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Summary Of The Best And Worst Of Maps For Sniping

If you are going to hard scope (Actually zoom in with your sniper with regular scope 
or variable scope) this is a guide for the best and worst maps to do it on. 
First off the perks I would use: Blue Perk- Scavenger or Ghost, Red Perk- Any of 
them, and 
Green Perk- Ninja or Hacker
I recommend using the L96A1 Variable scope, and I will list good perks on given 

1. Great Maps for sniping
Array- Pretty obvious, great for being in the tower or sniping the other snipers in the 
Firing Range- Really good if your team is in control of the game and you can camp in 
the tower, I would recommend you get Flak Jacket Pro and maybe even Gas Mask 
Pro along with it
Grid- This is good if you are playing a good tactical game mode and you can camp on 
either side of the map or if you can move around in either building complex
Jungle- In contest of being one of the best sniping maps, several epic spots and 
great counter-sniping
Villa- This is only a great map if you have the proper team members and standpoint 
on map, recommend claymores or camera spikes on this one
WMD- Several great spots and nice spacious games for a great outlook of the enemy 
Berlin Wall- If you hide in one of the buildings with the overview of the middle of the 
two walls then you are set especially for any tactical game mode
Kowloon- One of the best sniping maps obviously for the low visibility too, a motion 
sensor or tactical insertion wouldn't hurt especially if you're on the skyscraper or a 
little niche somewhere
Stadium- Excellent if on either of the two balconies, wooden thing in front of the 
stadium or upstairs in the stadium

2. Average Maps for Sniping
Cracked- Good for tactical game modes or any game mode if in the correct spots
Crisis- Really good if on mountain, water tower, ocean side, or building roofs
Havana- Could of been a great map for sniping but I never have any luck with it, I 
would recommend staying in the building on either far side of the map or one of the 
side buildings
Launch- Good map for tactical games, good spots are the small buildings on the 
opposite side of the rocket and the rooms and metal beams next to the rocket
Nuke Town- Obviously stay in the buildings, claymores, camera spikes, and motion 
sensors are good, again I would use Flak Jacket Pro and Tactical Mask Pro
Radiation- If you get a good look on the middle of the map you can excel but other 
than that I think there is too much battling inside buildings and underground
Summit- Good only for tactical game modes and if the battle is outside, get in the 
tower or pedway
Discovery- Good if you can get a good spot in one of the buildings or on the building 
on the far side

3. Bad Map for Sniping
Hanoi- Despite being at night, it is a bad map for sniping unless you can hold one of 
the buildings or get a good spot in a tactical game mode, too close range.

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