Super Mario Sunshine

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Super Mario Sunshine Ultimate Guide Vol. 1 (Basics)

                          Super Mario
                         Ultimate Guide
                            Vol. 1

__________Table of contents

1. Controls
2. About the delfino residents
3. Map of delfino plaza
4. all the moves
6. Yoshi
7. Items


Control stick:move
START/PAUSE:Pause game
C stick:change camera position
L buttton:Center camera & part of ground pound
R button:squirt water(When FLUDD is available)
A button:jump, swim,ect.
B button:pick up,dive,skip,ect.
z button:View guide
y button:change camera view
x button:change nozzle

__________About the delfino residents

Pianta: The big guy that is hard to miss. You see him in almost every place you go!
The big tree on his head give him shade.

Noki: Cute,little, and a bit squeaky when celebrating. Those are the little ones 
you see from time to time. The have the shell on their back and are at home in Noki 

___________Map of Delfino plaza


                          Map Key
1=Gelato beach
2=Ricco Harbor
3=Pianta village
4=Pinna park
5=Bianco hills
6=Noki Bay
7=Serina beach
8=Corona Mountain
H=Hidden mini games

______________All the moves

squirt water=R button
jump=A button
run,walk,stalk=control stick
Slide=run while squirting, keep running at the same time you press B and you 
control where to slide.
Air slide= jump and while in the air press the B button.
Triple jump=A+A+A (buttons)
Air spin= run in a little circle.Then press the B button. Don't stop running in the 
circle when you press B.
Flip=Start running. Then tilt back and press A.
Walljump=Jump towards a wall, once mario is on the wall, jump to the other wall. 
There must be two walls in a distance where he can jump and get on the wall.
Ground pound= jump. While in the air press the L button.


Mario uses this to clean the island and defend himself.

R button=squirt water
x button=change squirt nozzle to hover nozzle

                  There are 4 types of nozzles

      squirt nozzle, Hover nozzle,Rocket nozzle, and turbo nozzle

The squirt nozzle is permanent.

The more shine sprites you collect, the closer and/or more colored boxes your going 
to see.

blue box=Hover nozzle
red box=Rocket nozzle
Black box=Turbo nozzle


When you find a yoshi egg, give it the fruit it wants in order for it to hatch. 
Then press A to get on.

          Controls for Yoshi

control stick:move
L button:ground pound
R button:spit juice                   Note: If the yoshi dives in water it will die.
A button:jump
B button:swallow
X button:dismount


1-Up Mushrooms=Gives an extra life, fills of mario's life meter, and fills up FLUDD.
Shine sprites=To collect.
coins=Restore mario's health and you get a shine sprite if you collect 100.
blue coins= collect 10, give it to the shop keeper of the boat house and he'll give 
you a shine sprite.
red coins= In certain levels you have to collect 8 red coins to get a shine sprite.
Large water bottle=Fills up FLUDD's tank.
Small water bottle=Fill up half of FLUDD's tank.

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