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INFINITE GRENADE-TRICK - Place the GRENADE LAUNCHER in the upper-left slot and 
INCENDIARY SHELLS in the upper-right slot. Close out of Item Box, open your 
Inventory. Equip the GRENADE LAUNCHER. Close out of Inventory and open your Item 
Box. Highlight the INCENDIARY SHELLS and click A Twice. Highlight the Acid Shells 
in your inventory and click A twice. You will multiply grenade shells and be left 
with 200+ INCENDIARY SHELLS, the best type (they burn on impact).

THE SAMURAI EDGE-beat the game with jill or chris on NORMAL OD HARD in 5 hours or 
less trust me an awsome weapon its a 9mm the fires in sets of three and has infit 

ROCKET LAUNCHER-(Anti-Tank) - Beat the game within three hours on Normal or Hard. 
The weapon is then available in "Once Again" mode.

ONE TOUGH ZOMBIE MODE- this mode has forest the dead guy you steal the gernade 
lancher from following you around and you cant hurt him or the gunades that he has 
on him will expode you cant use the knife guns or a defencive weapon just keep away 
from this guy

COSTUMES-evry time you beat the game nomatter the dificalty you will reseave a new 
costume for the person you beat it with.And if you beat the game on invisable enemy 
mode you will get a list of all the costumes that they did not use some were pritty 

if you have qusetions about ANY Resident evil game e-mail me at 
[email protected] or [email protected]

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