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                     >>>BY: Ubi Soft<<<
{Walkthrough by Jon Malcom}{v 2.6}{[email protected]}
I.	The Walkthrough 
  a.	Training
  b.	Police Station 
  c.	Defense Ministry 
  d.	Oil Refinery
  e. 	CIA Headquarters 
  f. 	Kalinatek 
  g. 	Chinese Embassy 
  h.	Abittor 
  i.	Return to the Chinese Embassy 
  j.	Presidential Palace 
II.     Controls
III.    Basic Moves
IIII.   Credits


-Ok, i have some bad news. I am NOT doing anymore levels. I havent played
it in forever and i kinda lost the playing spirit for it. Sorry to all the 
people who emailed me for the rest of the game. But if you looked in the 
cheat codes section for S.C. you would find that you can get all of the levels
by making an account named !LAMAUDITE!. (no period)

I. The Walkthrough -

A. Training -
Mission Overview: Prove that you are the right man for the job.
Mission difficulty rating: 2.5/10.  

---Basic Assault Course --- 
Well, you want to become the man eh? Well, so did 
I thats why I made this, haha. Anyway, first you 
follow Lambarts directions. Then walk forward
until you reach a wall. Jump up, you should grab 
on automaticly. Then shimmy over to the open area 
and climb up. Wait for Lombart to stop talking 
then drop down (here is you chance to show off. 
HEHE! When you drop down, quickly press B to do a 
silent drop). Now walk/run to the ladder to your 
left. Climb up it. Look up. Whats that? A ZIP 
LINE! Just walk under it and jump. You should 
slide down it and on to the platform below. Fun 
wasnt it? Now, look to your right and and 
climb/slide down the pole. Oh look, low barbed 
wire. Its too low for Sam to walk under standing 
up. By now you've been instructed to press B to 
crouch under it. Well, what are you waiting for? 
DO IT! Once youve cleared the barbed wire its 
time for my favorite move... the split jump. To 
do a split jump, start out by doin a wall jump, 
then when you press Y the second time, hold it 
for Sam to do a split jump. Now its time for my 
third favorite move... back to the wall (or i 
will call it wall mode). Just press the White 
Button when Sam is LOOKING AT THE WALL. After 
youve completed that, climb the pipe, go down the 
ladder, wait for Lambart to stop talking, wall 
jump over the gate, pass under the garage door, 
and there you go! You've just passed the assault 

--Basic Assualt Course Revised--
Ok, when you start out, follow the tech dude's 
instructions. Then, when Lambart tells you to 
jump onto that ledge, turn right and wall jump up 
onto THAT ledge. Now, turn right again, walk 
forward. At the end of the pass you should see a 
door to you right. Its open, so open it and walk 
in. To your left on the wall is where the light 
switch is, you can either flip the switch or use 
your night vision, either way will work. After 
you solve your light problem walk in a few steps 
then turn right. Exam that shelf. You should find 
a lock pick. This is will make sence later. After 
that go back to the assualt course and complete 
it. When you get to the end where the garage-
looking door is. turn right. See that door? Its 
locked. Wait, dont we have something that can fix 
that? YES! The lock pick you got at the start. 
Well, I think you know what to do now. Walk up to 
the door and pull the Right Trigger to use the 
lock pick. There are 4 pins to release, so MOVE 
SLOWLY. Once you've picked the lock, you will see 
computer. Use it. Then you have to go through the 
assualt course agian... this time backwards. Once 
youve dont that, go to the place where you firts 
started out. Now look left, wall jump up on the 
ledge and enter 5656 into the keypad (5656 is the 
code you got from the computer earlier). Open the 
dor and move on through the 2 rooms where you 
will find Grimsdottir. Now, you can either talk 
to her and leave her alone, or you can talk to 
her then hit her and get fired, your pick. After 
youve had your fun with Grimsdottir, leave the 
room, do the assualt course AGAIN, then move on
 to Covert Ops Training.

---Covert Ops Training---
Well, now comes the hard part. Firts things 
firts, go to the door on the left side at the end 
of the room. After you enter you will see another 
door.. Well will you look at that... its locked. 
Easyily fixed. Whip out your lock pick and start 
pickin! After youve picked the lock, move in. 
Hmmm, theres a guy there. You have to get behind 
him, and get through the door. Well, SLOWLY walk 
up behind him and press A. You will grab him if 
you were close enough. After youve grabbed him, 
interrogate him. He will tell that the door code 
is 28469. Simply walk up to the keypad next to 
the door and input the code. Then walk on 
through! Now you will see another guard who is 
registered for the retinal scanner to the left of 
him. Just sneak up behind him and grab him. Then 
drag him to the scanner and press A. You should 
push his head into the scanner and unlock the 
door. Now just knock him out, and walk through 
the door. Now heres the fun part, YOU GET YOUR 
GUN. You have 2 options, you can either shoot out 
the lights to pass the camera, or you can wait 
untill it is all the way to the right, then blitz 
for the door. Either way will work. After you get 
passed the camera, you have to go through the 
door. When Lambart stops talking, a cut scene 
will appear with a camera. Now, you also have 2 
options here, either shoot it and lose your gun 
there, or run under it when it turns all the way 
to the right. Either way, you lose your gun when 
you shoot the camera. Now if you ran under it, 
you are probably thinking that you can go thought 
the door and keep your gun... try it. What? You 
cant? Yeah, the lock is jammed. But once you 
shoot the camera and lose you gun, check it 
again. Oh my gosh! It opens... hmmmm, 
confusing... Anyway, go through the door. Now 
comes the hard part. Wait until Lambart stops 
talking and the cut scene ends. Then blitz for 
the door, DONT STOP. If your fast the camera wont 
see you, if it dose see you, well you'll just 
have to do it over. Go through the door, and take 
a left, go through that door as well. Well, whats 
this? I admit this new room looks totally 
rediculous, but its a sound testing room, and you 
have to get through it. Now, first things first, 
get into crouch mode. Now, walk to the edge, 
SLOWLY. If you were in crouch you should of done 
a silent landing. Now, this is a little tricky 
and could take a few attempts. Walk slowly to the 
ledge in front of you. (the whole time your in 
this room, you want to remain in crouch mode. 
*wink*) Anyway, walk to to the ledge, and while 
still pressing up on the left thumbstick, press 
Y, you should climb up. Press B. Look right now. 
Do the same thing as before. Once up you have to 
be very careful here. Watch the chains, you 
wouldnt think you could hit them... guess what? 
You can. Anyway, navigate through the chains, 
turn left and look down (you dont have to), 
notice what your walking on? Wood. Now if you 
took the time to read the instructions, you would 
have read that wood makes a lot of noise when you 
walk to fast on it. So, walk slowly to the end of 
the walkway then turn left. Gosh, now your 
walking on egg shells (what will they think of 
next?) Just walk slowly and then turn left when 
you get to the end, turn right. Wait for Lombart 
to congradulate you, then walk through the door. 
Awwww, no more tests... just walk down the hall 
and enter the first door on your right. 
Congradulations, MISSION... ACCOMPLISHED.

B. Police Station -
Mission Overview - Find the two missing CIA Agents - Madison and Blaustein.
Mission difficulty rating: 4.5/10.

You start out in a small area, behind you tis a gate, infront of you is another 
with a civilian behind it. Above the gate on that balcony is another civilian. 
KILL EITHER ONE. Walk for ward about 3 steps (you dont have to worry about being 
seen). Anyway, after you take about 3-4 steps forward turn right. See the stairs? 
to the stairs, and above them is a ladder that is not touching the ground. Oh 
right? No. Just jump up to the ladder and Sam will pull himself up. Just go up 
ladder onto the roof. Go to the wall directly infront of the ladder. Look down, a 
trap door. Press A to open it. Drop into it and go down the path to a 'deadend'. 
the top left corner is a pipe, climb it. Uh oh! The building is on fire!!! Hurry 
down the zip line to your left into the building. (no, I'm not insane).  (If you 
follow my directions you wont have to use a single bullet) When you get inside, 
to the door at the other end of the room. Checkpoint.

By then, Grimsdottir will have told you to jump. Well, its a little late. She 
also tell you to go into the room across the hall. One word... dont,. the ceiling 
will cave in and might hurt you depending on how for your in. Anyway, go down the 
hall and enter the first door to your left. Cut through the room and go down the 
hall to some stairs. Go down the stairs. (Hint- A quick and easy way to avoid 
getting burnt by the fire is to jump over the railing just left of the door.) 
WOAH!!!!! STOP!!! Crap, the floors gone. Look up to slove your problem. You 
know what to do. Once across, go to the fire, BUT NOt INTO IT, and make a left. 
Enter the first door on your right. Cut through the room and exit via the door on 
the left. If you cant find it, its the one with the curtians on either side of it 
that are burning. Anyway, once out, take a right, go up the stairs, if your fast, 
and in the right spot, you wont get hurt by the flames. Go down the hall and 
the first door to your left. the contact is in this room under a file of burning 
ceiling. Talk to him, let him die, and exit the room via the door right behind 
Open it, and continue on. The room directly across is filled with smoke! Wait, 
before you shoot the skylights out i think i remeber Butch the fire safty hound 
telling me something about smoke... oh yeah! STAY LOW. Just crouch under the 
and you wont get hurt. Exit the room via the door on the left. Checkpoint/loding 

Now, your in a small hallway. Go out the door right in front of you. You dont 
to qorry about being quite right now. Go out the door, and turn right. Go down 
walkway. Turn left at the turn. Go about half way down this next walkway and you 
should see a gap that you can jump across to the other side. Well, you might need 
running start one this one. REMEMBER TO DO A SILENT LANDING. Now this is where 
have to sneak around. Turn right, go to the end. You should see a mesh wall 
in vines. Sneak down that walkway to hear someone on his cellphone talking. Just 
jump down into the bushes, then to the patio. DO SILENT LANDINGS THE WHOLE TIME. 
came sthe fun part. Sneak up behind him and grab him! He dosent have anything to 
say. Hmmmm, dont knock him out just yet. Press X to use him as a human shield. 
heh. Walk up to the porch, turn left and shoot out the window. The guy in the 
should go into his 'what the hell was that?' stage. If you want you can go for a 
headshot then or wait till he comes out the door, then do him in. Either way is 
fine. After that, drag your shield to the front door and knock him out. Now hide 
bodies behind the couch inside the house. There are 2 things that are of 
in the house- 1.)A med kit 2.) The black box. Ok, the med kit is in the Bathroom. 
The black box is in the last room at the very end of the house. I hope you can 
your way around the house without my help. When you find the box, you should get 
keypad code to unlock the door behind you. (if you cant find it, its 091772) Now 
out the door, dont worry, no baddies here. You are now on a balcony. If you look 
your left you shall see a zip line. Cool. Climb on the ledge and, ZOOM! If you 
to be cool, press B to lift you legs while zipping down th line. You will 
automaticly do a silent landing when you hit the ground. Go to the door to the 
above the roof. Turn right. Oh no, no elevator! Lets see whats here... A lot of 
boxes, a fire putter outer, some pipes, a wire... wait, wires. Jump on them to 
down. Somwhere on the top of the elevator is a trap door. Open it. Now drop down. 
You are now IN the elevator. By now Lambart is telling you he is getting rid of 
no street rule. No baddies here, yet. Just go to the only door in the area. Its 
locked, so take out your picks and go to it! Once your through you go down the 
SILENTLY. Turn Left, and go down the stairs, EXTRA SILENTLY. Why? Look in front 
you. Cops. Thats why. Now at the end of he stairs make a U-turn. Listen to the 
convorsation going on between the cops and a drunk. Whats this? They are gonna 
till backup arrives? Great. Wait till the drunk passes out to do what im gonna 
you. When he passes out, pick a bottle/can up and throw it to the end of where 
shadows end. Quickly pull out your gun and hide behind the tree to your left. Try 
and go for headshots on both of them. You may end up in a fire fight (reason i 
you to hide behind the tree). When you've disposed of them take thier bodies down 
below the stairs that are in front of you. If you hear something about a civi 
you, just hide down there with the bodies and wait. If your curious like I was 
you can take a look. Whatever you do, dont kill the civi on the balcony! When the 
coast gets clear, go to the end of the ally. DO NOT TURN THE CORNER. Only turn 
corner if you had to figth a cop when the civi saw you. If you didnt, then hes 
there. Anyway, wait for him to pass in front of you and then go for a headshot. 
There. Once youve hiden his body with the rest, you can turn the corner and go 
that ally. At the end you will see some stairs. Go up them and you will now be in 
big area. No baddies, yet. You will see a garden to the right of the gate. And 
this behind it? A SECRET PASSAGE! Go into it. Checkpoint.

In this new room are 4 important things... 1.) Ammo (YAY!) 2.) Two med kits. 
3.) a PC that will open the gate. Okay, get the ammo and the med kits before you 
the PC. Time for the PC. Interact with the PC than quickly go back to the garden. 
Stay on the garden but go to it. You should see a guard now. If you think you are 
good with the pistol now, you can wait till he stops at the pillar then go for a 
headshot, or you can ait for him to circle around the area and pass you, THEN you 
can go for the headshot. Either way is fine for me. Once youve taken him out, 
him in the garden. (dont hide him in the secret room, they will find his corpse 
there) Go through the gate to find a civi at the end, around the corner. Dash to 
end and hide in the shadows under the hut-type thing. Wait for the civi to pass 
and the KO him. Hide his body in the garden as well. Continue on to the end of 
ally, quickly hide in the shadows there. At the end of this new ally there is a 
guard patrolling the area. Wait for him to get close then go straight for the 
*wink* *wink*. You can either hide his body in the shadows where you were just 
hiding or back in the garden. Either place is fine. I hope you are noticing the 
multiple options you have for mission objectives. At the end of this ally, is 
guard. Wait for him to pass then either KO him or headshot his @$$. OR, you can 
him pass and go down the walkway and stop. While he is there, sneak up on him and 
either KO him or headshot. I said it once ill say it again, EITHER WAY IS FINE. 
you didnt wait, hide his body in the shadows your were hiding in earlier. If you 
him pass, there is a room with its lights on to the left of the KO'd/dead guard, 
just shoot the lights and drag him in and hide him there. Almost to the loding 
You dont have to worry about anymore baddies, just a civi on the balcony. But 
worry, if he sees you he'll just run and hide. Other walkthroughs might tell you 
shoot out the lights... you dont have to. Get on top of the dumpster in the 
and do a wall jump to get on top of the wall infont of it. (this may take a few 
tries, but you'll get it sooner or later) Once up, its a loading zone.

Now your in a small area agian. Walk forward to the stairs. Go down them. Go to 
keypad and punch in the number for the Police Precinct. My, my, whats this? Its 
same preview as in the trailer on the web. Now, if you have followed my 
you should have anywhere from 30-40 bullets. Now, you can either shoot out the 
lights or say 'fugde it' and go for the headshot on the patrolling guard. 
**************************************************ALTERNET STRADEGY - Wait 
the patrolling guard to go into his office. Then quickly sneak up to the windows. 
The window all the way on the left is open. Headshot time... heh heh. You might 
miss. So be ready. After that, shoot out the lights, get the data stick from the 
computer. And leave.
**************************************************How ever you want to 
the guard, do it. Shoot the lights, grab the data stick, and leave. Sneak down 
hallway. The first blue is locked. (dont try to open it, there is a guard who 
whip out his gun faster than you can, so leave that door be.) Go down the hallway 
the end, you should see a clear door wih no knob, it slides open. You should 
be in crouch mode here. In this room there is a technician. Wait for him to turn 
around and turn his back to you. Wait for him to pass the laptop also. Now, be 
careful when you sneak up behind him, you might use the laptop instead of gabbing 
him. Anyway, grab him and interrogate him. Drag him into the dead guards room and 
him there (that way you dont have pick him back up agian.) Go back to the lab, 
enter the second room. Stay in the door way. Look to you left, in that corner. A 
camera, take the shot, if you dont hit it within 5 shots, run up to it then shoot 
it. You will need the bullets later. After your done with the camera, make sure 
have at least 5-10 bullets left. Now, take a look at the dead bodies in the room. 
Its the two CIA agents. Wait for you and Lambart to stop talking. Grab the med 
on the wall then go out of both rooms back into the hallway. Go to the end and up 
the stairs. Checkpoint.

Now, you can do this 2 ways... 1.) Rushing - Open the door, sneak to the other 
on your left. Take out your firearm (gun) and start shooting. you can waste all 
bullets here. There was a civi in the room talking to the guard you just killed. 
Just go outside and KO him, hide his body in a dark place outside. Hide the 
body in his office, just shoot out the lights. If your out of ammo then hide him 
under the stairs before the checkpoint. 2.) Sneaking (reccomended) - Sneak up to 
wall with the small window in it. You can either wait for the convorsation to end 
you can interrupt it by looking in the window and delivering the guard a head 
of lead. Then you have to beat the civi to the door and grab him, drag him to the 
guards office where you can then knock him out. Then shoot out the lights in the 
room, including the PC (after youve gotten the data stick from it) Sneaking saves 
bullets and time. Walk into the 'lobby' and look to your left. You should see 
something that looks like a looong jail cell with gaps on both ends of it. Go 
through the gap on the left, you wont see the door thats ahead so turn on you 
vision, there it is! Go through the door and SLOWLY walk up the stairs, at the 
make a U-turn and SLOWLY walk up more stairs. You should now see two gueards 
on a paper it looks like. This is the funny part. Creep up to the first guard and 
you can either grab him or just knock him out in his seat (pull the Right Trigger 
when your behind him) whatever you do, dont use him as a himan shield. KO him 
go to other guard, repeat this. Once both guards are out, hide them in the first 
door to your right after comming up the stairs, behind the desk. Ok, now go to 
far wall. There are 2 doors, go to the left one. Locked. Pick the lock and enter. 
Inside you will find several things, ammo, a servailance camera on a tripod, and 
PC. Grab the ammo (this is why i told you it was ok to waste all your ammo on 
guard earlier), shoot the camera (optional), then consult the PC. Exit the room. 
There is nothing in the room on the right so dont worry about picking the lock 
it. Go into the last room you havent gone into yet. SLOWLY walk to the corner. 
is a guard behind the sheets with his back to you. Wow, isnt that the perfect 
Well, take it. Make sure you hit him in the head or you could run out of health 
ammo. After youve done him in, go to the PC, use it. Lambart will tell you 
something. Now you have to get the heck out of there. Easy. Just go back to 
the 'lobby' and walk out the double doors you had to beat the civi to. Walk out 
see a van come to  screeching hault in front of the gate. Walk/run/roll/whatever 
the van and its Mission Over.

C. Defence Ministry -
Mission Overview - Discover Nickoladze's Secret
Mission difficulty rating: 6.5/10.
WOAH... what a view, we must be at least 5 stories high. Now, to get down to 
you need to go, first walk to the edge and walk off slowly, you will turn around 
grab the ledge. Press Y to let go and B right after that to do a silent landing. 
oh. No where to go. Your stuck here! Made to listen to Lambart rave on and on! 
NO!!!!! Yeah, no is right. Look left. there is a pipe covered with vines. Climb 
in the ledge and jump onto the pipe, if you did it right you should grab on... if 
not... well than you have a long time to wave good bye. Anyway, slide down the 
and onto the balcony below you. Once on the balcony, crouch down and open the 
About a second later a guard will have walked in. Stay crouched in the doorway. 
the guard passes in front of you, take careful aim, and WHAM! Dropped him. Heh 
Heh... if you didnt then you have a big freaking fire fight on your hands.  Once 
youve sent the guard to a place i like not to mention, go into back to wall mode 
against the door. Now this is where the 3rd person camera mode will come in 
take a look at that door, a camera is over it.  Wait till its all that way to the 
left then pump it. Hide the guard behind the second bookshelf at the end of the 
hallway. Then go to the PC and grab whatever it has. Shoot out the PC and the 
on the desk. Then walk to the switch and turn the lights off. Open the door and 
in.  This is  hard part, wait till the pacing guard walks toward the other guard 
(note the other guard is near an alarm), then blitz into the shadows there. Hide 
behind one of the pillers sticking out of the wall. the first thing you want to 
is wait for the patroling guard to come near you. Run up to him QUIETLY and grab 
him. If you grabbed him in the shadows the other guard wont do anything. Just 
him out in the shadows and then take out your gun and pick off the other one, 
waste a bullet killing the guard you KO'd. Now run to the last door in the 
STOP! Look up. See that camera? Got me like 4 times. Hopefully it didnt get you. 
Just shoot it. (dont miss like my friend did, hehe). Or you could wait till its 
the way to the left then turn the lighs off, THEN shoot it. Either way you do 
you gotta shoot it. Go to the PC's and get thier data. Then walk out. Go to the 
near the alarm. Walk down the sairs taking out the 2 cameras along the way (by 
you should know the secrets of taking them out). Checkpoint
At the end, open the door, and shoot the camera on the wall there. Or wait till 
all the way to the right (or not facing you) and run under it. Either way, shoot 
Look down the 'hall', you should notic your not in a hall... your in a car 
Walk down into the shadows. If you think you good enough with the pistol, then 
out the camera thats there. Or you could complete your objective with out 
it. if you do shoot it (and put it out of commision) Grinkos driver will come to 
investigate. Wait till he gos back to where he came from. Floow him back to find 
is 'losing some weight' hehe ^_^. Sneak up behind him and interrogate him. (HAHA! 
You interrogated someone who was taking a wizz! HAHA!) After youve interrogated 
KO him in the shadows. Go back to the door you came out of and back up the 
Now, if you didnt shoot the camera, you MUST stay in the shadows or the camera 
see you and sound an alarm, then its mission over. Anyway, stay in the shadows 
go towards the car with ots lights on. DONT GO INTO THE LIGHTS! Turn on your 
vision and grab Grinkos driver, interrogate him and leave the garage. Either way 
will work. Go back to the room with the camera above the door. This time go out 
door across the room. You should now see a cook opening a window. Wait for the 
to stop talking. (if you dont and go right to the window, they will see you and 
sound and alarm) After they are done talking, crawl up on the ledge to your left 
jump up to hang on the gutter. Shimmy over to the window and drop in. Make cure 
in crouch mode when you jump into the kitchen. See that cardboard box? Hide 
it. Now watch this funny cut scene. After the guard leaves grab a bottle off the 
counter to you right, go into the freezer to you left and turn the lights off. Go 
back behind the box and throw the bottle in the freezer. Wait for the cooks to 
enter. One cook will turn on the light and the other one will just enter. Walk 
the freeze are KO them both. MUHAHAHAH! KOing helpless people! Evil shall 
HAHAHA-- Oh yeah, the game, erm, where was I? OH YEAH! The KOing of the cooks, 
Anyway, hide the cooks bodies in the freezer and leave. Turn the lights out 
opening the door. Now open the door and walk in. Well lookie who just walked in, 
unsuspecting guard... he will start to explore the room (i think he was going to 
kitchen again), you have 2 choices, silently sneak up on him and KO him (risky), 
just go for the head and kill the bastard right there. Drag his lifeless corpse 
the freezer with the other vitims of your wraith. Go back into the dark room 
you KOd/killed the guard. Go into the light and walk down the stairs to you left, 
VERY SLOWLY. There might be a guard standing past the pillars. If there is, sneak 
behind him and grab him. Bring him up to the dark room (still conscious) and KO 
there. (that way his comrads wont hear you.) Now bring his ass into the freezer 
everyone else. Yes, I know. Stay in the kicthen, grab the last bottle from the 
counter. Walk down the stairs slowly again. Go into the shadows that are directly 
infront of the stairs. Throw the bottle into the light. Wait in the shadows with 
your pea-shooter out. (did i say pea-shooter? I meant gun, lol) Wait for the 
guard to come looking where the sound came from. Send him to hell. If your lucky, 
you can grab him and pull him into the shadows before the other guard (who is now 
also looking for you) sees you. Put him down and wait for the other guard to 
disreguard the noise and return to his post. Now the fun part comes. Put your gun 
away and SLOWLY creep down the right stiarcase. Sneak up behind the guard and 
him. Drag him under the left stair case where you can the KO him. Now, go back up 
where the first guard is and drag his sorry arse under the stairs too.
**************************************************ALTERNATE STRADGY - KO the 
behind the pilliars as usual. But this time go back downstairs without grabbing 
bottle. SILENTLY go down the left staircase, on the left side of the stairs. Make 
left U-turn at the bottom. Walk to the wall, the turn left. See that guy? Sneak 
on him and grab him, drag him under the stairs and KO him there. Then turn around 
face the back wall, go there. When you get thereturn left. Go down the hall, 
SILENTLY. Now passed the right staircase. See the other guard? You can sneak up 
him too. Do so. See how much fun that was! Now drag him under the stair case with 
the other guard and KO him there also. Then go on with the mission as normal.

Now go to the PC with the red screen. Use it. Quickly run uder the left stair 
where the bodies are and wait for the colonel that Lambart is telling you about 
come in and start playing solitare. Sneak up behind him and grab him. DO NO KO 
his nasty face in it. When the door unlock bring him under the stairs and KO him 
there. Go through the newly unlocked door for a well deserved checkpoint. 

Now this is hard. You have to go into back to wall mode. Here is another place 
the 3rd person view will come in handy. Dont go all the way to the edge of the 
but a few steps from it. Position your view so you can see the camera. If you 
see it, move a little closer to the edge. Try again. When you get the veiw right, 
come out of back to wall mode. Now, just as the camera cannot see you, run under 
look up and shoot it. Walk out the doors. Dont go out too far, it time to test 
Laser Mic. So whip it out and get ready to use it. Now you can walk futher out of 
the door way. A cut scene will appear with Nikoladze and Philip 
Masse having a convorsation. After the cut scene passes, run up under the 
and press X to use your Laser Mic, now aim it at the elevator. After thier 
convorsation is over (or the red square in the middle turns to transparent) 
whipe out your gun. Now hide in the shadows under the elevator. This next part is 
really hard, and you might have to do it over and over to get it done. Three 
come out of a double door. One will turn left, one will turn right, and one will 
straight down the middle. The one who turns right should be heading towards you. 
should stop for a second. Take that time to kill him. The other guards will come 
check it out. The other guards will do the same thing as the first one. So it 
be easy... except for the last one. He might start shooting at you, If that 
happends, start shooting and him. If you are about to die, use some health packs 
you have any). If you run out of ammo charge him and try to KO him. Like I said, 
might have to do this over and over in order to beat them all. Once youve beaten 
them all, go into the room they came out of and grab the med kit there. You can 
turn the lights off in the courtyard, but you dont have to. There should be some 
mesh next to that same door, climb up it and into the window. Before you do that 
make sure you hide the guards bodies. Once your in the window, drop down. Loading 
zone and checkpoint.

Wow, we have seconds before the elevator reaches our floor. Run into the janitors 
room to the right of the elevator. This could get tricky if your out of ammo, so 
follow my instuctions EXACTLY AS I SAY. Wait till they get out of the elevator. 
can do this by slipping your optical cable under the door, or by doing a stealth 
door peek.) They will then go down the hall and behind a glass wall. Wait for 
to come back. One will go all the way down the hall and another one will start to 
pace. Once the one how is pacing reaches the room your in, jump out and grab him. 
Drag him back into the room and KO him. By this time the other guard has whipped 
his AK-47 and started to investigate. If you hear footsteps DONT KO THE GUARD, 
can use him as a human shield. Dont take out your gun if hes spotted you, he will 
then shoot at you will no consent about his friend. Instead keep him there. Draw 
your weapon. Let the guard shoot at you untill he has to reload, put you gun away 
quick as you can and start hitting him. It takes two hits to KO him so keep 
After youve KO'd them both, hide them in the janitors room and board the 
But if you were lucky enough to grab the guard without the other one noticing, KO 
him in the room and sneak out (use the door peek method to see if hes looking. To 
the door peek move, press and hold A then pull back on the left thumbstick.) FOR 
THOSE WITH AMMO STILL - Same thing, get into the janitors closet. But when the 
start to pace, open the door and headshot his ass. The other one will come 
at you, headshot him too. Either way, go into the elevator and go up. When it 
reaches the top, checkpoint. 

Turn left and pick the lock on the first door. There si a camera right behind you 
your going to the door, but it wont see you. Pick the lock, and go inside. Use 
PC. Then turn on your night vision. Look up, see that open vent? Jump up on the 
then jump into the vent. You have to be quite when in the vents. When you get 
the vents walk forward, if the vent is covered, turn around and fall out, Sam 
grab on to the other edge of the vent. Climb up and jump down this open on, 
turn around and hide behind the plant. Wait till that camera is all the way to 
left then run down the hall to your first door on you left. I havent been able to 
dodge the camera, so be ready. In the room you are in now, are 3 important 
ammo, med kit, and a ladder to the roof. The alarm will sound, now if you want to 
wait to kill the 2 guards that come in, fine, but I just go straight to the roof. 
your going to blitz to the roof, climb up the ladder and open the trap, 

Come up out of the trap and turn right, see that little pipe sticking out of the 
roof? Go to it, Checkpoint.

Rapell down the side of the building. When you get to the window you can see a 
guard. Now you can fight the guard 2 ways, one... Shoot through the glass and go 
a headshot. Two... press Y to break the glass and charge him. the choice is 
Search him to find a... FRAG GRANADE!?! Ok, equip the Frag Granade and search the 
PC's, doing the red one last. Right after you use the red PC hide behind the 
to your right... wait for the door to open. get your granade ready for throwin', 
X. When that door open you throw that granade and take your gun out as fast as 
can. If you threw at the right time, 2 of the 3 guards will have been taken out. 
other one is easy pickin'. Go out to the hall and destroy the camera to your 
(Revenge for alerting guards earlier) Turn left, go down that hall and enter the 
open door. Go down the stairs and grab the med kit. Use it (i dont care if your 
almost at full health, use it). Open the door and jump over the railing, run 
and to you right at the wall, there is an elevator shaft. Jump onto the pipe/wirs 
and slide down as fast as you can. When you get to the bottom you should hear gun 
shots... dont worry its only Wilkes blowing a guy to kingdom come for you. Now 
run towards the shots, talk to Wilkes and its MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. (FUNNY FACT - 
the gun shots will continue untill you get there. If you get there early they 
stop one second before you get there. Haha. Funny eh?)

**************************************************D. GFO Oil Rig - 
Mission Overview - Retrive Georgian Communication Data
Mission Difficulty Rate - 3/10

[Prelouge]This level is as short as it is easy. You would not think this kind of 
difficulty would exist in level 5. You do not have to worry about hiding bodies, 
since they know your here anyway.

[Starting]Ok, you find yourself on a small platform looking at an oil rig. 
aint it? Turn right to face a ladder. Now what were ladders used for again?... OH 
YEAH! To go up them to reach high places! *sigh* Now that I've told you what a 
ladder was used for, why dont you use that one properly? Once your up the ladder, 
you will see some barbed wire... that could hurt. But whats that to the left of 
A detour??? Oh well, thier lose, my gain. Follow the detour around the wire. Oh 
shit, more barbed wire. You have two ways to get around it... one, you jump on to 
the pipe above you and lift you legs up (B) and go over it. Two... you walk up to 
the wire and walk slowly off the edge to your right. Sam will grab on to the 
and you can let go onto some pipes below. Then just duck under the big "X" and 
up agian to grab the ledge. If you did the pipe way, jump down when you get 
the wire and then slowly walk off the right edge. You should be on the edge 
way you do it. Whats this... they are blowing the bridge!!! Dont worry, youll be 
safe. Now shimmie under that big crate and climb up on to the pipe. Now duck 
that other big crate. Look to your left. They love these zip lines dont they? Go 
ahead, have fun. Uh oh, the bridg blew up causing Sam to let go just before he 
land of the platform! Phew, he grabbed on for dear life in the nick of time. If 
would've missed it wouldve been lights out. (No, Samn cant swin. Ironic isnt it?) 
Anyway, go ahead and climb up. Now crwal under the pipe. See that little pipe 
If you dont try turning to the left. Now? Ok, go to it and watch Sam climb it 
Now, press y when your at the top to land on the big pipe. Crouch down and move 
forward. If you did it right you should've landed IN THE PIPE. Yes, in the pipe. 
just go on down the pipe till the loading zone comes around. Uhhh, checkpoint.

Wow, now we are in a small room... dont bother sneaking around to the ladder or 
shooting out lights, they wont see you or hear you. Climb up the ladder and open 
that trap. Now watch this cut scene... wasent that exciting? @[email protected] are now out 
the little room. Duck down. Hide behind the pipe to your left. DO NOT SHOOT 
UNTIL THE TECHNICIAN IS OUT OF SIGHT. Wait about 10 seconds for the guards and 
technician to leave. Now you have to be quick. Pop out behind the pipe, the left 
side. See that patrolling guard? Aim carefully when he stops closes to you. If 
miss he will turn around and start shooting at you. If this happends, go back 
the pipe. Look the the pipe. Now look to the right. Go there and hide behind the 
last pipe. The guard will come down there. He will start shooting at you, wait 
he has to reload, then pop out and give him a headshot. You have a limited amout 
time to fight this guy, so make it quick. ok, after you finished him off, look to 
the top left corner. 
Top View
|             __           |    Go to the X's
|             ||           |   __
|             --           |   ||  = The trap you came out of
|                          |   --
|                          |
|                     ___  |
|                     | |XX|
|                     |_|XX|

Follow that stupid looking diagram. It dose not include any of the pipes. Just 
trap you cam out of and where you need to go. Ok, when your there, you should see 
am "I" beam in front of you. Jump for it. If you make it, good. If you dont, try 
again. Once you make it, walk slowly off the edge to grab on to it. This is safer 
than walking on it. Go untill you reach the walkway. Now follow the same path you 
saw the technician and the guards take. Somewhere on the path youll see 3 F-14's 
flying in a cut scene. Go up the stairs and make a sharp left turn. Hide behind 
wall untill you hear/see an explosion. wait 5 seconds. Then look at the fire. 
is a guy hiding in the bottom right corner of it. Shoot him up. Go to him and 
his stachel (med kit). Use it if your low on health. Go to the the green thing, 
there should be a corner with about 4-5 pipes going down the edge. If you were 
at killing the hiding guy you should see the technician, who I will call the TD 
(tech dude), and a guard turning another corner. Wait till they trun that corner 
then follow them. Checkpoint. 
Wait for the TD and his guard to enter the room. Now there are 2 guards here. One 
patrolling, the other is guarding the door. Wait for the patrolling on to go out 
view. Then just beraly peek around the corner, just enough so you can shoot the 
standing guard in the head. Now wait for the other guard to come and see the 
He will just stand there... what a moron he is.Go right for the head. If you miss 
either one you will have a big fire fight on your hands, so be patient and 
When youve killed the guards go into the room the TD went into. Walk a few steps 
and turn left. Hide behind the kitchen. I recomend back to wall mode crouched 
that area with the wall hanging over it. Wait for the TD and 2 guards to pass you 
and go out of sight. Walk to the door you just came in through. You should see 
hear an explosion. To to the fire and run through the end of it. Checkpoint.

Now, climb up onto the green thing, and then jump up on the pipe. get your legs 
and go through the newly broken window. You should see a cut scene where the TD 
a guard leave the room while one stays away and blows the crap out of everything. 
Now, continue on the pipe, before you enter the room, wait a sec for him to go 
somewhere he cannot see you. Ok, put your legs down and start shooting at the 
only if you have a clear shot.(press X while on the pipe with legs down to 
After you kill him, go to the shelves to the left. Grab the 2 med kits. Use all 
med kits but 1. Then go to search around the other end of the room for some ammo. 
Then go up the stairs. You should see a cut scene about a missle blowing up about 
10 guys and a helicopter...ouch. You should also see the TD runn down an ally 
a guy runs towards you. Dart up the stairs and to the right, fight the guy there. 
Then just go follow the TD's path. You could turn left and in the 1st room is a 
totally worthless Disposiable Pick. If you want you can get it. If you dont want 
get it, then turn right where the cut scene ended, go down the stairs. Watch out, 
the guy down there is insane. If you charge down the stairs you will meet him 
he is reloading... heh heh. Take the shot. You can empty your gun on him if you 
want, there are no more baddies for the entire mission. Go into the door the the 
went into. There is a med kit behind the door (not like you'll need it.). You 
notice that there are 2 doors... a right one and a left one, they are seperated 
that machine thing. Take the left one. Make a U-turn and go down the hall, if you 
were quick, you should've seen part of the TD'd briefcase. Just follow him now. 
cant go anywhere, so take your time. Follow he back down to the docks, where he 
be. Oh look, you made him cry... oh well. Now you have 4 more things to do... 
THE WATER. After that you just grab his scrapnel and the briefcase and its smooth 

E. CIA HQ - 
Overall Mission Objective - Discover the Mole (spy) in the CIA
Mission Difficulty Rate: 9.5/10

[Even before we start] I've received several emails about random people claming 
this level is too hard. I've also received emails about people who demand door 
codes. I'll give, in particular, all the door codes for this level. That's 
all. But if you're a person who likes to follow walkthroughs from start to 
or want to find them on your own, simply skip this next part, and go 
to '[Starting]'. 
Anyways, here are the door codes: 
Main Server Room - '2019'
Technical Services Room - '7687'
Backup Battery Power Room - '110598'
Weapons Testing Department - '110700'
Informal Retrieval Service Room - '0614'.

[Overlooking] You will find yourself in the front yard of the CIA building on a 
rainy night. You have no guns, no equiptment, no rights, you dont even exsist. 
your new 'thermal vision' makes up for some of that. Thermal vision will be very 
helpful inside the CIA building. You have to be on your toes in this level. You 
kill anyone, just KO them. Hiding bodies, shooting out lights, and dodging 
are all key parts to beating this level. I am currently doing this level over and 
over agin to find different ways to complete it.

[Starting]Even before Lambart starts talking, turn your night/thermal vision on 
run to the left. Whatch out, cuase there is a ledge, do a silent landing. Jump 
up on the grass and continue running. Turn right at the fence, run down, crouch 
You should now see a fence box with a section of the barbed wire cut away. Climb 
fence and get inside the box. Climb up onto the box thing in the middle. Look 
towards the building. You should see a light, and above that, a ledge. Jump onto 
that ledge. Go to the left side and jump into that indent (the right one dosent 
what we want). Move around until you see an interaction that says 'Slide Open' 
A. WOAH... thats a big fan. Once you pass it, you can go back with out getting 
killed. Stay crouched and jump out. Checkpoint.

Ok, now you find your self in what looks like a generator room. To your left is a 
janitor dressed like a guard. (turn on your thermal vision if you cant see him.) 
There is also a fence. This could take a few shots but you have to jump on the 
sure your at the top. The janitor guard should say something but will keep doing 
rounds. Now, go over the top of the fence and do a drop attack on him (Press Y 
you miss, just run after him. When you get him, KO im on the spot (pull the right 
trigger when behind him). Then hide his body. 
There are a possible 2 things that can happen. 1.)You might miss the fence 
happend to me a few times :S). If this happens just climb up the fence and chase 
janitor down, and KO if you reach him before he triggers an alarm. If you dont 
him in time, hide in a dark CORNER, not in the hall way. That way the guards that 
come should pass you without you having to move and risk being seen. Ok, now wait 
the shadows untill the guards go back to thier posts. Go down the hallway where 
chased the jantior and you should find him behind a machine, crying... KO him for 
being a big baby. 2.) You miss the fence and cant get back over it in time. 
this happens and he has already trigger ed the alarm, dont try to go over the 
turn around and hide back there. They shouldnt see you. Wait for them to leave 
return to thier posts. If they do see you... well then your screwed. When and if 
guards leave climb back over the fence and find the janitor (hes behind the 
crying), make him stop... PLEASE. Ok, now you should see some stairs to your 
If you KOd the janitor with out letting him trigger the alarm, the guard will not 
leave his post for a while. SO, you once again have two options
1.) Wait untill he leaves by periodicly checking on him (NOTE - He will come to 
edge of the area so be careful.)
2.) You can wait till he dose go to the edge and let him see you, then double 
and hide under the stairs. Now comes the hard part. Once he starts shooting 
guard will come running to the rescue. Uh oh. ok, make sure the first guard is 
before the other once comes. Leave the KOd guard out in the open. The other one 
come to check if he is alright... the whole time is yours to position your self 
behind him. If you do it right you will have 2 guards KOd. MAKE SURE YOUR BEHIND 
wait for me to explain what to do if you didnt reach the janitor in time. 
So, you didnt reach him eh? Its ok. Well, if you waited like I said for the 
to pass then they did leave thier posts (luckily for you). Just go up the stairs 
talked about up there^^^ and continue on...
Now your at the top of the stairs. Dash across the area and down those stairs. Go 
down the corridor and enter the first door to you right (its right there so be 
careful). Kok, theres no one in here so phew! Turn on your night vision and check 
the table for... whats this? A med kit, Ring Airfoil Round, and a Sticky Shocker! 
Cool! Use the med kit if you need to. But you can use the other items. :( Ok, now 
to the door on the opposite side of the room. WAIT! Dont go through it. Whip out 
your optic cable and pull the Right Trigger when your at the door. There might be 
baddy to your left. If there is then you could have a fight on your hands, if not 
then focus your attention at the guard station in front of you. A guard is pacing 
there. Take the optic cable out and follow my directions. 
Ok, well open the door and SLOWLY walk out. STAY IN THE DOOR WAY. Look ahead, see 
that guard? Well, wait for him to go out of sight on the RIGHT SIDE. Look to you 
right in the top corner of the room... see that? Its a metal detector. Dont 
its not on. Besides, you dont have a gun for it to scan. Ok, now when the guard 
the station is all the way to the right and out of sight. Dash to the metal 
detector, CROUCHED AND GOING QUICKLY BUT QUIETLY. Once youve passed the guards 
and made it through the metal detector, wait in the room so i can explain 
No guard to the left? This is easy, wait for the guard in the station to go out 
sight to the right then dash for the metal detecor. 
Ok, now that everyone is on the same page follow me... hehe. Ok, your in a small 
room with two conveyor belts. There is a door on the opposite side of the room, 
NOT GO TO IT, instead stand to the left of it (the side nearest the conveyor 

You should now see/hear a guy on his cell phone. Wait for him to finish and walk 
the elevator. Now, comes a tricky part. Slowly walk out the room. Wehn you get 
the doorway turn right. Now your in the shadows. Continue on until you hit the 
turn left. Go all the way down and then turn left agian. There should be 
that looks like a table. Whats this? A soda can? Pick it up. the slowly walk back 
the room. DONT GO IN THE ROOM. Somewhere in the shadows should be a wall-looking 
type thing. Go to it and go to the edge nearest the room. Now throw the can into 
room. The guard should then investigate... leaving the elevator open! Wait for 
to enter the room and see the can... GO!!! Press the switch. AHHHH!!! You have to 
wait for it! Dont worry, just get right in front of the door and wait. besides 
have plenty of time before he comes back. Get in the elevator and go down. When 
elevator has reached its destination get out and turn left and run down the hall 
a loading zone and checkpoint.

Ok, your in a bright section of a hall. Get into the shadows and walk down it. On 
the way Lambart should chime in and tell you your SC-20K is ready! YEAH BABY! 
One kill and its over. Awww man... Oh well. Now turn on your thermal vision. 
the way down the hall is a guard that passes by, and right in front of you is 
a 'civi' who gose from one room to the other... KO him for security reasons. Go 
the room he came out of and grab the data stick from the PC. (let me remind you 
something... hiding bodies is required here, so if you didnt hide his well then I 
suggest you do that... NOW.) The data stick had the Main Server rooms access 
Go out of the room and go down the hall. Hmmm a fork in the hall... the left one 
a guard down it that you need to 'talk to' (KO for all those morons who will 
accually try to talk to him). Wait in the shadows of the corner and KO him there. 
will not be telling you to hide bodies any more... I am just gonna tell you to KO 
them (your indication to hide them afterwards). Go down the hall and turn right. 
There is a door that will slide open. SLOWLY walk to the front where a guard is, 
behind him and whack him right in the head (NOTE - Do not grab him because the 
guard will see you). After that turn the lighs off and wait in that room. The 
guard will notic that the lights are off and come in to turn them back on. Heh 
heh... I recomend standing back from the switch so you can KO him too when he is 
turning the lights back on. After youve KOd him, go back to the first guard you 
and look left. There is a door. Its locked... luckily only two pins to be 
After youve picked the lock, enter to find a med kit and 2 sticky shockers. Hmmm 
now have 4 sticky shockers (SS) and 3 Ring Airfoil rounds (RAF). Use the med kit 
needed. Go out of both rooms and slowly go down the hall. There should be a room 
the left with a guy inside. Walk to the doorway but dont go inside, he will walk 
the window an dthen go back to standing. Slowly walk up to him and KO him right 
there. He has a gun and wont hesitate to use it. He has also been trained to 
the alarm. Even though you have KOd all of the guards on this part 2 more will 
and shoot at you (if they see you). So, KO him and turn off the lights. Go to the 
next room down the hall (should be on the left). There is a disposable pick in 
there. Oh yeah, hide the guy you just snuck up on in here. Search the right side 
the hallway for a keypad... put in The Technical Services access code. Dont open 
door just yet. Whip out that optics cable again and slip it under the door (Pull 
Right Trigger). See that guard? Wait untill he has his back to you to open the 
Then quicly run up and grab him, KO him behind the stuff. If you did this quietly 
the other guard will not hear you. Now, the other guard should have his back to 
sneak up on him and put him down. Hide his body with the other guard. Turn out 
lights. Go into the next room. You will find a med kit right in front of you. Go 
ahead, get it. Go to the PC and use it. The code for the next door should be in 
Input the code and walk on through. Checkpoint.

Wow, will you look at that... 2 janitors and a guard you cant see... impossible 
say? Nope. Not with what im gonna tell you. Turn off your vision if you have them 
on. Slowly walk down the stairs to you right. Go all the way to the end of the 
Wait there. The janitor should see you soon. Right as you hear 'that music' run 
to the base of the stairs. Wait 5 seconds and then pop out. The 2 janitors will 
stuck there. Knock one out, the other one will either pull the alarm or crounh 
and hide. If he sounds the alarm, run back to the base of the stairs and wait for 
the guard to come out and find the KOd janitor. He will go and revive him, the 
time with his back to you! Just KO him. If the janitor was revived before you KOd 
the guard just Ko him again. Then find the other janitor and KO him too (he 
be crouched down by now). Go through the room and through the hallway. Go up the 
stairs and look left... HOLY CRAP! ITS OUT SC-20K!!! WAAHOO!!! Grab all the other 
stuff too. Ok, inventory check. You should have for your SC-20K, 4 RAF's, 5 SS's, 
and a new item... a Sticky Camera (SC). The SC's are good for checking out areas 
will go into. They are also a KO if the hit in the head *wink* *wink*. Ok, go out 
the room. Checkpoint.

Turn right and go down the hall. You should hear some guy. Talking on his cell 
he is. Getting a decaf cup of coffe he did. Knock him out Yoda style and hide the 
body you should.  Go down the hall and equip them SS's. Make a right but dont go 
into that office. Ok, down the hall is one guard and to your right there is a 
FOR THE GUARD ON YOUR RIGHT, take out your SC-20K and aim it at him. Wait till he 
stops so you have a clean shot, then pull the Left Trigger. Now watch him get 
electricuted and fall. Do the same with the guard down the hall. Hide both bodies 
the shadows. There are two 'civi's here. Both in there cubicles. KO them. I 
not going in the door, jump over the wall. Search the 4 PC's for data. Then go to 
the bright blue section. Checkpoint.

Keep going to find 2 doors. Take the one on the right. Put in the Main Server 
code. Walk through to find your self on a platform. There is a janitor patrolling 
the area. If you have some SS's save them. Equip your RAF's take careful aim and 
WHAM!! Hit him twice. Go down the stiars and hide his body in a small section in 
corner (you might have to search for it.) Now there is a bright hallway with a 
clueless janitor trying to fix the wiring, he has nothing to say so KO him and 
his body with the other janitors. There is a red PC in this new room. Use it. 
found your mole. Go back up stairs. Go back to where you KOd the 2 guards.. Go 
the office and make a left. There are 2 bathrooms. The one on the right has a med 
kit in it. Get it and use it if needed. Ok, go down the hall slowly. 

 See the metal detectors? Bad idea. there is a guard station with a guard in it. 
Instead make some noise (ie. jump, grab a can throw it). The guard will go to 
investigate. Then climb in the window and shoot the light and the TVs. Wait for 
guard to come back and use the RAF's at his head. Leave the body where it is. Go 
into the hall and shoot out that ligh. Open the door. Lord almighty... thats a 
lights... and you have to shoot out every last one of them. Use your sniper mode 
(press Y) to take out the far light (or all of them) steady your shot with the 
Trigger. Sam will hold his breath and it will steady the shot. This will last for 
limited period of time. If you miss a light a janitor will come and look around 
go back down the hall you want to go to. After your done shooting out the lights, 
guard will come down the stairs to the left. Just hide in the shadows and circle 
around him, the KO! Go down the hall on the opposite side of the room. There 
be a janitor inside a room, KO him and continue to go down the hall. There are 
stairs, go down them... SLOWLY. See the camera? Wait till its no facing you then 
under it. Shoot out the light and enter the code for the Weapons Testing Room 
the keyoad. Enter slowly. Checkpoint.

Make a right. You should hear a guy on his cell. Rush and KO him. He will have to 
put the phone away and take out his gun, which should give you plaenty of time to 
him. Continue on down the hall. Enter the door on the left. Look! A gun turret. 
the flares on the desk and search the PC. Go to the turrets PC and disable the 
(Independant Friendly Fire). Muhahaha... 

Now run in front of it and destroy it in a duel! Haha, just kidding, grab the 
behind it. There is a locked door behind the turret, pick it and go through.  Go 
the elevator. Go out of it for a loading zone and checkpoint.

Go down the hall and into the Media Room. Stick to the wall on the right. Go to 
end and turn left. Go to that end and again, turn left. Go all the way to the end 
and stop before the door. Wait for a guard to pass. Dont bother KOing him, let 
walk his lazy ass down the hall. Now, there is a guy to you left. Wait till he 
his back to you then dart into the door. Wait for the guard to walk out of his 
and down the hall. Ok, stick to the shadows to the right. Go to the base of the 
walkway. See the lights? Shoot out the first 3. If you have any SS's left equip 
them. The guards should go on thier 'explore mode' if you have 3 or more SS's 
in good shape. One guard will come down to where you are, back up all the way 
you stop. Aim your SC-20K at him and fire a SS at him. Wait until the other guard 
returns to his post then shoot the last one. Him and another guard will start 
shooting at you. Back up all the way again. They will come up to you. One will 
the guard you KOd earlier, and the other one will keep searching. Fire a SS at 
of them, hid them in the shadows. If you dont have any SS's left them your gonna 
have to fight them...that could get messy. There are 2 rooms to your right. Room 
is one of them. Use the PC inside. Then go down the hall to where the guards 

Turn left. Go down the hall a little bit. Shoot out the first light. Continue on 
untill you see the doors at the other end of the hall open, hide in the shadows, 
quick. Wait until Dougherty walks into the room on the right. Now, you have two 
options. Wait for Dougherty to go outside himself, which could take a while. OR, 
could rush in and surprise the people in there. Dougherty will run outside then. 
Just KO who ever is in there and follow Dougherty. The door is locked. Input 0614 
into the keypad, then walk out. Turn left and walk out that door. Dougherty is 
there and there is a guard patrolling the parking lot. Just Ko the guard and KO 
Dougherty. Pick him up and take him to the right pathway. There should be a gap 
there, take the path down. At the intersection take a left. Go all the way down 
a checkpoint. 

Now there isnt any checkpoints from now unitl the end of the mission. Ok, go down 
the stairs silently. Drop Dougherty just before the double doors. Wait until the 
janitor there leaves his post, then climb up onto that big box type thing. The 
janitor wont see you and will continue on his rounds. Go to the top right corner 
the box, wait for the janitor to stop...under you. DROP HIM. There is a guard at 
opposite end oth the area. If you have any SS's or RAF's dont be afraid to use 
Now, once youv KOd that guard, there is another guard patrolling at the base of 
stairs. Now near the open door is another SS! Grab it and use it on him. Dont 
hiding the bodies since the mission is almost over. Anyway, there is ONE more 
that is patrolling the other pathway. A good way to get him is wait till he is on 
the ground below the stair way, then shoot your SC at him, you can either hit him 
shoot it next to him. Either way he will go into explore mode. Quickly hide in 
air ducts and wait for him to stop in front of you. KO him for me will ya? Now, 
there is one last guard who is talking to your friends. Just creep behind him and 
drag him into the shadows where you can then KO him. Now go back get Dougherty 
drop his fat ass at your friends feet. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. (Now is the time 
you can give a sigh of relief and yell "Damn striaght I'm NUMBER ONE!!!")

F. Kalinatek - 
Overall Mission Objective - Find they encryption key
Mission Difficulty Rate: 9.0/10

[Before we even start]
This mission isnt that hard, you just have to stay out of site and have perfect 
that is why it is a 9/10. Alsom you only get one ammo box in this whole level. I 
finished the level with enough health to withstand one bullet and about 10 
(pretty good) At the end of the mission you have to go on a killing spree. (for 
reason i cannot get to the end a 3rd time...)
[Starting]Ok, you find yourself in a garage with Wilkes standing to the right of 
behind a gate. If you look straight you will see a lotta cars. Run up and hide 
behind a blackish truck. By this time two baddies will have come out of a door. 
will go into a room and stay there, the other will walk towards a pillar and 
there. Take out your SC-20K and pick off the guy in the room, the other baddy 
hear his friends dying gasps. Now just pick off the other guy and hide thier 
in the room where you picked off the first baddy. There should also be a med kit 
there, grab it. Shoot out the PC and the light in the room. Then go out and 
walk up the stairs behind the door that the two baddies came out of. There shold 
a guy behind a yellow car and 2 guys talking about there being blood and ones 
behind a white van. You can take out the guy behind the yellow car in two ways, 
shoot him (the other guys will come and investigate) or you can sneak up behind 
and KO him, either way works. If you shot him then you will have to pick off the 
guys. If you KOd him you can snipe the other two. When they are all dead, hide 
bodies in they room just to the right after you come up the stairs. There should 
a med kit in here also, grab it. One should have a stachle. Look around the 
right next to the white van should be some boxes, climb up on the and uner the 
for a checkpoint.

Climb onto the hanging box and jump onto the wire/pipe above it and climb all the 
way across. There should be a block type thing that looks like it'll block your 
path, just keep going across and you should slide down the wire/pip the rest of 
way, landing on a box. Turn around to find a ledge, jump to it and climb up. Run 
forward and look around for a small pipe coming out of the ground. Repel down off 
it. There should be two guys standing over a dead body talking about an 
key, dont bother killing them, just a waste of bullets. Go all the way down the 
the 'floor' and crouch down and wait for the 2 guys to leave the room. Now shoot 
glass under you and drop down. Keep crouched and take out your SC-20K. A guy will 
come out of some doors and down the the hall opposite of you, heh heh... Just 
him off right there and then. Go to him and grab the satchel. Go through the 
he came out of and look right, a door, a keypad. Put 2 and 2 together to conclude 
you need a code. Now if you wanna save your health, look at your notes, theres 
code. If you want to kill some russian bastartds then go through the metal 
and shoot em up! Either way you need to get to the same spot. If you took the 
then go through it into another room. Go forward and take a left. (oh yeah, you 
your night vision in here.) You should see an open vent, go to it. If you shot up 
the guys, then go to the door where two guys near copying machines were and go 
through it, go forward and take a left, you should now see the vent, go in it. 
the vent all the way to the end and drop down. Checkpoint.

Quickly run to the light switch and turn the lights off. If you were quick enough 
turn them off before the cut scene (Great cut scene, guy gets shot down. 
Once the lights are off open the door. A guy should see you and coem to 
teach him a thing or two about being nosy. Two other guys should come to kill 
one getting the crap blow out of im by a wall mine he set up. The other guy 
by running right through the fire! Tell him a little about psyics and how you can 
run through fire without getting hurt with a bullet. Now get on one knee and pry 
the dead civi's burning body if you want. The place where the mine exploded 
be a med kit on the far wall, grab it, youll need it later. Go to the end of the 
hall and turn right, go into the elevator for a loading zone/checkpoint.

If you arent good with the SC-20K the run out of the elevator and hide behind the 
plate to the left, in the corner. Now wait for the 2 guys to come, one will come 
near you and stand there facing the elevator, the other one if somewhere, I think 
is patrolling. Anyway, shoot the stationary guy and wait for the other one to 
around and shoot you, pick him off if you dont want to die. There is nothing of 
great importance in the room they destroyed so you dont have to explore it. Ok, 
if you think you are good with the SC-20K then run out of the elevator and to the 
right, go down the hallway and take a left, go to the door and pick off the 2 
in there.  Now comes the fun part, run down the hall and into the shadows. Take 
your gun and point it at the wall mine to your right, wait for a guy to come into 
view and FIRE! If you hit the mine it shouldve sent the 2 guys to hell and back. 
Now, go back and into a room thats on fire (it was to your left when you ran down 
the hall). Now crouch down and slowly walk under the wall mine. Wait for the 
to turn green and press A (they lights blink from red to green every half a 
so you have to be quick). If you did it right it shouldnt blow up. Do the same 
the other one there. Checlpoint.

Run out of the room and down the hall where you blew the 2 baddies up, dodge the 
fire. Go down the hall and input the code, 33575, into the keypad, hurry you only 
have about 2 1/2 minutes to get to the bomb. The next part there are a ton of 
mines so you will have to niviagte on your own. Make a u-turn and run down the 
before the fire make a right. This is where I let you navigate on your own. This 
take a few tries to go through the room with out blowing up.  When you get out of 
the last room, turn right and pick the lock, ALL 6 PINS HAVE TO BE PICKED, so 
After youve picked the lock, make a u-turn and climb up on top of the shelves. 
down and defuse the bomb. Chekpoint. 

Go over the shelves again and out the room, make a left but dont go out of the 
shadows. Headshot the guy on the stairs. Another guy should walk out from the 
balcony to investigate, try to do him in there. If you miss he might go after 
If he dont he will see the dead body and go towards the stage. This is your 
to go into the balcony and do sniping. Once hes done go down stairs and down the 
asile. Go left, before you go down the stairs, plant a wall mine on the wall. 
go back to the stage. This time go right and walk off the edge, Sam should grab 
as uasual and a cut scene should emerge with 3 guys getting alerted about your 
presence. The wall mine should take out at least one of the 3 guys, so take out 
gun and shoot the rest. Go down the where they came from and grab the SC-20K 
the med kit , and the FRAG GRANDES (5 of em to boot). Then look around for 
that looks like a switch, thats the breaker Lambart was talking about. Switch it. 

Go out of the basement and up the stairs. In the balcony you should see a guy 
pacing... KILL HIM. Go down the asile and take the right stair case, there should 
a door. Enter in 1250 (this is from the guy in the balcony's satchel). Wow. What 
pretty sight. There should be a 'waterfall', the glass behind it cant be broken. 
the glass behind that can, which is hwere two are standing, it is thin enough 
the bullet will go right through so aim well and shoot. Go up the stairs and walk 
down the hall slowly. Around the corner is a guy doing rounds. If your quick 
down the hall you should be able to get into the health room on the other side, 
can kill him from here. If he dose some damage to you, you can fix yourself with 
2 med kits there. Go out of the room and make a right, go down the hall and make 
another right. Go down this hall slowly and make a left, go down this one slowly 
and make a u-turn into the room. Go behind the wall of servers and there is a gap 
between the wall and the server, you can sneak up behind the guy this way. 
him on sight. Use the red PC and go out of the room and down the hall. Go through 
the door and checkpoint.

Go down that hall and through the door. Up the stairs and STOP! Open the door and 
dash behind the bar. Shoot one of the guys and the other one will come and shoot 
you. Pick him off. Go down the hall, turn left and enter the door. Your in a 
bathroom that looks like a girl with PMS got pissed off in, lol. Anyway, go into 
vent and take it all the way down, but stop before you drop out. Beleive it or 
no matter how slow you go the guy there will hear/see you so just shoot him for 
having good senses. Then talk to Ivan (the guy in the stall). If you really dont 
care if you end your mission kill Ivan and Sam will say something funny to 
If you do care than just leave him alone and go to the door.Lambart tells you to 
clean up the Russian bastards and let the helicopter land. Go otu the door and to 
the right. Go into the elevator and up. Loading zone/checkpoint. Go out of the 
elevator and to the left. Go in front of the table. There is a steel box 
3 guys. Kill them all (may take a few attempts). Go to the door on the left side 
the area. Go through it and climb the boxes. Jump down on the left and blitz 
the boxes. Wait for 2 baddies to come out of a door and then go back in. Take out 
your frags (heh heh) and toss one in right next to a guy, then BOOM! Guykabobs! 
the frags on the end of the one table and the ammo on a crate. Go through the 
for a checkpoint.
 Yes there will be a lot of check points here. Anyway, go into the room and 
right. The battle music will start and 3 guys will move into postion (One up a 
ladder, one to the right of the ladder and one behind a lifter). Use your frags 
you want to take out the two guys on the ground. Then take out the guy above the 
ladder. After you are done with the climb the ladder and over it. Jump down the 
ground. There are some frags and 2 med kits in here (yay!). Go out the door and 
the one across the hall. Go up the stairs, once again 3 guys will have already 
gotten into postiton snd start shooting you. There is one in a room, and two 
something. Go to where ther was guy behind a pillar and go up the ramp. There is 
door. Go into it. There is a table with some ammo on it, grab it and shoot out the 
light there. To your right, down the hall are three guys with guns (duh!). You can 
throw a grenade and kill 2 of them (one will run towards you). Or snipe em. Your 
Once youve disposed of all 3, go down the hall and make a u-turn and stand in front 
of the door.
There is a pillar with a wall mine on it, back up iff needed and shoot the wall 
mine. Move 
into the room and wait for a guy to come out of the room in front of you. Snipe em. 
Go through 
the door he came out of. Go into the first room on your right now and grab the med 
kit on one 
of the walls (i forget which one since i made this section like 3 months after I 
beat it.) Go 
out and turn right, down the hall, and another right. Go through that door and into 
the red light
but not up the stairs. Go forward and right down that hall. This part is tricky. 
Stop just before 
the edge of the door and take out your frags. Get ready to take out your SC-20K 
after you've thrown 
it. There are some barrles when you look otu the door, throw the frag next to them 
and whip out your 
SC-20K. Turn around and look down the hall, a guy should come running down it any 
second, shoot him. 
Then look out the door at the red ladder. Someone should be comming down it, kill 
him dead. This setup 
may not happen, but you will kill a total of 3 guys here so try and keep track. Run 
past the barrels 
and to your left. Run down there and a cutscene will show up featuring Wilkes 
getting shot (haha). 
Go to the edge and jump down. On the far right of the map is a red scaffold. Wait 
abotu 10 seconds. 
By now, 2 guys should be trying to shoot down the choper (never will happen), kill 
them both. Go up 
the scaffold, and run to the choper for a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.


II. Controls -

Right Trigger		Primary Fire
Left Trigger 		Secondary Fire/Holding breath in sniper mode
Right Thumbstick        Free camera control/Quick turn (press)
Left Thumbstick 	      Move/Rate of fire (press)
Right Thumbstick Click  Default Camera
Left Thumbstick Click 	N/A
Black Button 		Quick Inventory
White Button 		Back to Wall/Reload in shooting mode
Back Button		      Controls map
Start Button 		OPSAT
D-pad 			Night vision (left)/Thermal vision (right)
X			      Target/Equip selected firearm 
Y			      Jump/Split Jump (double tap)
A 			      Interact
B			      Crouch 

III. Basic Movement -

The thumbstick is very sensitive meaning if you thrust forward onto it, 
Sam will start running forward, however if you gently push onto it, Sam 
will walk lightfully. That is the main rule of stealth - walk 
lightfully. Also, please remember to NEVER run in an area you didn't 
explore or don't already know about, even if you've secured it. Enemies 
are everywhere. Stay in the shadows, and move only while crouched! This 
allows Sam greater stealth rather then by moving, or running. It also 
creates and makes Sam the ghost's shadow. 

Crouching -
Press the B button to crouch. Sam will walk more lightly, and will be 
less visible while crouched.

Mantling -
Press the Y button to mantle near an object such as a wall or dumpster.

Climbing -
To climb anything vertical such as a pipe, ladder, or fence, simply 
walk in front of it, and press the Y button.

Close Attack - 
Whenever you're out of ammo, and an enemy lurks nearby, put your gun 
away, get into a shadow, and crouch down. While until your enemy is 
less then 3 steps away from you, charge him and quickly press the right 
trigger when you're in range to knock him out. It usually takes 2 hits 
for guards, 1 for civilianizes.

Back to Wall - 
Press the White button when you're standing and near a wall, to put 
Sam's back to a wall. Sam is less visible this way, and can see the 
next pathway without being spotted.

Shimmying -
Jump by pressing Y onto a ledge, and hang from that ledge. Sam can now 
shimmy to the left or right and can only pull himself up when he has 
room to. 

Hand-over-Hand -
Jump by pressing Y onto a horizontal pipe or rope. Push forward to 
climb forward, and back to climb back. Press B to bring up Sam's legs 
to clear obstacles in your path.

Zip Line -
Jump by pressing Y onto a Zip line. Sam will automatically slide all 
the way down. Press B to once again bring up Sam's legs. 

---Advanced Moves---
Advanced movements are the same as basic movements but require more 
skill to apply in in-game use. Mastering these movements will allow Sam 
to become enemies' greatest fears. Many of these movements are either 
combinations of basic movements or new ones themselves. Without further 
Rolling -
While moving, press the B button to do a roll. 

Wall Jump -
When near a wall, jump towards that wall by pressing Y, and pressing Y 
again when near that wall to get maximum height. This works as a tool 
to get past walls, which are higher, then Sam can jumping. 

Split Jump -
While in a narrow corridor, press Y to jump. Press Y to jump again, at 
the height of Sam's first jump. Press Y one more time, which will allow 
Sam to get in his Split Jump position. 

Drop Attack - 
While in Split Jump position, if you spot an enemy that approaches 
directly underneath you, press Y to drop down, and Sam will 
automatically knock that enemy out. 

Quiet Landing -
When falling, press B to quietly land, to not make such a loud noise. 

Door Peek -
To peek through a door before actually opening it, press the A button 
near an unlock door, quickly followed by pulling back on the left 
thumbstick before releasing the A button. Next, release the A button 
and there you go! If you spot an enemy, pull back on the RIGHT 
thumbstick to close the door, or push forward on the RIGHT thumbstick 
to open that door. 

Rappelling -
To rappel from a small chimney, or wall, stand near it and select the 
Rappel interaction. Sam will now move up and down the rope. Press Y 
button to kick of the wall. 

Rappel Shooting -
While rappelling, press the X button for Sam to equip his selected 
firearm. Press X for him to put it away.

Hanging Shooting - 
Same exact thing. Press the X button while hanging for Sam to equip his 
selected firearm. X again for Sam to put it away. 

Split Jump Shooting -
You guessed it! Same exact rule. While in Split Jump position, press 
the X button for Sam to equip his selected firearm. 

Back to Wall Shooting -
Same exact rule? Almost, just a little difference. While in wall mode, 
walk to the EDGE for Sam to peek around the corner. Press the X button 
while peeking for Sam to equip his selected firearm, so Sam can shoot 
around the corner!

---None-Playable Characters (NPCs) Interactions--- 
Sam also has a few special tricks up his sleeve this time, interactions 
with enemies or friendly civilizes. 

Move Body - 
Sam needs to hide all the bodies he either knocked out or killed. NO 
EXCEPTIONS. Select A from the interactions menu to carry a body. Press 
the A button to put him down gently, or press the X buttons to equip a 
weapon to drop the body in a hurry. 

Conversations -
Simple. Just walk up to a 'friendly' NPC and press the A button to 

Grabbing - 
Sneak up quietly to an enemy and press the A button when the 'Grab 
Enemy' Interaction icon appears. 

Human Shield -
While holding an enemy, simply press the X button to draw your firearm 
in the direction of another enemy. 

Interrogation -
Some enemies will have some rather interesting things to say. Press the 
A button while holding them, to make the baddies tell you everything 
they know. 

Forced Cooperation - 
Unfortunately, Sam can't do everything in the game such as hacking into 
a computer, eye scan, the works. But, we have a solution. Simply grab 
an enemy and pull him over to the computer/eye scan/ect... and press 
A button to Force Cooperate interaction. 

Knocking a Grabbed Enemy Out -
Can't let go of the enemy? Is the enemy of no use to you? Simply press 
the Right Trigger for Sam to pistol wipe the enemy. He should now be 
knocked out... Permanently...

Thanks to Jon Malcom for creating this wonderful walkthrough. This was not 
copied at all from another walkthrough. Nor was it a walkthrough that was already 
made just changed. Since this walkthrough was made while playing Splinter Cell, 
isnt likily to have many errors. If you happend to find one, contact me at 
[email protected] and we will gladly look into it and if you are right about it, we 
will fix it and put your name on our bug finders list. 
I strive to find multiple routes to solving problems on games, thats why this is 
long and detailed. I have seen many other walkthroughs on the web, and have seen 
that they are missing crutial details or are missing an alternate route for 
something. Also, I have found that a serious walkthrough dose not hold a gamers 
attention for long. So I made one that was funny and sarcastic but serious when 
situation called for it. Well, I hoped you enjoied my little walkthrough! So 
later, peace out! Copyright 2003 Jon Malcom. All rights reserved. Copying this 
professional purposes is prohibited.

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