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Silent hill 3 European version Walkthrough version 1.0 by Kurtmark

Index of contents

1:introduction legal & contact info
2:For newbies
3:characters & weapons
4:walkthru & puzzle guide
5:secrets & bonus items

A: Legal mumbo jumbo.  First off this entire guide is copyright of me
(Kurtmark) & may be reprinted only for personal use.  If you want to post it on
your site feel free but it may not be altered in any way without my

B: To contact me e-mail me at [email protected] (No caps) If you have
suggesting criticisms or such let me know.

C: What I hope to achieve.  First let me tell you this is my first guide so if
it is not as good as the usual guides you read I am sorry criticisms (or
praise!) most definitely welcome.  I hope this guide helps at least some of you
the readers with parts of the game they may be having trouble with.  Just a
warning I pull no punches this guide may complety spoil the game & I recommend
you finish it at least once before reading any further.

D: This guide is not 100% complete I am missing a couple of things  I also 
intend to include a monster guide in a future update.  

2: For newbies

This section is for people new to the Silent Hill experience.  For those of you
who have played other sh games skip this part.

Starting a game.  
The action levels are Hard, Normal & Easy.  
In easy controls are somewhat simple & monsters are weak perfect for first time
sh players. Normal is just that.   In hard monsters are very hard too kill.

Riddle levels are also hard, normal & easy.
In easy certain puzzles are skipped & lots of clues are provided.

In normal there are clues but they are somewhat harder to decipherer.
Hard mode has complex riddles with harder clues & different solutions.

L2=search view	
R2=caution mode (hold before attacking)
L1/R1=strafe buttons	
L1/R1 at the same time=quick turn
Start=Pause (or skip)	
Select=Go to item screen
L analog= move	
R analog=View (also hold L2)
X=confirm or attack	
Square=cancel guard Run
O=Cancel l/ Flashlight	
Triangle= Quick map
R3 uses equipped item / ammo	   
Extra options press L1 or R1 in the options screen

3:Characters & Weapons
A: Characters
Heather.  The heroine. Just a girl who went shopping & instead found a
nightmare waiting for her.  What is her connection with the town of silent
hill? Only you can find out.

Claudia.  Who is this mysterious woman who claims to be related to Heather?  Is
she responsible for the strange Visions & Apparitions that Heather has seen?

Douglas.  A detective who was following Heather claiming to have info about her
birth.  Whose side is he really on only time will tell.

You also meet other characters/enemies but I wont complety spoil it by telling
you who.

B: Weapons guide.

Pistol.  Useful for smaller enemies such as dogs.  Also use when attacking the
‘god’ boss while he is standing.

Shotgun.  Unless in reply mode with 2X ammo on only use the shotgun for bosses
it is essential in this capacity.

Uzi.  Great for taking down fast enemies but ammo is limited & is used very
quickly.  (Until you get the infinite ammo version)

Special Uzi with infinite ammo.  See secrets.

Flamethrower.  See secrets.   Good for slowing down enemies not good in boss
fights.  Warning overuse causes it to overheat & saps your energy.

Beamsaber.  Basically a star wars light sabre (*cough rip off cough*) See
secrets.  Extremely fun to use esp. good vs. slow enemies.  Not great vs.

Heather Beam & NRJ beam. See secrets.  Hard to use but fun never the less can
only use if no weapon is equipped.

Transform Beam & Eye laser.  See secrets.

Equip the transform costume & use the Heather/NRJ beam. As with the other beams 
fun to use & fairly powerful.

4:Walkthru & Puzzle guide.
First a note while I have been as attentive as possible there may be small
errors if so let me know & I will correct them.  As well I may have missed some
ammo/health locations but I have listed as many as possible.

This also includes stuff you can only do in the extra play mode this will be
denoted by 

**what to do ** 
Puzzles are ##puzzle + solution##.  

Note hard mode puzzles will be added at a later date. (E.g. when my brain stops 
hurting from wondering how to explain
them. This is esp. true of the shakesphere puzzle)

This guide does not include the location of memos or notes that are readable
unless they directly relate to a puzzle.  Ok let us start.

Amusement park.
Feel free to explore no puzzles or important stuff in this section.  Go thru
the big gate at the end of the first section.  Watch out for the monsters here
you can kill them as the ammo/guns will shortly vanish from your inventory.
(Until you find them again)

Go into the gift shop if you want but you can’t do anything here until much

Go thru the only unlocked door after the gift shop & dodge/kill the monsters
running to the next gate straight ahead.

Climb the stairs next to the rollercoaster & enter the coaster tracks walk
until the cut scene starts.

**The above section will not appear in Replay mode**

Shopping mall normal
After the cut scenes you can save if you want.  **Check out bonus costumes in
your inventory**

Even if you don’t save check the mirror/save point for the comments.  Done?
Good exit thru the window.  **Turn left & pick up the infinite Uzi weapon**

after exiting turn right & enter the first door you come too.  You will see
lots of doors here but they are all locked go to the furthest door from this
point & go thru.

Enter the clothes shop on the left in this area all other doors are locked. 
After the cut scene pick up the ammo from the table.   Leave via the other door
you can then unlock the door to the left as you exit but it is pointless as it
leads to the section you left a minute ago.  You will find a map at last in the
corridor in this section on the left side.  Get the map & go thru the door
marked exit.

Find the shop called Helens Bakery.  Get the tongs from the table.  **Pick up
the flamethrower also note the flyer underneath**

Go back to the section with the map that you just left.  Go thru the last door
to your Right dodging the enemy.  Pick up 2 health drinks & 1-handgun bullets. 
Use the tongs to get the key from behind the pallet.  Note the save area do so
if need be.

**Exit & check the next door at the corridors end you will be rewarded with a
beam sabre weapon**

Exit this room & return to the area with the Bakery shop.  Ok now find the
bookstore use the key & enter.  Solve the puzzle use the code & leave the shop.
 Enjoy the cut scene.  

##The bookshop puzzle.  Pick up the 5 volumes of shakesphere.  You need to
place them in the correct order on the nearby shelf.  Easy mode just keep
placing the 5 books until a 4-digit code appears on the spine.  Normal as easy.
(So you rearranged them at last huh?  So enter that code)

Dark shopping Mall
In this section all doors are locked so you must enter the elevator.  Try to
leave no luck.  Try to press nothing what no buttons now a radio appears from
nowhere. (Yes it’s the return of the magic silent hill static radio.)  Pick it
up & the elevator will move & bring you to the next section.  Ignore the dogs
(just dodge & run). Run in the direction you are facing find the save room at
the intersection of the corridor. 

Enter the room.  Save if you want.  Find health drink 2/3 (depends on mode) &
also find 1 ampoule.  Leave room turn left dodging the dogs again. **Blast them
with the Uzi for some fun** Go thru the door at the end of this section.
Find the small corridor leading off the bigger section follow it & turn right. 
Watch out for the enemies.  Enter the first door on the left.  Pick up the light
(Yes the sh light is back!)  Find First aid kit & handgun bullets.  Now at this
point there is a notice that says turn off the lights before exiting.  The
light switch next to it can indeed be turned off but I am really not sure what
this does as it is not mandatory. 

Enter the door next to this room. (The ladies room) pick up bleach. (Secret cut
scene here see secrets guide)
Leave go to the end of the corridor enter the broken door.  Dodge the 2 enemies
& enter the boutique on the other side.  Find a bullet-proof vest & a hanger. 
Equip the vest to lessen damage but you cant run very fast with it on. Which
begs the question if it is this heavy how does it not slow Heather down when
she is carrying it?  For that matter where does she store all this stuff man
her pockets must be deep.  

Ok sorry I’m back from that tangent.  Run all the way to the section marked
subway on the map.  Find the door beside the subway, which is not marked on the
map.  Find the ladder use the hanger climb up that sucker.

Go straight & watch the TV note also the save point TV.  Turn slightly to left
go thru door.  Watch out there are several enemies in this small room.  There
is also a health drink to the centre left but going for it is hard with all
these enemies.

Find the jewellers shop at the other end of the corridor enter pick up the

Leave via opposite doors. You are back at the TV.  Go to the up escalators.  Do
not use the down ones they lead to a death drop.  Turn immediately right enter
the first door.

(There is a bathroom you can enter first at the other end but the room seems to
be empty from what I can tell.) Get a health drink & aid kit.  Examine the ‘dog’
take the cooked key.  Descend again via escalators return to walnut room via
entrance beside save TV.  Exit using the opposite doors.  Find the locked door
use your cooked key here.

Get health drinks 2 & Steel pipe.  Exit with other doors.  Go right find the
orangey/red doors enter.  Get Detergent leave make your way down the corridor &
turn off that fan enter the nearby door.  Note the moths don’t attack them they
are invulnerable to weapons.  Combine the Bleach/Detergent.  Turn fan back on. 
(If you don’t the toxin will harm you.)  Enjoy the site of a lot of dead moths! 
Enter door 2 on the right side.  In here find beef jerky & handgun Bullets x 3. 
Leave again & make your way to the next unlocked door at the left of the
corridor near the end.

Crossover to the other side while dodging the enemies & enter the room.  Note a
save point.  Remember the walnut?  You do now use it in the vice in the save
room.  You get a moonstone.  Unlock the other door in this room now return to
the ‘pipe’ room.

Make your way to the Save TV you will be glad that you did.
Go back up the escalators. Go straight ahead to the locked door use the

Enter find the ladder climb down & enjoy the cut scene.

It’s time now for some good news & bad news.  What’s that you say good first?
Ok the first section shopping mall is almost finished.  The bad news is, well
its boss time.  

Remember the worm in the shopping mall in sh1 well this one is remarkably

Boss splitworm.  Rather easy if you are careful.   Just keep moving until he
appears from one of the holes.  Back away slightly so he does not attack you. 
Now let rip with the pistol when he opens his mouth.  **Using the Uzi makes
this even easier.  Do not even attempt to use the flamethrower unless you are a
glutton for punishment**  

Repeat above each time he appears to make mincemeat of this sucker.
(I have beaten him in under 60 seconds with the pistol but enough about my ahem
skills or lack there of depending on your view.)

Subway station & platforms
A word of warning it is easy to get confused in this section.
Walk down the hallway hang a right & enter the door straight ahead.  Find the
subway map near the ticket booth.  Descend the stairs at the Far East section
of the station.  Find platform 1 on the map & descend the stairs too it.  Now
walk down the other set of stairs behind the ones you just came down.  Collect
health drinks & handgun ammo.  Go back up stairs.  Go down stairs on the other
side of this room.  Find Nutcracker & go back up the stairs.  

Go back up the first stairs you used in this room.  Look at the map go to
platform 2 the gate is locked use Nutcracker to open.  Go down stairs behind
unlocked gate Note the subway train to your right enter it.  Pick up a shotgun
(yes!) & 2x Shells.  Leave train go down stairs behind the ones you entered
from.  Go to the Bergen Street platform 3 walk straight when you get to the end
of the stairs.  Go straight to the end of the platform jump down to the tracks.
Now this is tricky See that door examine it & then quickly turn around & press
x at the platform to dodge the train.  

Follow the carriages of the train to the
locked door at the end of the platform open & enter.  Dodge / shoot any dogs.

**Optional extra just for fun.  Walk up the first set of stairs on this
platform. Hang right then second left on the corridor ignoring stairs in these
instructions.  Find the save point & save.  Now facing the save point turn
right and turn left at the corridors junction.  Go down the stairs to platform
4.  Examine the note on the ground.  Now go down either of the other set of
stairs.  Walk up & down the platform down here once or twice.  Now a pair of
invisible hands will push you in front of a subway train.  Weird huh?  

This section does not have to be done & I don’t think it affects the game in 
any way but it is fun for completists.  Also unlike the other train you don’t 
seem to be able to dodge this one by pressing x to get back on the platform**

Walk up the first set of stairs on this platform & walk straight down the other
set.  Get the health drink from the bench.  Enter the train via the only open
door.  After the cutscene save.  

The Train
Simple just follow the train from one end to the other.  Dodge or shoot any
enemies.  Find some Shotgun shells & Medical kit in car 4 on the left.  You can
find Pistol bullets in car 5 right beside the entry door.  Watch out for the
white sleeping monster in car 6 (it may be 7) his attacks are vicious.  After
the cutscene where the train stops exit.  Note the save point on the wall.

Unknown platform tunnel system
No map at first so please be careful & pay attention.  
Go straight on in this section when you see the staircase changing continue
straight go thru a door on your right.  Be very careful in this hall.  Make
your way towards the end of this area turn left & locate a bluish door use it. 
Find the first door on the right follow the hallway until you can turn left use
caution here.  Enter the first door it’s your lucky day a subway tunnel map. 
Also note the Mace weapon pick it up.  

Take a look at your map to familiarize yourself with the locations.  Done
that’s good there’s a long way to go.  Exit this room via other doors take the
first door on the right.  Get some Ammo & Beef jerky.  Also make sure to find
the Empty bottle.  Exit this area via the entrance door.  Look at your map see
that dead end on the right? There are shotgun shells there if you want them. (&
Who doesn’t want some)

Take the right hand turn in the main area of this tunnel.  Take the door to the
left.  (Watch out for the giant Hornet like flying things.)  This part is easy
just follow the only route & exit.  Turn right from the start & then right
again go thru the doors.

Ignore the first door on your right & use the second one.  Find Shotgun shells
& health drink.  Note a save point.  Find the oil filled container & drain
kerosene into the empty bottle.  Now exit & take the door I just told you to
ignore.   Fill the machine with the oil then turn it on.  Climb down the nearby

Hang right & go to near the end go thru a door on the right.  Follow the only
path to the garbage area.  (By the way as you cross note the floating monster /
Alligator in the sewer. Look again when you recross & it will have vanished.) 
Take the Ampoule & find a hair dryer.  Retrace your steps to the first area but
this time you should take the left side door.  Note a save point & health drink.
 Go thru the opposite doors.

**Bonus section here but see secrets for details**

Find the socket for the plus but do not attempt to cross the bridge to do so. 
Plug it in & watch the fun.  (If you want a cool death scene save & try to
cross the bridge.)  Exit this room go right & down.  Cross the water area & go
sort of left.  (Use the map to find the junction)  Go right & find a door to
exit thru.  Now walk in the only available junction.  Bloody unknown tunnels /
sewers are a nightmare the first time you play so you will glad to know it’s
now time to wake up. (& No more bosses yet either.)

Construction site & offices
Walk straight drifting slightly left note the save point on the barrels.  Turn
around use the door on the left near the save area.  Find health drink inside. 
Ignore doors 1 to 4 they are locked.  Go right to floor 5 & enter.  Just go thru
the only unlocked door here.

**Secret here see secrets section**

Note the dirty old mattress push it into the hole.  Find bullets & health
drink.  Jump down the hole don’t worry you wont die.  Find the hole in the wall
use it.  Hang left x 2 & find the open window climb on in.  Go thru the door. 
Follow the corridor all the way around ignoring doors & left turns.  Go into a
door & collect all the Ammo.  Note the scream as you exit take a look at the
headless mannequin creepy huh?  Go back down the hall & take the 2 right side

Locate the exit door.  (Hang left & go past some elevators the door is nearby) 
Go too floor no. 5 & enter.  Turn left & traverse the hallway hang left again. 
Use the left side door note the pictures if you want.  Use the other useable
door to exit.  Get a Screwdriver to the left.  Walk to the last door on the
right & enter.  You get a Katana.  (Slice & dice time for those monsters.) 
Return to main corridor via painting room.  Find next door (KMN Auto fixers) &
go on in.  Go down the hallway & hang right (One of the left doors is useable
but just contains a bloody big monster) go thru left side door.  In the office
find a jack, Health drink & Ammo for the pistol.  Go back out the door & into
the facing door.   

Now retrace your steps back down to floor 3.  Turn left & left again & find the
door marked Monica’s dance studio.  Go on into that sucker.  See the door left
as you enter do not go in it contains just monsters.  Instead go into the 
opposite door slightly to your right.  

A map & its about time as well although you can get this earlier if you want to 
waste time.  Save if you want.  Use the 

screwdriver on a drawer then take the rope.  Leave the room take the last left
door in the small corridor find & various health items.  Look at your map see
the 2 elevators on this floor go there.   Find the half open one (The left one)
use first the jack then your rope & climb down.  Note the Save point on the left
on the drinks machine.  Go down the hall hang right & locate the only useable
door at the other end.  Pick up the beef jerky.  Exit via other doors.  Go thru
room & exit.  See that big bathtub examine it.  Uh oh bet you wish you had left
it alone now huh?

Dark offices  
Go straight thru the only doors.  Find handgun bullets on the right in second
room.   Exit to corridor.  Watch out for enemies.  Turn left & walk to the
facing door & enter.  Go thru the other open door & watch the cutscene.  When
you have control again in the small room find some Oxydol & collect various
health items.  Now exit via door that is useable.  Look at your map & locate
the elevator go there beware of dogs.  (Exit room walk up the corridor turn
left & left again it’s on the right side.)

Go to floor 1.  Walk straight & slightly right until you see a book on the
floor read it.  See the monster beside the book?  Don’t worry it can’t hurt you
or you it.  Turn around & walk up the corridor turning left at the junction.
Head up to a door on the left hand side of the corridor.  Beware of that
‘sleeping monster’ Find Pork meat in the fridge & shotgun bullets on a desk.  
Return to the elevator that you left & head on up to floor no 5.  

Turn left then slightly right go into kmn auto parts.  Turn left then right & 
enter the
door beside you.  Pick up the matchbook & Ammo.  Return to the corridor & walk
straight up it find a door on the right marked art gallery.  Enter & note the
save point.  See that painting?  Well you must now combine the Oxydol, matches
& Pork meat & use all 3 on the painting.  (Burn baby burn.)  

It creates an exit.

go on thru.  Follow the stairs & turn left read the pages.  Now turn around & go
thru the door.  Beware of the ‘head butting’ enemies.  Keep going until you find
a locked door enter it by unlocking it.  Go straight in this door & enter the
second left door find bullets & first aid kit & leave.  (Watch out for the
enemy under the bed.)  

Leave & turn left then follow the corridor to the end. 
Go thru the facing door at the end.  Examine the coins to the right & pick one
up.  Locate the drinks machine in the room & use the coin to get a key.  Leave
this room follow the corridor until you see a facing door unlock it & go thru. 
You are now in the elevator corridor so go there & return to floor 1.  

Leave the elevator turn left & then right to the locked door use the life
insurance key.  In this corridor go all the way around & use the last door on
the left ignoring the dogs as they ignore you.  In this room read finally the
last part of the story Return to the book / monster on floor 1.  Oh look it’s
gone reading the words killed this thing without you firing a shot.  Exit via 
the door that it was blocking.

Simple really turn left from the door stick to the left side until you see an
alleyway follow it to the apartment door.  (Up the short flight of stairs.)  In
the apartment building ignore the doors they are all locked.  Note the save
point in the hallway.  Also you can peak into the mailboxes.  Now find your
apartment by checking your key in the inventory I think it was 106.  After the
cut scenes it’s boss time.

The Missionary boss is your enemy.  First of all stand relativity still until
he runs towards you now quickly dodge his knife attack.  Shoot him in the back
with the shotgun. (He blocks front shots for the most part.)  When he falls
down shoot him again.  Now just repeat until dead.

After he dies & the cutscene is over exit your dad’s bedroom & locate your own.
In here you can pick up a stungun & some batteries for it as well.  Leave the
apartment & also leave the building via the door by the save point.  Time for a
cutscene including a huge revelation as to who was your father was.  

**Read the dad’s notebook in your inventory it is one of the requirements for
an alternative ending**

The streets of Silent Hill
Leave the apartment after saving & finding a note.  Now you should head towards
Heavens club / bar.  Silent hill 2 users already should know the direction.  If
you don’t know or forget how consult the map.  Beware the dogs on the way.
In the bar you get the following.  You get shotgun shells, Beef jerky & health

**Secret note here see secrets**

Leave the bar & go to the hospital if you need consult the map for location.

Upon entering go to the reception door it’s facing you & slightly to the right.
Save & pick up the map & also find a health drink.  Exit look at your map &
note the elevator & doctor’s lounge.  Get a health drink read the doctors note.
Now go to the elevator.  Head on up to floor 2 now if you will.  Locate the
woman’s locker room by following the corridor around.  Pick up perfume & nail

**No I don’t know what the perfume is used for does anybody know? (attracts 
monsters maybe?) **

Head on down to floor 1 again.  From the elevator turn right go into the last
left door in the corridor.  Go into room C4 in this area & use the nail polish
remover on the wall.  By the way do not go into C2 all it contains is 3 nurses.
Return to floor 2.  Go to the end of the corridor now solve that door puzzle &
go thru.

##The door puzzle is as follows.  Without going into great detail lets take it
line by line.  ‘Four of the numbers are not repeated’ that eliminates a lot of
codes as numbers can’t be repeated.  ‘Three are not in the top row’ that tells
us 1 to 3 can only be used once, which eliminates a lot more codes.  

‘2 are not in the right row’ this tells us 3,6 & 9 are used twice at most (and 
each is only used once). 

‘The first is larger than the second’ we will come back too this. 

‘The second is twice the third’ Now there are 9 numbers but twice 5-9 is too
high so the second number is 2,4 or 6. 

‘Third is smaller then the 4th’ If the second is twice the third then the third 
is 1,2 or 3.   

‘Fourth is half the first’ so 4 could only be 2,3 or 4  therefore making the 
first 4, 6 or 8.

So here’s what we now know: 
first=4, 6 or 8.  
Second=2,4 or 6.  
Third=1,2 or 3. 
Finally fourth=2,3 or 4.  

There is more however remember numbers can’t be repeated so for example first, 
second & fourth can all be 4 but only 1 of 

them can use the Number Four.

can be so that leaves only a handful of codes.  Here I give just a few of the
probable answers to help you.  Try these 8214, 8614 & 8234.  If you still don’t
get it read below. (type door puzzle in ctrl find.)

Have fun with that door I know I did J.  Now then go into Examination room 3 &
read the tattoo on the dead guy & the doctors note.  Go too room M5 but be
ready for 3 nurses when they are toast get the medical kit.  Now go too M4. 
Can you hear that alarm well turn it off & note down the Time that will be
random, but note it in a digital format for example 830 becomes 0830 or 2030. 

Now locate the suitcase & you get a camera.  Return to the door puzzle corridor
& locate the staircase door go thru it.  Go too the basement.  Get the
submachine gun & clip.  **Even if you have the infinite version get it anyway
it counts towards your rank** Enter the storeroom door & locate the area with
the shelf  / hole & use the camera.  Make a mental note of the number you get. 
(If you forget just check in the options screen)

Now leave this area & go to the roof.  Dodging the monsters find some more Uzi
ammo.  Leave & go to floor 3 next.  Enter the storeroom door & save if you
want.  Find the health drinks & stun gun batteries.  Locate the special
treatment area next.  Have a look at the memo on the wall.  Of the 4 cells here
1 contains just a nurse so ignore it & 2 are unopenable.  So head for the last
one & go on in then read the diary & exit.  Return to the staircase door then
examine the opposite locked door.  Use the photo code to open this sucker.

Enter room S1 pick up & find some health drinks note also the magazine. 
Dodging the nurses go to room S7 read the diary next stop S12.  Answer the
phone when you have control again use the staircase or elevator to return to 
floor 2.  

Go thru the puzzle door &walk right to the end & enter the new door here.  Uh

Dark Hospital
Ok this section is quite straight forward if you don’t panic  just follow the 
gates as they open
& close.   In the next section do the same.  Now go forward until you see a
large red mark on the wall examine it.  Climb those ladders.  What in the name
of blue hell was that try to stay calm. 

Enter the door at the top of the ladder again.  Your map is now useable again 
it was not in the gate section.
Enter S3 save & get bullets for the handgun.  Go to the storeroom via the day
room & use the elevator.  Go to B3 it’s he bottom left button.  Now for a mini
puzzle solve it grab the key & leave.

##See those beds 4 of them have bodybags & numbers, these are the numbers you
need but they are random.  Make a note of them.  There is a plate with roman
numerals telling you the random order of the four numbers. 

Now you must key in the 4 numbers in the right order to solve this puzzle.  
Don’t worry if you
can’t work out the right order just key in all 4 in various ways until it
works.  For example if it was 1234 just try 1234 then 2314 then 3421 & so on
there’s only so many that it can be##

Return to the elevator & go next to floor 2.  Go to the ladies locker room Get
a plastic bag & health drink from the bin.  Note the monster in the closet
don’t worry it has no relevancy.  Go to the men’s locker room & examine the
lockers for a cutscene.   

Now go back to floor 3 (I know all this backtracking is a pain.)  Go to exam
room 4 & note the body.  Fill the plastic bag with its blood. (ugh! Horrible)
Now take an elevator ride to floor 1.  Go to the examination room & get an
Ampoule.  There is also a save point.  Locate the entrance to the day room next
to the elevator read the note inside.  Exit & enter again via the day rooms
other entrance.  Dodge or kill that nurse & exit via a third door.  Find room
C1 on the left.  Pick up some health drinks.  Don’t forget to read that
Birthday card.  Go too the last left door & enter.  Save now because it’s boss
time.  Use the blood on the Alter like area & climb the ladder.

Leanord boss must now be defeated.  This is not too hard first equip the
shotgun & blast him once.  One of 2 things will happen he will fall & writhe
about in which case shoot him again or he will swim away in which case track
his movements.  When he stands up again he will be shot again simple really. 
Just be careful if he stands up close to you turn run a few feet turn & shoot. 
When he is dead you get Talisman.

After the fight simply make your way to the hospitals entrance area.

Just return to the Motel that’s it really.  After the cutscene look at your map
& head towards the area marked Nathen Avenue.  (Somebody dropped the ball here
this would have being a great time to let you explore the streets.  As would
the area between the office & the apartment but no there’s nothing & believe me
I have checked.)

Dark Amusement park 
As you did in the first time go straight to the gift shop.  In case you forget
Head thru the only door.  Then run straight by the second area into the third. 
The door is halfway along the third area on the right.  Find an ampoule, some
Bullets & beef jerky.  Walk around the room until you hear a crash examine the
fallen boxes for a key & a save point.  Exit the shop turn right & locate the
roller coaster door.  Go straight up the stairs & unlock the door.  Hit the off
switch on the coaster & get the health drinks.  Enter the coasters tracks &
follow them.

**For a cool death scene don’t hit the switch just save first** 

After the cutscenes you should head into the haunted mansion.  Note another
save point on the way.  Listen to the announce guy & go thru the various doors
don’t worry you can’t get lost.  In the roof room if it is hard mode please hold
the caution mode button otherwise ignore.  (Or don’t for a nice death scene) Ok
now this is hard go thru the exit door & run like hell (do not try the doors
they are locked) until you arrive at one with steps quickly enter.  No time to
pause run like hell again until you get to the last door go on thru.  Pause for
breath but watch the monsters.

Head straight veering left to the passage enter it.  Just run straight in this
section & leave via a gate.  In the next section note the Shotgun shells on the
bench.  Now locate the red shoe on the stage.  Also locate a chain now leave via
the entrance gate.  Go straight but veer right to find a locked gate & a ride. 
Attach the chain too the gate & the other end too the centre of the ride.  Now
go into the rides booth & turn on the switch.  You can now enter the gate for a
cool cutscene.  

Go thru the facing gate you see after the scene ends.  Turn right & enter the
fortune tellers ‘hut’.  Find a doll mask & Douglas’ notebook & save because a
boss fight is coming soon.  Leave the room  & find the door up & to your right
enter.  Place the Shoe & mask on the statues & note the photos.  Go into the
left door then again into the left door.  Avoiding the enemies veer left then
right until you find an ice cream cart examine it for a note & some stun gun
batteries.  Then run straight veering left until you find a gate enter it.  Get
the Health kit on the left bench then enter the merry go round. Now kill all the
horses & The Alessa boss.

The alessa boss is a long fight.  First read the note translated it means kill
all the horses or be killed.  So take out the Katana (don’t waste precious
ammo) & kill them.

**The infinite Uzi is perfect for this job**  

Alessa no. 1 has a knife so just dodge her & shoot her with the pistol until
she dies.  

Alessa no.2 has a pistol so use a shotgun to dodge & shoot her. 

Alessa 3.this one has a pipe so use the pistol again. 
Alessa 4 has an Uzi use the shotgun but be very careful. 

**Use the infinite Uzi & they will be dead in
seconds as they can’t block every shot as they can with normal weapons**

Exit the ride & follow the tunnels noting the writing on the wall. 

After the cut scene pick up the tarot card.  Save next then examine the 6
paintings.  Leave via the only working door.  Turn right & grab the map from
the wall.  Enter the second confession box press x at the wall say ‘I forgive’
or say ‘nothing’. 

 **The choice is relevant to the score you receive at the

Go down the hallway 1 door is locked so use the other avoid the sleeping
enemies.  Go first to the north door & enter.   Make your way to the very end
of the corridor & enter the save room.  Save & examine the paintings now leave
again.  Now examine that paining in the corridor.  Keep examining it until you
push it aside.  Enter the hidden door.  

In the lift room go too the very last right door enter.  Get the moon tarot
card.  After the cutscene read the book you receive.  Go into the
aforementioned lift & go down.  Go right & thru the door. Go straight & thru a
door.  Find another tarot card & some shotgun shells.  Exit & go down the right
junction & into a door.  Get the stun gun Batteries in here as well. Ensure you 
read the diary then leave.  Return to lift 

room.  Enter the second to last left door. 

Watch the enemies & go thru a door.  Follow the corridor around & enter a 
door.  Examine the sketchpad &
notebook.  Now examine the locked door & also get the key from the wall & note
a save point.   Now go to the last door on the right & enter.  Locate the
footsteps on the floor & follow to a hidden door go thru this door.  Go thru a
second door.  Find yet another tarot card.  Find also ammo & an Ampoule. 

Go right back to the elevator & go up.  Go thru the corridors to the 2 sleeping
monsters & find a door on the left.  Inside you get a cassette tape & handgun
bullets.  Now remember the map corridor?  Go there locate the locked door &
open it.  Enter the first left door.  Read the various notes leave via other
exit.  You will see 3 more rooms.  The left one should be ignored just contains
lots of nasties.  Enter the others & find another tarot card.  Now you must
return all the way to the save room with the locked door. Solve the tarot
puzzle & go thru.

## The tarot puzzle is as follows. I am not going to explain the hard version
it is too long & boring the solution is as follows.   
Left to right top to bottom.
HP EON empty empty FOOL MOON HM empty empty.

Normal mode again too boring to explain The solution is EON empty Moon HP Empty
Fool empty HM empty##

Follow the various twists & turns & enter the door.  After the first cut scene
use your Necklace.  After the second kill ‘the god’.

How you can beat the god boss.  Shoot him twice with your pistol then as he
falls once or twice with the shotgun. Dodge the flames & repeat.  Stand just
outside the circle on the floor to stop his arm attacks.  This will be 
frustating, you will die at least once unless you luck 

out.  **Note Kill the god with a Meele weapon for a secret, only the final blow 
counts so you can shoot Him too.**

The end.

 Hospital Door Puzzle solution  The answer to the puzzle is 8634## 

5: Secrets bonuses & extras
Weapons & items

The flamethrower.  Win the game once on normal or hard. See walkthru for

Unlimited Uzi ammo.  Kill ‘the god’ with the Katana.  See walkthru for

Beam sabre. Not sure of conditions needed.  See walkthru for location.

Heather beam & NJR beam.  Finish on hard mode once.

Sexy beam & eye laser.  Use with transform costume.

Gold & silver Bars.  In the dryer / outlet room press X & throw in the pipe
answer no, no & yes.

Silencer.  In the mattress room attack the wall with the mace.

Costumes & Tees

Code			   Shirt
HappyBirthDay 	   Heather shirt
TOUCH_MY_HEART    Don’t Touch Shirt
ShogyouMujou      Transience Shirt
01_03_08_11_12    Royal Flush Shirt
cockadooodledoo   Golden Rooster Shirt
GangsterGirl      Onsen Shirt
PrincessHeart     Transform Costume 
Shut_your_mouth   Zipper Shirt
PutHere2FeelJoy   Block Head Shirt
sLmLdGhSmKfBfH    Play Shirt

If anybody has other codes let me know.

Game modes.
Extra game.  Select to use new items & tees.

Costume password mode.  Self-explanatory.

The memory card trick
Use a memory card with SH2 save data.

Check the ladies bathroom in the Shopping mall. (The one with the bleach) Go to
the toilet & examine it for a cutscene.

Check the stage in Heavens nightclub for a hidden leaflet. (Look at the name on
the leaflet.)

There are other little extras using this little trick mostly funny comments as
you examine things.

Endings & how to get them.

Normal.  Just play the game once.

Possessed.  The conditions include.  You must read your dads notebook after the
apartment boss.  You must forgive Claudia.  You must have finished the game at
least once.  You must have bonus items but I’m not certain which ones.

UFO. Play the entire game using only the heather beam to kill.  The game ends
in the apartments.

The points system 
1 point for a hit (+ 1 for every Hit on same Monster.)
10 for a kill  (+ 5 if meele weapon used on some Monsters.)
?? For items (+ unknown Bonus for picking up all possible Weapons, Ammo, items 
(inc health kits), and all notes. Must also 

examine writing on walls between amusement park and church.)
1000 for forgiving Claudia


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