Super Smash Bros. Melee

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Stage 51 Event Mode

Matthew Ruiz
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This includes Super Smash Bros. Melee Event Mode stage 50 of how to beat it. If you 
have any questions about this FAQ or anything,email me at

Event Stage 50

Now we all know that event stage 50 includes two master hands.The right hand and 
left(known as crazy hand).Its kind of difficult,but heres how to beat it.Choose 
Yoshi as your character.YEAH,I know hes weak but heres the easiest way to beat  
this stage with him.Fight either the right hand or the left hand first,(I suggest 
the crazy hand because hes harder and its best to defeat him first and take out the 
right hand last).Jump up and press Down+A and Yoshi will do his kick attack and it 
will damage the master hand's health power by 50 percent.After you take out the 
left hand,take out the right using the same method for the left.You might die a few 
times,but its the easiest way to beat the two master hands.I say 1:22:02 time it 
takes you.

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