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Super Mario 64 Ds
Note:press ctrl+f and type the level you want for it to take you there
1) The Basics
2)Character-Specific Moves(takin from instructional booklet)
3)Unlockable Characters
	3.1: Mario
	3.2: Luigi
	3.3 Wario
4)Bomb Omb Battlefield
	4.1: big bomb omb on the sumit
	4.2: Footrace with Koopa the quick
	4.3: 5 Silver Stars
	4.4: Big Bomb ombs revenge
	4.5: mario wings to the sky
	4.6: find the 8 red coins
	4.7: behind chain chomps gate

7) Rest of Guide may come soon.... a different post....

1: The Basics
Walk:D-pad is whichever direction you want to move

Dash: hold the dash button (X) and press the D-pad in whichever direction to move

Jump:To jump, just press the (B) Button

Continuous Jump: to perform a continuous jump just jump(B) and then press jump (B) 
again to continuous jump
(to perform a triple jump just press jump(B) again when you hit the ground)

Backword Somersault:Crouch (R) and press the jump (B) while still crouched to 
backword somersault

Side Somersault: Dash in one Direction(Hold X and the walk button(D-Pad)and press in 
the other direction and press the jump button(B)

Long Jump:Dash(R) Crouch(R) Then Jump(B)

Swallow: (Yoshi Only) Press the attack button (B)

Punch or attack: attack button (A) as wario, mario, or luigi

Crouch:(R)(Press (R) when moving to slide

Pick-up and Throw:Get next to an object or enemy and press (A)- (A) again to throw it

Swim: (B) swim steadily (Y) to swim faster (B) repeateatedly works too)

Ground Pound: Jump(B) and then press the crouch button (R)when in the air to ground 

kick: (A)(A)(A) Third (A) is a kick

jump kick: jump(B) and press the attack button (A)

Crawl: hold the crouch button (R) and press the d-pad in any direction

side step: step up to the wall and press the walk button (D-Pad) in the direction to 

Slide attack: Dash andpress the attack button

slide kick: Dash (Y) + the D-pad) crouch(R) then press the attack button(A)

Sweep kick: crouch(R) and press (A)

Climb trees or poles: approach a pole and press (B)

Handstand: at the top of a pole or tree pres the (Up) button

Climb quickly: press (B) while facing or grabbing an edge to climb up quickly

Climb: press the d-pad in the direction you want to climb in the direction you want 
when hanging off an edge

wire nets: Press and hold (B) and press the D-Pad in the direction to

2:Character-Specific Moves(takin from instructional booklet)
		Mario has a balanced set of moves. Though Luigi and Yoshi  have 
better jumping skills, Mario makes up for them by being able to Float

Wall Kick: B+B To perform a wall kick jump toward the wall and jump again as you hit 

Floating power:When Mario gets a power flower he becomes a balloon and can float to 
high places Float up by 		Pressing (B) repeatedly. Control his 
direction with The D-Pad

Wings: use the D-Pad to turn, the up button to Desend, and the down button to ascend

		Because yoshi Cant punch, yoshi is weaker than other characters in 
the power department,  however he can swallow all kinds of things and turn them into 
eggs to throw

Swallowing: press (A) to swallow enemys and objects

Eggs: press (R) when yoshi has his mouth full to turn it to eggs to throw

Flutter Kick: Press and hold (B)

Fire Power: When yoshi Gets a power flower he can breath fire by Pressing (A)

		Luigi's major strength is his agility however his lack of power 
makes heavy lifting Difficult

Invisability power:when luigi gets a power flower he becomes invisible for a short 
time: when hes invisible Luigi
		can run through anemies and many objects

Scuttle: Hold (B)

Water run: Luigi can runb on water for a short time by running toward the water and 

		Though hes lacking in the speed and agility departments(not to 
mention Smarts) When you need a nittle muscle Wario's Your Man! His powerful moves 
can break ojbects and beat up enemies

Wario Whack: Use this powerful move to break things others cant (A)

Metal Power: When Wario gets a power flower he'll turn into metal for awhile he'll 
be invincible to enemy attacks and be able to walk on the sea floor
3: Unlockable Characters

3.1: Mario:
	Stars needed:8
		Go to the Princesses Rec Room and take a right to see a door with an 
8 on it, go through the door and jump into the Mario painting. At the beginning go 
down the slide, make your way to the logs that go up and down, just when they come 
out of the Shadowlike stuff  jump to the next log,  jump past the first pirahna 
plant you see onto a log platform. climb up the pole, do a handstand at the top for 
a free life, then jump onto the platform around you. go over the bridge and avoid 
all the goombas at the end is a log platform with a hole in it, jump into the hole. 
you will see a giant goomba, talk to him and battle him run around the platform and 
swallow one of the follower goombas, turn it into an egg  and spit it at the boss 
goomba, he will grow bigger and get faster, **Repeat X2** and he will give up the 
key.take it back to the door with an M above it and open the door...MARIO!!!!

3.2: Luigi
	Stars needed:??Just have the big boos haunt unlocked

3.3: Wario
	Use: Luigi
	Stars needed: 30
 	3.4 I am currently trying the guide of unlockable characters, By shadow of 
luigi to see if its possible to get waluigi, if i can, ill even add what to aim at 
to get him.

4:Bomb Omb BattleField:

4.1: Big bomb omb on the sumit
	When you enter the level turn to your right and go up the bridge while 
avoiding the goombas. Take a left and you'll see a chain chomp not far away go to 
the chain chomp and run past it. Run across the bridge and go strait untill you come 
to a big rock with a square with a red bomb omb buddy on it. Take a right and run 
across the dirt path. Take a right and jump over the cannon balls rolling back and 
forth, then run up the spiralling dirt path jumping over or avoiding cannonballs on 
the way, when you come to a small hole into the wall stop and jump into the hole to 
be teleported to the top of the path. you will see a giant bomb omb king, on the 
platform at the top, walk up to him and talk. He will say "I'm the Big Bob-omb, 
baron of all blasting matter, king of ka-booms the over! Incredible! You've made it 
this far even without a mustache. I commend your courage. Be that as it may, I can't 
just give you my precious Power Star." You must defeat me in battle if you want it! 
You'll be qyute helpless facing my bob-omb minions. back up and when he throws a bob 
omb at you, simply press (A) and then (A) again to spit it out at him, Repeat 2 
Times to Win. 

4.2:Footrace with Koopa the Quick
	Talk to the giant koopa to the right when you start the level, then repeat 
the steps in  3.1: Big bomb omb on the summit, to get to the top of the mountainlike 
area, jump towards the pole at the top and if u beat the koopa you get a Power Star.

4.3: 5 Silver Stars
	When you begin, turn right and climb the tree, handstand and jump to get a 
silver star. Then talk to the bomb omb buddy and hop in the cannon, shoot yourself 
strait up and land to the left of where you started. kill the goomba to the right to 
get another star,run to a flowerpatch to strait from where you started, another 
star,go to the star on the top right of the map and catch the chainchomp and take 
the star from its tail.launch yourself from the cannon to the last star on the map 
and kill a goomba to get the last star, go to the beginning of the level and jump up 
from underneath the crystal with a star in it to get your star.
4.4: Big Bomb ombs revenge
	Must have mario:
			Make your way to the top of the mountain and talk to big bob 
omb, he will challenge you again, simply run behind him and pick him up and throw 
him out of the arena 3 times. and thats it.

4.5: Mario wings to the sky
	With mario go to the pyramyd shaped cannon, and shoot yourself to the 
floating platform above, get the wing cap and  jump in the cannon and shoot yourself 
through the rings of coins floating in the air, collect the middle coin in each 
group (5 Groups) to get the star.
4.6: Find the 8 red coins
	As soon as you enter the level shoot yourself out of the cannon to the place 
strait ahead with 4 logs sticking out of the ground there are 2 red coins there.
	Then run back to the beginning of the level and go near the bridge, ride the 
yellow platforms and jump at the top for a red coin.
	Then find a koopa shell near the  pyramyd shaped cannon, ride it to the top 
of the rock ahead and grab the coin.
	Then go near the chain chomp wait for him to zoom toward you, then jump and 
get the coin on top of the log holding him down.
	Then, using the pyramyd like cannon, shoot yourself to the floating platform 
above.climb to the top of the tree there and do a handstand for the next coin.
	Then jump down, run past the chainchomp and tilting bridge. now go to the 
spot where the cannon balls roll back and forth, to the left is a small hill. if you 
are yoshi do a flutter kick and run up the hill to grab the coin.
If you arent yoshi, run up the spiraling path and when you come to 2 goombas  go a 
little further and sldie down the hill to get the coin.
	For the last coin go to the place where the cannon balls roll back and 
forth, before getting there, there is a sighn with an arrow on it, jump of the edge 
there and there is another coin.
		Run back to where the first 2 coins were, and there is your star
4.7: Behind chain chomps gate
	Make your way to the chain chomp with any character and ground pound the log 
holding him to the ground a few times he will jump around and crash the cage to the 
right.. collect the star behind the bars.

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