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  • Role-Playing, First-Person Action RPG
  • Pegasus Crawford
  • Konami
  • Everyone
  • February 7, 2002


Zoa And Labyrith Tank

For Zoa beat the Guardian Sebek. For the Labyrinth Tank beat the Labyrinth Mage. If I find out more cards you can win by playing free duel I will let you know. If you tried to buy Zoa and Labyrinth Tank it will cost you 999,999 star chips.

Dark Elf

Here something for dark elf use 2 dark energy and a couple of female equip cards you well make her atk 4000.

Dancing Kuriboh

On campaign mode, lose the game and a screen comes up with a broken Millenium Puzzle saying "Game Over" wait enough time, and a Kuriboh holding duelist cards should pop up hopping across the screen.

Beat The Game - FINALLY!

Defeat DarkNite 10 times, then get through the labrinth 1 more time & Heishin will be there with Seto 2nd. Let them talk, then Seto will battle you for Teana. If you win, you can't do anything except duel Jono, Teana, villager 1, or villager 2 in the hidden duel ground, but if you lose, you have to keep beating Seto untill you win.

Who Wants Meteor B. Dragon?

This is a great card to have Atk(3500) Def(2000), but it will take a lot of battles in free duel with the low meadow mage (It took me about 200 times to get 3 of them). Other great cards to get are the Dark Magician, Skull Knight, Gaia the Fierce Knight and Curse of Dragon, all of which are 999,999 starchips to buy.

Unbeatable Monster

Judge man put 3 books of secret arts and 3 legendary swords and change the field to the meadow his total power is 5700 attack and 5000 defence

Unstoppable Monster Better Then Nekogal # 2

For a really hard hitter and the strongest monster card is judge man why. Judge Man power is 2200 attack , 1500 defence but add 3 Book of secret arts and 3 legendary swords to him makes his total power 5200 attack and 4500 defence and in the meadow his power is 5700 attack and 5000 defence thanks for reading this any new codes e_mail me at [email protected]

Fusion Fo Dark Energy

To get Dark Energy, fuse 2 Yami's

Fusion For MegaMorph

To get MegaMorph, fuse 2 Dian Keto's together

Fusion For Summoned Skull

To get a summoned skull, just fuse a "job change mirror" with a "tainted wisdom"

Forget Red Eyes

If you want a strong dragon, don't go for the Red Eyes Black Dragon (74677422). It cost 9999999 starchips. A stronger dragon for way less stars is Seiaryu (06740720). It only cost 1700 stars, and it can get all the same power-ups Like the advantage from the mountains. The only real disadvantage, is that you can't fuse it w/ Summoned Skull.

Super Strength

First off, you are going to need 2 memory cards for this. Start a new game and emediately look at the cards in your deck. Go to the magic cards. look for any magic cards that might be useful in powering up your monsters. Put them in your chest (While you are at it, take a few Raigeki's too.) save the game, and reset your consol.put in your other memory card and trade all of the cards that you took from the other deck to yours. Repeat until you have 3 of all the cards you need. transfer the cards into your deck and power up your monster until it is at its maximum strngth.

Get Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!!

To get Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon all you have to do is get three Blue-Eyes White Dragons and fuse them together!! This card is about 4000/3500.

Getting Dark Magician

To get Dark Magician 2500atk/2100def you can duel Low Medow Mage many times to get this good card. Note: This takes time so be patient.

Getting Red Eyes Black Dragon

Red Eyes Black Dragon is a good card with 2400atk/2000def I like this card. All you have to do is duel Jono 2nd many many times for this rare card. Note: I had to beat him about 40 times for it.

Who Wants Summoned Skull?

If You Like Yugi's deck you had better read this fusion: Embryonicbeast + Timewiard = none other than Summoned skull!

Form The Two Best Cards

To form the two best cards form Blue Eyes White Dragon with Red Eyes Black Dragon, or form Exodia with Blue Eyes White Dragon.

Great Cards For New Players!

"Twin-headed thunder dragon(THTD)" is a great card to use during the game. All 
you need is "Dragon", "Electric/Thunder", or the "Dragon Zombie" card(s). Below 
are the fusions! 

"Dragon" + "Electric/Thunder" + "Dragon" = "THTD"

"Dragon Zombie" + "Electric/Thunder" = "THTD"

Labrynth Help

Go to the Labrynth Right, Right, Left, Right.

Fusions I Know So Far

Pot The Trick+Flaming Viper
Happy Lover+Princess of T.(I dont remember full 
GrassFire+Flaming Ghosht
ShadowSpecter+Morphing Jar
Pot The Trick+Shadow Specter
Swordsman From Foreign place+Green 
Flaming Viper+Mystical Sheep #2
Milus Radiant+Mechanical snail
Milus Radiant+Mechanical Spider
Cyber Commander+Kangenshin(something like that)
Mystery Hand+Musk of Fungus (you can also include 
Milus Radiant after those two)
GigaTechWolf(might have to fuse first)+ Milus 
Shadow Specter+Candle of Fate
Key Mace+Shadow Specter
Key Mace+Wishwar Randi
Key Mace+Queens Double(you can also add Dig Beak
Dig beak+Ancient Brain
Guardian of Labaryth+Cyber Stein
Phantom Ghost+BooKoo
Fiends Hand+Hyo
Guardian of Labaryth+Milus Radiant
BooKoo+Shadow Specter
White Dolphin+Dig Beak
Milus Radiant+Bat
The Dreck+T. Dragon Scroll
Queen Double+Bat
Milus Radiant+Jinzo #7
Juggler+Dark Gray
Phantom Ghost+Phantom Dewman
Mega Thunderball+Hurricail
Little Swordsman+T. Dragon Scroll
Milus Radiant+Kangishen
White Dolphin+Dark Gray
Kangishen+Dharma Cannon
Little Swordsman+Fiends Hand (can keep going with 
Hyo and then add Mega Thunderball)
T. Dragon Scroll+M. Light
Milus Radiant+KeyMace
Queens Double+White Dolphin

Great Magic Cards

you know how hard it is to defeat duelest with very rare and powerful cards. Well iv'e got your anwser magic cards. Like for example crush card thats pretty powerful but it will cost you 999,999 starchips thats alot.but if your really determind to get card you might as well save up for a powerful as well like blue eyes white dragon.p.s:if you need the code it's 89631139 but that will also cost you 999,999 starchips as well.


seiyaryu very strong creature card# name:seiyaryu level:5 type: wingedbeast g.s.:uranus/moon attack/defense:2500/2400 code# 06740720 description: strong pink dragon get:1700 starchips

Card Combination For Combinig

Dark fire dragon + la-la loon=Thunder dragon
Time wizard + baby dragon= Thousand dragon
Metal dragon + monsturtle= Sea king dragon 
baby dragon + machine attacker= meatal dragon
dark fire dragon + Zombie warrior= dragon zombie
snake hair + metal dragon= curse of dragon
thousand dragon + la-la loon= twin headed thunder dragon
vemillion sparrow + skull red bird= crisun bird 

The Perfect Attack

First you will need to let the other duelest play a monster then you will need the following cards. A monster of your own, perferably oppest what has been played, (if he plays a liveing monster you use undead) and visa-Versa. Then you will need a Mearge Magic card, and the Arrow of Light. Use then in that order here and you can mearge your Monster with the Monster of the other Duelest. Inessents Helping, or Hurting his monster your choice by the monster you play.

The Best Defence

First you need the first monster any deck starts with with a attack power lower then 200. Then you will need Copy Monster card. By Combinaing them you will make a Defense that nothing can beat.

How To Get An Unstoppable Monster

Get Key Mace and Little Chimera then fuse them together and make Nekogal #2.After that put The Magic card Sogen, two Silverbow And Arrow and two Electro-whips in your hand if you have them making that monster's attack power to 4400 and def power to 4500.

Getting The Right Arm Of The Forrbidden One

To get the right arm of the forbiddin one just defeat Villerger3. Then go to Free duel and keep on dueling him.


-Psychic Kappa + Monsturtle= Hyosube
-Key Mace + Weather Control= Dark Witch
-Petit Dragon + Wretched Ghost of the Attic= Blackland Fire Dragon
-Fungi of the Musk + King Fog= Dark world Thorns
-Psychic Kappa + King Fog= Kappa Avenger
-Supporter in the Shadow + Embryonic Beast= Tiger Axe
-Wolf + Dharma Cannon= Dice Armadillo
-Petit Dragon + Supporter in the Shadow= Dragon Statue
-Synchar + Wings of Wicked Flame= Flame Cerebrus

Summon The Unstopable Exodia

To Summon Exodia, You must first have the Left Arm of the Forbidden One, The Right Arm, The Left Leg, The Right Leg, and the Head in your deck. To Summon him have all 5 cards in your hand. You are not suppossed to have them in the Field. When you have all five cards, a star will appear. Then it will show him doing his attack. When this happens all of your opponents cards in play will be destroyed and all life points will be at 0. The duel is over.

At The End.

At the end when you get all the milluemum items, your face two mages with atc power of 2,000 to 3,300. Then you face heshian he is srong. From 2,500 to 4,000. if you have hte right cards you can beat him. Then you face seto. Again!! He has three blue eyes ultimate dragons. Have power ups up to 5000. If you need game shark codes email me i have all the power up s and more. The you face the old princess that hesihan rose from the dead but he is very easy to beat. You ave to beat him two times the when the scrolls of the people who made are over you get a code. I cant tell you what is is cause you have to find out.

Go Straight To Seto Kaiba Tourny

To go straight to Seto Kaiba Tourny continuasly talk to Simon Muran until The High Mage invades the palace,destroy the millenium puzzle and you will be trapped inside it with Simon Muran and you will be at the tourny as Yu-Gi Moto.

Millenium Shield


Card # :362
Name :Millennium shield
Level : 5
Type : Warrior
G.S. : Uranus Mars
Attack/Deffense :0/3000
Code # :32012841  200   
Description : A Millennium Item candidate that 
is said to block any powerful attacks.
Get :

Passwords To Unlock Characters

If you look on the bottom left-hand corner of the collectible card game cards, you'll see an eight- digit number. This is a password to unlock the character on the card. A few may not work (they may not be included or perhaps need to be unlocked later) but most of them do.

Get Summoned Skull

Go to Password, then put in the password 70781052. WARNING: This card costs 999,999 starchips.

Celtic Guardian

Card # :041
Name : Celtic Guardian
Level : 4
Type :  warrior
G.S. :Sun Uranus
Attack/Deffense : 1400/1200
Code # : 91152256    120
Description : An elf, who learned to wield a sword, bffles enemies with lightning attacks.
Get :

Baby Dragon

Card # :004
Name : Baby Dragon 
Level : 3
Type : Dragon
G.S. :  Uranus
Attack/Deffense : 1200/700
Code # : 88819587   999999 
Description : Much more than just a child, this dragon is gifted with untapped power.
Get :

Mystic Elf

Card # : 002
Name : Mystical Elf
Level :  4 
Type : Spellcaster
G.S. :  Sun Jupiter
Attack/Deffense : 800/2000
Code # : 
Description :A delicate elf that lacks in offence but has terrific Defense backed by 
mystical power.
Get : By Password

Trap & Magic Card Trick

When you fighting a dueler who uses a lot of trap and magic cards...once they have 4 magic or trap cardz out you will automatically get a black hole card. (If it came with you in the Beginning)

Learn Combonations

If you verse Duelist Master K, then he will use your cards, so when he combines something then remember the combo and use it against your opponents in a duel.

Get Better Cards

To get better cards, just verse better duelists.

Earn Star Chips

Go to free duel and vs. the easiest duelists and keep on winning. S rank 5 starchips, A rank 4 starchips, B rank 3 starchips, C rank 2 starchips, and D rank 1 starchip.


More Good Card Codes

Baron of the Fiend Sword-86325596
Spike Sedra-85326399
Mystic Clown-47060154
Amored Zombie-20277860
Red Archery Girl-65570596
Amored Lizzard-15480588
Ancient Elf-93221206
Witty Phantom-36304921
Ancient Lizzard Warrior-43230671
Sorcerer of the Doomed-49218300
Giant Solider of Stone-13039848
Blue-Winged Crown-41396436
Rogue Doll-91939608
Note: You will need a certain number of starchips!!!!!

Get Blue-Eyes White Dragon

To get it enter this password 89631139, but it cost 999999 starchips.

Some Very Good Codes

Blue Eyes White Dragon 89631139

Sword Arm of Dragon 13069066

Swamp Battlegaurd 40453765

Flame Swordsman 45231177

Right Leg of the Forbidden One 08124921

Right Leg of the Forbidden One 44519536

Left Arm oh the Forbidden One 07902349

Exodia the Forbidden One 33396948

Summoned Skull 70781052

Judge Man 30113682

Dark Magician 46986414

Gaia the Dragon Champion 66889139

Gaia the Feirce Knight 06368038

Curse of Dragon 28279543

Hercules Beetle 15025844

Great Moth 15025844

Harpie Lady 76812113

Harpie Lady Sisters 12206212

Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth 46579379

Thousand Dragon 4142083

Megazowler 75390004

Red Eyes Black Dragon 15025844

King of Yamakai 69455834

Catapult Turtle 95727991

Metal Gaurdian 68339286

Rabid Horseman 95905343

Pumking the King of Ghosts 29155212

Roaring Ocean Snake 15025844

Raigeki 1250477

Dian Keto the Master Cure 84257639

Sword of Revealing Light 72302403

Spellbinding Circle 18807108

Yamadron 70345785

Seiaryu 06740720

Millenium Sheild 32012841

Wall Shadow 63163210

Labrynth Tank 99551425

Sanga of the Thunder 25955164

Kazejin 15025844

Suijin 98434877

Gate Gaurdian 25833572

Swordstalker 50005633

Parrot Dragon 62762898

Bickuribox 25655502

Harpies Pet Dragon 52040216

Launcher Spider 87322377

Zoa 24311372

Metal Zoa 50705071

Ushi Oni 48649353

Machine King 46700124

Black Skull Dragon 11901678

Twin Headed Thunder Dragon 54752875

Kaminari Attack

put in on the passwords list 09653271

Hard Hiters!

Gaia The Fierce Kight



Curse Of Dragon

Summoned skull

Sword Stalker

Dark Magician(Yu-Gi's Fave)

Blue-Eyes White Dragon(Seto's fave)THE BEST

Combining Cards

flame swordman+silver fang= flame cerebous mammoth graveyard+dragon zombie=great mammoth of the goldie Rightarm of the forbiden one+Ancient jar=Ushi Oni to make him stronger use the yami card and use the axe flame sworman+wood clown nemuriko+dnancing elf=dark elf giathe fiercenight+curse of dragon=gia the dragon champion summon skull+red eyes black dragon= black skull dragon blue eyes white dragon+blue eyes white dragon+blue eyes white dragon=blue eys ultamite dragon

Password For Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth

To get Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth , just input password 48579379 but it cost 999999 star clips.

More Monster Codes 2

Parrot Dragon-62762898 Dark Rabbit-99261403 Bickuribox-25655502 Harpie pet Dragon-52040216 Zoa-24311372 Metal Zoa-50705021 Kaiser Dragon-94566432 Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon-54757875 Mega Morph(magic)-22046459 Mech fish-55998462 Roaring Ocean Snake-19066538 Empress Judge-15237615

More Monster Codes

Harpie lady-76812115 Harpie lady sisters-12206212 Thousand dragon-41462083 Black skull dragon-11401678 Yamadron-70345785 Zera the mant-69123138 Labrith wall-67284908 Labrith tank-99551425 Sanga of thunder-25955164 Kazejin-62340868 Suijin-98434877 Dungeon Worm-51228260 Monster tamer-97612389

Card Codes

Follow Wind-98252586
Flame Manipulator-34460851
Final Flame-73134081
Fiend Reflection #2-02863439
Enchanting Mermaid-75376965
Drouling Lizard-16353197
Dragon Capture Jar-50045299
Darkfire Dragon-17881964
Dark King of the Abyss-53375573
Dark Hole-53129443
 Dark Gray-09159938
Charuah the Fire Knight-33421579
Celtic Guardian-91152256
Beast Fanges-46009906
Basic Insect-89091579
Armored Starfish-17535588
Sand Stone-73051941
Silver Fang-90357090
Skull Red Bird-1020894
Skull Servant-32274490
Spike Seadra-85126399
Spirt of the Harp-80770678
Witty Phantom-36304921
Vile Germs-39774685
Two-Mouth Dark Ruler-57305373
Trir Wire Beast-45042329
turtle Tiger-37313348
Trial of Hell-77827521
The Furious-1871070
The 13th Grave-00032864
Terra the Terrible-63308047
Steel ogre Groito #1-29172562
Mammoth Graveyard-40374923
Mecnine Conversion Factory-25769732
M-warrior #1-56342351
M-warrior #2-92731455
Lesser Dragon-55444629
King Fog-84686841
Karbnala Warrior-54541900
Kagemusha of the Blue Flame-15401692
Hitotsu-Me Giant-76184692
Hard Armor-20060230 
Green Phantom King-22910685
Giant Solder of Stone-13039848
Gaia the Ferice knight-06368038
Beaver Warrior-32452818
Gemini Elf-69140018

Card Codes

Feather Broom-18144506
Crush Card-57728570
Chained Boormerang-37390589
Acid pit-41356845
Millenium Shield-32012041
Black Hole-53129443
Blue Eyes Whight Dragon-89631139
Summoned Skull-70781052
Dark Magician-46986414
Curse of Dragon-28279543
Stop Defense-63102017
Sords of Reveling Light-72302403
Time Wizard-71625222
Wides Preddruion-77754944
Exodia the Forbodin One
  Right arm-70903634
  Left arm-07902349
  Right leg-08124921
  Left leg-44519536

Ritual Cards

Card Number:   Password:
700-           77454922       
699-            31066283
698-            04561679
697-            78577570
696-            41182875
695-            05783166
694-            39399168
693-            02304453
691-            39411600
680-            79699070
679-            43694075
678-            16206366
676-            43417563
675-            17928958
674-            81933259
673-            54539105
672-            18144506
671-            81756897
670-            55761792
667-            56483330
666-            29089635
665-            83094937

Good Cards

Feral Imp-41392891
Celtic Guardian-91152256
Siver Fang-90357090
Black Skull Dragon-11901678
Flame Cerbrus-60862676
Red Eyes Black Dragon-74677422
Skull Red Bird-10202894
The 13th Grave-00032864
Tripwire Beast-45042324
Dark Magician-46986414
Summoned Skull-70781052
Mamoth Graveyard-40374923
Gia The Fierce Knight-06369038
Gemini Elf-69140098
Flame Swordsman-45231177
Blue Eyes White Dragon-89631139
Aqua Madoor85639257
Beaver Warrior- 32452818

Card Codes

You will need a certain amount of star chips!!!

ANSATSU 48365709
ANCIENT ELF 93221206
FERAL IMP 41392891
JUDGE MAN 30113682
RUDE KIASER 26378150
KING FOG 84686841
ROGUE DOLL 91939608
KOJIKOCY 01184680
GREAT WHITE 13429800
SILVER FANG 90357090
TRAP MASTER 46461247
THE 13th GRAVE 00032864
GARVAS 69780745


Dragon: Advantage Mountain
spellcaster: Advantage Dark
Zombie: Advantage Wasteland
Warrior: Advantage Prairie
Beast-Warrior: Advantage Forest/Prairie
Beast: Advantage Forest
Winged-Beast: Advantage Mountain

Black Skull Dragon

A Very Strong Dragon. It is RED Eyes Black Dragon and Summoned Skull fused. This card is 99999 star chips:

Card # :217
Name : B. Skull Dragon
Level : 8
Type : Dragon
G.S. : Moon Jupiter 
Attack/Deffense : 3200/2500
Code # : 11901678   999999
Description : A very rare creature from the 
fusion of uncommon beast and Vicious dragon.
Get :

Gemini Elf

Another Very Strong Creature:

Card # :532
Name :Gemini Elf
Level : 4
Type : Spellcaster
G.S. : Sun Uranus
Attack/Deffense : 1900/900
Code # : 69140098  160
Description : Elf twins that attack an enemy 
from opposite sides.
Get :

Flame Cerberus

This card is very strong for beginners:

Card # :529
Name :Flame Cerberus
Level :6
Type : Pyro
G.S. : Mars Pluto
Attack/Deffense : 2100/1800
Code # :60862676   550 
Description : A flaming beast that is lethal to 
the touch.
Get :

Get Flame Swordsman

Go to Password, then put in the password 45231177. This card costs 320 starchips.

Monster Codes By Mike

Feral Imp-41392891
Summoned Skull-70781052
Mammoth Graveyard-40374923
Celtic Guardian-91152256
Curse of Dragon-28279543
Dragon Capture Jar-50045299
Flame Swordsman-45231177 (My Favorite)
Red Eyes Black Dragon-74677422
Blue Eyes White Dragon-89631139
      (right arm)-70402349
      (left arm)-07902349
      (left leg)-44519536
      (right leg)-08124921
Dark Magician-46986414

Password For Exodia

To unlock exodia go in to password and put the following codes.

RIGHT LEG:08124921
LEFT LEG:44519536
LEFT ARM:07902349
RIGHT ARM:70902349
Each of these parts cost 999999 star chips.

Password For Dark Magician

The password for dark magican is 46986414 the dark magician costs 999999 star chips

Password For Blue-Eyes White Dragon

To unlock the Blue-Eyes White Dragon put 89631139 as a password the Blue-Eyes White Dragon costs 999999 star chips


Each Part may cost: 999999 star chips

Head       - 33396948
Right Leg  - 08124921
Left Leg   - 44519536
Left Arm   - 07902349
Right Arm  - 70903634

Get Red-Eyes Black Dragon

First go to passwords,then enter the numbers 74677422 to get a monster with ATK/2400 & DEF/2000. The only problem is you need 999999 starchips(But hay, it'll be worth it)


We have no unlockables for Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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