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Okay, so here's my recomendations on starting a new Scout.
Like all of my starting guides, this will allow for some slack for your particular play style.

Portrait: Any, really. Just dont make it ugly...

These are just what I tend to use. You can switch them out any way you want, just keep them 
around the same region.

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 12
Constitution: 10
Intelligence: 15
Wisdom: 15
Charisma: 13

As you would have guessed, these are just some that I like to use, but once again, you can shift
them around to conform to your play style.

Computer Use - 4
Demolitions - 4
Awareness - 4
Repair - 4
Treat Injury - 4

Note: You may not have enough S.P.(Skill Points), or you may have more than this, it all depends 
on your Intelligence score. If you find your self on the + or - side of things, I would suggest these:

- side of things:
Take away:
Treat Injury

+ side of things:
Stealth - 2
Persuade - 2

Now, once again, these are the best that I have found for my play style, but if you want to mix 
your punches a bit, then go right ahead, just try not to stray too far. Oh, and for your convenience,
I have marked the ones you are DEFINITELY going to want to keep with a *, and automatic feats
with a **(Feats that progress as you level up, wether you want them too or not).
Note: As you only start with 1 feat, I am giving you the best for the first 4 levels.

Level 1:
Gear Head*

Level 2:
Two Weapon Fighting*

Level 3:
Power Attack
Critical Strike
Power Blast
Sniper Shot

Level 4:
Improved Gear Head*

Name: I don't care, as long as it isn't something fruity, like "Rainbow Child" or "Swaying Leaf" or 

This Guide may be photocopied, printed, faxed, or e-mailed to anyone for 

David Judd © July 4, 2007

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