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S T A R F O X: A S S A U L T 


Team Starfox:
Fox McCloud-is the leader of Team Starfox.
Falco Lombardi-is the ace pilot of Team Starfox.
Slippy Toad-is the mechanic of Team Starfox.
Krystal-is the telepath of Team Starfox.

Team Starfox(Other):
General Pepper-is the head general.
Peppy Hare-is the one who gives Team Starfox their orders.
Rob-is the robot super computer.

Team Starwolf:
Wolf O'Donnel-is the leader of Team Starwolf.
Panther-is the team's new addition.
Leon-is the coldhearted member of Team Starwolf.

V E H I C L E S 
The Great Fox-The mothership.
The Arwing-The choice of aircract for Team Starfox.
The Landmaster-The practacly unstoppable tank.
The Wolfen-Wolf's aircraft.

The Blaster
The Gatling Gun
The Homing Launcher
The Machine Gun
The Plasma Cannon
The Sniper Rifle
The Grenade
The Sensor Bomb
The Smart Bomb(Arwing only)
The Green Power Upgrade(Arwing only)
The Red Power Upgrade(Arwing only)

W A L K T H R O U G H 
Mission 1: Fortuna A New Enemy
In the first mission Fox and the rest of Team Starfox head
through space in their Arwings. Go through and blast enemies.
Eventually, you'll head to Fortuna for another course of blasting
enemies. Then, you'll face Oinkonny. Shoot his palms when they open
and destroy both of them. Then, when he's defeated an aparoid bug
will come. Shoot all of his wings and then he'll go in the background
and shoot the ground. He'll fly up and flamming meteors will come at
you. Dodge them and then shoot his mouth until you've defeated him.

Mission 2: Katina Frontier Base Battle
As you start out your mission on foot blast the aparoids in your path.
After a while 2 target will appear. Look at your map (left directional
button) and locate them. Once they're eradicated, more targets will 
appear. Targets will appear once more after these and then your FINAL
target will appear. Take it out for the boss. Get in the Landmaster and
blast the crystal underneath. Then, hover to the top it and wait for the
eye to open. when it does, blast away at it. Small bombs will appear as
you're blasting, so roll out of the way. If you fall off repeat the
process. Once he is taken out, your mission is complete.

Mission 3: Sargasso Space Zone Hostilities Revisited
Start out and go through blasting 6 targets. This time you'll have a
gauge to watch. If it fills up you'll fail the mission. Most of the
enemies have to be taken out with charged shots (or just use a more
powerful weapon). For the last 2 targets you'll have to take an
elevator. When they're all take out head back down and wait for an
Arwing to appear. Once you fly out Wolf's team will come. Take out 
the 3 of them (2 charged shots on each work best) and you'll complete
the mission.

Mission 4: Fichina Into The Storm
When you start out get into the Landmaster and check your map for the
location of the 4 targets. Tak them all out and head to the center of
the map. Go inside the control center and you'll be attacked by 3
security drones. Wait until they turn red, fly up, and smash down and
then blast them. Once they're eradicated 6 more will appear. Do the
same process as last time. Then, tons of them will appear. Take out a
few until Falco appears. Then, ride on the wing of his Arwing and blast
the enemies with the Plasma Cannon. After a while you'll battle a large
bomb. You'll have about 6 minutes until it blows. Blast it until the hatch
opens. Then, fire a bomb into it (blasts and charged shots work, too). When
the boss is defeated, you'll pass your mission.

Mission 5: Asteroid Belt The Aparoid Menace
Start out in your Arwing. Fly awhile until enemies start to appear. After a
long trek you'll come face to face with Pigma. Only now, he's been taken over
by the aparoids. Start by blasting away at his arms when they're red. Once
you've totaled a few he'll throw asteriods at you. Shoot them to destroy them.
Once his health meter reaches zero, he'll turn around to reveal his face. This
part is too easy. Just blast away at his face and dodge the obstacles. When 
he's finally taken out your mission will be complete.

Mission 6: Sauria Reunion
Start out and blast the targets. Some targets are hard to find. There will also
be another gauge. The first is behind a boulder near a stream. Refer to the map
if you can't find it. The next 2 are in seperate temple ruins. The final 2 are
in a cave. There are more than one cave. The entrance of the cave you're looking
for has an ancient door frame. Blast them all and you'll complete the mission.

Mission 7: Coneria War Comes Home
Start out and get the sniper rifle. You can't refer to the map to find the
targets this time so look on the bottom-left radar. The targets have spikes
and float in the air. Get too close and they'll disappear from radar. Get
close enough and look for the target with the sniper. Destroy all the targets
and head for the Arwing. When you arrive at it it will be destroyed. Then, you'll
go on Wolf's wing. Blast away enemies until you finally can face the boss: the
aparoid infested ship of General Pepper. Blast the heck out of him even before the
health meter appears to get a head start. When he shoots out enemies (4 on each
side) blast them all so that they won't blast at you. Continue this to wear away
his health. When he disappears look at the map to see where he is so he can't
sneak up behind you and give you damage. When he's taken out your mission will be

Mission 8: Orbital Gate Incoming
In this mission start in your Arwing. After a while of blasting missiles will
appear. Blast them all until 2 medium sized missiles come blast the glowing
blue spot until both are gone. Then, a huge missile will come. Blast the back of
it unitl it detacthes that part. Then, blast the side. After it detatches that
part blast the last part of the missile to complete this mission.

Mission 9: Aparoid Homeworld Breaching The Defenses
Here, go through the rooms and blast the targets. To destroy these targets,
destroy the yellow bulbs attatched to the ground near each target. Once they're
gone head back to your Arwing. Go under the homeworld and blast all the targets
(2 charged shots work best). When they're taken out this mission is completed.

Mission 10: Homeworld Core The Final Battle
Start out going through and doing more blasting. Throughout your blasting some
challanges come up, but by now you should know what to do. When you come to the
queen Blast her armor and blast at the red gem when it's revealed. When the queen
charges her attack move away from the front of her to escape the power beam. When
her health is gone she'll change form. Shoot the four pink eyes until they are
all closed then blast her head. when her health is low she'll bring her head back
in. Then, repeat the process. Once her health reaches zero again, she'll morph
yet again. When she sends out her energy tunnel go inside it and dodge the fire
beam. Lock on to her with charged shots and use bombs if you have any until she's
FINALLY dead. An ending scene will happen and then it over. You've Beaten the 

U N L O C K A B L E S 
Single-Player Unlockables:
Mission Select-Complete each mission once
Survival Mode-Complete the game once(any difficulty)
Xevious-Collect all 10 silver badges(on silver difficulty)

Vs. Mode Unlockables:

Inner Sargasso Hideout-Complete mission 3
Fichina-Complete mission 4
Planet Sauria-Complete mission 6
Corneria City-Complete mission 7
Space Station-Complete mission 8
Aparoid City-Complete mission 9
Titania Desert-Play 40 vs. matches
Simple Map 4-Play 60 vs. matches
Zoness Sea Base-Play 130 vs. matches
Simple Map 5-Play 260 vs. matches

Peppey-Play 15 vs. matches
Wolf-Collect all Ally Meadals in Single-Player mode

Missile Launcher-Play 5 vs. matches
Gatling Gun-Play 20 vs. matches
Fireburst Pod-Play 75 vs. matches
Wolfen-Play 150 vs matches
Sensor Rocket-Play 170 vs. matches
Booster Pack-Play 90 vs. matches
Cluster Bomb-Play 200 vs. matches
Demon Sniper-Collect all 50 special flags in Single-Player mode

Missile Launcher Bout-Play 10 vs. matches
Booster Packs & Launcher Tilt-Play 20 vs. matches
Sure-Shot Scuffle-Play 75 vs. matches
Booster Packs Brawl-Play 110 vs. matches
Crown Capture-Play 170 vs. Matches

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