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Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories
Story Guide
By JONNY2X4 (AJ Kleeh)
Email [email protected]


Table Of Contents

1. Controls and Rules
2. Character Bio
3. Story


2. Controls and Rules
Now the instruction manual that came with the game is full of all the info,
you need to learn first things concerning the duel set up and how to use cards.
Many over look a few things such as the element of the card has no effect on
battle. The guardian stars of the cards make it harder to get a weak point unless
you know what cards the enemy with use. But even then there's two guardian stars on
any and all cards. Make sure you know what is better then the star on you cards and
the Rivals cards. Also that only one card can be laid down on the board.
Fusion is the name of combos made by selecting two cards or more at a time and
placing them on the field. You can also fusion by setting another card on top of
a card on your field.
Remember there are TWO sets of Guardian stars.
Mercury beats Sun, Sun beats Moon, Moon beats Venus, Venus beats Mercury.
Mars Beats Jupiter Beats Saturn Beats Uranus Beats Pluto Beat Neptune Beats

Always Save Before AND after Dueling in case you may lose in Campaign.
Losing  means GAME OVER! In Free Duel its a different matter.

Here will explain the options.

Starting options

New game
Start a new game.

Start from a save.

2p Duel
Play against your friend or An old save of your self under a different game.

Trade your cards with a friend or a old save of your self under a different game.

change the sound to mono or stereo.

Options at a card shop.
Here the game gives you 4 options.

takes one memory block.

Build deck
manage your cards.

Return to title
and opens more options.

Leave shop
Brings you to your next opponent.

Return to Title option
This brings you to the front of the game.
options are

Brings you back to the story mode.

Free duel
Battle Anyone you've beat in Campaign And you can get a Star chip and
card from the loser in this mode too.

Build deck.
manage you cards

Look at cards you have. press right or X button when looking at a card stats
and you'll see a 3-d image of it.

Put in passwords to get cards. Tho you have to pay for a card with star chips.
I suggest you only get the cards you need and get others later.  Tho you need
to battle for star chips. Few cards will cost 55, other cost 800, then most
good card cost more then 800.

Save your game. Takes one block.

3. Character Bio

This is about those who you will meet in the game and will re-fight in FreeDuels.
I will list them in the order that they appear in the FreeDuel screen. Then what
strong cards they may use on you. This will be spilt in to 4 levels.
If your training an trying ot get cards and starchips keep in mind that you will 
to make your deck Not just by adding in better cards and taking out the weak But 
by taking out the fiends and spellcasters if you aren't using many of them. If you 
take out the Warriors and beast and wingedbeasts. try to make your deck in to a 3 
deck. Then when you get farther in to Level 2 - level 3 you should be trying to add 
power up magic cards.
Level 1 Easy battles

Your teacher of the card game and a nice starting fighter, His main reason to fight 
is for some
cards to fill your collection of 300-500 attacking cards and a few fusion tactics. 
he'll be
using cards such as Ameba, Leghul, and Swordsman from a foreign country. And may 
even make
Nekogal #2 fusion from these common cards threw a Leghul + Swordsman from a foreign
country =
Cockroach Knight + Milus radiant = Nekogal#2... tho any insect and Swordsman from a 
country will make a Cockroach knight.

She wouldn't make any challenge if you know who to use your cards. But you may get 
a few
that are nice for beginners but once you get to weevil these card should be dumped 
for better.
Tho cards like Ancient Jar.. She will give nice fusion cards for beginners. take a 
few of your
cards you got from her and fight Master K to see what he can make form them. you 
should just
stay on the defenses and see what he makes with the cards you got from Teana and 

This guy is more the straight forward attacker if he can't see what you put down. 
But he too
knows a fusion or three for cards such as Queen of Autumn Leaves with 1800 
attacking. But
wise he should give you more cards that may be useful. Tho remember you may need to 
guys 15-20 times before you get some real cards of use.

villager #1
Now we have the villagers.... You'll see him with a few nice cards and a real 
challenger with
a nice set of give away cards after a few Duels. I got a few 700-900 attack cards 
from him
after 10 battles. If you do want to beat Seto then Do play all three Villagers as 
best as you

Villager #2
The one with a worthy deck of attackers and if you can beat him you'll get worthy 
cards of an
early deck. You'll get cards like Dark Shade 1000 Attack and defense. Tho this guy 
isn't easy
at first. So you may need to learn a few fusion. Fight Deck Master K for fusion's.

Villager #3
Ahh. The old man. being old does not mean he's any wiser then villager #1. Tho this 
one has
attackers of 1000 and more. You may get cards like Dragon Statue or Wing Egg Elf.

Um.... did I say Villager #2 was a challenge... Well this guy is just hard. Using 
attackers of
1100-1600... Well I'd still fight him in the campaign mode just to have him in free 
duel. You'll
need him later for training. By now you should have enough star chips to buy 
terrain magic cards
like forest or mountain to match your cards of the starting deck.

hum... you were meant to lose to this guy in the story... but now you must get 
revenge but your
deck has not the cards you need to take on Cosmo Queen and B. skull dragon. Come 
back after
fight High Mages and their guards.

Level 2 normal duels

Rex Raptor
A Duelist you should be able to beat If you've trained well. He will give you nice 
dino and
dragon cards if you beat him with skill. Getting cards like Crawling dragon #2, 
D.Dragon Jungle King,ect.
Weevil Underwood

Weevil is more of a challenge than Rex but not by much. Come into this fight with 
your fire
monsters and beast monsters, this way you can create "Flame Cerberus" and easily 
take him
down. His stronger cards are around 1400 without fusion, but can climb to 2000 when 
he fuses.

Mai Valentine

Mai is a large jump up from Weevil; she started my fight out with "The Bistro 
Butcher" with
an attack power of 1800, and "Battle Ox" with an AP of 1700. Be cautious of who you 
if she puts something in defense mode attack it with your strongest card, it is 
better than
losing life points and an attack. Bring out your toughest fusion's, and don't be 
stingy with
the magic cards, anything to boost your team up a notch. I suggest free dueling 
Jono & Simon
until you get a "Time Wizard", and if you feel like you need it, Jono for "Baby 
Dragon" (
though if you use "Time Wizard" with any dragon, you will get "Thousand Dragon".)

Bandit Keith

Keith is real tough laying down cards no less than 1800. I nearly lost even with my 
tough cards such as Flame Cerberus. A good defense is the best offense, get as many 
cards on
the field as soon as possible, preferably strong cards, when he bombs you with Soul 
Hunter or
La Jinn the Mystical Genie, you are going to need it. Battle Weevil and Mai for 
strong cards,
then fight Duel Master K to see what you can make from them. If absolutely 
necessary hit the
password screen after about 40 free duels and purchase a really good card.


Not nearly as tough as Bandit Keith was, simply save before it and use the same 
strategy as
for Mai. But his deck is nicely themed to what you'd expect from him.

Yami Bakura

Not exactly the pushover. Free Duel everybody you have played up to this point 
until you get
really good cards. Try and make your deck to where you can fuse "Twin-Headed Thunder
about six different ways. If you need the fusions for that check the message board 
section at
GameFaqs. There is a really long unofficial post your fusion board there. You 
should carry a
couple of "Raigeki" to destroy Bakura's Millennium Shield, which has a Defense 
Power of 3000.
The same goes for his Labyrinth Wall.


With the deck you should have constructed for Bakura, you should not have any real 
trouble. He
is strong, monsters starting off at around 2100 and fusing to 24-2500, make sure 
that you look
at the guardian stars before you just throw down a monster. That may be the 
deciding factor.

Isis is weak against thunder cards, so once again, keep your deck the same. Make 
sure that you
are using the "Twin-Headed thunder dragon" and its over, especially if you can make 

Ahhh Now use the same deck again and save the Raigeki as Face down magic cards for 
when he
out BEWD.

Level 3 Hard duels

Mage Soldier
This guy is a total waste of time.

Jono #2
Ahhh. Jono's back for more wins. Can you defeat his 1000-2000 attacking cards?

Teana #2
Beat her for she two gives nice cards.

Ocean Mage
Ouch. Only good for Rares... Beat them for the rares.

High Mage Secmeton
The strongest of the High Mages is rather easy if you keep changing the Field to 
something else
Because All five of these High mages will keep chaining it back. Their cards are a 
attack if you keep it changed to something other then home field.

Forest Mage
Ouch. Only good for Rares... Beat them for the rares.

High Mage Anubisius
This Anubis-Hack easy if you keep changing the Field to something else Because All 
five of
these High mages will keep changing it back. Their cards are a weak 2000-2500 
attack if you
keep it changed to something other then homefield.

Mountain Mage
Ouch. Only good for Rares... Beat them for the rares.

High Mage Atenza
Hes easy if you keep changing the Field to something else Because All five of
these High mages will keep changing it back. Their cards are a weak 2000-2500 
attack if you
keep it changed to something other then homefield.

Desert Mage
Ouch. Only good for Rares... Beat them for the rares.

High Mage Martis
He's easy if you keep changing the Field to something else Because All five of
these High mages will keep changing it back. Their cards are a weak 2000-2500 
attack if you
keep it changed to something other then homefield.

Meadow Mage
Ouch. Only good for Rares... Beat them for the rares.

High Mage Kepura
This one will be easy if you keep changing the Field to something else Because All 
five of
these High mages will keep changing it back. Their cards are a weak 2000-2500 
attack if you
keep it changed to something other then homefield.

Level 4 duels Of the Strongest

Labyrinth Mage
Only good for Rares... Beat them for the rares.

Seto #2
This is a nice Deck but as far as You should Be able to beat it. This was Not his 
best. Make
sure you have some power ups and a few trap cards and he's just to easy for.

Guardian Sebek & Guardian Neku
The GateGuardian Card is just the thing you don't need or want. But They only use 
one or two
when they can. No more.

Heishin #2
If there are such things as cheaters. This is one of the best hated ones. With the 
3000 or
Higher attacks are only what he'll rarely uses.

Seto #3
A DEUL fan as far as the eye can see. Watch out and keep trap cards on hand.
Maybe a few Magic cards to destroy these BEUD cards. Just blow them away with 

See Seto #3

See Seto #3

Duel Master K
See Seto #3

This will be incomplete for a while longer because of a certain person....

4. KawaiiBlueBunny's Card Obtaining Method

Hey, I found out an easier way to get cards without having to battle and such. It's 
pretty easy.
Since I have the english version (Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories), I dunno if it 
works for the
Japanese version. Anyway, here's how it goes. This is the set-up you'll need:

2 Memory Cards
2 Controllers
1 PSX or PS2
1 Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

Now here are the steps:

1. First, start a new game and then save it (To save it, choose "Run" when Simon 
Muran asks
something, then go to the Card Shop). After saving it, exit to the main screen and 
take out the
memory card, putting it inthe 2nd slot afterwards. The Memory Card in Slot 2 will 
be the file
you're gonna play/keep/etc. on/as.

2. Take the other memory card and stick it in slot 1. Start a new game (new name 
too plz) and
then go to the Card Shop (doing the same thing as above.. SORTA). Anyway, you don't 
need to
YET, but yea, just go there.

3. Select Build Deck and then go to the Deck screen (the 2nd screen). Take out the 
cards that
THE OTHER file DOESN'T have, putting it in the "to-be-traded" side (the 1st screen).

4. Exit the menu (yes, exit) and it'll say that your deck isn't ready. It'll then 
give you two
options: "Build Deck" or "Exit" Exit is the 2nd choice for those with the Japanese 

5. After exiting, Save the game and then exit to the menu where it has "New Game" 
and such.
go to trade. (For those who don't know, the trading option is likely to be the 2nd 
to last I

6. Once in there, have the first player select all of the cards needing to be 
traded to the
real file (slot 2). You can only transfer 10 at a time, so be patient.

7. Repeat steps 1-6 if necessary

See, the thing is, when you're trading cards you don't have to have the other file 
give cards
in return. Basically meaning that you can simply "give" the cards to the other 
file. I found
all this out last night.

Rovest " I will not be accepting any other card obtaining methods if they require 2 
memory cards
or more
5. Story

Start new game and name your self And become a duelist.

This section is here to help you get farther along in the game From the start
till you collect Every card in the game.
The game starts out as you, a young prince Who loves to play the Cards.

Chapter 1

The High Mage Heishin is in some old tomb.

Heishin " This is it. at last I've found it at last... The forbidden treasure of the
ancient sorcerers... Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha.. Hahahahaha!

Creapy guy no?
Simon " My dear prince! Are you going to the city to play cards again!? You
are of royal blood! Walking the city streets as a commoner...... Have you no
Shame!? Quite frankly, Im embarrassed!

?Stay " the Pharaoh has gotten wind of your activities... And he's quite
?Stay "
?Stay "
?Stay "
?Run "wait Stop, My prince! Drat! he's gone...
Return to the palace

Simon " Prince you. You've returned... Its well in to the night... Please return to 
the palace.
Dear prince... If you still wish to play cards...... then try your hand against me. 
If you lose,
you must return to your room. I'm sure you'll find me a worthy opponent.
duel him

If you win go on out... If not. reset and win.

Out on the town

Things to do
Duelist's Teana, Villager1, Villager2, Juno, Seto, Old man?

Shrine guy " these hallowed Halls are protected by High Mage Heishin!
Commoners are not allowed. Begone with you!

Card shop
normal options for Card shops

Town Plaza
Lots of people are gathered at the town plaza..... but there is nothing of

Duel Ground

Teana " I've been waiting for you... Jono was also here a moment ago.
But he's gone now... How about a duel?

This gives you three options

chose talk to someone else till you see an old guy. fight him first*
?Duel " Okay, let's play! Hope your not a sore loser!
Duel time. fun fun fun.

Winner Teana "
Loser Teana" Ouch! looks like I lost. Oh well... I'll play you again when I get a
little better.

?Talk to some one else " I'll see you later.

?Go out side

Winner villager 1
loser Villager1 "Well, well... Let's play again sometime...

?Talk to some one else
Seto looks like someone I know
Go out side "hey did you know that there's a festival going on in the town plaza?
 Come on! Lets check it out! I bet we'll find Jono there!

Teana " Wow... there're lots of people around. Look the mages are about to start
their procession... Awesome...... But kinda spooky, too. This must be the work of
that detestable, Heishin. When I was a kid, it used to be more wholesome. Even that
attitude of these mages have changed for the worse... Whats our world coming to...?
Want to go some place else? Look! It's  Jono! I can't believe it, but he's dueling 
Jono " I... I lost...
Seto " I can't believe I have wasted my efforts on an insignificant speck.
Jono " Say what!
Seto " Forgive my choice of words. You were... Mildly entertaining.
Teana " Hey! Jono!
Jono " Teana and You.
Teana " What's going on?
Jono " Whaddaya think? Ain't  it obvious?
Teana " You lost...
Jono " Don't be so blunt! I didn't lose... I had a set back...
Seto " I grow weary of this insect... Is there not one among you that is worthy of
my attention?
Jono " Man! The nerve of this guy!
Teana " Hey, You... Why don't you challenge him? After all you're the best duelist
I've ever seen! I'll bet you can beat him!
Jono " Yeah, You! Do it! Show him who's boss around here!
Seto " Hello... Are you my next victim?

?Duel " I hope you are better than the last one Come! Let us duel.
Seto " I see... So be it. The duel is postponed. Am I correct in assuming that you
frequent the town's duel field?
Guard "Master Seto! Master Heishin calls for you.
Jono " That's right.

Seto " Ah! the coward shows his true colors... Why am I not surprised? You insects 
all alike...
Jono : Hold on! You just doesn't want to face you here! There's a duel field where 
usually play. That's the place for a real battle!
Seto " The town's duel field...
Guard "Master Seto! Master Heishin calls for you.

Seto " Then wait there... I shall grace you with a visit. Seto is my name. Remember
Jono " Can you believe that guy!? A mage with attitude!!!
Teana " Yeah... A real charmer.
Jono " I got a feeling You will put him in his place. Won't ya, buddy? C'mon, lets
look around then head for the duel field.


Simon " I haven't told you this, but there's a story that goes with those cards... 
you be interested in hearing it?
?Yes then, listen up... Today, the Yu-Gi-Oh card deck is used simply as an 
pastime. But long ago, the cards were an invaluable magic aid for drawing out 
sorcerous powers.
Magic users were able to use their powers and summon the forces depicted on the 
cards. Some
built kingdoms. Others waged wars. But the battles between mystics grew in 
until finally the use of magic was forbidden. Now, only the cards remain in our 
they are a reminder of those bygone days of magic... And so, prince you... Remember 
this tale
when next you face an opponent with your deck. Never forget that humankind once 
its bounds and walked the path of destruction.


Guy " Where is seto?
Mummy " Must we be kept waiting!?
Black mask man " Where can he be at a time like this!? T'would seem master
Heishin's favorite chooses to mock us...
Yellow masked man " Master Heishin does make much of Seto's Capabilities......
though he is but a child.
Kepura " I believe we've waited enough. Let us go. Master Heishin awaits us...

Deck Grounds
Jono " Geez... Who does that mage think he is anyway!?
I gotta admit, though... that guy was real tough... Hey, you, How about a game
till that guy comes back.

?Duel " All right lets do it! I may have lost the last game... But I Ain't lost my 

Duel time. he's easy now but later....

Winner Jono What's wrong, you? You can do better than that! If that's your best,
you'll never beat that mage!

Loser Jono " Geez, you! You whipped me! Y'know... you are good! Do me a
favor and beat that mage, Willya?

?Pass : 'Afraid of starting off on the wrong foot, eh? I can understand that. Let's 
 for the mage. Y'know, the guy's real tough... Listen. I play here day in and day 
And you know i'm pretty good... Fact is, there ain't too many duelist I can't beat.
But that mage... Man...! He's good! I didn't have a chance! Listen, you... Don't
underestimate the guy. I know you're good. But don't get sloppy...

Jono "There he is... He's back. Look at that... He's got his own groopies... Do me
a favor and whip this guy.
Teana " Do it, You!
Seto : I do not know how good you are... But I hope you will entertain me. I will
have you know that I enjoy a good game.. Do not Disappoint me!.

Dueling is a pain sometimes once in a while but in this. I'll enjoy kicking Seto's
butt. tho..... it probly would be nice if i had a few stronger monsters...  
he like to fuse cards.

Winner Seto "You lose, boy! You'll need better cards than that if you wish to
beat me!
Game over
Loser Seto " I... I cannot believe I lost... But wait a moment. You... you are... 
 I see... Enough. That is all for today. I have a feeling our paths will cross
elsewhere...'Till then... I bid you farewell.
Jono " You did it! You. Didja see the look on his face!? You were great!!!
Teana " You... You're just too good!
Jono " I bid you farewell".... Hah! What a loser! You, Well, what now? You still
got some time?

?Play " Okay! why don't we play a quick game?

?Talk to someone

?Go outside " Okay. Catch ya later...
Teana " You did pretty good back there. you. You know, maybe someday
I'll be as good as you, you.

Talk to someone

Go outside

If you want to battle the Villagers and old man then just choose Talk to
 someone else. Or you can head home when your ready.

Simon " Well, it's about time! Go on now! Off to your room!
Back to where Simon left off.

Simon " I really hope you're ready to call it a day...
Sometimes  wonder if the prince does this just to annoy me...
Royal Guard " Lord Simon Muran! We've got trouble! Th- the high mage...
The high Mage heishin and his men... They wield a strange power... They're
invading the palace!!!
Simon" What?
Royal Guard " I think it's sorcery, my lord! I'm afraid there's naught we can do
to fend then off...
Simon " Where's the High mage now!?
Royal guard " In the Palace Hall, my lord!
Simon " Heishen... Heishin! What could that dog have in mind?

Simon " Wha... What the...
Heishin " It's good to see you again, Simon Muran...
Simon " You dare to revolt... Are you mad!?
Heishin " Mad...? Me? I don't think so... I've but come to claim my throne.
Simon " Your throne!?
Heishin " Yes, my throne. For I now have the 'Power'...
Simon : The 'Power'... No... It cannot be...
Heishin " I see recognition in your eyes. But then we both draw our roots from
our sorcerous forefathers...
Simon " The Power of darkness...!?
Heishin " That's right. I've  discovered the forbidden treasure... Here! Taste the
forbidden power of darkness!!!
Servant girl" Prince you! The high Mage heishin has invaded the palace! This
place is too Dangerous! We must leave at once!

Servant girl " No...
Seto "  Prince you... Did you hope to escape me? We meet again... All right men...
Away with this servant! I wish to speak with the prince.
Guard " By your command!
Servant girl " Prince you!
Guard " Be quite and come with us!

Seto " Why do you flee? you. Heishin already holds the king and queen captive.
Running away would only provoke heishin to end their lives... Is that what you want?
Well... I'll tell you what I want. Something that only one of royal blood would 
 the location of the Millennium Item. Tell me where it is an i'll spare the King 
and Queen!
You know where it is! So... Tell me!

?Refuse " Don't take me for a fool! You know where it is!!!

?Tell "Good... Now, talk!

Simon " My prince...!
Seto " Simon Muran!

Dear prince... Here is the Millennium Item... Take it... take it and run!!!

you gets Millennium puzzle!

Simon " You must keep this treasure from falling into the wrong hands of these
 vermin!!! The treasure is the final key to unlocking the seal to great power.
Should it fall in the hands of the wicked, it would mean armageddon...
Seto " Well, well... You couldn''t have brought it at a better time. Hand the key
over to me right now, and I might help the two of you escape from heishin.
Simon " Ignore this cur! He wags his tail at heishin's command! He's not to be
trusted! Leave him to me, my prince! You must escape!
Seto " Out of my way, oldman!
Simon " Go my prince! Run!

Run " Do not move! you are mine! I see you've found them, Seto. Well done.
Seto "Yes, my lord...
Heishin " You didn't think you'd escape me, did you? there's no point in resisting.
Admit your defeat...... And hand it over. Give me the Millennium Item!!!
Simon " Only one option remains, my prince. you Must do battle with Heishin.
Challenge him to a duel with your cards and the Millenium Item!

?Duel "

Loser Heishin "Not bad, boy... But you're wrong if you think I'm beaten!
another forced duel?..... I think your meant to lose...

Winner Heishin " Foolish Child! you've wasted my time! If you insist on keeping
the Millennium Puzzle, I'll just rip it from tour lifeless fingers!!!!
Out of my way, old man! Or else...
Simon "My prince! Shatter the Millennium Puzzle.... You must not hand it
over to this vile creature!
Heishin " Out of my way, old man! Get your hands off me!
Simon " Prince... The puzzle...... don't give them the puzzle...

?Don't shatter the puzzle " I beg you... the puzzle... Shatter it...
?Shatter the puzzle " No!!!

Simon " you...!? Thank goodness! You've awoken! We're inside the
 Millennium Puzzle. To be precise, your soul is now sealed within the
puzzle. I'm sorry, my prince. But this was the only way I could save
you and the puzzle. I couldn't allow you to simply hand over the puzzle
to the likes of heishin. The power of darkness that Heishin sought to
unravel could only lead to destruction. One day, When someone puts
the puzzle together again, you will live to walk among men. Until that
day comes... Sleep, my prince. I'm sure there is someone out there
destined to assemble the puzzle. In the end, that person and the Millennium
puzzle will guide you back to our world. Now rest, dear prince... Close you

Chapter 2

Jono " Hey! Yugi! Wake up, Yugi!"
Yugi " huh...?
Jono " you dozed off, fella!"
Yugi " Really...? Sorry...
Jono " What's the matter? So nervous you couldn't sleep last night?"
Yugi " I... had... a dream..."
Jono " you were dreaming!? Man! Nothing fazes you, Does it? C'mon.
 It's time
for the opening ceremony, Let's go."

Man in purple suit " Welcome to Yu-Gi-oh! World tournament, sponsored
by the Kaiba Corporation! We're now at the TOWN OF DOMINO where
selected duelists have gathered to decide who is number one!
Jono " That is it, Yugi.
Yugi " Yeah..."

Man in purple suit " the battles are about to begin... Before we start,
there are a few rules to explain... Tournament rules are divided between
the preliminaries and the Finals. For Example
Jono " who cares about the rules. All you gotta do is keep winnning! Right, Yugi?
Yugi " Huh? Yeah. I guess so...
Man in purple suit "... And now, a few words from our sponsor, Mr Kaiba!
Kaiba " I thank you for joining us in deciding the king of kings... Today we
duel to decide who is the Game Master... the ultimate duelist! And I, too,
am intent upon winning that honor...
Jono " That Kaiba gets on my nerves! If anybody puts him out of the
tournament, I hope it's me! Yugi, Im hoping to face you in the finals... Okay?
Yugi " Sure!
Man in purple suit " All right then, Ladies and gentlemen! May the best man
win! Let the duels begin!!!

Teana "Hi Yugi. I'm working part time at this card shop during the tournament.
 What do you want to do?

Explore your deck if you like. When you're done leave shop.

Man in purple suit " Preliminary Match #1 Yugi vs Rex Raptor.
Rex " Its been awhile, Yugi... Guess you're gonna be watching me in the finals!

He's not a total loser if you make one to many mistakes Because you don't
know how to select a card correctly. So make sure to totally understand the
controls for duels.

Winner Rex "
Loser Rex " You... You beat me!!! I don't believe it!!!

Now your returned to the shop. Do what you want.
your next opponent awaits!

Man in purple suit " Preliminary Match #2 Yugi vs Weevil Underwood!

Weevil " Hehehe... It's only fair to tell you... You ain't got a chance. My army
off insects will make mincemeat out of you!

this kid is really something. I have yet to make a deck to beat his 1700-2300
attacking monsters. I barely got past him after training for a day to get a few
rare Pass code cards.... I survived with only 150 LPs.

Winner Weevil " Harharhar!!! I'm a winner! I'm a winner! And you... You're a loser!
 Take a hike, loser! Buzz off!!!
Loser Weevil " I lost... I LOST!!! My army of insects... defeated by the likes of 

Man in purple suit " Preliminary Match #3 Yugi vs Valentine!

Valentine " You should have quit before you faced me. You're going to regret it!

Winner Valentine " My... That was easy... And I thought you were good!
Loser Valentine " I guess I lost... Oh well... I suppose I'll simply wish you luck!

I only won by using  Yami  Magic card and using fiend cards. Yami changes the
 field in favor of fiends and other dark but hurts Valentine whole deck... well 
 those dragons...

Man in purple suit " Preliminary Match #4 Yugi vs Bandit Keith!
Keith " Long time no see... I came to bury you, Yugi... Get ready for a thrashing!

Winner Keith "
Loser Keith " I... I... yai... yai Me... The card Professor... beaten... this kid!

Great your in the finals!
hum.. only 4 battles?

Chapter 3
Yami greets Yugi with 6 cards

Jono " Hiya Yugi! Hear you're winning...
Yugi " Yeah. How about you?
Jono " Me? Well, I ain't been eliminated yet! MAybe this time I will face you in
the finals!!!
Yugi " I hope so! But...!!!
Jono "Huh? Whats wrong, Yugi?
Yugi " Over there... I's shadi...
 Jono " What!?
Shadi " We meet again, Yugi.
Jono " What're you doin' here? you looking for something?
Shadi  I was summoned by Yugi's Millennium Item...
Yugi " the Millennium Puzzle?
Shadi " That is correct. My own Millennium Item is reacting as if it wants to be
here... Here and now. I believe that every last Millennium item is gathered here
at the tournament. My mission is to discover the secret of these items. That is
what brought me here.
Yugi " Shadi... I had a weird dream about the millennium Puzzle. There was another
guy like me in the dream, locked in the puzzle... In another world. It was a really
strange dream!
Shadi " I see... That might have something to do with Yami Yugi... Your dopelganger.
Yugi " My doppelganger...
Shadi " Yugi... Have you ever thought about meeting your dark twin?
Yugi " Me? Meet him?
Jono : And how's he gonna do that?
Shadi " We can use my Millennium Key to open your mind, Yugi. By delving
deep into your mind, you can probly meet the other you that lies within. Yami
yugi was born form the power of the Millennium Puzzle. He emerges from with
in you. The dream you had... Maybe he is trying to tell you something... I
think this might be the time to meet him and talk...
Yugi ... I see ehat you're saying. I'll go see him if you're willing to help me."
Okay... Here, Touch my Millennium Key. No w close your eyes. Relax...
open your mind...

Yugi " This is.. My mind...
Yami " And you... are me...
Yugi This is the first time I've met you... It's so... Strange. I can see inside
your mind. Don't need words... I can understand you...... Just l'll be facing
you.......... You want to return... back to your own world...... I want to help...
What do I have to do...? A... card...? the face... it's blank... wait! what is this

Jono " Yugi? Are you alright?
Yugi " Uh... Yeah.
Shadi " Did it work? Did you meet him?
Yugi " I met him... But... we only spoke briefly... He told me he was a prince
trapped in the puzzle a long time ago... He said he had to get back to his
own world... He asked me to help him get back. But I don't know how...
Jono " Yugi? What's that in got in your hand?
Yugi " Huh? This card...! He gave me this card in my minds world! He told
me to use it to free him... To send him back to his own world!
Jono " What is it, Shadi?
Shadi " I'm afraid I don't know... But it probably has something to do with
this Millennium Item.
Yugi " Six blank cards...  don't get it...
Jono " It's time to head back. We still have some duels to do.

Man in purple suit " Match #1 of the Finals! Yugi vs Shadi!
Shadi " Yugi... We were drawn to battle by our millennium Items. We were
destined to duel!

Winner Shadi "
Loser Shadi " Hm... I lost....
This is the finals..... not as hard as I though... Meda bat.... Huracail....
 Shadi "What the...?! My Millennium Key and Millennium scales!!!
They've been drawn into the cards.... so this is why the Millennium Items
were drawn to each other this day... Yugi, It seems your friend has
summoned the items together to absorb them into these cards.

Man in purple suit " Match #2 of the Finals! Yugi vs Bakura!

Bakura : Its odd. I had no intention of joining in this tournament... But my
Millennium ring called me to battle... Good to see you Yugi! Its high time
we proved who the real game Master is!!!

Winner Bakura "
Loser Bakura " Guess I won't be claiming the Game Master title...
... are they meant to lose so I can collect their Millennium Items with out
putting up a fight?.....
 Bakura " What the...!? My Millennium Ring! It's been sucked it to a card!
The ring... it.. used... me... Thanks, Yugi... I'm free of the Millennium Ring.

Man in purple suit " Quarter match Finals match! Yugi vs Pegasus!
Well, well... Yugi boy. You've come a long way. But now it's time to lose.

Winner Pegasus " Yugi boy... Victory is so sweet! You were foolish to
challenge me...
loser Pegusus " Defeat can be bitter...

I need to get High defense cards... also something thing of a one type deck...
Warrior DECK with sogen and other warrior magic cards... I'd beat him with a
Type deck of only 2-3 types.  I did it with Warriors and Beasts and magic cards
to power them up. I beat him is 8 turns. You need to do it fast too.

Pegasus "Oh dear! I don't believe it! My Millennium Eye...

Man in purple suit " SemiFinal Match Yugi vs Isis!

Isis " It's my pleasure to face you in battle, Yugi. But only one will walk away
victorious... ME!!!

Winner Isis "
Loser Isis" How... How could I lose...

Pegasus has a double here... She isn't as hard but it you are too slow to
attack your sunk...

Isis " What...?My Millennium Necklace... It's being drawn into a card!?

Man in purple suit " well, this is it!!! Our Finalists are the Amazing Kaiba...
And the undefeated Yugi!!!
Kaibi "I thought I might b facing you, Yugi... My Millennium rod is the Final 
But the Rod whispers to me that I must defeat you. Yugi! Prepare to lose!!!

Kaiba winner "
Kaiba Loser " This cannot be... Me...? Defeated...?
gotta love Celtic knight with Sogen and Legendary sword :p Had to use Raigeki on
his toons in the nick of time
Yugi "...

Kaiba " What the...!? light...! So bright...! My Millennium Item.. Drawn into... 
into a
Yugi " I now have all the cards with the Millennium Items...

you... Is that what you wanted...?

Chapter 4
 Time to return to the main story line.

Simon" you... You've done it! Now you can go back to your own world. You have
 that boy to thank for this... Yugi... If I may be so bold, I believe the boy 
whats you are to be. Now, with the Millennium Items pulling at each other over 
The portal to our world can be opened. Heishin now has six of the Millennium Items
 and rules over an expansive real. Using his Items, he has managed to unleash a
portion of the powers of darkness. He has placed each item in temples located at
each conquered area to protect his holdings. Prince you... You must retrieve all the
Millennium Items... And seal them away once and for all. The location of the temples
containing the Millennium Items can be found in the ruins... My time has come...
I have done all that I can do. My flesh is no more... These will be my last words 
to you,
you. he rest is up to you. May success be yours...

Made it back... This looks like the ruins of a temple. There's nobody here...

Now you have the choice of places

Shrine of glory
This looks like the ruins of a temple.

Vast Shrine
Guard " Boy, This is a sacred temple of Lord Heishin... It is not for the likes of 

King's Valley
Sadin "Who's That!? None may enter the valley of the kings! Leave!?! My... my 
You're alive!!! I am Sadin! For generations, my family has guarded this valley! 
Please rest
assured that I've kept Heishin out of this valley, My prince. I'm sorry about what 
to the Pharaoh and the Queen... The Vile ones have taken over this land. But, now...
Now that you're alive...... There is hope once again for everybody.

?Go to parents' tomb
The remains of the Pharaoh and Queen are not here...I'm sorry to say that Heishin 
allow it.

?Go to Forbidden Ruins
the Forbidden ruins?! Simon Muran said it was here? I'm sorry, but I've never seen 
such a place.
There are so many tombs for royalty, nobody knows which tunnel leads to where... If 
there's a
Forbidden Tomb, I don't know where it is... My apologies, good prince... Anything 
else, my

?Leave this place
If you require my services, you can always find me here.

Pharaoh's Palace
There's nobody here...


?Don't enter

Old card shop
Everything's destroyed... There's nobody around...

Old dueling ground
Jono " Hey! You! Wow! You're alive!!! I never dreamed that I'd see you again, you! 
I still
can't believe it! Y'know, I was really surprised when I first learned that you were 
a prince! It's good to see you! I never dreamed that you'd manage to get away!!! 
This place has changed since you disappeared. It's a sad situation, but the duels 
go on... At a secret location nearby. c'mon, I'll take you there. Lets go!

Jono " Here ya go... This is where we set up our new dueling grounds. You, the mages
spent days trying to find out where you might've run off to. When we said we had no
Idea that destroyed our old dueling grounds... That's why me and the Card shop owner
moved the dueling grounds down here.

Teana " you! You're alive
Jono " What'd ya expect!? Rovest isn't dumb enough to be caught!
Teana " You know, it's a miracle that you managed to elude them.
Jono " yeah. those guys've taken over the entire kingdom. They do as they please...
control everything...
Jono " They wield some kind of strange magic... Nobody can stand up to 'em! the way
things are going, we'll have to live down here for the rest of our lives... you... 
Feel like
dueling? It beats moping around just worrying about things...

?Duel with Jono
Jono " I got a feeling today's my day! Man! I was so sure that I was gonna win this 
Looks like i'm just gonna have to try harder...
?Duel with Teana

exit and reEnter to be able to choose Dueling grounds or card shop.

Pharaoh's Palace
There's nobody here...


Guard " Who are you!? No one's allowed here! Out! Get out!

You know your cards well, boy... I underestimated you...

This room... it used to be simon's room
Search it. You discover an ancient papyrus! Its a map to the forbidden ruins. This 
map should
lead to the Forbidden Ruins...
Go to  the Kings Valley.

Sadin " So Master Simon did leave behind a clue to the whereabouts of the ruins... 
Let me see...
Right! I know where this is. Please, follow me... Further on... You'll find the 
room marked
on the map. Oh my... I've heard stories about this place before... The sorcerers...
they hid the secret of their magic within the Royal tomb... It's rumored that some 
of the
secrets were passed on to their descendents. So this is the place... There's a 
drawing on
this wall depicting the past... And over there...... Some kind of map...

?look at map
Sadin "This map... There's some kind of mark...
Seto " That drawing on the wall marks the location of the Millennium Items. And now,
It renewals where Heishen has hidden his Millennium Items. The mages will remain
powerful as long as the Millennium Items remain in the temple...... Providing
them with a source for their magic.

?look at drawing

Sadin "It looks like a drawing of some sort of spell... Could this be describing one
of the Forbidden items?

Sadin " You!
Seto " I followed you hear. I've been searching for the forbidden Ruins myself. I 
Believe that Heishin's found this place as well. With that drawing on the wall to 
him, he discovered the Millennium Item. He may be a mage, but he comes from a line 
sorcerers. He plans to find all the Millennium Items so that he ma rule over the 
one day...
Sadin " And why would heishin's lackey tell us all this!?
Seto " Why? You'll find out soon enough, But first let's see what Prince you is 
capable of.
You now know where to find the high mage... If you're half the card master that you 
think you
are, use your Millennium items and defeat them!
Sadin " We don't have to listen to you...
Seto " Im not talking to you, tomb keeper! I speak to your prince! Farewell!
Sadin " Hold it! I smell a rat. Seto... He's Heishin's right-hand man. Why in the 
would he want to help you? My prince, I advise caution. There is more to this than 
the eye.

Sadin I sense there may be more secrets hidden within that chamber... My prince... 
Be wary
of the Vile designs of Heishin and his minions. I will always be here for you. If 
need me, All you have to do is call on me.

Now 6 new places are open.

Green guy " Who...!? You...!? PRince you! I'm amazed that you 've made it this far! 
Too bad...
You'll never leave here alive!!!

MAn this guy is Tough.....

Green Guard "You'll regret this victory... For you'll be facing the grand power of 
High Mage

Kepura "  I am the guardian of the plains... I am the High Mage Kepura. You are the 
of light... The owner of the Millennium Puzzle. Our Millennium Item is not for the 
likes of
you... It must never be yours! The Millennium Item is master Heishin's and our Key 
to world
Domination. First, I will defeat you... Then, I will take your Millennium Puzzle 
and offer it to
Master Heishin. Prepare to Defend yourself!

So... this... is the power of light... Heishin... my lord... I have failed you...
you gets the Millenium Eye!!!

 I am the protector of the mountains... High mage Ztenza... The millennium item you 
seek is
under my protection. If you wish to have it, You must face down the wrath of my 
mountain deck.
prepare for battle!!!

How could this be...? Me...? Defeated...?
you get the millennium ring!!!

I am the high Mage Secmeton... Since the time of the immortals, it has been our 
duty to protect
the Millennium items... And we shall never allow them to fall in to your hands! 
Prepare to face
my sea Deck! Prepare to meet your doom! you shall pay dearly for your folly!.

You... are... powerful... But you don't stand a chance against the power of Master 
 you got Millennium Necklace

I am the ruler of the forest... I am High Mage Anubisius... Here I stand to protect 
Millennium Item entrusted to me by lord Heishin... This is where the Millennium 
Item belongs.
And this is where it will remain!!! It is our destiny to protect the item that 
powers our magic!
Prepare to face my Forest Deck! Prepare to battle! And prepare to lose!!!

No this cannot be!!! Master Heishin shall avenge me...! I'll... see... in... in...
you gets the Millennium Key

I am High Mage Martis... Lord of the Desert. I am forsworn to protect the
Millennium Item. It is me destiny to eliminate you!!! Let the desert be your 
Defend yourself!!!

The desert claims me this day...
you gets the Millenium Scales!

Now head back to the New dueling grounds SAVE then go talk to Jono.

Jono " We got some Trouble! Seto and the mages came here while I was gone... They 
off with Teana! They want you, you... They figure they can drag you off with Teana 
as a bait!!!
C'mon, you. Let's go to the shrine and rescue Teana!

This is it... This place gives me the creeps... To be honest, I really don't like 
being here.
Seein' how there's no mage around to stop us, we can asume they're waiting for us. 
C'mon, let's

bald man "Its gives me great pleasure to welcome you fools to your own funeral!
Jono " Scram! We got bigger fish to fry!

Duel him and get over is Para and Dox deck.... not an easy task.

Jono " Look, ignore this guy... Let's move on!

Go Right Right Left Right

Jono " We've come for Teana!
Seto My,my... I am surprised that you passed the trials of the labyrinth...
Jono " Are you kidding! We could of done it with both our hands tied behind our 
Is that the best you can do?!
Set Ah, the hostage... You can have her back. I didn't use her as bait to take your
precious item... I did it so I could guide you to Heishin's chambers. You'll find
him in the temple ahead. Face him! Defeat him!
Jono " Don't listen to him, you! It's a trap!!!
Seto " Don't be a fool... I'm giving you an opportunity to defeat Heishin... Can 
you afford to
ignore such a chance?
?Go ahead

Seto "You've made a wise choice, dear prince.
Jono " You wanna go on, You? If that's what you wanna do, I won't stop you... But 
be careful,
willya? We'll be waiting for you!
Teana " Yes. We'll be waiting for you...

?Ignore the chance
Seto If you don't go now, you'll never have another chance...
Seto " Heishin's Dark Shrine lies just up ahead... Along the way you'll find mages 
have sworn to protect him. It is wise to be cautious...

Armored Reptile weirdo Mage" Halt!
Armored WingedBeast weirdo Mage" You are forbidden to proceed any further!
Sebek " So Speaketh the Royal Mages Sebek the Powerful and...
Neku " Neku the Skillful! This is where is all ends...
Sebek " Prepare to lose!!!

Lets.... fight a  weirdo or reset... fight a weirdo or reset... Lets see if you can 
out one of these Para and Dox twins.

Sebek " Curse you, you... You've won for now... But Neku... He shall defeat you!!!
Neku " I thought sebek would be defeated... Let's see what you've got!!!

Hum.... now its twedle dum.... Hum... I think you'll need to get three Blue Eyed 
White Dragons
and in one and platy all three in a fusion for the THREE-HEADED Blue eyed white 

Neku " So this... This is... your power... I underestimated you...

Heishin " Its been sometime since last we met, boy! I salute you for making it this 
far... But
it all ends here. I haven't come this far to be beaten by a child!!!

"I will beat him this time" I say to my self after getting up to him for the 5th 
time. And
after that I lost again. Did you ever notice that a Sangan with a deck of cards on 
its back
walks across the GameOver screen if you wait 60 seconds?.... hat ritual card and 
the three
gods are just CRAZY bad if you get my drift. If ya don't. All I can say is get 3 
Raigeki. And
you have a better chance of pulling out all five pieces of exodia then beating him.

Even if you get to Heishin. His deck has three Widespread ruins trap cards. They 
kill an
attacking card when it attacks but before it can take out a card. Then there's his 
monsters. Even if you had cards like the Ultimately perfect moth and Zoa you'd need 

Heishin "Ridiculous... Me... Defeated by this... This child!!! No... I won't let it 
end this

Seto " Well done... Now all the items have gathered as one... Let us head for the 
ruins... You... It's time to end this farce. I will defeat you once and for all. 
And all the
items will be mine! Don't looks to surprised... I only helped you because I needed 
you for my
plans. I served Heishin as his right hand man in hopes of stealing the Millenium 
Items one day.
 And then you came along. You found the temple, and you won each of the precious 
Saving me the trouble of doing it myself!!! In short, you were nothing more then a 
pawn in my
designs! I could never allow lowly humans such as you or Heishin to take those 
items... They
belong to the Highborn... They can only be held by a noble... One such as myself. 
This place
is home to my forefathers... The royal tomb of those who prospered wielding the 
dark  power...
Do you know why this place is Forbidden Ruins? It is because of... THIS!!! The 
Millenium Items
represent a pact... an agreement for tapping the powers of Darkness. The ancients 
kings and
sorcerers gain supreme power from the Dark Lord And now I intend to summon him... 
Here, to
these very chambers... I will renew that pact, and regain the power to rule over 
all!!! And
now... The final battle! I will eliminate  you once and for all. The items shall be 

Another battle and I didn't even have a chance... to save! and so you must either 
beat him or
struggle to get back here to lose again. Remember to waste unneeded cards in fusion 
by selecting
that unneeded card/s then the Card you plan to bring out. This way you'll get the 
cards you'd
like to have in your hand.

Seto " Not like this... To come this close... And lose to you... Please... Not like 

?Destroy Items

?Don't destroy
Heishin" Hold it right there!!! If you wish to let Seto live, Hand over the 
Millenium Items.
Did you think me foolish enough to fall for this cretin's ploy? I've know he 
descended from the
Dark household for some time now. I closed my eyes to his treachery, and staged my 
defeat so I
could discover his true intentions! Perhaps you thought me senile? Blind to your 
pitiful plans?
Thanks to you, I now stand in the Forbidden Chamber that can only be opened by one 
of the
Come... Hand over the items and I'll spare this fool.

?Hand over the Items
Seto "No...

Heishin " Hahah!!! I did it! They're mine at last!!! Now I can summon the 
DarkNite!!! You
princes of a lost dynasty... You are privileged to see the birth of a new king! A 
new age! Come
to me, Darkness!!! Grant me the power!!! Grant me the world!!! I welcome you 
by your ancient pact... I command you to obey!!!

DarkNite " Hehehe... I return after thousands of years, and what do i find...? You 
command me
to what?
Heishin " Obey! you must obey... It's in the ancient pact!
DarkNite "I've made no pact with the likes of you... Why should I be compelled to 
obey you...?
Heishin " The Items... The Millennium Items! I have them all!!!
DarkNite " The Millennium Items? I see no items...
Heishin " Of course you don't! I used them... I used them to summon you! And now 
you must
the pact! You must obey me!!!
DarkNite " I weary of this conversation...
Heishin " No... No!!! Don't! Doooooon't!!!

DarkNite " That's better... You look better as a card.
Heishin " Help! Help meeeeeeee!!!
DarkNite " This is the noisiest card I've ever created...... not to mention, the 
ugliest one
too. Frankly, it doesn't deserve a place in my deck.
Heishin " Nooooooooooooooooo!!!
DarkNite " Oops... Long have I shared my power through the cards I've created... It 
is now time
that I collected the price for my power. And the best place to start is with this 
planet...these miserable creatures...
Seto "You!!! Your deck! It still contains the Millennium Card... The card you used 
to return to
this world... Use them! Use the cards to send that thing back...
DarkNite " Heheheh... I think the two of you will be great additions to my personal 
Seto " We still hold one card that represents our pact with you.
DarkNite " I see that you do. But I don't intend to go back empty-handed after 
coming all this
way... I'll will you what... I'll give you one choice. It's only fair that the 
course of our
pact be decided with the cards. Beat me in a duel, and I will go home... quietly. 
Now, come
on... Let's play...

DANG MAN! I have to fight him?!?! he isn't that bad. Better the seto.

Th... this is not fair! ME...!? ME!? I cannot lose!!! I created the cards!!! No... 
No... I

man do I wish they just game this guy a voice... I mean the way his armor looks. 
His deck is
something to be worshipped... oh. wait. he's a god already being worshipped....


......That day, seto left the ruins... never to be seen again. Egypt was unified 
once again
under the rule of You. To protect mankind, he ordered...... the Forbidden Ruins to 
be buried.
You became the greatest of pharaohs, Bringing prosperity to all he ruled. The vile 
mages were
no more. This was the tale of you, he whom we call... Yu-Gi-oh

And so ends the game Campaign But after the credits you get a code.
I dunno yet what the code is for but write it down.

now you can play the game once again from the start and still have all your cards.

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