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If you have no clue how to marry the beautiful Lady Grey, then have no fear Forrest 
is here (you can't already be married to someone else if you want to marry lady 

2.Bowerstone North

I put the Arena in this faq because you have to beat it in order for Lady Grey to 
notice you. First things first, preparation is key. It is good to have the spells:
any other spells are good to have but you should have a pretty good level of these 
ones. now armor; I suggest the chainmail suit(helmet, shirt, leggings, boots, 
gauntlets.) massive damage inflicting weapons are great to have(survive)during the 
arena any obsidian weapon will suffice. Also Buy tons of potions go to the shop and 
buy as many health potions and will potions. Buy about 1 or 2 ressurection phials, 
and what ever money left over buy some food. Now you are ready to fight in the 
magnificent arena. Once you get there a gaurd will lead you to the preperation area. 
Roth will tell you the rules then you wait there. When the guy who was fighting dies 
it is your turn. When you get out there the commentator will introduce you. Then you 
Round 1=wasp horde; this round is extremely easy just knock their lights out with 
your melee weapon.
Round 2=hobbes; Now it gets a little tough. first off kill the ones with the staffs 
so no one can shoot you with magic. now continue to kill them with your melee weapon 
until the round is over.
Round 3=balverines; Whisper fights with you from here. take out the weapon with the 
silver augmentation you used to kill the white Balverine in Knothole Glade. now use 
the spell SLOW TIME or SUMMON or both and whack the bagezis out of those balverines. 
eventually you will fight White Balverines just repeat the process.
Round 4=Undead; this round is surprisingly easy. Since they're so slow go as far 
away as possible and shoot them with your bow. when they get near you run to a 
different spot and shoot. use mana if you perfer to get will experience.
Round 5=bandits of the black hand gang; this round is pretty hard. so use SUMMON; by 
now you should be able to summon a balverine or an undead. Switch back to the weapon 
you were using before the balverines. Either melee them or hide behind a trap and 
shoot with your bow.
Round 6=Earth trolls; This one is hard. first of all use SUMMON and SLOW TIME. Focus 
on one troll. and attack its back; when time goes normal, use SLOW TIME again and 
repeat. PHYSICAL SHIELD is good too.
Round 7=Stone Trolls; Do the same thing as the earth trolls, except run away when 
they are about to jump.
Round 8=Scorpion King; Round 8 is not as hard as you think. just dodge its charges 
then when it glows green use SLOW TIME and attack its face. when time goes normal 
againrun. wait for him to glow green then do the process over again.
Round 9=Whisper; Jack Of Blades will make you fight whisper. Use SLOW TIME and 
SUMMON. If you can't hit her use ASSASSIN RUSH to get behind her. when her life gets 
low she begs for mercy you can either run back to the cells or kill her. If you 
killed Whisper Thunder will be furious. But either way Lady Grey will congradulate 
you and invite you to Bowerstone North.

Transport to Bowerstone South and walk up the stairs near the cullis gate. the gaurd 
will let you in. Bowerstone North is pretty small but I like it. There isn't much to 
do here but seduce lady grey.

Lady Grey likes to play hard to get and will make you do a few tasks.
Task #1.
She wants you to give her a gift. She won't accept chocolates or a wedding ring. She 
wants one present in particular. Run to the shop in Bowerstone North and buy a BLACK 
ROSE. Give it to her and move to task 2
Task #2.
She won't marry a poor man so you need to own a house. If you don't own one already 
go to bowerstone south and buy the one there.
Task #3.
Lady Grey lost her neckalace! this is pretty long so take the shortcut. teleport to 
Oakvale. Run to the beach with the pier, and the lady waiting for her husband to 
come home; You will see 2 boats tipped over on the sand. dig in between them. to 
find the neckalace.
Task #4.
You have to fight Thunder. so go to bowerstone jail. there will be a cutscene 
involving you and thunder. now go to the next area then the next. you will see a 
bunch of people and Thunder. Then you fight. First use SUMMON. keep using Flourish 
attacks to knock him down.then when he is about to get up go behind him and hit him.
(dodge lightning attack)you'll fall down a cliff and keep fighting use any spells 
you want. and you will eventually beat him.

Go talk to Lady Grey and you'll get married. she won't go to your house but it is 
still cool. you also recieve 15,000 gold as a dowry! And best of all you can open 
the demon door in Grey House, (whitch is near Barrow fields.) and get the legendary 
weapon: Ronok The Axe.

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