Super Smash Bros. Melee

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Strong Moves

I'm Hac and this is my- DADUHDUH DA DUH DAAA... 15th Faq!!!
But... its my first without a table of contents.

Note: This Faq contains strong moves from the game, but not every character has a 
move i've included here.

Ganandorf: Warlock Punch
How to do it:B
How to use: This move is veeery slow, but i can almost guarantee you a KO if it 
works. The only exception is it may not KO in Temple, because that stage is to darn 

Jigglypuff: Rest
How to do it: Down B
How to use: This move is useless to the untrained eye, but if you know how to use 
it, its a big KO! It only does the job if jiggly is perfectly overlapping the foe.

Jigglypuff/Ness/Mewtwo: Up Throw
How to do it: Z > up

Mario/Dr. Mario/Luigi: Back throw
How to do it: Z > Back

Roy: Fire Blade
How to do it: B
How to use: Hold B until Roy slashes his sword down. Slow, but worth it!

Ness: Bat
How to do it: A and side at the same time

Roy: I dont know wat its called
How to do it: A and up at the same time

Kirby: Hammer
How to do it: Smash B

Peach: Peach Bomber
How to do it: Smash B

Captain Falcon: Falcon Punch
How to do it: B
How to use: Its just like Warlock punch>

DK: Giant Punch
How to do it: B
How to use it: Press b to charge up, and press it again to punch.

Well thats all!
FAQ Copyright HAC

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