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					Worms Armageddon

Oct. 12/1999
Version 1.2


1) Intro
2) What's New
3) Controls
4) Rankings
5) Mission Guide
6) Training Guide
7) Weapons
 A) Weapons
 B) Special Weapons
 C) Weapon buttons on KeyBoard
8) Cheats
9) Tips

10) Contacts
11) Credits
12) Legal Stuff


   Hey there, this is my Faq to Worms Armageddon, one of the best games of the 
world. When I
 first saw this game, I thought it sucked. But it took only one try to make this 
so addictive
 and fun. Everyone should think of getting this game. This is like Worms 2 except 
with more
 stuff. The new features are cool and you have to earn your cheats now. The 
cheats are worth

   Not all of this FAQ is done, so just wait for the next update.

   If you see something wrong, e-mail me. I will fix and I'll will give you 
credit for it.


    					~!~What's New~!~

   News: If you would like your sites' address on this faq. E-mail me and I will 
post it.

   1.2 - New     - Finished Special Weapons - Please tell me if the info there is 
         Updated - Fix some mistakes.
                 - 2 new stuff in cheats section.
                 - Added some more Tips.


   1.1 - New     - Added Controls section
                 - Added new section in Weapons
                 - Added Mission Guide
                 - Added Training Guide
                 - Added Rankings Section
         Updated - More tips
                 - Fix 1 or 2 spelling mistakes =D


   1.0 - New     - Everything.
	 Updated - Nothing yet.



   ->, <-       -Move worm
   Up, Down     -Aim
   Enter        -Jump
** Enter x2     -Jump BackWards
   BackSpace    -Jump Straight Up
** BackSpace x2 -BackFlip
   F1 -> F12    -Select Weapons
   Right Click  -Select Weapons
   1  -> 5      -Set time for grenades to blow up
   -  -> +      -Set the bounce on grenades and such on Min. or Max.
*  Tab          -Select Other Worms

*  -Only works if you have this option selected, some missions allow you do this 
on the
 beginning of your turn.
** -You have to press this button twice. 


  Gold   - Beating the level 1st try.
  Silver - Beating it 2nd try.
  Bronze - 3rd try or more.

You Win  - Up 1 rank
You Lose - Down 1 rank

My Rank : Elite

  1)  Absolute Beginner
  2)  Beginner
  3)  Inexperienced
  4)  Rookie
  5)  Novice
  6)  Average
  7)  Reasonable
  8)  Above Average
  9)  Fairly Competent
  10) Competent
  11) Highly Competent
  12) Veteran
  13) Distinguished
  14) Highly Distinguished
  15) General
  16) Major
  17) Field Marshall
  18) Hero
  19) Super Star
  20) Elite


Win  -  5 Points
Lose - -3 Points

My Rank   - Beginner
My Points - 0 ( Wooohoo )

       Rank        |  Points Needed
  1)  Beginner     -   0
  2)  Beginner     -   5
  3)  Beginner     -  15
  4)  Beginner     -  20
  5)  Intermediate -  35
  6)  Intermediate -  55
  7)  Intermediate -  85
  8)  Intermediate - 110
  9)  Advanced     - 140
  10) Advanced     - 180
  11) Advanced     - 215
  12) Elite        - 250

					~!~Mission Guide~!~
	(Thanks for Jon Skeet for letting me use this) 
        His site is

   On each level, you get a gold medal if you finish first time, or on your first 
attempt since 
 you last tried for a medal. The next attempt or two (depending on the level) 
will get you a 
 silver medal, and thereafter it's worth bronze. 

   There is a reason for this: on attempts worth gold medals, you'll get hardly 
any help in
 terms of crates. Silver will give you a bit more help, and bronze a bit more 
still. Thus
 getting a gold medal really is harder than getting a silver or bronze, in many 
cases. When I
 say below that you "get" something on a silver/bronze attempt, it means that 
there'll be a
 crate containing it. 

1: Pumpkin Problems
Difficulty: 1 

   Go 1: Use the ninja rope to get to the right of the first barrel, then shoot 
the barrel with
 the shotgun, standing well clear. Shoot the worm to your right onto the mines. 

   Go 2: If you're lucky and the mines got rid of the pumpkin stalk, you can just 
go and grab
 the crate using the ninja rope. Otherwise, use the shotgun to make a hole in the 
stalk, then
 go and get the crate next go. 

2: Operation Market Garden
Difficulty: 1 

   Use girders to get your worms into positions where they can shoot straight at 
the enemy,
 then just go for it. 

3: All quiet in the library?
Difficulty: 2 

   Chances are you're going to be nuked in this level - you're unlikely to finish 
it before then.
  However, that in itself shouldn't be a problem. As suggested, try to get your 
worms away from
  the edge before the earthquake (which comes one go after the nuke). If you can 
(and you don't
  think the enemy will grab them), leave a health crate or two lying around so 
you can heal
  yourself after the nuke strikes. 

   So long as you're not stupid (ie don't leave worms right near the edge of the 
landscape, or
  clustered together), this level should be reasonably easy. 

4: Cool as ice
Difficulty: 5 

   Go 1: Use the jetpack. Go over to the right hand side of the landscape without 
getting the
  crates that are on the "bridge" above the enemy worm. Get all the crates on the 
right hand
  side, and land just to the right of the tree. Now aim a homing missile at the 
middle of the
  bridge, and fire almost straight up with maximum power. (The power is 
important - too little
  and the missile will hit the sleight.) If you're lucky, the enemy will now 
slide into the
  water due to the flames from the exploding crates.

   If he doesn't fall in the water, go over to the bridge on your second go and 
attack him with
  your other weapons... this is harder, but remember that a draw counts as a 
victory, so you can
  use the 25 points your worm can do by dying to your advantage. 

5: Do the Locomotion
Difficulty: 5 

   Go 1: Walk and jump (using backflip) to the trunk of the tree, and blowtorch 
under it. 

   Go 2: Backflip onto the tree, collect the crate (which contains a girder), and 
use the girder
  diagonally to build a bridge between the tree and the train. 

   Go 3: Go across the girder, and blow the mine up by walking near it then 
jumping away. You
  should be able to do this without losing your go. Now continue to the right, 
dropping down
  onto the back of the train. Use the bungee when you need to, and you should be 
able to get
  the utility crate - you probably won't have enough time to use it though. Just 
get ready for
  the next go by climbing towards the health crate as far as possible. (It is 
possible to
  complete the mission on this go, if you're feeling dexterous.) 

   Go 4: (Assuming you haven't finished yet). Do or die time. Use the jetpack, 
and you should
  just have enough time to get the crate on the far right, which will complete 
the mission. 

6: Sand in your eye
Difficulty: 3

   This one's pretty easy, really... just get to the top of the pyramid with one 
of your worms
  fairly early on, and keep plugging away... Don't forget that you have worm 
select on this
  round - it can make all the difference! (For instance, the first go is best 
taken with the
  worm on the right, on the tree.)

7: Not Mushroom out there...
Difficulty: 2

   Go 1: Use the ninja rope to get on top of the first mushroom and collect the 
first girder
  kit. Use the kit to build a shell around the mines on the second mushroom, and 
a walkway down
  to the first worm. Don't worry if you don't have quite enough girders. 

   Go 2: Collect the second girder kit from the left of the first worm, and use 
it to finish
  off your shell, making sure you've got enough of a ramp to get onto it. (I use 
the girder
  just next to vertical as a good way of gaining height.) Also build a girder 
across from the
  middle mushroom to the last one, and then place a small vertical girder on the 
far right hand
  side, in a position such that you can drop onto it and then pick up the crate 
in the third go.

   Go 3: Get the crate! 

8: Big Shot
Difficulty: 4

   Firstly, ignore the briefing - you don't have an unlimited supply of shotgun 
ammo. In fact,
  you don't have a shotgun at all. You do have an infinite blowtorch, however.

   There are no hard-and-fast rules for doing this one - you have to play it by 
ear. However,
  here are a few guidelines: 

   On your first go, you can set off the nearby mine with the ninja rope without 
doing yourself
  any damage. This should hurt Guard a little. Similarly, you can clear the mine 
on the far
  left, as the ninja rope has infinite repeat swings. 
   Although the enemy can select which worm they use, they can only select 
amongst one team -
  this sometimes means you can stand right by one worm, knowing that it can't 
take the next
   Cannon Fodder (the team with the worms called Sentry) has the first enemy go. 
  If a team can't attack you, it may well have a go at the other team. They can 
do a fair bit
  of damage to each other while you're busy collecting the crates on the far left.
   Blowtorches can do reasonable damage - I did 45 damage in one turn in this 
   You have some girders - use them! 
   An old woman launched from the top of the highest leaf can easily kill the 
worm on the
   Sudden death can be a pain in the neck or a blessing... just bear it in mind 
as it comes
  quite quickly. 

9: Water Surprise
Difficulty: 9 - or 2 with this guide! 

   This is a really hard one, pretty early on. However, the following guide 
should be a pretty
  much foolproof way of doing it, so long as you can remember exact pixel 
locations and fly a

   You may need to experiment to find the exact locations here, but once you do 
you should be
  able to do the mission every time. I have now taken a couple of screen shots, 
however, to help:

   Go 1: Stand on top of your other worm's head and fire right,
  without changing your aim. Then move to the left, and come down
  very slightly from the top of the pyramid until the tip of your tail
  covers about half of the thick dark blue line which goes down the
  middle of the pyramid. Aim as high as you can to the right, and fire.
  The top mine should bounce safely out of harm's way. When it's
  gone past you move to the left a bit. 

   Go 2: Don't move, but aim as high as you can and fire. Now move
  down to the join between the pyramid and the tree. You want to
  be facing right and be at the first location where your tail is flat on
  the tree rather than sloping up the pyramid. Fire, and the second
  mine will land on you, killing you. Don't bother trying to move, you
  can't get away. It doesn't matter though. 

   Go 3: Move your other worm to the location you just died in, and fire twice 
(with the same
  max. height aim as last go). 

   Go 4: Scale the tower using backflips until you're on your topmost arrow. Face 
left, and
  select girder. Rotate the girder until it's double length, and nearly vertical 
  to bottom-right. Place it so that the right hand tip touches your hard hat.

   Go 5: Turn round and jump backwards. Go to the top of the girder, and fire 
twice horizontally
  at the topmost light grey small line inside the tower. 

   Go 6: Jump onto the arrows, turn round, backflip to get the crate, then let 
loose the sheep
  of war. Get the sheep flying as soon as possible and get it into the water 
quickly - I usually
  go to the left. Obviously, you then just need to fly it up to the general and 
kill him.

10: Jurassic Worm
Difficulty: 5 

   Go straight for the captain on this one. You should be able to launch a mole 
bomb (contained
  in the crate on the left hand dino's head) on the first go. Assuming this opens 
up the
  captain's den, you can go down there and drop a mine on the ground on your 
second go, which
  should drown him. Turn time is the only real problem here - you've got to act 
  especially on the ninja rope. 

11: Chemical Warfare
Difficulty: 4 

   This level is fairly straightforward when you get the hang of it. You should 
poison all the
  worms you can't reach (as the landscape's indestructible) as soon as you have 
the skunk.
  (Until then, use any infinite weapons you have such as the firepunch and uzi to 
do damage.
  The worm in the bottom right corner is ripe for a kicking as soon as possible.) 

   When the poisoned worms have lost all but one point of energy each, start 
using the shotgun
  on them carefully. Following these rules, you should have no problems, although 
it's worth
  getting under cover, as the enemy will be using plenty of airstrikes. 

12: No Substitute
Difficulty: 5 

Another general hints level, this one: 

   The key to this level is getting the high ground - ie somewhere on the tree - 
and keeping
  it until everyone else has drowned. The actual top of the tree is rather 
dangerous as it's
  easily to get chucked off it. Having said that, it's good to use a girder so 
that you can
  get on top when (say) all the enemies are under the tree. I've found that in 
practice it's 
  the worm that starts under the tree that is most likely to survive. The homing 
missile can
  be really handy in this mission in various places. 

13: Who left the flood-gates open?
Difficulty: 7 

   In this level, I always pretty much forget about the left hand worm: it's very 
hard to save
  both worms, and the one on the right has less competition. Both goes below 
refer to the right
  hand worm. 

   Go 1: Go onto the bit of land on your right, vaguely close to the pipe on the 
right. You can
  skip the rest of the go. With any luck, the worm on your right will now fire a 
bazooka which
  will nearly open up the way. 

   Go 2: Use the shotgun to get out, using the spare shot on the enemy. 

   Go 3: Get as high as you can, and place a girder to stop yourself from being 
  into the water. 

   Go 4: Ninja up to the far right hand corner. 

   From here, you should play it by ear to a certain extent. However, you can 
assure victory by
  building girders up to the right hand edge of the yellow thing in the middle at 
the top. You 
  can make a nice little hidey-hole, and you'll be higher than anyone else on the 
level. Then
  you just need to wait for the water to rise. 

14: Super Sheep to the rescue!
Difficulty: 6 or 1, depending on how lazy you are and the version you've got. 

   If you're really good with the Super Sheep, you can fly it all round the level 
and get the
  crate. Alternatively, with the non-US version, you can win the level instantly 
by killing
  yourself with the sheep. You will blow up the enemy (if he isn't already dead), 
and draw the
  round - which completes the mission. Simple, eh? I'm afraid that if you've got 
the US version
  you'll have to do it properly... but it's not actually that hard. 

15: Hot Stuff
Difficulty: 6 

   There are three enemies on this level. The top one can by blown into the water 
using dynamite.
  The remaining two are the problem... however, you should be able to get them 
together using
  the shotgun. If you possibly can, you should then collect the utility, and drop 
the Holy Hand
  Grenade on them in the same turn. Don't sorry about pinpoint accuracy or your 
own safety -
  you'd be hard pressed to get clear of an explosion that large. 

   If you can't do it quite right (due to the mine, or whatever), don't worry... 
the HHG makes a
  large hole in the landscape anyway, after which the sheep and/or firepunches 
can finish the job

16: Trouble on Mount Wormore
Difficulty: 4 

   Go 1: Change worm, and pick up the ninja ropes. Ninja over as far as you can, 
setting off
  any mines you can as you go. Uzi the enemy worm, which will hopefully set off 
at least one
  more mine.

   Go 2: Finish off the nearest enemy worm, setting off as many mines with you as 

   Go 3: Keep making your way over to the general. It's possible to jump over a 
mine if you're
  lucky, as the delay is quite long. 

   About now, depending on how many turns you've taken so far (due to bad luck or 
whatever), some
  dynamite should appear in a crate on the sign. Get it with the ninja rope, and 
stand back on
  the mountain, where you can fire into the posts of the sign. When you've made 
enough of a hole
  (with the uzi, if I remember correctly), go in and dynamite the general. There 
isn't much
  ground there, so he should drown easily. If not, use the mortar to finish him 
off. Don't
  forget, you don't need to survive. 

17: Chateau Assassin
Difficulty: 6 

   Go 1: Using worm select a couple of times, stack your worms under the oil 
barrel, and
  backflip onto it with the last worm. Get the girders and place the first one 
nearly vertically,
  covering the mine with a bit of room to spare. 

   Go 2: Move the current worm away from the action, then select the worm that 
just built the
  girder. Scale that girder and build another one to cross the second mine.

   Go 3: Select the girdering worm again, and use the final girder to cross the 
third and fourth
  mines. (You'll then be able to reach another girder crate.)

   Go 4: Select the worm which is still under the oil barrel, move it to the left 
out of the way,
  then shoot the oil barrel. When the flames have died down, go to the right to 
save some time

   Go 5: It should be the girdering worm's go again. Build a long horizontal 
girder which just
  touches the final tower near the top of the final tower, thus giving you 
protection against
  air strikes. Walk under the girder and jump across to the final tower - this is 
a good hiding

   Go 6: Run! You should just about be able to make it under cover by the end of 
your go. 

   Go 7: Same again, leaving you with all three worms nicely under cover. 

   The enemy will now launch an airstrike. If you're extremely lucky, the mine to 
the right of
  the top of the tower will kill the general for you! If not, you should still 
have three
  healthy worms and the mine will at least be out of the way. 

   Go 8: Time to start sacrificing worms... Walk over your cover girder and down 
the tower,
  then jump off to set off both of the closest mines. 

   Go 9: Same again, except you can now get a bit further - to the mine next to 
the major.
  Triggering this will kill both you and him. 

   Go 10: You may need to you the fast-walk utility for this turn. Once more, go 
over the tower.
  Jump from the middle of the last tree to land on the mine next to the general. 
This will kill
  both of you, completing the mission. 

18: Rescue Agent Dennis!
Difficulty: 6 

   Go 1: From the top of the A, and fire the shotgun horizontally left to blow up 
the barrel. If
  you're lucky, this will take out both of the worms up there. Next, jump left 
from just under
  Assassin's tail, to get into the small gap in the E. Go all the way along it, 
then fire
  horizontally at Assassin. 

   Go 2: Hopefully Assassin and General will be next to each other. Go out of the 
gap (you can
  jump from the very edge of the shadow), and practice getting back in so that 
you'll be able to
  do it at the end of the turn. Fire a bazooka at Assassin and General, and get 
back into cover.

From here onwards, you have to play it by ear. However, here are some tips: 

     The earthquake will probably kill everything on the A. Make sure you're 
under good cover
    though, nowhere near an edge! 
     The barrel on the right can be used to kill Field Soldier when the wind is 
right. The homing
    missile can be used to blow it up. 
     The banana bomb is great for clear-up operations. 
     You have 7 goes before the earthquake strike. "Caution! Tectonic movement!" 
is the final

19: Horny Nuke
Difficulty: 4 

   If you've done the Crazy Crates training mission, this landscape should look 

   You need to get the nuke on this one, but you don't need to use it until right 
at the end.
  You may be able to get away without using it at all, but it's best not to risk 

   On the way over, make sure you get the crates under the blue tentacle on the 
right, as the
  rightmost one contains another two ninja ropes. Whilst not absolutely critical 
to the mission,
  they give you the crate above and to the left of the nuke crate (which is the 
red flashing one
  at the bottom left) contains a pneumatic drill which should get you the nuke on 
the second go.
  (Your first, if you can ninja over that quickly!) 

   Go back over to the far right of the screen, and knock Artillery off his perch 
with the uzi
  (don't worry, you have plenty of goes in which to do this), and kill the closer 
couple of
  worms while you wait for sudden death. Use the nuke a turn or so before the 
last enemy is
  going to drown - that way you don't need to worry about losing energy because 
of it. Don't
  forget that the nuke raises the water level a lot, so if you want to survive 
(not that you
  have to), you may want to ninja up to the highest perch on the right before 
going nuclear. 

20: Rumble in the Farmyard
Difficulty: 4 

   Another play-by-ear level, this one, but here are some tips: 

   On your first go, jump and ninja over to the far left, get the dynamite, and 
blowtorch into
  Captain's area. It's vital that you kill Captain fairly quickly, as he will 
napalm strike you
  every turn otherwise. You should only need to use one ninja rope to do this. 
   The earthquake is pretty useless on this level, although it moves mines too, 
so be careful of
   When you've killed Captain, his hiding place can work really well for you too -
 it's quite
  easy to win the whole mission with just one suitably placed worm. 

21: Wooden ambush
Difficulty: 5 

   This level can be easy or a pain, depending on a bit of luck near the start. 
The enemies on
  the left will blast through to one of your worms, and if you can drowned them 
without too much
  of a problem, you should be able to do the rest of the level easily. If they're 
  you may have more of a problem. Don't forget to fire mortars behind their heads 
for maximum
  effect, or at their heads from above. You may wish to use the ninja rope to 
knock them down
  the slope a little before firing at them from the top of the enclosure. Even if 
you don't kill
  them in the first shot, you should then be able to survive and kill them in the 
second. (Note:
  according to the patch notes, you can't knock worms around with the ninja rope 
when the patch
  has been installed. It may still be best to go up the slope and fire down at 
them, taking the

   Although you can take the level fairly slowly, the enemy gets airstrikes after 
a while, so be

   A crate containing two old women near the middle (just above the pumpkin) - 
this is really
  useful against the worms on the right. 

   The jetpacks are really handy, but don't be too ambitious - they don't have 
much fuel. 

22: Go Bananas!
Difficulty: 5 

   You must finish this level before the earthquake chucks the crate into the 
water. Here's how:

   Go 1: Move your worm onto the top of the grape stalk, and fire a bazooka just 
under Sentry.
  This will hopefully kill him. As soon as you've fired, jump onto the apple. 
You'll take minor
  damage, but don't worry. 

   Go 2: Leave a grenade at the point where the stalk of the big apple meets the 
leaf (ie the
  really thin bit) - then get out of the way! This should provide you with a 
route to the

   Go 3: Blowtorch into the banana. 

   The enemy will hopefully now fire a bazooka into the banana, from the other 

   Go 4: Retreat a bit, then fire a bazooka down your blowtorch tunnel to make a 
path through
  the banana. 

   Go 5: Parachutes should now be enabled. Walk up to the top of the second 
banana, activate
  parachutes, and jump to avoid the mine. When you're past the mine, hold down 
left to pick up
  the crate, and the mission is done. 

23: The Drop Zone
Difficulty: 5 

   I used to think this level was a complete pain - but that was before I learnt 
to use the
  parachute properly. As well as left and right, you can use up+left to really 
slow your descent.
  If you want a real challenge, try the level without using the up key during 

   Okay, so you need to parachute down onto each worm in any order, and blow them 
  Firepunching the rightmost worm left kills the one next to it - otherwise you 
wouldn't have
  enough suicide bombers (although the mine by the third one can kill it). If you 
fail a few
  times, you can use a shotgun for two turns, which makes it much easier, but 
you'll only get a
  bronze medal. Use girders to extend the cliff if the enemy blows up the end of 
it. Use the
  furthest worms for the rightmost enemies, as you won't have enough time to get 
them all the
  way over to the left... also, they're the most likely to die, so you should use 
them early. 

   Thanks to Koyser [dlb] for explaining the parachutes to me - shame I'd already 
got a gold on
  it after hours of trying! 

24: Countdown to Armageddon!
Difficulty: 5 - 2 with the guide 

   Many thanks to Smoke for this suggestion - it works a treat! 

   First, ninja over to the mayor, and baseball bat him, having aimed as high as 
possible and to
 the left. This will take away most of his energy, but leave him in a nice deep 

   In your next go, you should get over to the mayor on a ninja rope and girder 
both of you in. 

   After this, you have plenty of time. A couple of girder starter kits appear 
after a while.
  Pick them up with your last ninja rope and place girders all around the hole - 
especially over
  the top, obviously! You will almost certainly survive the attack, and hopefully 
the enemy will
  die at the same time. If not, just pick them off with whatever worms you've got 

25: Mars Star
Difficulty: 2 

   This one's dead easy. You may be used to the landscape from the Super Sheep 
Racing training,
 but the sheep you have in this mission doesn't fly. It does, however, jump - and 
it's got to
 jump lots.

   Use your girder starter pack, laying two girders between your worm and the 
second block,
  one girder (slightly lower than the top of the landscape) in the next gap, then 
two girders
  for the last gap  (just to be on the safe side). The first girder should be 
placed right next
  to the green spaceship, so that if the sheep falls back it will keep going. 

   Now launch your sheep. If you've placed the girders correctly (and you're 
lucky - I've had
  some really irritating goes when writing this guide), the sheep will run all 
the way to the
  right of the terrain. Detonate it at the bottom of the rightmost strut (when it 
lands after
  its last jump), and it will blow up the oil drum, which will in turn blow up 
the crate. 

   If you miss with the sheep, you can try using the grenades, but I've never 
managed to blow it
  up, even when the grenades come pretty close. 

26: Mad Cows
Difficulty: 4 

   This one is very similar to a normal game, except the time limit is pretty 
strict (20 seconds
  per turn). You only have one ninja rope, so use it wisely - but you can select 
your worm at
  the start of every turn, which can be a real life saver. 

   If you're good at worms in the first place, this level shouldn't cause any 
real difficulties;
  if you're not, you don't really deserve to be this far through the missions, do 

27: Bazooka on the Rocks
Difficulty: 7 

   This one can be quite easy or utterly impossible, depending on your luck. It's 
crucial that
  you build a girder between the woolly mammoth you start on and the rock to the 
left fairly
  quickly, while you can still get over to the enemy - otherwise you'll be hard-
pressed to kill
  the one at the bottom left at the end. However, you need to be very close to 
where you want to
  lay the girder before it'll let you do so. (In fact, it's picky in some other 
way I can't
  fathom - allow a whole go to get the girder placement right.) 

   A direct hit on the Major go will usually kill him, as it knocks him onto a 
mine. Also, the
  oil barrel near the enemy's starting location can be blown up to good effect. 

   The worm at the bottom right is useless - kill him off quickly to get yourself 
more turns
  with the useful ones. You might as well fire a bazooka and let the wind take 
it, then jump
  though... you never know when something will come of it. 

   The homing missile (crate on the right, silver and bronze attempts only) can 
be useful for
  getting the last worm when all your worms are in useless places. 

28: Stolen Goods
Difficulty: 8 (or 4 using the "cheat" method) 

   This level can be a real pain, or it can be pretty easy, depending on the 
enemy... if they use
  banana bombs, for instance, you're in big trouble. Note that there is a method 
which I
  consider to be cheating and which will probably be made obsolete by the patch - 
I've put it
  below here anyway. Thanks to ScoobyDoo for sending it to me. 

Normal method 

   You can walk down the right of the E, if you're careful. 
   Don't worry about losing one of your worms early on - in a way, you'll be 
faster with only one
   If you're good with the ninja rope you can ninja under quite a few of the 
letters really early
  on. (Thanks to Servadac for that.) 
   Keep as low as possible (starting from the bottom of the E), and retreat after 
each turn
  (if you have enough cover) so that the enemy will be blowing up landscape you 
don't care
   One long horizontal girder just below the P and the R provides a safe method 
of getting
  between them. Stay under the R, blasting into the bottom of the P, until you 
need to move or
  you can go through to the O of "Micro". 
   Use a small vertical girder to bridge the gap between the O of "Micro" and the 
P. I suspect
  you could even use two, if you wanted a bit more safety. 
   When you've got the French Sheep Strike, get under a bit of cover (although it 
doesn't really
  matter), and launch the strike. If the enemy worms are close enough together, 
you're very
  likely to get them all - this is a really dangerous weapon! 

"Cheat" method 

   Go 1: Use the rope bug to shoot a rope straight downwards. (Aim a shotgun or 
  weapon straight down, then press backspace to jump up, F8 to select the ninja 
rope, then
  space to fire it, all in quick succession (ie before you land)). Use this to go 
to the left,
  being very careful of mines. Do this twice to reach the enemies on the first 
go. Next,
  blowtorch down into the O to get the sheep strike.
   Go 2: Use the sheep strike. This will quite possibly do the job. 
  From then on: If the sheep strike didn't kill everyone, blowtorch to the next 
crate to get
  the carpet bomb. This should finish the mission unless you're very unlucky. 

29: Sinking Ice Cap
Difficulty: 7 

   The tricky bit in this level is getting every go right. None of them is 
particularly hard,
  but all are require an element of precision and you don't have much time. 
Prowess on a ninja
  rope is definitely required... one slip onto a mine usually spells disaster. 

   Go 1: Ninja over to the far left using the tree stump as a second attachment 
point, and
  blowtorch into the stump, through the enemy worm. You should be able to hit him 
with the
  blowtorch 3 or 4 times, which will kill him. 

   Go 2: Ninja back over to the central tree. You should just about make it to 
the top with
  enough time spare to freeze yourself. 

   Go 3: Ninja to the bottom left of the house (you can survive the dodgy-looking 
drop at the
  top of the tree to get closer), and blowtorch into the house, killing the worm 

   Go 4: Ninja over the house, and blowtorch into the house again, hitting the 
worm. You may
  well not kill him due to the steepness of the slope, but that doesn't matter. 

   Go 5: (If you didn't kill the worm in the previous go, kill him now then do 
this go next.)
  Ninja back over towards the central tree. Freeze when you get close enough that 
you'll be able
  to finish it next go. 

   Go 6/7: Kill the last worm, using either the mine or the oil drum if you need 
to. You don't
  need to survive, which makes things much easier.

30: Aim long, aim true
Difficulty: 6 

   If you get the girders in the right place at the start of this one, it's not 
too bad,
  although you need to be pretty handy with grenades. Here's what to do: 

   Go 1: Use a girder starter pack: 

   One short diagonal one just above the leftmost enemy's head, going up and 
right, leaving a
  small gap for your grenades to bounce down. This should stop him from getting 
you, but you
  should still just about be able to kill him. For bronze and silver attempts 
there's an oil
  barrel there to help you. 
   One long one vertically just the left of the third from the left, to help your 
aim later on
  and stop     him from firing. 
   One long one each side of you (left one vertically, right one sloping up to 
the right) so you
  don't get pushed into the water or mines. 
   One long one vertically as high and right as possible. 

   Go 2: Fire a 5 second grenade at the worm on the red oil can. This is the 
easiest shot, as
  everything points down towards it. 

   Go 4: Use your second girder starter pack to form a curve from the top right 
girder down to
  the general. Your final grenade(s) will be bouncing along here, so bear that in 
mind. Use any
  spare girders to shield yourself, leaving only the gap you need to fire out - 
you shouldn't
  need this, but it can't hurt. 

   Goes 5 and 6: Kill the worm you put the vertical girder by. This may well take 
a couple of
  goes (even with the aim right) as the grenades are likely to nestle in the 
hollow below and
  to the right of him. You'll get him eventually though. 

   From then on: Kill the general! It may take a while to range the shots, but 
eventually you'll
  start getting grenades rolling down the girder curve you constructed. 

31: Goody two-shoes
Difficulty: 6

   Start off by blowtorching your way out of the left shoe, always retreating 
into cover between
  turns. If you're lucky, you may be able to blowtorch an enemy worm into the 
water as you make
  your escape.

   When you're free, get that super sheep flying, and pick up the crates. The 
crates are 
  (left to right, on gold attempt): 

     1 x Airstrike 
     5 x Mortar 
     4 x Cluster bomb 
     2 x Girder 
     9 x Grenade 
     3 x Ninja rope 
     2 x Baseball bat 

   If you possibly can, get all the crates then blow up an enemy worm... it's 
tricky though!
 Make sure you get the ninja ropes. 

   After that, it's up to you... depending on how much of the weaponry you amass, 
it can vary
 from easy to impossible. You may need to use a girder to provide a platform for 
you to drop
 onto if you emerge from the left of the boot (as opposed to the top). I find it 
easier to deal
 with the left hand side first, just 'cos it means you can attack close up then 
rope over to the
 other side. Also, if you can end your go on top of two worms, they often leave 
you alone. 

   One final key point - sudden death is a blessing in this level, as it takes 
away their worm
  select ability. Knowing this, you can plan when to move where. The water does 
rise, but only
  very slowly.

32: Trouble in Toy Store
Difficulty: 7 

   Your first priority in this mission should be to kill the assassin underneath 
the scientist. 
  Use a mortar and/or uzi to get at him, then blow him away however you please. 
If you can't
  kill him by his first turn, he'll probably move. If he does, you may not be 
able to get at 
  him for a while. 

   Use girders to patch up holes in your defences. If you've blown a hole through 
to water in
  killing the assassin, block it off quickly.

   The nearest worm is easy to kill, as there are lots of mines around and often 
he has crates
  nearby which can help damage him. In fact, the crates can help kill most of the 

   Try to keep your worms away from the scientist, as they can draw fire away 
from him. 

33: Spectral recovery?
Difficulty: 7 - 2 with this guide 

   There are two methods for this one: the first is fairly foolproof, and is 
adapted slightly
  from the one Hakan Waag sent me (thanks!). The second is my way of doing it, 
which takes one
  less go but is slightly more dodgy. 

First method 

   Go 1: (Left worm) Blowtorch left. 

   Go 2: (Right worm) Blowtorch down/left from the bottom of the grenade hole 
which you'll
  probably be standing in. 

   Go 3: (Left worm) Blowtorch left. 

   Go 4: (Right worm) Blowtorch down/left again. 

   Go 5: (Left worm) Blowtorch left again from far left of tape hole. 

   Go 6: (Right worm) Blowtorch down/left again. 

   Go 7: (Left worm) Fire the shotgun horizontally left twice from a safe 
distance - that should
  get you out of the tape.

   Go 8: (Right worm) Blowtorch down/right, into the hole with the crate in - you 
must pick it
  up this turn.

   Go 9: (Left worm) Place the girder you just picked up horizontally next to you 
(you'll need to
 use a short girder). 

   Go 10: (Right worm) Doesn't matter what you do. 

   Go 11: (Left worm) Collect the crate, which completes the mission. 

Second method 

   Go 1: Blowtorch to the right and retreat. 

   Go 2: Stand on the oil barrel - this is very important as you must die before 
you'd get
  another turn with that worm. You can kill the worm that attacked you if you 
like, but if you
  leave it alone it will take turns from other enemy worms that might block your 
patch later. 

   Go 3: Shotgun your way out of the tape and retreat. 

   Go 4: Go onto the next tape, at about the same height (so that you can jump 
back in even if
  the oil barrel has been blown up by the time you come back) and blowtorch 
diagonally downwards
  towards the crate. Stand at the bottom of your tunnel. 

   Go 5: Blowtorch or shotgun to the crate. Make sure you'll be able to get 
out... and start
  doing so, if you can. If you have been shotgunned in your last turn and the 
enemy is in the
  way, you should use the shotgun to get through to the crate - you should be 
able to do this
  in one blast, and then blast the enemy with your other shot, walking past him 
while he's
  recovering. If you don't get the crate this go, quit - you're going to fail 
this time. 

   Go 6: Run back to the starting point, and blowtorch left. 

   Go 7: Blowtorch left again. 

   Go 8: Blowtorch left again. 

   Go 9: Place a girder horizontally next to you (outside the tape). 

   The crate will now drop. 

   Go 10: Blowtorch through the final bit of tape and get the crate. 
Congratulations - you've
  completed all the missions! 


					~!~Training Guide~!~
   And again, thanks to Jon Skeet for letting me use this too.

   ~Basic Training~

  This comes in three stages, one per medal, and there are three tasks per stage. 

		~!~Bronze Stage~!~

 ~Grenade skills Grade 1~
   Both targets can be hit with grenades with 1 second fuses. The second one 
requires full power
  or slightly less; both require quite low angles. (In fact, you can hit both 
targets using the
  same angle if you're lucky.) 

 ~Shotgun skills~
   Just shoot the targets - not a lot more to be said, really. When you're 
shooting down, get to
  the edge of the girder first, otherwise there's a chance you'll hit the girder 
and hurt

 ~Bazooka skills Grade 1~
   First target: Full power, low angle
   Second target: About half power, facing right but nearly vertical - the wind 
takes the shot.

		~!~Silver Stage~!~

 ~Rope Grade 1~
   Use repeat swings here - press space to come off the rope, and space again to 
fire another
  time. You should pick up the baseball bat in the crate without coming off the 
rope, then
  continue to the target, where you drop off the rope, select the baseball bat, 
aim and fire.
  See the weapon tips page (when it's up) for more details on the ninja rope. 

 ~Grenade Skills 2~
   The first two targets are the same as before. The third one should be 
destroyed with a 2
  second grenade fired at about 45 degrees and just under full power. Remember 
that you can
  fire more than one grenade at a time.

 ~Using Firepunch~
   You need to combine jumping with firepunching. Stand under the crate, select 
firepunch, hit
  backspace twice to do a backflip, and when you're at the top of the jump, press 
space. This
  will perform a firepunch from where you are, enabling you to collect the crate, 
which gives
  you two more firepunches. You can then punch the targets in much the same way. 
For the last
  one, you don't need to use a backflip - try a "straight up" jump, given by just 
  backspace once.  (In fact, you may not need to jump at all; I haven't tried a 

		~!~Gold Stage~!~
 ~Rope Grade 2~
   This is quite similar to grade 1. Collect the dynamite from the left hand side 
of the screen,
  then make your way over to the target on the right (using repeat swings). 
Select the dynamite
  by pressing F5, then when you're over the target (preferably not moving much), 
press return
  to drop the dynamite. Land on the middle platform again, and watch the target 
blow up.

 ~Bazooka Skills Grade 2~
   First target: full power, about 40 degrees from the horizontal.
   Second target: full power, slightly lower.
   Third target: about half power, facing right and just off vertical.
   Fourth target: full power, and very shallow angle - the bazooka will skim the 
surface of the
  water before hitting the target. 

 ~Grenade Skills Grade 3~
   The first three targets are as before (except with the first two the other way 
round). The
  fourth target requires a full power, 4 second grenade aimed just below the 
corner formed by
  the girders abouve you (ie about 30 degrees from the vertical). The final 
target can be hit
  from below with a 1 second grenade at a slightly higher angle and about 75% 



  This section will be revised soon, so just wait.

   Bazooka - A bazooka that fires a missile.
   Homing Missile - A missile that homes, make sure you fire it far or it will 
explode on
 the first thing it hits, like the ground below you.
   Mortar - It is just like the Bazooka, except it doesn't do much damage but it 
drops more
 explosives when it explodes.
   Hand Grenade - A regular granade.
   Cluster Bomb - This grenade will shoot out more grenades when it explodes.
*  Skunk Bomb - You can set off fumes by pressing spacebar and making it explode 
by pressing
 Space Bar again. 
   Petrol Bomb - This will explode on contact and will keep the ground burning 
for a long time.
   Banana Bomb - Like the cluster bomb except does more damage.
   Hand Gun - A dinky gun.
** Shot Gun - This is a powerful gun, it can do up to 25 damage per shot.
   Uzi - A fast firing gun.
   Mini Gun - This gun is great shoots fast and does a lot of damage.
** Long Bow - The thing that Robin Hood uses
***Air Strikes - Send missiles down from the air.
***Napalm Strike - Sends missiles from the air, but they explode leaving fire to 
rain down from
 the sky.
   Land Mine - A mine that will explode when you go near it.
   Fire Punch - Punches straight up, burns straight through landscapes.
   Dragon Ball - A ball of energy that does 30 damage.
   Kamakaze - Your worms sacrifices itself to fly a explode in the direction you 
   Prod - Just pushes the worm you touched. Does no damage, just used to push 
guys into water.
   Axe - Cuts enemies life by half.
   Blow Torch - Burns through landscapes   
   Pneumatic Drill - Drills down.
   Girder - A bridge that you can place where you want, you can change it by 
pressing <- or ->.
** Ninja Rope - A rope that you can shoot and hang on things.
   Dynamite - A stick of dynamite.
*  Sheep - Sheep that bounces around.
   Baseball Bat - A Baseball bat.
   Parachute- A way going down easily.
   Bungee - Another way of going down but more exciting.
   Teleport - The best way of traveling ling distances
   Flame Thrower - A cool weapon that does a lot of damage and burns through 
   Homing Pigeon - Like the Homing missile, but more dumber.
   Mad Cow - Releases 1 to 5(you choose) cows that roam around and explodes when 
they hit a wall.
   Holy Hand Grenade - Like a grenade it explodes, but does more damage. Up to 
100 damage
   Old Women- An exploding old granny.
*  Sheep Launcher - Launches a sheep with a helmet.
*  Super Sheep - A flying sheep that you can control.
*  Mole Bomb - A bomb that jumps up and explodes.      

*   - You manually explode it (With SpaceBar).
**  - You get 2 shots with it.
*** - You can change where it comes from by pressing -> or <-.


   ~Special Weapons~

    These are the weapons that you cannot configure in the menu, except the super 
sheep of
  course. I put them into sections to give you a better thought of what it is or 
what it does.

 ~Heavy Duty Killer Weapons~
   Super Banana Bomb   - Like the Banana Bomb but you have to manually explode it.
   Indian Nuclear Test - When it explodes, it raises the water level and makes 
everyone infected.
** Concrete Donkey     - It goes down and smashes anything beneath it or around 
the smashed part.
   Armageddon          - It starts to rain meteors, a whole hell of a lot of 
   Magic Bullet        - It a bullet that will home on your target and will avoid 
contact with
  the land.

 ~Regular Explosives
   Aqua Sheep    - Your sheep can now go into water and swim around.
   Ming Vase     - Like a mine, but pieces of the vase fly out and explode on 
   Sally Army    - Like the old lady, but little tamberines come out and explodes 
on contact.
*  MB Bomb       - A fat round thing falls from the sky.  
   Suicide Bomber- Your worm inflates and exlodes. Any one that touches the green 
smoke after
  it gets infected.

 ~No Damage Weapons~
   Worm Select        - Let's you select other worms with TAB.
   Scales of Justice  - Evens out the healt to everyone.
   Girder Starter Kit - Let's you make 5 girders in one turn.
   EarthQuake    - Shakes things around, won't hurt anyone. This is used to push 
guys off edges
  or to mines.
*  Mail Strike   - 5 Letters come slowly falling from the sky.
   Mine strike   - 5 mines fall to ground. These things bounce when the hit.
   Mole Squadron - 5 moles get dropped off and dig their way until they hit 
** Sheep Strike  - 5 Flaming sheep fall from the sky, they will bounce around 
making more damage.
** Mike's Carpet Bomb- This is like the Sheep Strike but, they are carpet bombs. 
They bounce,
  blow up more times the than the Sheep Strikes does and causes a lot of damage.

* -Affected by wind.
**-They will blow up, bounce, blow up, bounce, blow up, etc.


   ~Weapons Buttons on Keyboard~

Utilities - Jet Pack   , Low Gravity    , Fast Walk      , Laser Sight     , 

F1  - Bazooka          , Homing Missile , Mortar         , Homing Pigeon   , 
Sheep Launcher
F2  - Grenade          , Cluster Bomb   , Banana Bomb    , Axe             , 
F3  - Shot Gun         , Hand Gun       , Uzi            , Minigun         , Long 
F4  - Fire Punch       , Dragon Ball    , Kamakaze       , Suicide Bomber  , Prod
F5  - Dynamite         , Land Mine      , Sheep          , Super/Aqua Sheep, Mole 
F6  - Air Strike       , Napalm Strike  , Mail Strike    , Mine Strike     , Mole 
F7  - Blow Torch       , Pneumatic Drill, Girder         , Baseball Bat    , 
Girder Starter Kit
F8  - Ninja Rope       , Bungee         , Parachute      , Teleport        , 
Scales of Justice
F9  - Super Banana Bomb, Holy Grenade   , Flame Thrower  , Sally Army      , MB 
F10 - Petrol Bomb      , Skunk          , Ming Vase      , Sheep Strike    , 
Mike's Carpet Bomb
F11 - Mad Cow          , Old Woman      , Concrete Donkey, Indian Nuke     , 
F12 - Skip Go          , Surrender      , Worm Select    , Freeze          , 
Magic Bullet


   There are no type cheats, they all have to be earned.

  ~Smiley Face~
   On certain days of the month, a smiley face will replace the thumping nuclear 
  symbol. Just to tell ya, this isn't really a cheat. I just didn't know where to 
stick it.

 17 of each month
 Jan. 1

 Note: I don't know all the days, so please e-mail me.

  ~More Multi Player Maps~
   To get the Mission Maps as levels, you must get a Silver or Gold Medal. A 
Bronze will get
  you nothing.

  ~Weapon Options~

   Laser Sight  - Complete Level 4
   Jet Pack     - Complete Level 8
   Fast Walk    - Complete Level 13
  *Invisibility - Complete Level 16
   Low Gravity  - Complete Level 20
!  Super Banana Bomb - Complete Level 33
 **Aqua Sheep        - Gold on Super Sheep Racing
!**Longbow           - Gold on Euthasia
!**Shotgun           - Gold on Rifle Range
!**Grenade           - Gold on Artillery

  ~Game Options~
 **Blood                     - Gold on Basic Training
 **Sheep Mode                - Gold on Crazy Crates
 **Invincible Worms          - Elite on Death Match
   Indestructible Landscapes - Complete Level 25

  ~Game Setups~
 **Full Wormage- Gold on Everything
		 Elite Ranking
*  - Only works on the net.
** - You need earn this medal or earn this ranking.
!  - Makes the weapon stronger, doesn't change what it is.



   - Sheep can collect crates and stuff.
   - Think of the wind when firing.
   - Burrow at least one worm. 
   - Use strikes and super weapons if you are sure you are going to win.
   - Try to shoot them into the water on island maps if you can.
   - Try to conserve ammo. 
   - Make every shot count.
   - Losing one worm doesn't mean anything if you kill 2 worms with it.
   - If you can't hit the enemy worm(s) try hitting something near them to cause 
   - Use girders for protection.
   - Pick your targets carefully.
   - Try to get crates or utilites before some one else gets it.
   - Blow up crates or utilites if you don't want anyone getting it.
   - Hide after you shot your weapon.
   - Teleport when in trouble.
   - Take the shot if you can.
   - Take out weakest guy or a guy near on an edge first.
   - Get crates.
   - Stay near an enemy so their other worms can't hit that worm, beware of Worm 
   - Use weak guys as decoys so you can get stronger to come and take them out.
   - Trap an enemy in with girders, that'll make sure he won't get you for awhile.
   - Use your weak worms for suicide soldiers. Like run into a mine near an enemy 
or blow 
  yourself up and an enemy with a stcik of Dynamite. Make you do a lot of damage.



   Hi, my name is N.A.P.A.L.M., here is where you can contact me for anything you 
   My ICQ(UIN)        - #36991746 (I don't mind if you add me to your list and 
vice versa)
   My E-mail          - [email protected]
   My Name on WormNet - NAPALMX
   My Name on Battle.Net -N.A.P.A.L.M.
  If you see me on, say hi or something.


 Me  -  For making this FAQ.
 You -  For reading it.
 Team 17   -  \
 MicroPose -   } For making Worms Armageddon. 
 Hasbro    -  /
 My cat and dog- They inspired me to do this
 Jon Skeet - For the Mission Guide and the Training guide.

					~!~Legal Stuff~!~

  This is N.A.P.A.L.M. Copyright 1999, please DO NOT steal anything from this FAQ 
without my
 permission. If you want to use this FAQ on your page, please ask me first. I 
won't turn you
 down, so just ask.

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