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                           SUPER MARIO LAND

                             Version 1.0

                      For the Nintendo Game Boy

                       Author: Kurt z.



                    [email protected]




As in every Mario game, there's a princess to save. This time, her 
name is Daisy (but she looks exactly like Princess Toadstool and 
Princess Peach, so I guess it's always the same princess who's toying 
around with her name, trying to find the one she likes the best... 
poor Mario :p). She's the princess of the world of Sarasaland 
(hmmm... wasn't Toadstool/Peach princess of the Mushroom Kingdom? 
Something's REALLY wrong here...) and she's been kidnapped by 
Tatanga, the Mysterious Monster from Outer Space, who wants to marry 
her and to rule the world. Same ol' stuff. 

The world of Sarasaland consists of 4 kingdoms, named Birabuto, Muda, 
Easton, and Chai. No need to say, Mario has to visit them all in 
order to reach and defeat Tatanga, because he's not lazy enough to 
catch a plane and fly straight there, and because he wants to collect 
some good money along the way (hey, he's a man after all... :) ). 

And of course, since he's the hero, you have to control him, as he 
cannot be blamed for any mistakes he could make on the way there! 


D-Pad: moves Mario. Press Down to duck (except small Mario) and to 
enter certain pipes (leads to bonus rooms). Press Left/Right while in 
mid-air to change direction.

A button: - Jump (hold to jump higher). 
          - Shoot missiles/torpedoes (hold for continuous fire).

B button: - Hold to run. You can run over 1-block pits without 
          - Shoot fireballs. 
          - Shoot missiles/torpedoes (one at a time). 
If you duck while running, you may be able to slide into narrow 
spaces (which can normally be accessed by small Mario). If you get 
stuck in one of these, repeatedly press A to get out. 

START button: Start/pause.

START+SELECT+A+B: Resets the game


"?" BLOCKS: hit them from below to uncover one of the following: 
coin, Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Star, 1-Up Heart, multiple coins.

BRICK: Super/Fire Mario can break them from below. They're worth 50 
pts each, and they can sometimes release items. Many of them are 
multiple-coin bricks: hit them fast to gain as many coins as 
possible. You can get up to 20 coins from them.

COINS: there are tons of them scattered throughout the game. They're 
found in open spaces, or inside "?" blocks. Every one is worth 100 
pts, and 100 of them will give you a 1-UP. 

1-UP HEART: not so rare. Do I have to tell you what's it for?


SUPER MUSHROOM: turns Mario into Super Mario. Found in "?" blocks, or 
in bricks. Super Mario can break bricks. He will turn into small 
Mario if he's hit. A Super Mushroom will give you 1000 pts. 

FIRE FLOWER: turns Super Mario into Fire Mario. Found in "?" blocks,  
or in bricks. If small Mario picks this up, he will turn into Super 
Mario. Fire Mario can shoot fireballs (press B to shoot). Fireballs 
are effective against many enemies, but they have a short range and 
will bounce against walls, floors and ceilings until they either find 
an open space or disappear. Fireballs can collect coins for you, so 
they're very useful to collect coins in unreachable places. If Fire 
Mario is hit, he will turn into Small Mario. A Fire Flower gives you 
1000 pts.

STAR: turns Mario into Invincible Mario. Found in "?" blocks, or in 
bricks. Invincible Mario can only die by falling into bottomless 
pits, and he can kill any enemy with a simple touch, provided it can 
be killed. Invincibility will last for 25 seconds before 
disappearing, and Mario will flash when he's under its effect. A Star 
gives you 1000 pts.


                        ---REGULAR ENEMIES---

BATADON: a flying stone statue. It will come from above. It can 
bounce over floors and platforms, and THROUGH platforms if you're 
standing on a platform and he's below. 
World: 3-1, 3-3
Defeat: jump/fireball(3)
Pts: 800

BUNBUN: a bee that regularly stops to drop spears vertically. Some of 
them fly very high, but their spears are easily avoided. Some of them 
fly at ground level, so you'll have to jump to avoid them.
World: 1-2
Defeat: jump/fireball
Pts: 800

CHIBIBO: a small mushroom, slow and weak.
World: 1-1, 1-2, (1,3), 2-1, 2-2, 4-1, 4-2
Defeat: jump/fireball
Pts: 100

CHIKEN: this bird flies towards you and moves circularly to hit you 
if he missed with the direct attack.
World: 4-3
Defeat: 1 missile 
Pts: 400

CHIKAKO (GLITTER): an armored, bright mine standing on your way up in 
the skies. Moves slightly up and down.
World: 4-3
Defeat: 10 missiles
Pts: 800

FLY: a fly (big surprise, huh?) that jumps back and forth. Easy but 
annoying, since it likes to lurk under platforms.
World: 1-1
Defeat: jump/fireball(2)
Pts: 400

GANCHAN: rocks falling from the sky. They bounce on the floor, so you 
can jump on them and take a free ride. This is sometimes necessary to 
cross spike floors. Invincible.
World: 3-1, 3-3
Defeat: can't
Pts: N/A

GAO: a fire-spitting sphinx. Doesn't move, but can aim up or down, 
and even shoot behind itself. Annoying.
World: (1-1), 1-3
Defeat: jump/fireball
Pts: 800

GIRA: missiles shot by a cannon. The cannons always come out of 
pipes, and you can step on them to reach new heights. There are 
usually two or more cannons at a time, making things VERY frustrating 
(World 4-1 is the best example).
World: 3-1, 3-2, 4-1, 4-2
Defeat: jump
Pts: 400

GUNION: an octopus. Divides into two balls when hit enough. The balls 
come at you, but the octopus can't move.
World: 2-3
Defeat: 3 torpedoes
Pts: 800

HONEN: a fishbone that comes out of the water in a vertical movement. 
Too easy.
World: 2-1, 2-3
Defeat: jump/1 torpedo
Pts: 100

KUMO: a hairy spider that jumps around the same way as Flies. 
Disgusting and sometimes annoying, because it always shows up when 
you're making difficult jumps between narrow platforms.
World: 3-2
Defeat: jump/fireball(2)
Pts: 400

MEKABON: a slow robot that throws its head like a boomerang at 
intervals. If you stomp on the flying head, you'll gain 100 pts, but 
the robot will grow another one. Jump on the body to kill it.
World: 2-2
Defeat: jump/fireball
Pts: 400

NOKOBON: a turtle with a bomb on its back. If you stomp on it, the 
bomb will explode after two or three seconds. If you use the 
fireballs, the bomb won't explode. The most common enemy, you'll find 
it ANYWHERE (well, almost).
World: 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 2-1, 2-2, 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 4-1, 4-2
Defeat: jump/fireball

NYOLOLIN: a sitting snake that can spit fireballs in all directions, 
and through platforms too. Often dangerous, because it's usually 
sitting on platforms higher than the one you're on.
World: 4-2
Defeat: jump/fireball(2)
Pts: 800

PAKKUN FLOWER: the classic piranha plant comin' out of pipes. It 
won't come out if you're in contact with the pipe. 
World: 1-3, 2-1, 2-2, 3-1, 3-2, 4-1
Defeat: fireball
Pts: 100

PIONPI: one of the most annoying enemies. It's a stupid, zombie-like, 
little Chinese man that jumps here and there, usually in groups of 
two or three and along with other enemies. If you stomp on him, he 
will give you points, but will regenerate in a few moments. Only 
fireballs can kill him.
World: 4-1
Defeat: fireball(2)
Pts: 800

POMPOM FLOWER: a big walking flower that periodically stops to spit a 
fireball vertically (this can pass through platforms).
World: 4-2
Defeat: jump/fireball(2)
Pts: 800

ROKETON: a plane that shoots cannonballs at you - even backwards if 
required. Not too dangerous, but comes in packs and along with other 
enemies, so you may get hit in the mess.
World: 4-3
Defeat: 1 missile
Pts: 400

SUU: a spider hanging from the cave ceiling. It comes down when you 
get close, but it's slow.
World: 3-2
Defeat: jump/fireball(2)
Pts: 400

TAMAO: an invincible bubble that does its best to shield 
Dragonzamasu. Invincible.
World: 2-3
Defeat: can't
Pts: N/A

TOKOTOKO: a stone statue that moves quite fast and charges you while 
you're still trying to see it. Dangerous.
World: 3-1, 3-3
Defeat: jump/fireball
Pts: 400

TORION: a fish that always attacks in groups of three elements. They 
swim towards you, and if you don't kill them, they'll come back for a 
second try.
World: 2-3
Defeat: 1 torpedo
Pts: 100

UPSIDE-DOWN (HEADSTAND) PAKKUN: a piranha flower comin' out of 
upside-down pipes. It will come out even if you're standing just 
below the pipe. Very annoying and very dangerous.
World: 4-1, 4-2
Defeat: fireball
Pts: 400

YURARIN: a seahorse.
World: 2-3
Defeat: 2 torpedoes
Pts: 400

YURARIN BOO: a BIG seahorse that comes out of the water or underwater 
pits, spitting fireballs. Quite annoying because of its shooting 
angle. Can't be defeated with fireballs. 
World: 2-1, 2-2, 2-3
Defeat: jump/2 torpedoes
Pts: 400

()= Hard Mode only


KING TOTOMESU: boss of Birabuto kingdom. A giant sphinx that jumps up 
and down while spitting fire. 
World: 1-3
Defeat: fireball(5)
Pts: 5000

DRAGONZAMASU: boss of Muda kingdom. Protected by Tamao. Swims up and 
down while spitting fire.
World: 2-3
Defeat: 20 torpedoes
Pts: 5000

HIYOLHOI: boss of Easton kingdom. A former Tokotoko with legs. Throws 
World: 3-3
Defeat: fireballs (10)
Pts: 5000

BIOKINTON: boss of Chai kingdom. Always hidden within a cloud, nobody 
has ever seen it. Flies around and sends Chickens at you.
World: 4-3
Defeat: 20 missiles
Pts: 5000

TATANGA: flies around in its war spaceship, Pagosu. Fires rocks.
World: 4-3
Defeat: 25 missiles
Pts: 5000


There are 10 different types of bonus rooms in the game, which can be 
found by entering certain pipes. They are represented below, in the 
order in which they appear in the game. Note that the diagrams are 
not to scale. Anything peculiar will be detailed in the walkthrough.

x = coin
b = brick
- = platform or metal block
^ = spike
E = exit

1) 18 coins (A)

   |                       |
   |                       |
   |                       |
   |                       |
   |         xxxxxx        |
   |         xxxxxx        |
   |         xxxxxx        |
   |        ________       |
   |       |        |     _|

2) 21 coins 

   |  |                    | 
   |  |                    | 
   |  |   x x x x x x     _|               
   |  |   _______________|E| 
   |  |                    | 
   |  |_                   | 
   |    | x x x x x x      |            
   |    |_______________   | 
   |  x x x x x x x x x    |                 

3) 18 coins (B) 

   |   |                  _|
   |   | x x x x         |E|
   |   |--b-b-b-    -------|
   |   |                   |
   |   |   x x x x x x x   |
   |   |   -b-b----b-------|
   |   |                   |
   |   |  x x x x x x x    |
   |    ---b-b-b-b-b-b-b   |

4) 33 coins

   |                      |
   |      b        b      |
   |      b        b      |
   |      b        b      |
   |      b xxxxxx b      |
   |      b xxxxxx b      |
   |      b xxxxxx b      |
   |      b xxxxxx b    xx|
   |      bbbbbbbbbb    xx|
   |       x x x x x     _|

5) 77 coins

   |     |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|
   |     |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|
   |     | xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx |
   |      --b------------- |
   |                  |    |
   |        b              |
   |          b-xxxxx-b   _|
   |        b- |xxxxxxb  |E|
   |        ___|xxxxxxbb---|

6) 20 coins

|    |                    _|
|    |     x x x x x     |E|
|    |     --------------bb|
|    |        x x x x x x  |
|    |  -------- - - - --- |    
|    |                     |
|    |                     |
|      -(inv)        (inv)-|    
|   x x x x x x x x x      |

***NOTE: there are two such rooms in the game. The first one has an 
invisible metal square by the right wall, while the second has one 
right below the first hole in the middle platform***

7) 15 coins

|                          |
|                          |
|                    ____|E|
|                       xxx|
|                       xxx|
|            b    -     xxx|
|      --b-b--|        |xxx|
|             |        |xxx|
|              ^^^^^^^^|bbb|

8) 129 coins

|     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   |
|     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   |
|     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   |
|     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   |
|     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   | 
|     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   | 
|     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   | 

9) 44 coins

|                |         |
|                |        _|
|                |    ___|E|
|                |         |
|    |xxxxxxxxxxx|         |
|    |xxxxxxxxxxx|___      |
|    |xxxxxxxxxxx|         |
|    |xxxxxxxxxxx|      ___|
|    |___________|         |

***NOTE: press Right on the D-Pad while falling into the room, or you 
won't be able to collect all the coins, not even with a fireball***

10) 251 coins

|1    16 coins          1 1|           
|4                      2 2|
|                          |
|c                      c c|
|o                      o o|
|i                      i i|
|n                      n n|
|s                      s s|
|                         _|  
***NOTE: this room contains 16 columns of 14 coins (or 14 rows of 16 
coins), plus 27 more coins***



Well, there are some things that should be clear to fully enjoy the 
game, so I will list them here.

1) You always have 400 seconds to complete a level. If you die, 
you'll restart from a checkpoint (there are several of them in every 
level, although they're not explicitely signaled). Every time you 
lose a life, the timer will be reset. If you run out of time, you'll 
lose a life. When you restart from the checkpoint, no enemies will be 
near you.

2) Always try to enter pipes by crouching over them. Every level 
except for World 1-2, 2-3, and 4-3, has 2 bonus rooms somewhere.

3) When you get out of a pipe, you'll be where you were when you 
entered. Unlike Super Mario Bros., the bonus rooms here are not 
shortcuts. Also, when you get out of a pipe, every enemy outside will 
be gone.

4) Kill as many enemies as you can and break as many bricks as 
possible. 100000 points will earn you a continue.

4) At the end of each level, you'll get "remaining time x 10" points.

6) At the end of each level you'll find two exits: the lower one is 
easily accessible, but the higher one gets harder and harder to reach 
as you progress through the game. However, the higher exit always 
leads to a bonus game. It looks like this:

M                 x1
          =       x2

M is Mario. The = represent a ladder. x1 is 1-Up, x2 is 2-Up, x3 is 
3-Up, and FF is a Fire Flower. The ladder and Mario will be rapidly 
flashing onscreen, and you'll have to press A or B to stop them. At 
that point, Mario will proceed forward, climbing the ladder up or 
down if it's in his way, and eventually reach a prize. In the case 
shown above, Mario would climb down the ladder to reach 2 extra 
lives. A bad sound effect will be played if Fire Mario receives the 
Fire Flower, meaning you won nothing, and even if you get it as small 
or Super Mario, the Flower obtained in the Bonus Stage will never 
give you any points.

7) You'll ALWAYS play the Bonus Stage after you beat a boss (except 
for Biokinton and, of course, Tatanga).

8) There are some invisible platforms, elevators and metal blocks 
that can lead you to areas filled with coins. You must hit an 
invisible block or elevator from below in order to step on it. Plus, 
there are some interesting areas that can only be reached by small 

9) There are mushroom-shaped platforms in some worlds. These 
platforms will fall when you step on them, so be fast if you have to 
use them as a bridge.

10) In some worlds there are stone blocks and stalactites that will 
fall down on you if you hesitate. They will tremble and fall as soon 
as you get close, so you may want to bait them and wait for them to 
fall before going on.

11) World 2-3 and World 4-3 automatically scroll to the right. If you 
get stuck between the left edge of the screen and a wall, you'll lose 
a life.

12) Some coins just cannot be reached by Mario. You must use a 
fireball in order to get them.

13) Hold down the A button in World 2-3 and 4-3. This will allow you 
to shoot continuously. Even if you press B repeatedly, you won't be 
able to fire more than three torpedoes/missiles in a row.

14) Try to stomp on many enemies without landing. This will increase 
the amount of points you'll receive.

These hints should be enough to play the game on your own. Use the 
walkthrough only if you're looking for secrets, because the game is 
very easy and short (actually, this is how EVERY walkthrough should 
be used). 

Now, let's get started!



Jump to get the coin from the block. Kill the Chibibo and get the 
mushroom. The next block has a coin. You can enter the next pipe to 
find an 18-coins Bonus Room. When you're done, go on and get the next 
coin. The next three blocks are all coins. Beat the Chibibos there. 
Then comes a line of 6 bricks. The block below has a coin, and the 
fourth brick from the left hides a 1-Up. Grab the seven floating 
coins. Then you'll find a power-up above three bricks. Then a coin, a 
Nokobon, and 8 coins in the blocks. Jump past the chasm and enter the 
pipe, where you'll find a 21-coins Bonus Room. Get out. A Fly is 
guarding a coin block. The next block holds a Star, and then just 
coins and Chicobos until the two Flies. Then a chasm, and three 
bricks - the third from the left is a multiple-coin brick. The 
following coins can be gotten with a small Mario or a fireball. There 
are 5 coins along the wall. Use the three moving platforms to reach 
an easy Bonus Game.


This level is a neverending series of jumps. Grab the first coins, 
and a power-up in the block. Go on, and on the third platform you'll 
meet your first Bunbun. There's another before a coin block. Then a 
series of Nokobons and coins. The three coins floating above the pit 
may be a bit tricky to get without a fireball. When you reach the row 
of blocks and bricks where the Nokobon is walking, drop down the 
small hole to a block with a coin, then go to the left edge of this 
platform and jump to uncover an invisible 1-Up. Then you'll find some 
floating moving platforms and some Bunbuns, along with coins. The 
block above the steps with the two Chicobos holds a power-up. More 
floating platforms, then another 1-Up in the row of blocks and 
bricks. Then it's a mere series of jumps to the end. To reach the 
high exit, you'll have to step on two mushroom blocks, so be quick or 
it will be lost.


Jump along the wall to reveal a secret elevator. It will lead you to 
28 coins. If you choose the lower path, grab the three coins from the 
blocks, then go ahead and expect many Pakkun Flowers, and two falling 
blocks above the second pipe past the pit. The last pipe before the 
second pit can be entered for a 21-coins Bonus Room. The second-to-
last brick in the bottom row has multiple coins, and the second in 
the second row has a power-up. Once out, go past the following four 
pipes (and two Pakkuns). Watch out for the falling blocks above the 
blocks before you take the coins. Kill the Gao who's just after the 
following blocks. If you have a big Mario, break the second brick and 
jump through the gap to uncover another elevator. This is the only 
way to the second Bonus Room, which holds 33 coins and a 1-Up in the 
highest brick of the right column. After the steps there's an 
interesting choice. The three coins in the middle passage can be 
gotten with a small Mario or a fireball, but a small Mario can also 
take the lower passage to reach 38 coins and a power-up. You can get 
hit by the Nokobon to be able to go down there. Whatever you do, 
watch out for the falling blocks above the next set of steps. After 
the next pit you'll find two rows of 8 bricks each, and the top one 
has a Fire Flower in one of the bricks. Jump straight past the 
mushroom blocks and be prepared to fight two more Gaos before you 
reach King Totomesu.

-----BOSS: KING TOTOMESU---------------------------------------------

He jumps up and down, spitting one fireball while on the ground and 
one while in the air. Take some distance if you want to use the 
fireballs. If you don't have them, run under him when he jumps if 
you're small Mario, and jump past him if you're Super Mario. Step on 
the switch to kill him.

After the Boss, be in for a little surprise... Then, play the Bonus 
Game and go on to the next kingdom.



Yow! This level has LOTS of fish! Too bad they're always between you 
and the next platform. Oh yeah, you'll have to make lotsa jumps, too. 
Go ahead and get two coins from the blocks. Kill the first Torions. 
See that small platform below the high one with the three coins? If 
you go down there and jump, you'll find a no-more invisible power-up. 
Then there's a LOOOOOOOOONG series of jumps, Torions, and floating 
platforms. The first pipe has the first Bonus Room, which contains 77 
coins and a power-up in one of the bricks. Get out and you'll find 
another power-up in the block, along with 5 coins. Next is a quite 
crowded bridge, so don't try to run unless you don't like your 
current number of lives. After more jumps and enemies, there are two 
blocks, and the last one has a Star. Then there's an almost endless 
series of Torions and Yurarin Boos before the second Bonus Pipe, 
which is also home to a Pakkun Flower. The Bonus Room has 20 coins. 
The first block after the pipe holds as many coins as you can get, 
and the following blocks have a power-up for you. Next you'll have to 
cross an even more dangerous bridge, heavily guarded by Yurarin Boos. 
Eventually you'll reach a floating platform. The upper block of the 
two-block column hides a 1-Up which will fall between the 9 coins 
unless you break the bricks before. Use the floating platform and the 
(aaargh!) mushroom blocks to reach the high exit.


Take some steps ahead and you'll be greeted by a Mekabon. Run to 
cross the small pits, and get the power-up from the block. The next 
block has a coin. Kill Chicobo and Nokobon and enter the pipe for 77 
coins. The rightmost of the first four bricks has multiple coins. 
Going on, you'll come to two floating platforms and a nice column of 
8 coins. Now you have multiple choices: you can take the upper path 
and find some Mekabons and three rows of 16 bricks. The last brick of 
the first row has a Star, and the last of the second row has a power-
up. BUT, if you are small Mario (and if you're not, take a hit from 
the Nokobon), jump on the platform and fall down its edge to land on 
an invisible platform and gain access to the lower passage, which has 
more coins, but is boring - and a bit dangerous, too. Now just go on 
until you come to two pipes - the second has a Bonus Room which holds 
20 coins and a multiple-coin brick below the exit pipe. Then go on 
until you reach the exit. If you miss the high one, try to go back on 
the floating platform using the three mushroom blocks.


This level is very straightforward, so you don't really need a 
walkthrough. Try to break as many bricks as possible for power-ups 
and 1-Ups. When you find two walls, the lower one is usually the one 
with the item, but that's not a rule. Stay on the left all the time 
and keep holding the A button. Try not to shoot the Gunions, because 
their balls are annoying at times, especially between brick walls. 
There's a nice stock of coins near the end, for a total 62 coins and 
a funny writing (well... the idea is funny, I guess). There's a 
power-up in the wall just before the Boss.

-----BOSS: DRAGONZAMASU----------------------------------------------

This is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too easy, even for such an easy game. 
Tamao is easily avoided, and if you stay low the fireballs can't hit 
you. Shoot non-stop, or just destroy the bricks and reach the switch 
if you want to spoil all the fun (hey, isn't that sound the Bosses 
make funny? It makes them look like sheep! Weird! BTW, it sounds a 
LOT like the FX you hear when you lose at Tetris on the Game Boy).



The block above the first pipe has a coin. As soon as you reach it, 
the first Batadon will start to fly towards you. Watch its movements 
carefully before you do anything - they're tricky at times. Above the 
next pipe are 2 coins, and a power-up is hidden in the last among the 
following bricks. Jump past the mushroom platforms and enter the next 
pipe for a 15-coins Bonus Room. Outside, grab the coins in the blocks 
above the pipes, and watch out for the Giras coming out of the second 
pipe. The next block has multiple coins. Go ahead and be prepared for 
another Batadon and a Nokobon. Then, use the three floating platforms 
to reach the other end of the pit, where a Pakkun Flower is waiting 
for you in the pipe. The following 8 coins can be only gotten with 
fireballs, while you can take the next 8 and make it out alive by 
pressing B and -> while you're falling. After the two pipes (Pakkun-
Gira), you will meet two Nokobons, and you'll also be charged by a 
Tokotoko, which can be pretty dangerous if you don't know it's there. 
Another one will come down at you from the platforms above, where a 
coin is waiting inside the block. Look out for another Batadon, and 
get the three coins. Then you'll come to another platform set like 
this: the block has a coin, but there's an invisible 1-Up in a block 
you'll find by jumping when you're on the second platform. Then, kill 
the Batadon and the Nokobon, grab the 3 coins, and use the three 
floating platforms (the first and the third go left and right, while 
the second moves up and down). The power-up in the block by the next 
pipe may be a bit hard to get if it's a mushroom, due to the odd 
rhythm of the Giras. Next, follow the high path if you don't want to 
meet two fast Tokotokos on the ground. Kill the Batadon after the 
pipe, go ahead, and enter the next pipe, where you'll find 129 coins, 
31 bricks, and yet another coin in the block. Next, you'll have to 
wait for Ganchans to fall down from nowhere and jump on them to get a 
free ride. If you're big Mario and a platform is blocking your way, 
jump on it and wait for another Ganchan - but it won't be a problem 
if you're small. Stay on the last Ganchan to reach the high exit.


This stage may be a bit difficult at first. From the start, go on and 
past the three pipes, where a Suu is waiting. Bait it, and jump on 
it. Kill the Nokobon and get the coins from the blocks, then go over 
the rightmost block of the high row. Stay on the right and jump to 
find a secret block, which will get you past 4 Suus, a Nokobon, and a 
Pakkun Flower, and will lead you to 4 coins and a Pakkun. Back on the 
lower level, go right and wait for the Kumo to come. Kill it, then 
get the coins and the power-up. Now you'll have to jump on the narrow 
platform if you want to avoid the Suu - or just try to run past it if 
you think you're going to fall. Go ahead until you reach another row 
of blocks and bricks. Kill the Nokobon. If you're big, destroy the 
middle brick and jump between the blocks for an elevator leading to 
the pipe, where you'll find 129 coins and a power-up. The next jump 
is tricky: on the narrow platform, a stalactite will fall on you, so 
be quick. It's not that easy. After that, it's just a series of jumps 
and spiders. The block before the pipe has a power-up. After more 
enemies, you'll have to use the Ganchans again. You can enter the 
next pipe for a 15-coins Bonus Room, which hides a multiple-coin 
brick. After some frustrating mushroom platforms, you'll finally 
reach the exit.


Soon after the start, you'll find 5 floating platforms, three of 
which moving diagonally (new!). If you get the pattern of the Pakkun 
in the pipe, you can use the mushroom platforms to enter the pipe and 
find 129 coins and a power-up. Next, you'll have to choose the high 
or the low path. The high one has 6 coins, a Nokobon, and a 1-Up in 
one of the 10 bricks. The low path has two Kumos and 4 coins. After 6 
more floating platforms, you'll reach the second Bonus Pipe. The room 
inside holds 15 coins and a multiple-coin brick. An invisible block 
will help you reach the platform above the pipe. The next step is 
tricky: wait for the first floating platform to move right, then jump 
on it, and jump on the small platform as soon as you can. Repeat with 
the following platform. Go on, kill the statues, and get the power-up 
from the first block. Watch out for the Ganchan. After some more of 
the same, you'll meet the Boss.

-----BOSS: HIYOLHOI--------------------------------------------------

He's probably the hardest Boss in the game. If you're small, you'll 
have to time his movements perfectly, so that you can jump from 
Ganchan to Ganchan and to the switch. It's not easy to use the 
fireballs, because he will throw the rocks right where you're 
standing. Run back and forth, shooting one fireball at a time, until 
he's gone.



Wow! A new tune at last! Seems we're in China or something. Go down 
the first pipe and hold -> if you want to get all 44 coins. Outside, 
the first brick above the high pipe has a power-up, and soon 
afterwards you'll find the first Headstand Pakkun. After the first 
pit, you'll meet the first Pionpi. They can be a pain if there's more 
than one, so have the fireballs ready if you have them - if not, jump 
on the platforms and run past them. There's another Pionpi after the 
next pit. The high block you'll find after that has multiple coins. 
Go on and past two other pits, and take the power-up inside the 
second block near the pipe. You'll meet more Pionpis. Then, you'll 
come to many pipes, containing Pakkun Flowers or Giras. After two 
floating platforms, there's a pretty frustrating series of normal and 
reverse Pakkuns and Giras. The last brick of the first row has 
multiple coins, the last of the second row holds a power-up, and the 
last of the third row has again multiple coins, and a falling block 
above it. After the floating and the mushroom platforms, there's 
again a lot of pipes, with a Gira and a Pionpi. The high block after 
them has a power-up. When on the next floating platform, jump along 
the metal wall to uncover an invisible 1-Up. Go down the next pipe to 
clear the way and find 44 more coins. Then you'll meet 3 Pionpis and 
a terrible series of Giras before the exit, which you'll have to 
reach with some care.


The first of the second series of blocks holds a power-up, but watch 
out for the Pompom Flower below. Enter the next pipe for 251 coins, 
which you can fully collect only with fireballs. Go ahead until the 
first Nyololin. If you can, break the bricks to access the blocks in 
the high path (there's a power-up there) - otherwise you'll have to 
avoid many Pakkuns. Repeat at the second fork in the path. One of the 
next blocks has a 1-Up. Now comes the hard part. From now on and for 
quite a while, you'll find blocks with fireballs spinning around 
them. Fortunately, the block after the first pit has a Star, and 
another block holds a power-up. The first pipe after the power-up can 
be entered for another 251-coins room. After the spinning fireballs, 
it's only a short way to the end. Quickly jump from one mushroom 
platform to the other, and run to reach the exit.


This is it! The final stage! Luckily, it's very easy. The very first 
brick has a Mushroom. When you reach the area with the Chikakos, the 
first brick holds a 1-Up, and in the brick before the walls there's 
another Mushroom. You'll reach a closed room with 99 coins, and two 
bricks which you must break to go on. Now, stay on the right so you 
won't get stuck. The highest block in the next wall has a Mushroom. 
Then you'll find another spinning fireball and two upside-down pipes. 
Watch out for the hands coming out of them. Destroy the bricks and 
enter the Boss room.

-----BOSS: BIOKINTON-------------------------------------------------

He's very easy. Avoid his first attack, then just pump him full of 
lead until it's gone.

After Biokinton is defeated, Tatanga will come out of the floor and 
the final battle will begin.

-----FINAL BOSS: TATANGA---------------------------------------------

The spaceship Pagosu will move within the right half of the screen. 
It will fire big rocks that will split into three and come at you. 
The middle one can't be destroyed, but the other two can. Just hold A 
and move up and down - this way, some of your missiles will hit 
Tatanga. After 25 hits, he will be defeated.

The game is over! Enjoy the ending sequence, and start over the 
adventure to prove yourself a true Super Mario Land master!        


After you've finished the game, if you press any button while the 
words THE END are displayed, you'll be back at the starting screen. 
The mushroom cursor left of the word START will have turned into a 
Mario cursor, meaning that you can now play Hard Mode. This is a 
harder version of Super Mario Land (this is similar to what happened 
in Super Mario Bros. after finishing it a first time). Here are the 
differences with the normal game:

- A LOT more monsters, especially Nokobons, which are EVERYWHERE.

- You'll find monsters in levels they weren't in before (e.g., Gao in
  World 1-1).

- Dragonzamasu is protected by 2 Tamaos. 

- More falling ceilings and stalactites.

- More rotating balls in World 4-2.

- Basically, many more points and MUCH more fun!

If you complete the Hard Mode, you'll be able to select the starting 
level for your next game at the Start screen. However, keep in mind 
that everything will be reset when you turn off the Game Boy.

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