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Just like all of my other FAQs I will not do all of the fancy lettering stuff.  I 
think it is a waste of time.   I wrote this FAQ for the First mission on SOCOM: U.S. 
Navy SEALs because I have heard of a lot of people having trouble with the first 
mission and not liking the game because of it.  This is actually a good game, I know 
the first mission isn’t the funnest thing in the world, but I can tell you that the 
missions that come after it are fun.  You should not try the first mission or task 
of a game and not like the game because it is too hard, actually most games have the 
first mission be challenging at first so you get and idea of all of the controls and 
such.  Again, this FAQ is for you people who are having trouble with the first 
mission and may not like the game because of it.  Here is you savior FAQ, so listen 
up and learn to like SOCOM, the best PS2 game around. 


1. 1st Mission

1.)	This is your first mission of the game.  If you have the help option enabled 
then the game will help you with some of the things in the game.  When you start you 
should see two terrorist in front of you.  Kill them of course and move farther 
ahead.  Past the ramp that is.  Kill the terrorist that are ahead behind some boxes 
and then move up the ramp on the ship.  Once you get on you will have to kill a 
bunch of terrorist.  If you stay in front of the ramp on the ship and look to your 
left you will see some stairs in the distance. If you look to the left of the stairs 
you should see an opening in to the wall, later in the mission you will go down that 
opening.   For now just go up the stairs.  When you get up the stairs on your right 
there should be another door way.  Go in the room, but be careful!  You might get 
the rifle butt from the terrorist(s) If you get the rifle butt you will die and you 
will fail the mission.  After you have successfully killed the two terrorists in the 
room you need to take out their communications.  There will be a radio on a table to 
the right of the window.  Either shoot it or turn it off.  Now that the 
communications are taken out you have to go down the doorway I described earlier by 
the stairs you went up.  Once you get down to the basement there will be some 
rooms.  You have to into the room on your right and take the Intel from the table.  
There will be terrorist, but your team should kill them.  Ok, you need to find a 
room that has fans in it.  Once you find that room you need to exit it into another 
hall way where you should see a red light coming from another room, in the room 
where the red light is coming from is where you need to go.  There will be two 
things on the wall walk up to one of them and when a little box pops up 
saying , “Place Satchel” you need to hit “X”  Then you need to go the second thing, 
it “O” go to the team command, deploy, and satchel.  Boomer will place a satchel and 
your mission will be over, you just beat the first mission!


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