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                            The Thousand-Year Door

Game                                 : Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door
Console                              : GameCube
Rating                               : Everyone (E)
Author                               : Chris Fazio
E-Mail                               : [email protected]
AIM Screen Name                      : CFazio15

Version History:

Version 0.1
September 12th, 2005
~Completed up to Chapter 1.

Version 0.2
September 13th, 2005
~Completed half of Chapter 1.

Version 0.3
September 14th, 2005
~Completed Chapter 1.

Version 0.4
September 15th, 2005
~Completed "Mid Chapter"


This walkthrough is copyright by U.S. and Canadian copyright laws. This 
document may be printed for your own use but shall not be altered, reproduced or 
sold without the proper consent and given permission from the author. Any 
violations will be enforced with the fullest extent of the law. The following sites 
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Violations WILL NOT be tolerated. This is not a joke.

Table of Contents:

[1] Introduction
    [1a] Background Information
    [1b] Controls
    [1c] Game Basics
[2] Character List
[3] Walkthrough
    [3a] Prologue  - A Rogue's Welcome
    [3b] Chapter 1 - Castle and Dragon
    [3c] Chapter 2 - The Great Boggly Woods
    [3d] Chapter 3 - Of Glitz and Glory
    [3e] Chapter 4 - For Pigs and Bell Tolls
    [3f] Chapter 5 - The Key to Pirates
    [3g] Chapter 6 - 3 Days of Excess
    [3h] Chapter 7 - Mario Shoots The Moon
    [3i] Chapter 8 - The Thousand-Year Door
[4] Pit of 100 Trials
[5] Items List
    [5a] Badges
    [5b] Shop Items
    [5c] Shine Sprites
    [5d] Star Pieces
    [5e] Zess T. Cooking Items and Guide
[6] Trouble Center
[7] Extras
    [7a] Secrets
    [7b] Yoshi Color Guide
[8] E-mail Policy (PLEASE READ)
[9] The End
[10] More by Me/Coming Soon

[1] Introduction:

My name is Chris Fazio. This is my fifth walkthrough. I have my whole list of them 
in the More by Me section. Refer to the table of contents because that is the order 
of what I'll be getting done. So, for example, I have everything complete up to 
Chapter 1. That means I will be completing Chapter 2 the next day since I hope to 
make this a daily project. I will take questions, however I am very strict with my 
e-mail policy. Please refer to that before contacting me because I will delete 
violations and won't lose a minute of sleep over it. I hope you all enjoy the 
walkthrough and I also hope it is as helpful as my other walkthroughs have been. 
About the game. For 100% understanding of Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door, I 
sugguest playing the first one for the Nintendo 64. For the veterans, including 
myself, the game is similiar to the first one and won't take too long to get used 

[1a] Background Information:

An awfully long time ago...In a strange far-off island, a big, bustling town
thrived. It was a town where all people lived very happy lives and it was said
that the town was very prosperous. But one day..tragedy befell the blessed
place. A great cataclysm struck the town and it's people. Darkness filled the
skies, and the earth roared and shook. It was as if the very world was coming to
a violent end. And in but a single night..the town sank into the depths of the
earth...Many moons rose and set..Stories of the town passed into the pages of
fairy tales...And when the town's site no longer held relics of it's past 
people gathered at that spot and built a new town. But word soon spread among
people that moved in, that an ancient city was buried underneath.. And that a
magnificent treasure rested there..

The town of Rogueport, rather skeptical looking. Princess Peach enters the picture 
and she is happy to be freed of her "companion". A mysterious man calls the Princess
and tells her of a magic box that only opens to the pure of heart. He tells the
Princess that if the box will open for her, she may keep any item that the box
may contain. Peach agrees to try and the box pops right open releasing a magical
stream of light with glowing aura...

Inside contained a map that leads to some treasure...Unfortunately she is
just a Princess and cannot undertake the quest needed to obtain the treasure.
Peach sends a letter to the Mario and Luigi household. Luigi reads the letter to 
Mario and hands him the map within the letter. Mario rushes off to the port town of
Rogueport to meet with the Princess and begin a journey of magic and mystery...

[1b] Controls:

In The Field

A-Button - Jump, 
         - Talk to Characters, 
         - Examine/Open doors or objects, 
         - read next message

B-Button - Hammer
         - previous message

X-Button - Partners' Ability

Y-Button - Mario's Ability

Z-Button - Display Statitics

R-Button - Mario's Ability

Start - Pause Menu

Control Stick - Walk/Run

Control Pad - Shortcut to menu/partners/badges on the pause menu

In Battle

A-Button - Select an action

B-Button - Cancel action/return to previous choices

X-Button - Attack the Audience

Y-Button - Allow Partner to attack first

Z-Button - Nothing

R-Button - Nothing

Start - Nothing

Control Stick - Move Cursor

Control Pad - Nothing

Holding X, B, and Start will reset the game at any time.

[1c] Game Basics

|Star Points| 

Everytime you defeat an enemy, you will earn star points. After collecting 100 
starpoints, you will get a level up and get to choose what you want to upgrade. You 
can choose between HP, FP, and BP. Also, after a level up, you are fully healed and 
your star power is filled.

|HP, FP, and BP|

HP stands for "heart points" and is your health. When it goes to 0, you die and end 
up where you last saved. FP stands for "flower points" and you use them to perform 
special attacks. You will not be able to perform special attacks when your FP is at 
0. BP stands for "badge points" and limits to how amny badgs you wear. Badges give 
you the ability to perform special attacks. When you have no more BP available, you 
cannot put on any more badges. You are free to tale badges off, and put others on.

|Save Points, Healing Points, and Hotels|

Save points are blocks suspended in the air that have an "S" on them. Jump under it 
and you will be able to save your progress. Healing points, in this game, cost 
money. Jump under this block, pay the given toll, and your HP and FP will be 
healed. It was called a Toad House in the last game. Now it's a hotel. And guess 
what? It costs money. Talk to the character in charge and after paying the toll you 
will sleep in the hotel bed and be fully healed.


Battling is a major part of the game. You have a choice between attacking with 
jump, hammer, or star power. You could also use an item or switch out your partmer. 
As the game progresses, you're jump and hammer are upgraded two times each. You're 
partner can attack, use an item of switch out. Then you're enemy will attack. 
Action command is an important factor in the game, indroduced in the first game. 
Pressing the correct button, or control stick with the right pattern will give you 
a boost on your attacks at no cost. Youc an also defend. When an enemy attacks, 
press A at the right time and you will reduce the attack by one point. A first 
strike is also important. You can damage your enemy even before entering the battle 
sequence. Sneak up behind them and hit them with the hammer or jump on them and 
they will be partially damaged when the battle sequence starts. Keep in mind, your 
enemies can perform a first strike on you,as well, so be careful. You will get a 
new partner occasionally as the game progresses. You may switch around partners 
whenever you please. You will need to use each partner's ability to overcome 
problems in the game. (Except for Ms. Mowz)


Throughout the game, you will open a chest and be cursed with a useful ability. 
OH NO!! These are hilarious scenes you must pay attention too. By the time you beat 
the game, Mario will be able to turn into a paper airplane, tube, flat-paper, and 

|Partner Upgrades|

Look for Shine Sprites throughout the game. Merlin in Rogueport charges 3 shine 
sprites in exchange for an upgrade to a partner of your choice. You can only 
upgrade each partner once until you get the Ultra Stone later in the game, which 
allows you to upgrade each partner second time. In an upgrade, a partner gets more 
HP and a new attack.

[2] Character List:


The hero returns in the sequal. Once again, he's saving Princess Peach from a 
villain. But this time, it isn't Bowser!!


Mario's brother who is jealous that he never gets to go on an adventure. But his 
dream comes true in this game.

[Princess Peach]

She's the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She finds the magical map and sends it 
to Mario. The action that starts the whole adventure.

[Sir Grodus]

He's the leader of the X-Nauts. He wants to collect all the crystal starts and find 
the demon hidden in the Thousand-Year Door.


Mario's long-time nemesis. He's mad that somebody else has captured Princess Peach. 
That's his job!!

[Lord Crump]

He's your rival in this game. Kind of like Junior Troopa was in the previous game. 
He's Grodus' right hand man who really wants you out of the picture. You'll be 
seeing him a lot.

[Professor Frankly]

He is an archaeology professor. After recovering crystal stars, he tells you where 
the next one is.


You're first partner and just like last time, she's a goomba. Her speciality is 
Tattle and can also do Heabonk. Neither requre FP to use in battle.


Your second partner. Another Koopa, but he is much shyer than Kooper was. You can 
use his shell to get items you can't reach.


Your third partner. She's a wind spirt and using her ability, you can blow barriers 
and invisible items out of the way to reveal chests or passageways.


Your fourth partner and my favorite. You have a choice to name him whatever you 
want, but I will refer to him as Yoshi in this guide. His ability allows you to 
have a ride and jump across small gaps.


She's one of the Three Shadow Sirens who serve Sir Grodus. She joins you in Chapter 
4 when she becomes tired of the disrespect from her two sisters. With her ability, 
you can hide from enemies by being pulled under the ground.


Your fifth partner. And the most powerful. You talk him out fo retirment and he 
sails with you to an island where you get stranded on later in the game. You can 
throw him and he will walk a few steps then explode. Explosions can destroy walls 
that have cracks in them.

[Ms. Mowz]

Your final partner. And the weakest/useless if you ask me. You will see her a lot 
throughout the game but she doesn't join your party unless you do her Trouble in 
the Trouble Center, a side objective. She can sniff rare items out.

[Don Pianta]

Head of the Rogueport Mafia. You'll be doing some business with him later.


Yes, she does make an appearance in Poshley Heights after you beat the game.


You'll see him deliver the letter to Luigi and Mario in the beginning of the game.


Don Pianta's right-hand man. Has a crush on Pianta's daughter.


Don Pianta's daughter. All she wants is to be with Franky and have her father allow 

[3] Walkthrough:

The adventure begins...


I will be saying frequently, "Head West" of "Head East". In the game, west will 
always be left and east will be right. Just so nobody gets confused.

[3a] Prolouge - A Rogue's Welcome:


Items--->18 Star Pieces 
         2 Badges 
         5 Shine Sprites

A boat approaches Rogueport harbor. Mario, who was sleeping, is awaken by a 
shipmate. He warns you to be careful and takes off, leaving you at the harbor. Walk 
around a bit. Talk to the people. Use the save point, and don't go in the water. 
Every body of water in the game has chomps that will attack you and damage you by 1 
HP. When you're done with this area, go up the stairs and proceed to the entrance 
that leads to the center of town. 

Damn. One minute into town and there's already a problem. Several weird creatures 
lead by a larger one with purple horns are attacking a Goomba. They're asking her 
about Crystal Stars. The Goomba says she knows nothing about them. The leader, 
whose name is Lord Crump, tells his followers to take the Goomba to their base. 
Walk up to them. The Goomba runs behind you in defense. Lord Crump engages you in 
battle. Here's your first boss fight and also your first battle of the game.


Lord Crump
HP: 6
ATK: 1
DEF: 0

It's the first boss. Easy. Just do whatever attack you want. You'll defeat him in 6 
turns. Just to let you know, you'll be doing this "battling" thing a lot.

Crump is pissed and summons a million of his guys to kill you. They pile up onto 
where you...were...You and the Goomba stand outside the pile. Go up the stairs and 
through the entrance to another area of Rogueport. Crump calls his guys off only to 
realize Mario was not being beaten at all. In the main square of Rogueport, the 
Goomba kisses you as a thank you and introduces herself as Goombella. She tells you 
she is looking for a treasure. Coincidence? I don't think so. You run into 
Toadsworth, Peach's assistant. After you tell him what you're doing here, he says 
the Princess is missing again. He gives you two tips. One to stay at the nearby 
hotel to get some rest and two: watch your back. Goombella will then join your 
party as your first partner.


Goombella is Mario's very first partner. She is a smart, if slightly sassy, 
Goomba girl who has come to Rogueport to look for Professor Frankly. She 
specializes in attacking air enemies, and, of course, finding out information 
on enemies with Tattle. Her field skill tells you everything she knows (which 
is plenty) about the current area. Using it in front of a person or object 
tells you about it instead.

HP: 10/20/30
Headbonk: 1 + 1/2 + 2/3 + 3 damage to any non-spiked/fire enemy
Action Command: Hit A just before striking target
Style Command: Hit as Goombella jumps
Headbonk is Goombella's most basic attack. It works exactly like Mario's Jump 
and is best used on flying or low-defense enemies.

Tattle: Adds target to your Tattle Log and reveals its HP permanently
Action Command: Press A as the small cursor aligns with the big one
Style Command: Hit A right after aligning cursors and making them disappear
Tattle is a very useful move that tells you everything you'll need to know 
about the target. It's recommended you Tattle on every new enemy you find.

Super Ability-Multibonk (3 FP): 2 + 1 + 1.../3 + 2 + 1 + 1...
Action Command: Hit A just before striking target
Style Command: Same as Headbonk
Multibonk is an extremely deadly move that lets you repeatedly Headbonk the 
target until you miss the Action Command, allowing for potentially unlimited 
damage. Note that the attack does less damage with every hit; use some Charges 
beforehand to boost the move's power to insane levels.

Ultra Ability-Rally Wink (4 FP): Enables Mario to act again
Action Command: Mash A or B to fill gauge, whichever one is shown
Style Command: Press A about a second or so after Goombella winks
This ultra-useful Ultra Ability gives Goombella's turn to Mario, which is very 
good if he's doing lots and lots of damage. When doing the action command, pay 
attention to which button is enlarged; mashing the other one empties the gauge.|

Goombella asks you to help her find Professor Frankly. Head west and talk to the 
lady with grey hair, who is looking for her contact lenses. Approach her and you 
will step on them. She will not let you pass until you get her new contact lenses. 
Head to the store just next door. Order new contact lenses by talking with the 
salesman inside. They will arrive later on. Buy the items you need/want and exit. 
(You have 100 coins starting off the game) Go to the alleyway to the right of the 
store and explore here. The camera will rotate. Head left and enter the house. 
Behind the matress is a star piece. These are used to buy badges later on. Head 
back to the square and enter the inn to the right. The first floor is a bar with 
nothing to do except talk to people. The second floor is the inn itself. For 5 
coins, you can sleep and heal HP and FP. There's a door on the left wall the leads 
outside. Go through and walk along the path and enter the badge shop. It's closed 
right now but not for long. Proceed to the contact lense lady's house. Fell around 
the back side of the house for a star piece and drop down and you're back in the 
alley way. Head back to the square. Go to the east entrance to get to a new area of 
Rogueport. A bandit will run pass you. Goombella notices he took half of your 
coins. That bastard! Run back to the alleyway and into the house you found the star 
piece behing the matress and he gives you back your coins. Return to the east 
entrance. There's a secret to that wall. It's not solid. Walk into the middle of it 
and you'll se there is an opening you cannot originally see from the camera view. 
Walk between the houses and out of view to get a starpiece. Exit the alley and past 
the wall to the first house that has a Shine Sprite on it. Enter it and Goombella 
will explain about Merlin and how he upgrades members in exchange for 3 shine 
sprites. Try your best to look for these things. Since you have none yet, just like 
Merlin says, BEGONE! The next house is Professor Frankly. Don't go in yet. There is 
a craw guarding the entrance and is charging 20 coins to pass. Don't bother. Later, 
you'll be strong enough to challenge him to a battle. Enter Frankly's house. He 
asks you why you are here. Goombella explains that they are looking for the 
treasure behind the Thousand-Year Door. All he knows about it is that you need 
Crystal Stars to open it. You need the map to find the Crystal Stars. The Professor 
is excited when he finds out you have the map and all three of you head for the 
Thousand-Year Door. He walks over to a fence with a warp-pipe and opens it. Before 
you go down, he teaches you about the action command. Just follow the directions 
and you got it. Enter the pipe by jumping on top of it and pressing down on the 
control stick.

Rogueport Sewers

Remember the sewers from the first game. This is similar except there is a bunch of 
what looks like a destroyed city. Every new ability you get, you'll be able to 
proceed farther down into the sewers. Use the save block and if you want, proceed 
left. A pillar blocks the back but you cna enter Merluvee's fortune telling house 
or buy a badge from Dazzle for star pieces. I sugguest saving up for better badges 
later on. Return to the first sewer area and go down some stairs. There is a gang 
of Goombas down here that like Goombella and want to fight for her. The Professor 
is on the sidelines and will explain about spiked and flying enemies. So you can't 
use hammer against flying enemies since they're in the air, and you or your partner 
cannot make contact with spiked enemies or you will recieve damage. (You must use 
hammer on spiked enemies and jump on flying enemies). After the battle, you'll 
learn about First Strikes; an important factor in the game. After beating another 
enemy: Ruffians, go up the stairs and go on the movie platform that goes over what 
you just walked through. Head into the pipe that is surrounded by a cage. There are 
enemies down here. Clear the way. Go down the stairs and hit the blocks to get a 
Fire Flower or Mushroom. Anyway, use your Hammer to smash the 2 yellow blocks, then 
enter the warp pipe behind them. You emerge in an even lower room, behind a MASSIVE 
yellow block. You'll find some new enemies, Spinias and Spanias, down here. 
Luckily, they aren't much tougher than Goombas at all. (They just have 1 more HP 
and don't have flying varieties) As you go to the right, you see a tiny grey 
creature disappear into a crack in the wall...what was that all about? Keep going 
right to some stairs.(Note the off-color section of wall with peeling wallpaper; 
its location will be important later) Climb the stairs and enter the doorway to the 
right of the top of them. There is a black chest in here. He says you are a 
legendary hero if you hear it talking. Frankly says not to trust the chest or 
mention the Crystal Stars. Oops! The chest says he can help you find them if you 
unlock him. Exit the room. Go left and fall off the ledge to get the black key. 
Head back to the chest and unlock it. You have been tricked! Now the demon is going 
to do something very bad. Give you the ability to turn into a paper airplane. Oh 
No! He tries to make it sound like a bad thing. After you tell the chest you 
understand this "terrible" curse, he will leave and you should, too. In the 
previous room, go to the plane panel you saw earlier and press Y. Control the plane 
with the controlk stick. Fly across the huge block onto the platform and enter the 
room. See it? There it is. The Thousand-Year Door. Jump onto the pedestal in front 
of the door. The map rises into the air. A castle appears on the map. That is where 
the Diamond Crystal Star is! Mario gets his first star power: Sweet Treat. You head 
back to the Professor's house.


The Professor teaches you how to use Sweet Treat, and the basics of using star 
power. He'll teach you about the slot machine that randomly appears and the 
audience. Back inside, you discuss the first Crystal Star. The Professor says it is 
in Petal Medaows. Goombella remembers Crump asking about the Crystal Stars. He 
tells you and Goombella to search for the Crystal Star and the Princess in Petal 
Meadows while he stays in Rogueport and does research. He stops you one more time 
and gives you a badge. Power Smash. It costs 1 BP to equip and 2 FP to perform. 
(He'll explain) Before Petal Meadows, you might want to know the Badge Shop near 
the inn is now open so you can check that out if you want. You might also want to 
gain some star points in the sewers before proceeding.  When you're ready to 
advance the storyline, go right in the first Sewers area, 
past where you boarded the moving platform. There's a Plane Panel here; use it 
to fly the gap with the Spiky Goomba to the far right ledge and enter the next 
area. There's a strange tentacle coming out of the sewage here. If you whack it, an 
enraged Blooper appears and fights you!


HP: 12
ATK: 1
DEF: 0

Shouldn't be too hard. You can attack it with jump on it or its tentacles. If you 
choose the tentacles and defeat them, he'll fall to the ground where you can 
perform Power Smash. If you have damage critical, use Sweet Treat. 

After the battle, moving platforms appear out of the water. Hop across them. Keep 
in mind not to fall in the water because of the Chomps and you'll have to start 
over at the first platform. Don't worry about Goombella falling in. She won't be 
hurt. Go into the warp pipe to enter Petal Meadows and begin Chapter 1.

[3b] Chapter 1 - Castle and Dragon:

Petal Meadows:

Items--->8 Star Pieces
         Fire Flower
         Mystery Horsetale

Pretty nice place. Kind of reminds me of Chapter 1 of the last game. You got a 
path, a town, then a fortress. And guess what? Your second partner, who you'll be 
getting in this Chapter, is a Koopa! Overall, it's a nice world. I give it a 8/10. 
(I'll always give a ranking of each world)

Petal Meadows

Welcome to Petal Meadows. So pretty, right? See those trees? Use your hammer to 
smash them and you'll get a star piece and a mushroom. Use the save point and 
proceed east. Holy crap! Did you just see that? A huge dragon flies over you and 
Goombella and heads to a castle far in the distance. Continue going east. Hit 
the "?" block to get a mushroom. Continue east. Defeat the Goombas on the path. Hit 
the brick block until it turns orange. You'll get a few coins from it. See the warp 
pipe? Don't worry about that yet. Hit the molehill with your hammer to recieve the 
Horsetale. Next area, defeat the Goombas and then search the bushes. Examine the 
small bushes for coins and in the large ones for a warp pipe. Go into the warp pipe 
and you'll be at the back of the screen. Move east and hit the blue switch to make 
a bridge appear over the water on the path closest to the screen. Continue east to 
get a star piece. Go through the pipe again to get to the original path and proceed 
east across the bridge. There's a mystery item in the bush here and Fire Flower in 
the "?" block. Go east and you arrive in the town of Petalburg.


You get greeted by a Koopa and told Petalburg recieves very few visitors since a 
dragon named Hooktail has been rampaging the town. Wait. Didn't you see a dragon 
pass by you a while ago? Goombella asks about the Crystal Stars and the Koopa tells 
you to the Petalburg Elder. He lives in a pink house. That shouldn't be too hard to 
find. Before you enter the house, buy 2 POW blocks from the store. You'll know why 
later. Examine the bushes in front of the pink house to get a Turtley Leaf. Then 
enter the house. And remember to save your game. You have a conversation with the 
Elder. He tells you Hooktail is guarding the first Crystal Star that you are 
looking for. But you can't get there yet. You must travel east to the Shhwonk 
Fortress to get stone keys. You need them to enter Hooktail's castle. Exit and head 
east. You get an e-mail here. Read and continue. You're stopped by a Koopa who 
forgets what he's gonna say and walks away. Proceed east.

Petal Meadows

Check the upper bush and you'll get a star piece. Here's some new enemies. A koopa 
troopa and a paragoomba. Defeat them and then hit the "?" block to get a POW block. 
Enter the building a defeat the Bald Cleft inside. Use the POW block to defeat 
them. Continue east and defeat more enemies. You will come up to another stone 
building. Battle the Bristle. Use the POW block to defeat them. Now you know why 
you needed two. More enemies outside. Grab the Inn Coupan. It'll give you a free 
stay at the hotel. Hit the "?" to get a Fire Flower. There's a healing box here. 
Use it if you need to. Enter the building save your game and then talk to the 
Thwomp. You are going to be a contestant on the 65th Annual Quirk Quiz Show! To 
pass him, you must answer 5 questions correctly before you answer 3 questions 
incorrectly. Now most people would have to do this by themselves. But this is a 
walkthrough and you're in luck. Here are the questions and answers.

Q. What's hidden in this place?                                               |
A. Stone Keys                                                                 |
Q. What does one Mr. Softener and one Fire Flower cost at the store?          |
A. 16 coins                                                                   |
Q. What is the name of the mayor of Petalburg?                                |
A. Kroop                                                                      |
Q. Tell me, now! Where is the Crystal Star?                                   |
A. Hooktail Castle                                                            |
Q. How can one get from Petal Meadows to Rogueport?                           |
A. Go through a pipe                                                          |

After answering the correctly, you may proceed.

Shhwonk Fortress

Head east and hit the red "!" box to get the Multibounce Badge. Continue east. 
Battle the Fuzzy. You need good timing to negate their attacks. Keep on going east 
and battle the Fuzzies on the way.  In the the next area, grab the Sun Stone. A 
bunch of Fuzzies will fall from the ceiling. Defeat the group then head to west to 
the other side of the fortress and retrieve the Moon Stone, defeating the Fuzzies 
in your way. You're done here. Head to the fortress exit. But...On your way out, 
you'll be stopped by a Gold Fuzzy. Once you inflict damage upon him, he will call 
more Fuzzies to back him up. The Fuzzies will jump on you and attack to damage you. 
The Gold Fuzzy just jumps on you. Beat the Fuzzy Group and then defeat the Gold 
Fuzzy. After you win, head back west to Petalburg.


Head back to the pink house and talk to the Elder. He confirms that you have both 
the Sun and Moon stones. Head west out of Petalburg where you first entered the 
town a while ago. Remember the Koopa that stopped you and then forgot what he was 
going to say? He tells Mario that he has to go with him.  He introduces himself as, 
Koops, and explains that his father was killed by Hooktail and he wants to avenge 
him. Mario agrees and Koops joins your party.


Koops is your newfound Koopa partner. He's a timid Koopa who first joins Mario 
to defeat Hooktail, who killed his father, and impress his girlfriend Koopie 
Koo. He also has quite a useful field skill. Hitting X sends him shooting out 
forward. He'll strike any enemies/switches or grab any items he hits. (And with 
items, return them to Mario) It's great for long-ranged first strikes as well 
as going places Mario can't. Also, if you hold X, Koops will continue to spin 
in one place. Mario can then do anything he wants while keeping Koops spinning 
as long as you hold X. Release X to make him shoot backwards even farther than 
he was shot forwards. This lets you remote-control him to hit some switches. 
When battling, Koops excels at hitting ground enemies. Also, because of his 
shell, Koops innately has 1 Defense, which offsets his low HP.

HP: 10/15/25
Shell Toss: 2/3/5 damage to front ground enemy
Action Command: Hold the control stick left and release when it passes through 
the red circle
Style Command: Hit A as Koops strikes the target to make him spin on his shell; 
hit it again as he's slowing and about to stop spinning for even more appeal.
Koops' Shell Toss works much like Mario's Hammer attack. Since it's a hit and 
run, it ignores any effects the target may have on it.

Power Shell (3 FP): 2/3/5 damage to all ground enemies
Action Command: Hold the control stick left and release when it fully fills
Style Command: Press A as Koops returns to regular position after attack to 
make him handstand; press it again about 2 seconds later for more appeal.
This move works like Shell Toss, only hit hits all ground enemies for 
relatively little FP. When fighting hordes of weak enemies, this move is 
probably your best bet.

Super Ability-Shell Shield (4 FP): Protects Mario from a 6?/8 damage
Action Command: Hit A as the needle passes through the red area
Style Command: Press A as shell is falling, right before it covers Mario
Koops can pull a giant shell out of somewhere and put it over Mario to protect 
him from a set amount of damage, depending on how well you did with the action 
command. It's unlikely you'll get the numbers above very often, since the 
timing is so hard to pull off.

Ultra Ability-Shell Slam (6 FP): 6 damage to all ground enemies, pierces 
Action Command: Flick the control stick to the left repeatedly
Style Command: Same as Power Shell
This stronger version of Power Shell does more damage and, if you're 
successful, ignores defense, which is great for heavily armored enemies. The 
action command is very hard, however. I've been able to achieve results by 
turning the controller 90 degrees counterclockwise (so the control stick is on 
the bottom) and using your pointer finger to flick the control stick rapidly.|

Koops' girlfriend, Koopie Koo, begs him not to go. Koops insists he is going. 
Koopie Koo is pissed, attacks the group and then it's over. Continue west. Go onto 
the pipe and use Koops to get the Happy Heart badge. Head all the way west until 
you arrive at the stones with indents in them. Insert the Sun and Moon stones into 
the rocks. The rocks will be replaced with blue switches. Now to get to Hooktail's 
castle, you need to press both buttons at the same time. Impossible? Of course not! 
Head to the left switch. Face left the right side of the switch. Press and hold X 
to keep Koops in one spot while you go over to the other switch. Release X and use 
the hammer to hit the switch you are near so both are hit at the same time. This 
will reveal a warp pipe. Go through the pipe. You're in the back of the screen 
again. Head to the castle, clearly in view.

Hooktail's Castle

Save your game. Then head to the first floor east exit. Hop along the platforms and 
use Koops to get the HP Plus Badge. Head back inside and use the Spring to get to 
the second floor. Head outside again and use the plane ability to fly across. Enter 
the door. Battle the Paratroopas here. Then hit the red "!" block to get the Power 
Bounce Badge. Proceed to the next area. Koops will flip out when he sees a skeleton 
since it might be his dad. There's a note near the skeleton. Koops reads it. It 
says Hooktail's one-true weakness. She (yes, Hooktail is female) hates creatures 
that start with "cr" and end with "icket". So she hates crickets then. (That was 
hard to figure out) The note also says there is a badge in the castle that makes a 
cricket sound. Well the skeleton is Kolorado's father. Koops is relieved. Proceed 
and touch the red skeleton. You will awake it and then hundreds of skeletons drop 
from the ceiling. If you stay still, they will push you back. Clear the path by 
smashing them with your hammer. Work your way to the red skeleton "Red Bones" and 
battle. If you have a POW Block, or Fire Flower, use it. That will kill the White 
Bones. After they're done, defeat Red Bones. Enter the next area. Get the Shine 
Sprite and then defeat the Dull Bones in your way. Go up the stairs and then jump 
off the edge. Hit the purple block to bring a smaller one down. Press and hold X to 
suspend Koops. Hop onto the purple block then release X. This will send you up 
another story. Get the star piece on the balcony along the passage. smash the
purple switch. Smash the large yellow block and then hit the yellow switch. Use
Koops' ability to hit the red switch and move the steps. Go left up the steps
and use his ability again to grab the Castle Key. Hit the red switch again and
go up the steps and through the door using the Castle Key. In the next room save
your game then go through the door at right. Defeat the enemies and then use the
Hold ability to let Mario get near the gate at right while Koops hits the red
switch. Go through the hole and then the door at right. Open the chest and get
the black key. It's a trap. The spiked ceiling is coming down!! Head quickly back 
to the door. Talk to the black chest and unlock it. Oh no! You're going to be 
cursed, again! Now you'll be able to become sideways-flat and go through bars by 
holding R. Exit west. Use the new curse to get into the cell with the Attack FX 
badge. Grab it and head all the way back to where
you fought the Red Bones. Head down aways in this room and then slither through
the bars to get the Castle Key. Now head back to the room with the large green
block. Jump on the green block and use Koops to hit the green switch sending
them into the air. Go up the stairs and through the door using the Castle Key.
Hit the blue switches and jump through the window. Head right to get the Star
Piece. Come back through the window and fall into the gap at left. After landing on 
the platform, head right to get another Star Piece. Return upstairs and go through 
the window again. Go around and then back through another window and then into the 
next room at left. Defeat the dull bones. (Now is a good time to equip that Attack 
FX badge so your hammer will make a cricket sound) Use the Hold to get to the upper 
level. Slide through the bars to get the Life Shroom. Work your way back to the 
top. Enter the room to the west and you'll meet Ms. Mowz, a mouse thief. After 
that, open the chests to get a Castle Key, Honey Syrup, and Mushroom. Then get the 
Shine Sprite. Head back to the right and throughthe door using the Castle Key. 
Defeat the enemies within the room and use Koops'Hold to get to the top of the 
room. Run along the edge until you can slidebetween the bars. Cross the Airplane 
Panel and slide onto the other side of thebars and run across to the right to grab 
a Star Piece. Head back to theAirplane Panel and fly to the door at the right. Go 
through the door into the next room. Go down the steps and hit the yellow block. 
Shoot Koops across the gap to grab the Castle Key. Then drop down on top of the 
block and go right toget the previously inaccessible Last Stand P Badge. Go to the 
top of the stairs and get the Shine Sprite. Head through the door using the Castle 
Key. When you get outside defeat the enemies along the way for any experience you
might be able to get. Continue down the path and up the stairs. When you reach
the top heal yourself and save your game. Enter the door to start the encounter and 
battle with Hooktail.


HP: 20
ATK: 5
DEF: 1

First move, attack Hooktail's feet with the hammer and there goes the cricket 
noise. Hooktails says she got sick once from eating crickets. She starts feeling 
sick and this will lower her attacks. Once Hooktail becomes weak, she will offer 
things to Mario. Say no to all of the offers. Hooktail will then suck the whole 
crowd up and be fully healed. Just keep on attacks and take advantage of her 
feeling sick.

After Hooktail dies, Koops' father comes out of her and says he was eaten. He 
explains everything and then gives Mario the Diamond Crystal Star, which he found 
in Hooktail's stomach. You learn a new Star Power, Earth Tremor. 


The chapter ends and you take control of Princess Peach.

X-Naut Fortress

Peach is taken in to speak with Sir Grodus, who seems to be the leader. He demands 
to know where the map is, but Peach denies knowing about it. As he threatens her, a 
minion reports that the Crystal Star guarded by Hooktail has been taken! When Peach 
reveals she knows you, Grodus has her sent to her room for questioning. He then 
tells Crump to guard the excavation of the next Crystal Star, in the Boggly Woods. 
Grodus seems to be smarter than he looks, however. He decides not to send only 
Crump and summons the Shadow Sirens. The 3 ghostly women rise out of the 
floor in front of Grodus, and the oldest one speaks. They decide to take the 
map from you and disappear. You are now in Peach's room. Head to the west door and 
take a shower. Then head back to the first room. The right door will unlock and 
open. Walk through the long hallway until you reach a big computer. The computer 
introduces himself as TEC. It spied on Peach in the
shower, and when Peach gets angry and thinks the computer is in love with her,
and then this computer wants Peach to teach it true love. And with that, she
sends an e-mail to Mario.

Bowsers Castle

We move to a scene with Bowser. He in confronted with delayed news... Mario
has reached a town called Rogueport and is after treasure. He decides he should
beat Mario to the chase and nab the treasure first. Before he heads off he is 
also told that the Princess was kidnapped. Bowser is now determined to kidnap
the Princess back. He blows a hole through his castle and we return to Mario and


You say your farewell. Goombella says to head to the Thousand-Year Door to find out 
where the next Crystal Star is. Before you leave, go to the pink house. There is a 
fence you can squeeze through to get the Mega Rush P Badge. Then leave Petalburg 
and head for the warp pipe you went through to begin the chapter. Remember Peach 
sent you an e-mail? You recieve it here. 

Rogueport Sewers

Alright head for the Thousand Year-Door.(you should remember how to get there by 
now). Stand one pedestal to make the location of the next Crystal visible on the 


The Professor says the new location is Boggly Woods. Head outside. Look who is 
here! Luigi! Talk to him. It appears he's on an adventure of his own. Listen to the 
long and rather boring story. Head into Merlin's house. You should have enough 
Shine Sprites for an upgrade or two. Koops or Goombella: your choice. Enter the 
sewers in front of the Professor's house.

Rogueport Sewers

Slide through the bars and down the warp pipe. Through the bars to skip the long 
way around the stairs. Slide through the bars again and down the warp pipe. Head 
right and you see the small creature run into the small hole in the wall. Slide 
through the bars next to the whole to confront the creature. He is afraid at first 
but then learns you're a good guy. He introduces himself as Punio and tells you the 
X-Nauts have taken over his home, The Great Tree in Boggly Woods. Punio will reveal 
the entrance to Boggly Woods. Go through the warp pipe to begin Chapter 2.

[3c] Chapter Two - The Great Boggly Tree

Items--->Sleepy Sheep
         7 Star Pieces
         Shine Sprite
         FP Plus Badge
         Super Appeal P Badge
         P-Down, D-Up Badge

What a dull place. White leaves? Black tree trunks? Rainbow ground? I hate this 
world. I foun it confusing, long, and ugly. One more thing: the music sucks. 
Doesn't look like a forest at all to me. More like purgetory. With that being said, 
I give this world a very low 0.5/10.



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