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Game: Splinter Cell
Console: PS2
Author: Philip Ivanisin
Version: B.1
Last Updated: June 27, 2003

Basic introductory stuff:
This guide is based on the PS2 version, how much different the other consoles are from it, I'm not sure, 
but they should be very similar.  Also, I am doing this on the difficulty level normal.  The only 
difference is the guard's attentiveness.  Also, I did not include any of the introductory stuff and 
background about characters because frankly that's pointless on a strategy guide.  Why read a narration 
to the opening video, just watch it every time you load the game. It only makes the guide harder to read.
Finally, if you like this guide, email me at [email protected], tell me what you like, and maybe there's a
game you'd like me to make another guide for.  Or of course some will think it's not so good, let me know
what you don't like about it and why.  And, I'll be happy to change it. But before you complain about the
strategy, everything I say here, unless I say otherwise, I've at least tried and done successfully.  So 
you can't write me and tell me it can't be done, because I have. But when you do e-mail me, please put 
either "" or "Splinter cell guide" in the subject, I get a lot of spam and often delete 
emails too quickly without thinking.  
The versions will go based on increasing number by small updates, and increasing letter by any major 
changes to the guide that might occur, like format, or if something is changed drastically in what has 
been previously posted. So if it's a number higher, look for another mission, if it's jumped a letter, 
you may have to look around the guide for new things. I'll probably list them here in the opening though.

A.1 - Original
B.1 - Added the last section of the defense ministry, and reformatted it, but not drastically.
Author's notes:

If you saw the first version of the guide which was only up a few days, you noticed a little problem in 
formatting.  Well maybe more than a little, so changed that after adding the last section of the defense
ministry.  I'm busy for a while, but hopefully will get a chance to play so I can update again as soon 
as possible.

This is the basic format of my guide.

I. Main mission 
1. A section of the mission, generally from save point to save point.
a. sub-sections of each section, like a room, or a scene, or small objective.

Things to look for in the guide:

"**" will mean there is a note, or some sort of tip which may help in other instances.

If there is, for instance b(1) and b(2), that means they accomplish the same idea, but they are two 
different approaches to it.  For example, one way might require stealth, another shooting, or the second 
might be the back up if you miss something.


This is the training section.  I made this portion gravely detailed in order that you might refer back 
to moves or ideas or if you forgot you could do something, even though this covers the basics. You might 
want to.  Following this is an index of what each section details if you forgot how to do something.  
You could look it up in the instruction manual, it might be easier to follow, but, just in case.
Section 1                                 Section 2
a. camera rotation                        a. interface or doors
b. ledges                                 b. lock picking
c. ladders                                c. Interrogating hostages
d. zip lines                              d. Using hostages to perform tasks
e. vertical poles                         e. shooting, and night vision
f. crouching                              f. shooting
g. split jumps                            g. stealthy moving
h. horizontal pipes                       h. taking out and hiding bodies
i. fences                                 i. silent moving
j. wall maneuver

Other tasks Sam might need:

Objects: to use an object, use interact to pick up, then choose R2 to aim and R1   to throw, if you pick 
it up and choose a different action, like opening a door or holding something, or if he changes items, 
he'll stupidly drop it and make a noise, be careful

Wall Rappelling: You'll find something for which you can use interface and attach yourself to and Sam 
will then drop himself over the edge, use the left analog stick to move him up and down (can't move side 
to side) If you use triangle he'll push off the wall so you can move faster. Also you can shoot by 
pressing R2 to arm yourself, but you have to put your gun away before you can move anywhere again.

Knocking People Out: As you learn in the training, you can take out someone by first grabbing them, 
then knocking them out.  But, if you wish to cut out the middle man, you can walk up behind them, not 
crouching, you must be upright to do it, and press R1 without your gun equipped, and Sam will take his 
elbow to the back of the guard's head and they'll be out.  This is sometimes good to save time.

Music: The biggest tip I can give is listen to the music.  The music can tel you a lot.  It's not 
supposed to, but that's just how the game works.  The music will be different if a guard notices 
something strange and will go looking, and different if a guard notices you.  So learn the music and how 
to judge what's going on even if you can't see.

I.  CIA Training Farm, Camp Perry, Virginia October 7th, 2004, 06:01 Hours

     1. This section is the action of Sam and learning how to move and what he does.

          a. First is the camera rotation. Simply using the right analog stick, look left, right, up, 
then down as instructed by Lambert.

          b. Next run on either side of the hole, or 'pool' as it is referred to. At the yellow arrows 
come to the wall, and press triangle to jump up and hold the wall.  Move left or right respectively to 
get into the center, then up on the left analog stick to climb the edge.

          c. From there you should see to the right yellow arrows again directing you towards a ladder.  
Drop off the wall and walk up to the ladder, Sam will mount himself, and keep pressing forward, and he'll
climb up to the top and get off.

          d. To your 7 O'clock position will be yellow arrows again, stand under and press triangle, 
Sam will jump and as long as your under the line also, attach himself to it, and follow it to the end 
and drop off on his own.

          e. Next is vertical poles, they are like ladders, simply walk to it, and Sam will grab hold.
Then press down on the left analog stick and he'll slide down and get off.

          f. Don't pay the hanging camouflage sheets any attention, Sam will walk right through.  
Press circle to crouch and walk under the wire and circle to stand back up.

          g. Next, the split jump, the renowned move of the game.  Simply walk up to and face either 
side of the wall, and press triangle to do a kick jump for the height, and do triangle again to steady 
Sam in a painfully looking split.  To dismount, press triangle again.

          h. Next, is the horizontal pipe.  Stand under and press triangle to jump and mount it The use 
the left analog stick to direct him.  To minimize Sam, press circle and his legs will go around the pole also, use to get through the tunnel at the end.  Press circle to put legs down, and triangle to get off.

          i. The fence is like the ladder, run to it, Sam will mount, climb up, and he'll flip over, the 
climb down.

          j. The wall maneuver, simply put Sam near a wall and press L3, (pressing again will take him 
off) and walk down the narrow hall.  Note: circle will make him crouch against the wall too, this might 
be good for minimizing visibility.

          k. Yet again, vertical pole, just like earlier vertical pole, ladder, and fence.

          l. Yet again, ladder, just like earlier ladder, poles, and fence.

          m. Finally, you need to reach a high ledge, I find the right arrows easier.  Aim Sam right at 
the vertical yellow arrows and press triangle twice to do a jump kick to get height, and climb up on the
ledge.  Fall down and a door will open go through and continue.


     2. Covert Ops Training

          a. This shows the basic game interface.  When Sam is near an object he can use the interact 
option appears.  Hold X and use the left analog stick to move through the interaction choices.  For this 
first instance, just open the door.

          b. Next use lock picks, use either the short cut, up & down on the control pad, to get them, 
or hold square and select them.  Walk to the door and choose 'lock pick' from the interactions list to 
pick the lock.  To pick the lock slowly rotate the left analog stick. The stick's direction is divided 
into quadrants (like NE, NW, SW, SE) Each pin in the lock will have it's own quadrant that when the stick
is moved around in that quadrant the pin will fall in place. You know you're in the right quadrant when 
it rumbles.  Each lock will have the same pattern of quadrants each time.  For this door the pattern is 
NW, SE, NE.  Once the lock is picked you can then choose the interaction open.  **Note: You don't have 
to open it right away. 

          c. Personally, the best strategy to sneak up on anyone, especially still guards is simply 
crouch, and move slowly from behind them, and do just that.  Crouch with circle, walk behind the pillar 
slowly, and walk up behind him and using the interact menu as soon as it's available grab him and 
interrogate him.  He'll tell you the door code (28469) Don't worry you don't have to remember it.  When 
you walk up to use the keypad, it will tell you. Then press R1 to knock him out.  Walk to the door and 
select use keypad and enter the code by selecting the number and pressing X.  Then open and walk through 
the door.

          d. Like before, low & slow is the key, grab him and walk him to the retinal scanner by the door.
Use interact to force him to use it.  Knock him out and proceed.

          e. For this, shooting is easy, press R2 to arm yourself and using the analog stick, aim to the 
light, then press R1 to fire.  Shoot the first light, then move forward a bit and shoot out the second one.  Then you're blind, so use your night vision with left and right buttons on the control pad. Then just go through the door. **Note: Left will turn on and off the night vision, right will only turn it off, odd, but true, I just use the left.

          f. Easy, just move till you see the camera from around the corner, aim, shoot, go through the 

          g. First look in the cage and notice the moving camera.  When it is looking away, crouch and 
make your way behind the stack of boxes in the middle of the floor.  Then adjust the camera angle so you
can see what direction the camera is looking and when it's looking away from you, then continue running 
across the room until you're in the dark, and the door is close to the side with the windows.

          h. Low & slow the key again, as soon as you have him, knock him out.  You move faster with a 
body than a hostage.  Using interface pick up the body and hide it in the dark space back and around the
corner and wait in there with it until the other guard passes.  To put the body down use X.  Then once 
the guard passes back and Lambert congratulates you, leave the nook and go into the hallway, then you'll 
see a door that the patrolling guard would have gone back in.  Open the door and you'll notice right in 
front of you, the guard.  Keep to the left a bit and you'll be able to sneak up on him.  You'll also have
to knock him out before moving through the door, and make sure the body is nearby, the doors close fast.
Hide him in either nook and then return to where the first guard was standing and the door should be open.
Go through and continue.

          i. Stay crouched the whole time, low & slow once again.  Walk forward and jump down the first 
set, being crouched or pressing circle when you land makes you land softly.  Next walk to the next edge, 
and while pressing forward on the analog stick, press triangle, and do the same to get up on the next 
ledge.  In the for there are three chains hanging from the ceiling which you must avoid.  While walking 
straight through they appear staggered just move slowly through them.  Once your through the last part 
seems like little crumpled bits of paper on the ground just move slowly over the least dense areas and 
you won't make enough noise to alert Lambert.  And with that you're done training. This is the end of 
the training mission.  Remember if need be to use these to help you remember.


II. (Police Station) T'Bllisi old town, T'Blisi, Georgia.  October 16th, 2004, 20:01 Hours

     1. This section, find and talk to a contact.

          a. Starting in the courtyard it's probably best to equip with night vision.

          b. Going forward, turn right around the corner and you'll see a small set of stairs, go up and 
you'll immediately find a ladder hanging in front of you.

          c. Standing beneath the ladder use triangle to grab hold and climb up.  Once on the roof move 
straight forward till you're over a trap door and choose to open and fall through.

          d. You'll have to be crouched down in order to get through the crawl space, at the end you'll 
find a single vertical pole to Sam's left, grab hold and climb up, You'll see a zip line and a brief 
conversation with Lambert.  Use triangle and go down the zip line to the house.

          e. Walk right to the door.  Go through and you'll notice the hall is in flames. To your left 
will be another door, go in the room, run to the other side, and back out that door.

          f. Go to your left, and into the stairwell, and make your way down.  At the net level you'll 
find another hall, with the floor incontinently collapsed.  But well placed across the ceiling is a pipe.
Walk under and grab hold and hand-over-hand it across.  (you don't need to pull your feet up)  Drop down 
and then go in the room to the left.

          g. By now, the woman tells you where to go, but I'll still help.  Go in the room, and once 
again on the left side will be the exiting door.  Go through and turn right into the stairwell and go 
up to the top floor.

          h. Walk in a little and there will be a door to the left, and you'll be instructed the contact
is in there.  Go in and you'll find him near the fire that is at about 11 o'clock, and under some air 
ducts.  Walk up and talk to him.

          i. Then once you're done talking, make your way to the other door, close to the one you came 
in, but it'll be to the left of the entrance door, looking from inside the room.  Walk out and turn left,
you'll see a dark room to your right, DO NOT GO IN!  The room is filled with smoke and you'll die almost 
immediately if you get too close.  So take out your gun and carefully aim up at the skylight in the 
ceiling and shoot it out. The smoke will be gone by the time you put your gun away.  Then walk in and to 
the right side of the room, you'll see a door.  Walk in and it's a save point.


     2. T'Bilisi old town, T'Bilisi, Georgia. October 28th, 2004 20:28 Hours (Find Baulstein's black box)

          a. Starting in what's like a closet, move forward and out the door.  You'll come out onto a 
balcony, turn right and go to the end, you'll turn left also.  At the end jump up to get hold of the 
pole, you'll have to pick your legs up to get across the rail of the far balcony.  Once across, drop 
down and then move slowly forward until you hear a phone conversation taking place, and then wait until 
it's done to advance to the corner.

          b(1). (This is the strategy for those who are quick draws, with good aim, and don't mind 
wasting the few shots)  Once it is over, walk forward, you'll see an object (an empty can), pick it up 
and aim it at the guard and he'll unknowingly wander out into the open to investigate it. Then try for a 
head shot from where you are perched, if that doesn't work, gun him down quickly, another guard is now 
on his way.  Then quickly run into the open area and you'll see two lights one on each of the pillars on 
each side of the doors.  Shoot out the left one, then the right one. If done quickly enough, the second 
guard will run out unknowingly into the pitch black and as long as he doesn't run directly into the body,
 stand there, just move quietly behind him, (no light at all, he won't see you 3 feet in front of him) 
and knock him out. It's best to hide their bodies on the sides of the porch, no one will find them even 
left in the open it seems, but just in case.  Then walk in the apartment.

          b(2). This is the strategy for those who did well at target practice, and don't want to waste 
the ammo) Just from the corner, **Note: Night vision tends to blur the light spread, so to aim at lights 
it's best to turn it off. Shoot out the left light, and then quickly the right light.  The first shot 
will alert the guard on the porch, he'll begin walking in your direction.  By the time he's by you, you 
should have taken out the second light.  Simply wait for his back to turn till you sneak up on him, and 
knock him out. And if you've done it quickly and quietly enough the second guard won't be alerted and 
shouldn't come out.  If he does, it's total darkness just avoid him if necessary and get behind him and 
knock him out too.  If not, use the optical cable under the door to watch when he moves to the back room,
them quietly walk in and you should be able to make a perfect head shot when he's standing in the room.

          c. As soon as you walk in the apartment, to your left there will be a large TV lighting up 
most of the room.  Don't worry as long as you've killed both guards you can walk around freely.  To your
right you'll see a computer, use it. Then you'll see three stairs leading up to a well lit room.  Go into
that room. Turn left and continue down the hall, move through the zigzag and you'll end up making another
left turn and go into a room.  Right before the room in the hall to the left is a medical kit. Standing 
in the door way to the room.  Notice two things, door to the right and it's keypad and a picture on the 
left wall near the lamp.  First go to the picture and you'll be able to select to move it, then you'll 
see a computer in the wall behind it.  Use it and you'll get talked to once again.  This will give you 
the key code to go out the door.  Do so. (key code will be 091772)

          d. Once you open the door, you'll walk out on a balcony.  To your left will be a zip line 
leading to an adjacent roof.  Once on the roof move to the door way and go in.  Then go in and around the
 corner, you'll see an elevator shaft.  Jump into it and try to grab hold of the pole in the middle and 
slide down to ease the landing.  Then at the bottom, you'll find a trap door.  Open and fall through. 
Save Point.


     3. Finding the dead drop and infiltrating the police station.

          a. To the front left will be a locked door.  Pick the lock (pin combo is NW, SW, SE, SE) and 
walk out the door on the balcony and listen to the conversation.  Meantime take note of the surroundings.
There are stairs on one end of the balcony.  At the landing at the top of the steps is a bottle, pick it 
up.  When the conversation is ended throw it past where the two men are standing.  Then once you see the 
one guard move as long as he's not coming directly towards you jump off the balcony, and quietly land 
with circle, and wait in the shadows by the dumpster.  The guard will come over and stand a second.  You 
can either jump him or shoot him.  But if you choose to shoot him, make it a headshot.  Your presence 
will be known to the other guard who will stupidly pull the same move as the former guard.  Take him out 
the same way.  Keep the bodies there in the dark spot.

          b. Move down the alley way following the path, don't worry, there are no guards, until you come
to an open courtyard with a fountain in the middle.  Make your way to the other end of the courtyard, 
and to the right of the big gate you'll see a small patch of plants.  Behind them you'll find a 
crawlspace, go through.  In there you'll find on a table conveniently placed, ammo, medical kit, and a 
computer.  Once you use the computer it will open up the large gate that was next to the patch of bushes.
Make your way out carefully, there is now a guard circling the courtyard.  Hide, crouched, in the plants,
till the guard comes in front of you.  Here you can try to take him out, but it's best to wait.  He'll 
begin to move to your right, if you take your gun out and keep crouched you'll move at the fastest speed 
possible that you won't make noise, so keep behind him.  He'll make one stop and then he'll continue to 
where you first entered the courtyard at.  There he'll take a longer pause.  Use this time to knock him 
out and hide the body in the patch of bushes.

          c. Next move through the now opened gate. At the little walk through area (you'll cut through 
what seems like a building, it'll have a wood floor) wait and look for a civilian patrolling back and 
fourth.  Right here it's too dark for you to be seen so don't worry too much.  He'll come stop in front 
of you and turn back, when he turns, sneak up on him, and take him to the bushes again.

          d. Go back and continue till you come to a dark corner and there will be two dumpsters on the 
right. Hide between the two dumpsters and wait for the guard to come and go in the dark corner.  Once 
he's left, move to the corner.  Be careful though, this guard will hear even the littlest sounds.  Then 
stay in the corner and wait for him to come back.  He'll get so close to you he should feel you breath, 
but he doesn't so you'll get a perfect head shot, hide him in the bushes once again, and come back.

          e. From there continue down the alleyway, at the bend, carefully look and see if a guard is 
there.  If he sees you, do whatever you want to him, or run back quickly to the dark corner and he won't 
find you.  Once he goes back, or if he's not there at all, turn around the corner and you'll find a 
walkway with a white lattice running over it.  At the end is a guard, he faces the opposite way forever, 
so sneak up on him, and take him out.  Hide him back in the plants.  

          f. Come back to where the last guard was, then walk out and turn left and go into the lit up 
space.  You'll see a large gate, and at the left of it is a dumpster.  Climb up on the dumpster, and do 
a wall kick off the building wall so you'll catch onto the wall with the gate, there is a small portion
that does not have a fence running atop it, climb over and fall down.  This is a save point. I'm sorry 
this part wasn't so detailed, but it's pretty straight forward when playing, you should get it no problem.

**Note: I hid all the bodies in the patch of bushes.  Only because it was dark and I was paranoid over 
people finding bodies.  So if you find that you can hide them somewhere else and them not be discovered,
please let me know.


     4. Inside the Police Station

          a. Starting on the other side of the gate move left and then down the stairs.  You'll see the 
door open and you'll find a guard begins his patrol down the hall.  DON'T try to sneak up on him.  It 
just won't work.  I've tried many, many times.  So instead comes what everyone's waited to do.  In the 
hall you'll find three sets of bricked dividers between the cells.  Pick one set, either the first or 
second, and do the split jump and hide in the air.  The guard will walk to the end of the hall, turn left
 into a room, come back out, and walk back down the hall.  Move the camera so you can see him do this 
and then as he begins to come down the hall, make sure your camera can see directly beneath you and as 
he walks under, press triangle, and Sam will fall and knock him out.

          b. Now pick him up and walk to the end of the hall, but not out in the open.  Look around the 
corner for the other guard and once he moves down the hallway away from you, turn and go in the room 
that the guard you knocked out went in.  This door opens automatically, just walk up to it and it will 
slide open.  Drop off the body in there, use the computer, and turn off the lights, on the left side of 
the door.

          c. With luck, walk to the door, let it open and hide back in the first hallway again.  Wait 
hidden and move the camera so you can see around the corner.  When the guard comes into view, make noise
slightly, by crouching down, taking out your gun or something little.  You'll notice he stops, draws his 
weapon and begins to walk towards you.  **Note: You can wait till he goes down his hallway, and sneak up 
on him, but your chances aren't so good.  Try if you'd like.

          d(1). Split jump.  Do just that.  Run back down the hall, and do a split jump into the air 
before he turns the corner and sees you.  Fall on him and take him out.  Hide him in the room with the 
other guard.

          d(2). Run and hide in the dark spot where the door that you first entered is.  Stand up, the 
guard should come all the way there, he may or may not notice you but as the earlier guard, he'll come 
close enough that a headshot should be no problem.  Hide him with the other guard.

          e. Go to the hallway where the guard was patrolling.  On the left side, you'll see windows. 
Inside there is a man.  Crouch down and move beneath the windows to the door, which opens automatically, 
don't let it open though.  Move the camera so you can see inside the room and he will walk back and 
fourth.  When he makes it to the far side, move in front of the door, it will open, and then turn left 
to face where he would be and you'll see in the middle of the room cabinets.  Hide on the side facing 
the door of them.  Eventually the man will walk back to the other side, closest to the window where you 
can better see him.  He'll stop and use this time to sneak up, and take him hostage.  If he runs try go 
cut him off, his first run will be for an alarm, which at this point, isn't too important, the mission 
is almost over.  But, better none, and then he'll just run and cower in some corner.  Once he's 
interrogated knock him out and drop him in the room with the rest. (Don't run right away into the other 
room if he goes in it, read on)

          f. Once he's out, go back to the room.  There will be a door on the other side of the room 
right where the first door is.  Let is slide open and walk in one or two steps, but stay behind the 
curtain.  There's a camera on the far wall, shoot it first.  If the other guy from step e ran in there, 
get him now.  If not continue on to the first table and near you'll see a little maybe IV stand, on which
will be a medical kit.  Pick it up, and by this time Lambert should be talking to you.  If not walk 
around the bodies until he does. 

          g. Next you're informed you need the security tapes.  Go out back into the hallway, and turn 
left, go through the door.  Save point.

     5. Getting closer...

          a. You'll begin in a stairwell, move up and as soon as you come through the door you'll find 
yourself in a little dark room.  In front of you is a lit room with a man with a gun in it.  Turn right 
and you'll see an open room dimly lit.  In it is a civilian, there is a window between the two rooms, 
and they will have a conversation.  

          b. During the conversation, pick a point in it, around the part when he says to move to the 
other desk, the guy in the bigger room that was to the right will have is back turned slightly, and then 
run up and grab the guy and use him as a human shield and take out the other one.  **NOTE: You can shoot 
through glass, this in particular will go through, and get him.  Other's might have to be broken first, 
but with one or two shots, no worry.  This is the only way I've figured out how to do this, and it not 
always works 100%.  But you start out so close to this, starting over isn't a problem if it doesn't go 
right.  And the level is almost over and as long as played right, you won't encounter any more shootouts
if you are careful.  

          c. Hide their bodies in the room the guy with the gun was in.  There's a light switch next to 
the door. And use the two computers.  Make your way back out into the larger room.  You'll see double 
doors, just remember them, that's where you go to get out.  Walking in the room, turn left and go 
straight into a little niche in the wall, where you'll see stairs.  Begin to walk up the stairs, and 
it's a check point.  Go up the stairs carefully.

          d. This requires stealth and patience.  There are two men at desks in this room.  Switch to 
night vision and find where they both are.  You can walk up (crouching) to each on and grab and drag out 
of the room and knock out.  What I've realized is the quickest way is sneak up right behind them until 
it says grab character.  Press circle to stand up, then press R1 and Sam will knock them out and their 
head will fall to the desk.  Crouch back down and move to the next one.  Repeat.  

          e. Finally at the end of the room, just past the second man, you'll see a single door.  Open 
it and crouching move slowly and quietly in past the shelve on the right.  You'll see a gap in the heavy 
curtains. You can move through them, as long as you do it slowly and grab the guard, but take him out 
either that way, with a quick elbow to the back of the head, or shot to the head if you prefer, the last 
guy you'll encounter.  Then the computer he's in front of, use.  If that doesn't work, you used the 
wrong one.  It should have a red screen.  Lambert will tell you something and to get out.  Now make your 
way back to those double doors pointed out in step c.  And you're finally done the first mission.


III. Defense Ministry

     1. This is the original infiltration and finding and talking to the driver

          a. You being on a roof top and get a long winded briefing.  I find it easier to wait until 
it's over, it can be distracting.  When you choose to, go forward to the little smokestack on the roof 
where there is the only circle of light.  Choose to rappel down the wall and move your way down. You'll 
see an open window, just land on it and Sam will crawl through.

          b(1). (This should be the first way you try it) Immediately move quietly to the corner and 
hide in the darkness.  A guard will soon walk towards you and turn to your left down the other row of 
book cases.  He'll soon walk back out and when he does so you'll be able to be right next to him and 
take him out.  But DON'T follow him in too far, there's a camera over the door straight ahead.  If he 
made it back out in the room, see b(2) if not shoot the camera and read c.

          b(2). (This should act as a back up to b(1), read it first) If you wait to long and by the 
time you're in the corner he's already back in the room, which can happen often, then hide in the corner
and shoot out the camera, this will attract his attention and he'll make rounds again and you can take 
him out then no matter where because the camera's gone. 

          c. Next you'll see a computer to the left of the door, use it, then go through the door and 
into the hallway, and go to the other door and wait.

          d(1). (For the stealthy type, who are good sneaker-upers) For this, use the optical cable 
under the door, and watch the patrolling guard, he'll walk towards the door, stop and turn around.  
Once he walks a little distance it's safe to open the door.  To each side of the hallway you'll see 
little pillar looking things that stick out from the walls.  Run to either one and hide by them facing 
your entrance way, and when the guard walks back by, nab him.  Then take his body back by the book cases 
and come back to the doorway.

          d(2). (For the daring types who can run quickly and not panic) For this, you must alert the 
guard to your presence, but not too much.  If you use the optical cable and look under the door, watch 
for where he stops once, and just before he stops, open the door, if you notice a slight change in the 
music, he'll have seen you, run back to the room with the bookcases and hide to the left of the door as 
soon as you walk in.  The guard will walk into the hall way, and form the hallway, look in the room, and 
as soon as he turns to go back quietly sneak up on him and take him out.  Drag him back to the bookcases 
and return to the doorway.

          e. Walk back into the hallway, notice the guard to the left side. He looks like he's facing 
you, but he's really facing away, keep the left side and quietly take him out from behind, drag him back 
to the bookcases, and come back to the hallway.  In the hallway to the left side there's a door, go in.

          f. If you want go straight and up to the next level which is junk and you should see a medical 
kit in the far corner of it.  Then go back to the original landing.

          g. Go down to the next landing, arm yourself with your gun, and as you go down the next set of 
steps, you should hear and then see a camera, shoot it.  Once it's taken out, go down the next set of 
steps, and repeat again with another camera on the same side of the stairwell.  Then continue down to 
the bottom of the stairwell.

          h. Open the door and you'll see a parking deck, on the wall to your right, pretty much in the 
middle of it, you should see a camera, shoot it and take it out.  Then keeping left in the shadows move 
straight to the corner and you'll find two objects, pick up one.

          i. Move now, keeping in the dark left side, to the blue car parked in the corner, and notice 
the other car with the engine running.  Take whatever object you picked up and toss it towards the car, 
a man will walk towards where you are, avoid him where he is, and sneak up on him from behind, don't let 
him begin to return to his car, (there's a camera in that direction) If he sees you, don't fret, he'll 
run towards where you entered the garage at and cower in the corner as any humble civilian would do.  
Just grab him and interrogate him.  Knock him out and leave him in a dark corner.  And just in case, go 
by the blue car again, and take out the camera above the fire extinguisher.

          j. Return to the entrance stairwell. Go back up to the top level where you came in at.  Go 
into the hallway and turn left. You'll see towards the end of the hallway a door on the right, open the 
door, DON'T RUN IN! There is a camera just over the doorway, so aim your gun right at the doorway and 
slowly inch in until you can see enough of it to get a hit. Shoot it out.

          k. Standing there notice the desk in front of you, there is an open vent above it, how 
convenient in these sorts of games.  There are three computers in the room, use them and then climb into 
the ventilation. Save point.


     2. Making your way to the courtyard and listening to the conversation.

          a. Starting in the ventilation system follow until cinematics of the chef in the kitchen, 
continue following until you fall into the freezer.  Then quietly move towards the entrance of the 
freezer, (the flaps) and on the right will be the light switch.  Turn it off.  A guard will come in, 
talk to the chef, spit in the food, and leave.  Don't let him get tipped off to your presence. So wait 
there till it's over

          b. Once the guard leaves and you see the door close, move quietly along the left side of the 
kitchen and take out the chef.  You can drag him to the freezer, or leave him in the kitchen, the light 
switch is to the right of the door. (left is an alarm, that's why you don't give away your presence) 
Then open the door.

          c. You'll see the guard that left standing right in the doorway, long as you're low and quiet, 
you can take him out too. Now you can either drag him into the kitchen, or take him to the far corner of 
the cafe area, there's a light switch for it on the right side of the doorway.  No one should find him 

          d. Move into the lighted hallway and you'll see steps to the right. Move over and begin to go 
down.  You should soon hear a conversation of two guards. Move down the steps and wait in the upper area 
until it's over.  Hearing is one of your best tools.

          e. You'll see two sets of stairs to each side, there is one guard patrolling back and fourth 
on the ground, another is between the stairs facing the right stairs by a computer.  Move down the left 
set of stairs staying in the dark spot, and watch for the patrolling guard, he'll walk to the end of the 
stairs. Wait and he'll turn and go the other way, make sure he's almost halfway across the room, or he'll
 hear you, move swiftly down the steps staying left, and then U turn back behind the steps.  Keep moving 
the corner, that's the retinal scanner for further use, and the other dark corner is where you'll stash 
the bodies.

          f(1,2). (two slight variations) Notice the guard by the computer, he's facing the other 
direction.  What you are going to do is take him out first, when the patrol is facing away, and stash 
him in the corner, and then hide in the shadows, and try for a head shot and gun the patrol down, or if 
you think you can, sneak up on him.  I haven't accomplished that yet.  Or if you choose to do so, hold 
onto the one guard as a human shield to take out the other guard.  Don't worry, there are no alarms in 
the room and you can make as much noise, no one else will come in.

          g. Once you've taken the both out, stash them in the far corner described in e.  Then go use 
the computer, and run back to the dark corner, a colonel will be alerted and come down, quickly and patrol
 the room, won't find you if you're back there and still.  Then he'll sit down, sneak up behind him and 
you'll have to move slightly to one side or another, you can't get him from directly behind the chair.  
Take him hostage, and make him use the retinal scanner, then knock him out and stash him in the corner 
with the rest.  Walk through the door and you'll reach a check point.


     3. The courtyard and conversation.

          a. Once through the door, turn left, as you walk forward, out and around the corner to the 
right will be double doors with a camera over it, shoot the camera, make sure your laser mic is the 
current item, and open the door.

          b. This is the courtyard, as soon as the game realizes you're in the courtyard cinematics of 
the two getting in the elevator will play.  Try to run as quickly as possible before and after the 
cinematics, first left to the corner then turn right and run forward and you'll see the elevator slowly 
moving up.  Press R2 to take out the mic and aim it at the base of the elevator, the dot in the middle 
will turn red and you'll hear them talking.  You'll have to keep moving the mic to keep it on the base, 
and it's best if you keep a little close to it.  Eventually the conversation will abruptly end and 
Lambert will inform you that that was a good job and you can now have 3 alarms, but no need to get some 
right away.

          c. If you're still facing the elevator form where you ran straight to it, turn a little right, 
you'll see a fairly well lit section of the courtyard, a door in the middle of the wall.  On the wall 
left of the door, you might see a little white box, a medical kit, pick it up, you might be needing it.  
If you want, use your binoculars and you'll see that on the wall, just past the door, is a fence up the 
wall with foliage over it.  That is where you want to go.  There are now two guards patrolling the 
courtyard.  Hide near the bushes near the door, and when you notice it's clear make a run for the fence 
and climb as fast as you can towards the open window and you'll be fine.  But take a min or so to figure 
out their patterns, it's too detailed to explain how two people move simultaneously. End of the section, 
save point.

     4. Nickoladze's computer

          a. You will begin in a hall and immediately be shown that the elevator is coming to your floor.
There are now multiple ways to go out taking out these guards, I list three, you're welcome to make up 
your own. From where you are standing: Two guards will walk out of the elevator, one immediately walks 
left, the second, goes right a little, then turns around and follows the other.  They will stop on the 
left end by a door, wait a minute, then the second one will come back to the right end and stand facing 
the end of the hallway.  The other will turn and walk to the left a little more, then turn slowly and go 
and follow the other.  After this, I don't know, by then they are both taken out in my games.

          b(1). (Stealthy, but tricky, but uses no shots) Run and hide in the left corner.  Once there 
the two guards will walk down that way and stand by the door.  Wait, once the second one leaves, then the
other will be alone and soon enough turn around and you can take him out.  Then creep down the hallway 
and take out the other one, without a shot.

          b(2). (Stealthy, tricky, but uses ammo) Run and hide in the left corner and the corner closest 
to the door where they'll stand.  As soon as the first guard gets there, take a head shot.  He'll be 
close enough.  This may tip off the other and he'll be ready for you, if not he'll just walk and find him
soon enough, and you can shoot him too.

          b(3). (Tricky, a shooter, and only if you've got plenty of ammo left, at least 30) Run to the 
right.  Hide in the corner, it won't be dark enough, but for this, it won't matter.  Hide there and when 
the second guard turns to you shoot him, try for headshot, but might not get it.  This will alert the 
other, and he'll come for you.  Efficient, but dangerous.

          c. There is a closet to the left of elevator door. Hide the bodies in there.  Turn off the 
lights on the right side of the door (from inside).

          d. Use the switch next to the elevator, it'll open the door, go in and use the switch in the 
elevator, don't worry, just select the up button.  You can only go to level's 1 and 7.  As soon as the 
door opens on level 7, to your right will be a soda machine, and a camera, to your left, the rest of the 
hallway, and a locked door.  Move yourself to the back of the soda machine, and adjust the camera so you 
can see the security camera.  When it is facing off to either side, make a run to the end of the hallway,
it's not dark, but it's out of the camera's range.  There, wait until a patrolling guard walks down the 
hallway, get off a head shot, if not kill him quickly, there's two other guards. You will also want to 
take out the camera, don't worry because as long as the guard is even slightly down the hallway, you'll 
be ok, the camera won't catch it, but if it catches you, then come the other guards, so make sure it 
doesn't.(also if someone would like to explain how you crawled into a window while it was pitch black 
outside, rode up an elevator and got out in a matter of minutes, why it's now light outside, the window's
are open and bird's chirping, I'd really love to know. But hey, I didn't make the game.)

          e. Once you've done this, move to the locked door.  (Pin combo is NE, SW, SE) You'll want to 
drag the body inside the room.  Once you're in the room then turn off the lights, the switch is on the 
left as you walk in, and the computer.  Once you've done that, get on the desk and jump up into the vent.
Standing on the desk facing the door, make sure you get hold on the left side of the vent and climb that 
way.  If you go right, you'll just drop down into a snack room, and probably end up shooting your way 
back out unless you luck out with two guards.  Move till the hole in the vents.

          f. Once at the hole, you'll want to fall down.  You'll be at the end of a hallway, the other 
end will have a camera.  Run to the left behind the soda machine and plant to hide form it's view.  When
possible, shoot it. Then on the other side of the soda machine, there's a door, the one on the right is 
where you exit the level.

          g. In there is a small closet, climb up the rungs on the back wall, and open the trap door at 
the top.  This puts you on the room.  Once on the roof turn right and go straight to the edge of the 
roof, you'll see a raised section trimming the edge of the roof.  Climb up on it, and to your left should
be a little smokestack like earlier, you rappel down.

          h. Rappel down the wall, but don't use jump, just carefully walk down.  On your way down you'll
walk past a large window into a lit room, in there is Nickoladze's computer, but a guard is sitting in 
the chair.  Keep moving down until you can't go any further, you'll be just below the window so you can't
be seen.  Try to aim for a perfect headshot. It will go straight through the glass.  The glass will also 
shatter so don't worry.  If that doesn't, then kill him quickly.  Once he's dead climb up and in the 
window and use the computer.  Pick up the sachet on him, it's a frag gernade.  Once you use the computer
Lambert will begin talking to you.  Then soon guards will be alerted.  Walk to the window you shot out,
and walk out and Sam will grab hold of the edge and hang in mid air.  Wait until the guard comes through
the room, he'll walk around, don't move and you'll be fine.  Lambert will instruct that you still have to 
use the computer once more to get more files from it.  Once the guard leaves and the door shuts, move 
quickly to the computer.  And use it again, Lambert will inform you of a job well done, and then head out
the door.

          i. Once out the door, you'll find yourself to the right of, but on the other end of the hallway
you dropped into.  Run forward and go in the door mentioned before, the one on the left.  Then head down 
the stairs and at the door (medical kit to the left of the door), open carefully, you'll be on a roof 
top, but there will be a guard ready to shoot you.  Have your frag gernade armed, and using it just like 
an object, throw as close to him as you can get it.  It'll kill him since there's no room for him to run.
If not, use your gun, this will be the last guard you encounter, do what you have to do.  Then, run down 
the steps, turn left then right around the corner, you'll hear guards yelling to find you. Also you'll 
see what appears to be an open elevator shaft, walk in and you'll fall and grab the ledge.  Press triangle
to let go, fall, and grab the next ledge.  Repeat this till at the bottom you'll walk out to the parking 
garage as before, run down towards where you met the one driver and your driver will be there waiting for 
you.  Talk to him and that's the end of the mission.

Legal Stuff

I, Philip Ivanisin, own the rights to this guide and all it's contents.  Any replication without my 
consent is not allowed.  The only site currently allowed to post it is  If you wish to 
have it added to your site, please e-mail me first.

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