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Beating Sephiroth

I.Before the fight-
	Before you actually fight Sephiroth, you will want certain abilities.

1. Combo plus and air combo plus 
2. Explosion
3. An air combo finishing move
4. Once More and Second Chance
5. Leaf bracer

	Things you do NOT want

1. Berserk- it may be a good attack in certain situations, but after so 
repeated attacks, Sephiroth will strike back

2. Guard break- its not a strong finishing move, unless you have finishing 
plus, it’s a bad idea

3. Negative combo- though he will strike back after so many repeated attacks, 
he still will take a few hits

	You want your customize list to look like this:


 II. The fight-

	Sephiroth is going to start the fight with a strong attack that you can 
block with a reaction command-Do So!

	Next, hit him with some ground combos, one hit will probably lead to 

	Thirdly-Reflega! If you can time it right, you can take up to a bar out 
of him. Do this throughout the battle.

	Lock on and MOVE! He can teleport to you at any given time. You want to 
know where he is at all times and you do not want to stop moving. If you stop, 
he will hit you hard

	When he starts floating and a halo appears over him, you are going to 
lose all mp and all but one hp so that’s a good time for elixir

	Magic! Thundaga helps for some quick damage, but not much. If you run 
out of elixirs, that’s where curaga comes in.

Good Luck!

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