letter to Kupo. When the moogle reads the letter, he will tell you that someone in Alexandria has the item that you need. Talk to Ruby at the theatre and she will give you Superslick. Give it to the moogle at Mognet Central to receive the Protect Ring. I hope this information helps you on your quest!

Learning Dyne Skills(Trance) For Zidane

In order to learn the Dyne Skills of the specific weapons (e.g.The Orge's Dyne Skill=Shift Break), you must learn the ability offered by that weapon (e.g. Soul Blade of The Orge).

Ocean Treasure On Chocobo H & C Game

The ocean treasure is on the left side of the map near the south end of an island that has a beach almost all the way around it.

Chocobo H & C Game

Dead Pepper Treasure Locations  

NO. - Name		Treasures Found 
1 - Streamside 	2 Elixir, 3 Hi-Potion, 4 Ethers, 2 Germinas Boots 
2 - Between mountains	5 Potion, 5 Hi-Potion, 2 Tent, 2 Cotton Robe 
3 - Uncultivated land	10 Antidote, 1 Jade Armlet,
		3 Wing Edge, 1 Cargo Ship Card 
4 - Healing shore	Chocobo upgrade to light blue Choco 
5 - Abandoned beach	9 Phoenix Pinion, 5 Phoenix Down,
		12 Peridot, 1 Diamond Gloves 
6 - Cold field	5 Echo Screen, 7 Hi-Potion,
		3 Tent, 1 Theater Ship Card 
7 - Forgotten lagoon	8 Gysahl Greens, 5 Ether,
		7 Hi-Potion, 1 Dragon's Claws 
8 - Faraway lagoon	37 Potion, 6 Magic Tag, 1 Shield Armor, 1 Gaia Gear 
9 - Abandoned lagoon	6 Soft, 4 Ether, 1 Feather Boots, 1 N-Kai Armlet 
10 - Bird's-eye lagoon	8 Potion, 4 Phoenix Down, 3 Ether, 1 Magician Robe 
11 - Small beach	4 Remedy, 2 Elixir, 8 Rising Sun, 1 Oak Staff 

12 - Dawn lagoon	Chocobo upgrade to red Choco 
13 - Forbidden forest	7 Ether, 2 Elixir, 10 Wing Edge, 1 High Mage Staff 
14 - Green plains	Chocobo upgrade to dark blue Choco 
15 - Dusk Plains	12 Phoenix Down, 14 Ore,
		1 Kaiser Knuckles, 1 Iron Man Card 
16 - Forgotten plains	17 Ore, 5 Ether, 14 Opal, 1 Demon's Mail, 
17 - Sea at dusk	15 Phoenix Pinion, 1 White Robe,
		1 Diamond, 1 Masamune Card 
18 - Ocean		27 Ore, 1 Light Robe, 1 Whale Whisker,
		1 Alexander Card 
19 - Cold lagoon	11 Peridot, 9 Opal, 15 Sapphire, 19 Topaz 
20 - Mist ocean	Chocobo upgrade to gold Choco 
21 - Outer island	21 Amethyst, 16 Garnet, 1 Genji Armor, 1 Ragnarok 
22 - Outer island 2	11 Sapphire, 1 Circlet, 1 Pumice Piece,
		1 Hilda Garde 3 Card 
23 - Fairy island	33 Potion, 15 Annoyntment,
		1 Holy Miter, 1 Dark Matter Card 
24 - Forgotten island	1 Ribbon, 1 Rebirth Ring, 13 Amethyst, 1 Ark Card

Stalazio Coin

Coin	Reward

1st coin	1000 Gil  
2nd coin	Phoenix Pinion  
3rd coin	2000 Gil  
4th coin	Blood Sword  
5th coin	5000 Gil  
6th coin	Elixir  
7th coin	10000 Gil  
8th coin	Black Belt  
9th coin	20000 Gil  
10th coin	Rosetta Ring  
11th coin	30000 Gil  
12th coin	Robe of Lords  
13th coin	Hammer  

Bug Fairy

On the outer continent in the smaller grass areas near Fossil Roo their is a Bug Fairy. It is VERY hard to find and I spent 3 hours trying to find it again but could not. She will ask you for some ore, then ask for more. After that she thanks you and asks you to tell Yeti she said Hi.

Get Two Alternate Endings

1st ending - You must return all 13 Stellazio to Queen Stella in Treno.

2nd ending- Get every Card in the game.

Characters Ultimate Weapons

Zidane - You must get a Chocograph leading to search where Terra was, then use 
a Dead Pepper and You will receive Ultima Weapon. 

Vivi - In Memoria before going up the second ladder,  Go to the left upper corner 
and press X and you will receive Zues's Mace. 

Steiner - You must get to Hades under 12 hours,  then defeat him and you will 
receive Excalibur II. 

Dagger - You must have a Sea chocobo,  go to Quan's Dwelling then go to where 
the foamy waterfall is and feed the chocobo a Dead Pepper and you will receive 
Tiger's Racket plus a Red Rose card. 

Freya  -  You must find deep secret chocograph after getting the regular ones and 
you will receive Dragon's Hair. 

Quina - You must catch 99 frogs and defeat Master Quale, and you will receive 
the Gastro Fork. 

Eiko - Go to Memoria and go to the image of Alexandria (broken sword top). 
Instead of going to the save spot to the right, go to the left and you will receive 
the Angle Flute. 

Amarant - Go to the staircase where the eye is at the top. (before fighting 
Tiamont) Before going up the stairs, turn left and press X and you will receive the 
Rune Claws. 

Find Hades

Go to Memoria then go to the place where Quina tries to swim. Then go to the upper right corner and keep hiting X or square then Hades will say, "Who dares disturb my sleep"? "Leave at once or you will die"! Don't leave and the fight will begin. Hades HP- 59,969 MP- 9,999

Get Dagger's Strongest Summon

To get Dagger's strongest summon Ark, you must defeat Hades and he will open up a synthesist shop for you. You need two Pumice Pieces. You can get one for sure at Oilevert after defeating the boss when Kuja assigned you to get the Gulug Stone. The other you can steal from Ozma. Then return to Hades and synthesize both Pumice Pieces to get the Pumice.

Find Hades

Go to Memoria then go to the place where Quina tries to swim. Then go to the upper right corner and keep hiting X or square then Hades will say, "Who dares disturb my sleep"? "Leave at once or you will die"! Don't leave and the fight will begin. Hades HP- 59,969 MP- 9,999

Find Ozma

In Chocobo's SkyGarden, You will see a triangular shaped rock. Go up to it and you will see a "?". Press X and make sure your entire party is healed. And examine the rock some more. Then you will begin fighting. Ozma HP- 59,969 MP- 9,999

Sacrifice For Experience...

This may seem kinda stupid but its actually the coolest, smartest, and most certainly the fastest way to gain an outrageous amount of experience points. However it requires a great deal of skill. Most people that know the basics of this game can probably aquire this. First things first. This can only be done late in the game in Memoria. After reaching level 65 or so, make sure you have the auto-life and the level-up abilities for most of the chosen characters for your party. After a while you won't need it. Then kill off 3 out of 4 of the characters in your party. Make sure that 1 character has auto-life or you wont survive long. Also make sure you work with a non-magical character before any other! Then go to the Memoria entrance and start fighting the Iron Man and the Chimera. If you defeat either one of these beasts with one character you will recieve roughly around 64000 exp! At this incredible rate, you can reach level 99 in about 2 hours, normally taking quadruple that amount of time!

Jump Rope Mini-Game

Have Vivi approach the girls jumping rope near the ticket both in Alexandria. Talk to them and they will let Vivi join them. Press X when the symbol appears over Vivi's head to jump. Keep jumping successfully to get Gil, rare cards, and other items.

Easier Battle Fights Late In The Game

First get a bunch of ethers and save them for the final parts of the game. Have steiner learn the shock ability. Then have him do shock every turn he'll do 9999 damage every time. He can kill the Nova Dragon, Kuga and other bosses very quickly.


Make sure, you've got a turbo controller for this trick!!! When you're in Treno with Steiner, Marcus and Dagger get the Blood Sword for Steiner, from the Zodiac Queen. Then go outside level up a bit, paste down your anologe and set the turbo on (x). You can let Dagger die. Then go to sleep or something. The next morning look at Steiner's level!

Zidane's Swords

Weapon		Attack Pwr.	Abilities
Dagger         		12          	flee
Mage Masher    	14          	flee, detect
Mythril D.     	18          	bandit
Butterfly S.   	21          	what's that, protect girls
The Ogre       	24          	soul blade
Gladius        		30          	annoy, lucky 7
Exploda        	31          	sacrifice, lucky 7
Rune Tooth     	37          	lucky 7
Zorlin Shape   	42          	flee
Angel Bless    	44          	thievery
Sargatans      	53          	annoy
Masamune       	62          	sacrifice
Orichalcon     	71          	detect
The Tower      	86          	lucky 7, thievery
Ultima Weapon  	100         	flee

Hade's Synthesis Shop

10k = 10,000        100 = 100 gils

Item		Gil	Required Items
Robe of lords    	30k        	white robe,black robe
Tin armor        	50k       	hammer,ore
Protect ring     	40k        	d. matter,rebirth ring
Pumice           	50k        	2 pumice pieces
Garnet           	350       	ore,remedy
Amethyst         	200        	ore,annoyment
Peridot          	100        	ore,soft
sapphire         	200        	ore,antidote
Opal             		100        	ore,potion
Topaz            	100        	ore,eye drops
Lapis lazuli     	400        	ore,dead pepper
Pumice piece     	25k        	hammer,pumice
Save the Queen   	50k        	javelin,silver gloves
Phoenix pinion   	300    	phoenix down,gysahl greens
Ether            		500        	echo screen,vaccine


In memoria, in the room where Quina thinks that the room is filled with water, go to the right and keep pressing X. There will be no "?" over your head. A voice will answer, choose to fight and you will fight Hades. If you beat Hades he can forge very rare items for you that only he can make.

Freya Do 9999 Damage Everytime On Anybody

Get the Holy Lance or Kain's Lance so Freya can learn "Dragon's Crest". Then go to Daguereo and kill about 50 Grand Dragons or kill 50 of any dragons. Once that is done the dragon's crest move will do 9999 to any monsters/boss and the thing is it only cost 16 MP!

Ultimate Weapon For Zidane

After you get back from the other world, go to the area the shimmering islands used to be via chocobo and use a dead pepper. NOTE: there are no signs of it being there and you have to be on the EXACT same spot as the map shows it (it took me a few tries).

How To Battle Ozma

If you want to battle the strongest enemy in the game, go ahead. First you need to complete two side-quests. 1. You need a gold chocobo. To get a gold chocobo you need to find all the chocographs by diging with a chocobo. You will find treasures by diging and hope that you find a chocograph. This isn't a very hard side-quest. It will take a little while to complete. The next thing you have to do is find some friendly creatures, like Mu and Ghost. This can also take a while because the creatures are all around the world. Know fly around on your gold chocobo until you find a platue with a dark marking in the middle. Hover over it and feed your chocobo a seed. The chocobo will shoot up and you will be in chocobo air station. Their will be two islands and one will have a moogle on it. I would save and rest up. Now you go to the other island and you will find a rock. Click x and the moogle will come up to you and tell you that it feels a strange presence in the rock. This is your last chance to back out before the battle. I should be at level 99 with a ton of HP. And make sure that your Magic Defense is as high as you can get it. And at least have a good idea of how to beat Ozma. For he is the most powerful monster in the game. Good luck!

Toy Air Ship

Go to the mountin just beyond the Ice Cavern and talk to the old man. He asks you to find three coffees for him. If you find the three coffees and give them to the old man before the end of disk 3, he gives you the toy air ship.

The Old Mans Coffee

If you are still looking for the third coffee for the old man in dahli you have to go to dahli during the card tournament. Go into the mayors room (he wont be there). Look around the room until you get the mayors key and then unlock that big door by the entrance to the underground tunnel.

Exalibur 2

To get Exalibur 2 you have to get to the part where Quina thinks he is under water in under 12 hours and have cinna's hammer. If you get there in under 12 hours go to the right side of the screen into the hidden area and a voice will say something continue to persist the voice. You will then fight Hades the master forger. When you beat him he cn make some killer weapons. This is a very hard thng to do and it took me several tries to do it.

Namingway Card

There is only two occasions during the game when you can receive the Namingway card. One time is during the 3rd disk at the Treno card tournament. There will be a ATE(Active Time Event) called "Hippo's Prize" where one of the contestants receives a Namingway card. When you play him in the tournament you have to win it from him. The only other way is when you return to Kuja's palace beside the bookcase is a treasure chest with the card in it. This is one of the rarest cards in the game and you can only get it twice. Once you get the card, go and visit Daugauro and a man will rename any of your people.

Steiner's Excaliber

When in Treno you can go to the auction house to buy key items. When the magical fingertip comes up you should buy it to get Steiner's Excaliber sword, slightly less powerful than the ragnark. You will probably have to pay around 54,000 gil to get so make sure it is worth it to you. The Excaliber teaches Steiner Climhazzard which is a great move. once you get the fingertip go to Daugauro and talk to the old man in the libary and he will give you the sword.

Catching Frogs

Frogs	Items

2	Ore
5	Ether
9	Silk Rode
15	Elixir
23	Silver Fork
33	Bistro Fork
45	Battle Boots
99	Battle Master Quale to receive Gastro Fork

Other Endings

End the game with the "Zeus Hammer" and/or the "Save The Queen" in your inventory to get additional endings.

Infinite MP

Have Amarant in your party and make sure he has learned the Chakra skill. Also, the minimum MP needed for this trick to work is 4 MP. Enter a battle and have Amarant cast Chakra on himself. For 4 MP, he will restore MP equivalent to about 20% of his maximum MP. Continually cast it until you have reached your maximum MP. You can also do this to all other characters in the party as well.

Easy AP

Walk around in the darkness for awhile in the field and forests around the town that has the auction house and lady who collects the zodiac signs. You will encounter a ghost. Give it some ore and you will win the battle, resulting in 10 AP.

Easy Experience

Use Quina's level 5 Death spell against the level 60 Grand Dragons on the outside of Gizamalike's Grotto for around 8,800 experience per person. Equip the quick level gain support ability (level up) for even more. Also, remember to take Coral Rings to protect against the Dragon's Thundaga spell.

Ragtime Mouse

If you find the Ragtime Mouse (it resides in wooded areas) and properly answer its questions, you can earn some extra Gil. Answer by choosing either "True" or "False". The mouse will then give you Gil in return for each correct answer, as well as keep track of your percentages. Some locations the Ragtime Mouse have been known to inhabit include Gunitas Basin, Lindblum Plateau, Bentini Heights, Lucid Plains, Pualei Plains, and Alexandria Plateau. The rewards for correct answers in a row are: Question 1: 1,000 Gil Question 2: 1,000 Gil Question 3: 1,000 Gil Question 4: 2,000 Gil Question 5: 2,000 Gil Question 6: 3,000 Gil Question 7: 3,000 Gil Question 8: 4,000 Gil Question 9: 4,000 Gil Questions 10: 5,000 Gil Some questions the Ragtime Mouse have been known to ask include: The 15th Lindblum War started in 1600? (False) Chocobo Forest is located between Lindblum and South Gate? (False) The Theather Ship Prima Vista was built in Artania Shipyards? (False) "I Want to Be Your Canary" was written by Lord Afon? (False) Lindblum Castle is larger than Alexandria Castle? (True) Lindblum's air cabs operate around the clock? (True) Some Mus are friendly and don't attack? (True) Berkmea Cable Cars have been running for eight years? (True) Fossil Roo is a tunnel that connects Treno and Alexandria? (False) Theater Ship Prima Vista uses Mist as its source of energy? (True)


Zidane Max HP - GameShark


Level 99 After One Battle - GameShark


Infinite All Items (Game Shark Needed)

This cheat will give you all of the items in the game, and the supply is limitless!

5000FF02 0001
8008B7C4 6301

Reset Game

If you want to restart the game without reseting it just press R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 + START + SELECT all at the same time and it will take you back to the title screen.

Black Jack Mini-Game

Successfully complete the game. Once the credits finish and "The End" screen appears, press R2, L1, R2, R2, Up, X, Right, Circle, Down, Triangle, L2, R1, R2, L1, Square(2). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Press Start to begin playing the Black Jack mini-game.


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Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Final Fantasy IX yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Final Fantasy IX yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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