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This Faq is By Kid_Buu
	Note: This FAQ only contains the locations of the Stardust and nothing more. 
No important events, no items, no anything but Stardust locations. There is the 
Faust sidequest, but that involves Stardust. So don't go e-mailing me telling me I 
missed an item because I didn't. 

Table of contents:
01: Legal Stuff
02: Stardust Locations
   001: Celes
   002: Bale
   003: Hoax
   004: 7th Knighthood
   005: Lohan
   006: Kazas
   007: Fletz
   008: Donau
   009: Twin Castle
   010: Home of Gigantos
   011: Queen Fury
   012: Lidiera
   013: Fueno
   014: Furni
   015: Neet
   016: Wingly Forest
   017: Deningrad
   018: Velweb
   019: Ulara
   020: Rouge
03: Martel and her locations
04: Faust
05: Stardust Locations

001: Celes:

Number of Stardust: 1

1) In the graveyard, check the third headstone from the left.

002: Bale:

Number of Stardust: 6

1) Outside of the house of the old woman that tells you about Stardust, check
the well in the middle of the street.

2) In the weapon shop, in town, check the row of spears at the bottom

3) In the castle on the lowest level, check the blacksmith's fireplace in the
upper part of this area.

4) From the previous Stardust, head up the stairs to the second floor. From
there, make your way to the third floor.  Check the area at upper left.

5) You should have bought a bottle of Good Spirits at the tavern previously. If
not, do so. Before you go for this Stardust you should also have turned a wheel
in the basement of the castle. If not, do so. To find this wheel, enter the
castle at its lower level. Go to the blacksmith's fireplace. There is a ladder
in this area. Climb down the ladder. Continue climbing down the ladders until
you reach the basement. There should be a wheel beside the ladder. Turn it.
Exit this area and the castle altogether. Go to the fountain in the first part
of town you visited. Go down the stairs to meet Dran, the town drunk. Give him
the Good Spirits and he will let you pass. Follow the corridor until you reach
an area with a boat. If you turned the wheel like you were supposed to, you
will have access to the boat. Board the boat and enjoy your slight tour around
town. After seeing a few parts of town, you will be prompted to either get off
the boat or continue your tour. Choose to continue and enter the door. Check
the north wall of this room. Get back on the boat and you will arrive back at
the castle shortly. Exit the castle.

6) After you exit the castle, head to Lavitz's house. It's in the area of Bale
where you found your first Stardust. After you tour his house and sit down for
a meal, head back to where Shana and his mother were cooking before. Search the
small area.

003: Hoax:

Number of Stardust: 2

1) After the conversation with Kaiser, climb the stairs and enter the house on
the left. Check near the fireplace.

2) After some exploring, if you chose to do some, head back to the main area of
town. Go back to where you met Kaiser. Don't talk to him just yet. Instead,
search the lower left corner of his headquarters.

004: 7th Knighthood: (In Marshlands)

Number of Stardust: 1

1) After you have had your six fights to enter the Stronghold, enter it. Check
the fireplace beside the bed.

005: Lohan:

Number of Stardust: 4

1) When you are able to explore, do so. You will notice the town is shaped like
a 'n'. Do some exploring here if you want. When you end up in a house with a
huge bird outside, exit and enter the house on the lower left. Once inside,
climb up the ladder. You will notice a bookcase. If you position yourself in
front of it correctly, you will be prompted to press X. Do so. Enter this newly
opened area and climb down the ladder to the right. Go to the left and search
the green area. Exit the area and return to the main path and exit through the
lower part.

2) Go to the far right. There should be a shop with a blue door. That's Dabas's
shop. Enter it. You will automatically talk to him and dash out of the room
when you're done talking. Reenter and climb the ladders that lead up to the
suit of armor. Check it. Exit his shop and return to the first part of town,
the entrance to Lohan.

3) Go to the right, but do not go up the stairs. Continue along the row of
merchants. In the next area, there will be a big tent. Don't enter it though.
There will be a basket, next to a caged pig. Check it. Return to the entrance
to town.

4) Before you exit, you will notice some jars by the entrance. Check them.

006: Kazas:

Number of Stardust: 6

1) Enter the first house on the left and check the barrels. Exit this area.

2) Enter the first house on the right and climb up the ladder. Check the area
beside the chest. Exit this area.

3) Enter the third room on the right and search the area to the left of the
counter. Exit this area. Move into the next part of town. Head north in this

4) Go all the way down and enter the first room you see. Check the bookcase.
Exit this room.

5) Go to the right and climb down the ladder. Enter the first door on the
right. Check the barrels the to left of the entrance.

6) From the previous Stardust, check the barrels in the upper left part of the
room, near the stairs.

007: Fletz:

Number of Stardust: 5

1) When you first enter the bar that was previously closed, check the barrels
of wine north of the entrance.

2) There's a small building with a table on top of it next to the church. Check
the table.

3) In the Weapon Shop, check the bottom left corner that has visible weapons.

4) In the Jewelry Shop, check the large blue stone at the bottom of the shop.

5) In the Item Shop, check the bottles on the ground at the north side of the

008: Donau:

Number of Stardust: 2

1) When you gain control of Dart, check the well in the upper part of town.

2) In the mayor's house, head to the top left corner and check there.

009: Twin Castle:

Number of Stardust: 2

1) Back in Fletz, once inside the castle, and after you have met King Zior, go
back to the entrance of the castle and check the suit of armor on the right.

2) After your party wakes up, you will be outside the guest room. Now, with
access to more rooms, go exploring. Run straight across to the opposite side of
the main room here. Exit to outside. Once outside, you will notice a small room
with a purple door. Enter this room. There is an altar inside. Check it. It's
there, you just have to look for it.

010: Home of Gigantos:

Number of Stardust: 1

1) After the battle with Gehrich, check the torch on the right side.

011: Queen Fury:

Number of Stardust: 2

1) Once you gain control of Shana, go down the nearby stairs. Kongol will be
down here. Check the box with the lamp next to him. Go back upstairs.

2) Once back upstairs, enter the cabin through any of the three doors. Check
the pipe at right.

012: Lidiera

Number of Stardust: 1

1) Enter the largest house in Lidiera and you will recognize a small, enclosed
area. It is inaccessible from in here. So, go outside and climb the ladder.
Climb down the other ladder to get inside the enclosed area. Check the cabinet
at right.

013: Fueno

Number of Stardust: 2

1) To the right of the Item/Weapon Shop, there is a hospital. Enter it. Check
the painting to the right of the entrance.

2) To the left of the hospital is an inn. Enter it. Check the barrels under the
stairs and near the doorway.

014: Furni

Number of Stardust: 2

1) Once off of the Queen Fury, enter the house on the right. You will notice a
pile of junk inside. Check it.

2) This one is tricky. Board the boat from the Mayor's house. If you look to
the right, you will notice Bulgus isn't standing there anymore. So, bring the
boat over there and get off. Enter the house there. This is Teo's house. Now,
climb up the ladder at the north side of the house, go up the first set of
stairs, and walk around a small wall that stick out. You should be prompted to
press X. If not, move around up there until you are. Press X. A gate will open.
Go up the second set of stairs. You will go down a slide that leads to a
storage area. You will notice a sort of crystal ball in here. Go over to it and
check for a Stardust. It takes a bit of positioning to get in the right spot.
To get out, pull the switch to the left of the ladder and climb out.

015: Neet:

Number of Stardust: 1

1) You will notice a lamp upon entering Neet. Check it.
NOTE: This Stardust cannot be obtained when you control Rose in Neet. You must
come back with Dart and company.

016: Wingly Forest:

Number of Stardust: 2

1) Follow the path until you reach the first house. There are three teleporters
in this area. Use the upper right teleporter. It will bring you to a shop area.
Notice the large teleporter in this area. Use it. Then use the upper left
teleporter to get to Guaraha's house. Check the upper right corner of his
house. Return to the area with the three teleporters that you originally came
from to reach this area.

2) This time, use the lower right teleporter. In this area, check the pillar to
the right of the north doorway.

017: Deningrad:

Number of Stardust: 5

1 and 2) Back in Deningrad, go to where the Weapon/Item Shops previously stood.
You will notice two cloths laid out displaying Weapons and Items. Check them.
There are two Stardust here. Make sure you collect both of them before moving

3) Move north into the next area. Enter the Inn. Go upstairs. Check the wheels
next to the treatment light. Exit the Inn and enter the Crystal Palace.

4) Run up the flights of stairs until you reach the entrance to Shana's room.
You will find the entrance is blocked. Check the entrance. Move up into the
Queen's Chambers.

5) The entrance to the seal room is in here. No, the entrance is blocked. Check
the blocked entrance, just to the right of Luanna.

018: Velweb:

Number of Stardust: 1

1) Follow the path until you meet Shirley. You will notice two towers in this
area. Enter the towers to the right. Once inside the towers, enter the tower
just above where you entered the towers. Once inside, check the altar at the
north wall.

019: Ulara:

Number of Stardust: 3

1) When at the area with two paths, take the left path. After the sequence with
the flowers, go to the left of the save point, up the small ramp, and check the
flowers. Move to the left, into the next area. You will see a teleporter. Use

2) Once inside the Weapon Shop, check the vase on the right at the north side
of the shop. Use the teleporter and go back to the right. Go south from here.
Take the path on the right this time.

3) Follow this path until you reach Charle's headquarters. Go up the stairs and
check the 'black flower' that is just to the right of the four red flowers.

020: Rouge:

Number of Stardust: 1

1) Explore town for a while and eventually you will see Martel. Don't talk to
her just yet. Instead, go north and off to the left. Oooh, look, there's a pair
of lovers here. I mean... Open the chest here. After you do so, check the jar
at bottom right for the last Stardust of the game. Wheeeeeee! Now that you're
done collecting Stardust, refer to the next section of the FAQ here.

03: Martel and her locations:

In your quest of collecting Stardust, you met a woman named Martel (or at least
you should have). She asked you to give her the Stardust you had collected. If
you did so, good for you. You will have found out she rewards you with rare
items. If not, give all 50 Stardust to her in Rouge. You will be rewarded
(Duh...). For every 10 Stardust you give to Martel, she will give you a rare
item that normally cannot be obtained through regular shops and treasure
chests. Here's what you get:

10 Stardust: Physical Ring
20 Stardust: Amulet
30 Stardust: Wargod's Sash
40 Stardust: Rainbow Earring
50 Stardust: Vanishing Stone

Martel's Locations:
Disk 1 - In Bale. She's the person who runs past you. She's in the house
across from Lavitz's.

Disk 2 - In Fletz. She is in the tavern talking to the very Kaffi.

Disk 3 - In Deningrad, after the Divine Dragon attack.  She is on the left of
the first screen tending to the wounded.

Disk 4 - In Rouge, through the north door of the mayor's house. She's taking
care of her daughter.

(I received an e-mail from [email protected] asking me to add Martel's
locations. The info above was provided by him, although I modified it a bit.)

04: Faust:

Once you have obtained the Vanishing Stone, you can complete one of, if not the
most difficult sidequest. Yeah, it's easy, but it is one of the hardest. It is
the sidequest of taking on Faust, the strongest user of magic in the world. To
take him on, you have to get to Flanvel Tower at Kashua Glacier. You may have
run into Faust's illusion of himself when you fought Lloyd. If so, you found
out his illusion could not be defeated, and you had to flee from the battle.
You also found out that you needed an item called the Vanishing Stone. If you
didn't find Faust's illusion of himself, you will when you make your way to
Flanvel Tower. That is, if you choose to do this sidequest. But before you can
go back to Flanvel Tower, you must pass through Aglis, and obtain Coolon, your
wings, in Zenebatos. Do so now and refer back when you're done.

Done? Yay... Before you set off, you may want to purchase at least one Legend
Casque in Lohan. It is not needed, but is recommended. When you're ready, get
on Coolon and have him take you to Deningrad, the closest location he can bring
you to Flanvel Tower. Once at Deningrad, make your way to Kashua Glacier.
Return to where you fought Lloyd. It's not that hard to get back there, you can
do it yourself. Once you're there, use the teleporter that takes you to Flanvel
Tower. Dart will automatically use the Vanishing Stone when Faust's illusion
appears. Once his illusion is dispelled, you will be able to proceed through a
teleporter maze. You don't need help from me to get through it. Get help from
Desmond's guide: (With all proper credits given to Desmond)

Take the south teleporter to reach the next area. Take the next teleporter then
the left teleporter to reach the next maze. Now take the next teleporter, then
the right teleporter to reach the next area. This area has a total of three
teleporters. When you proceed a few steps, Dart will say that Faust is in one
of the two entrances. The ground will then tremble and the path will breaks
off. Don't worry, no matter which teleporter you took, the path will still
break. In fact, the first two paths will always break. Head back to the
previous area and take the north teleporter to reach the next area. Now take
the bottom, then the lower right teleporter to reach the broken path area. When
you stepped forward, the path will again break off. Now, head back to the
previous area. Take the lower left teleporter, then the top teleporter to
return back to the area with the save point. Save at the save point as you will
fight a Boss soon...
After preparing your party, you are ready to proceed. Now take the right
teleporter at the save point area to reach the next area. Now take the upper
left teleporter, then right teleporter to reach the next area. In this area,
take the next teleporter to reach the area with broken path. This time, you
will end up at the third path. Before you walk towards the center, make sure
you are ready for a fight. When you are ready, approach the center and you will
have a sequence. The place will shake and the center platform will fall.

After your battle with Faust, assuming you've won, you should receive 20,000
Exp, 10,000 G, and a Phantom Shield. You are free to continue your quest
without me now, go run along. Have fun...

If you have any qustion on Legend Of Dragoon E-mail me 
at:[email protected]


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