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Super Smash Bros Melee FAQ
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     Ok. This is going to be almost exactly like my first one, only different. So 
here we go.
     When you first start out, you have almost nothing. (Unless you already have 
saved files on your memory card) The first thing you want to do is go to classic 
mode, beat it, and get Jigilipuff. This will open up some events. If you want, 
can go beat some event matches, but you don’t have to yet. Anyways, go to the 
Adventure mode and beat it with anybody. The Underground Maze might be some 
for you first timers, but here’s a hint; all the tunnels are connected to the 
wide opening. When you beat it and get the feel of it, start beating it with as 
characters as you can. Don’t worry about getting some of the secret characters, 
cover that later. When you’re done with that, do the same thing with Classic 
By now, you should have a crud-load of coins.
    So mosey on over to the lottery. Just start betting 1 coin. By the time you 
to 50% chance, you should have 20 or more trophies. At this time, you should 
betting more coins to get a better chance of getting a new trophy. Some trophies 
only be obtained by doing certain tasks. You get trophies of the guy if you beat 
that mode.
     The event matches. Event matches are matches, in my opinion, that are 
customized by the game. To beat these matches, you must fulfill or do the 
requirements given to you. The more secret characters you get, the more events 
get. There are 50 event matches in all. You get event 51 if you complete all the 
other events.
     The secret characters. I have made a list on how I know how to get them.

Jigilipuff- beat Classic mode with any character, on any difficult setting, with 
amount of continues

Dr. Mario- beat Classic mode with Mario, on any difficult setting, without losing 

Falco- beat the 100 man Spar

Gannondorf- beat event match 29

Marth- beat Classic mode with the default players

Roy- beat Classic mode with Marth without losing a life

Mewtwo- play VS mode 700 times or play VS mode for 20 hours

Mr. Game and Watch- play VS mode 1000 times, beat Adventure mode with every 
character, or beat Break the Targets with every character but Mr. Game and Watch

Pichu- complete event match 37

Young Link- beat Adventure mode with Pikachu and Jiggilypuff in any order

Luigi- go to the Adventure Mode, pick a character, and start. The way to get 
is to finish the level with 2 seconds on the third to the left number. (For 
x:x2:xx: x meaning any number)

     These are the way that I got them. (Or the way I thought I did) Now there 
these other characters that other people on other sites say that exist. WAIT! 
so-called “ungettable” people I think do exsist. As you might have read in my 
FAQ for this game, Mew, Tenchi Oni Link, and Medal Mario don’t exist. But they 
Only not in the way the people thought. I learned this from a reliable source; 
and Tenchi do exist, only as pokemon. I know, it sounds weird. Medal Mario and 
Link are, how do I say this, updates for the characters. I don’t know how else to 
explain it. I’ll answer any questions if you E-mail me. Anyways, we continue. 

There are more levels than you see in the beginning. Here are the different 
and how to get them.

Super Mario 2 Stage- beat Classic mode with Peach, on any difficult setting, 
losing a life

Flatzone- beat Mr. Game and Watch’s event match

Kongo Jungle- beat 15 minute melee with Donkey Kong

Yoshi’s stage- get over 1500 feet in the homerun contest with Yoshi

Final Destination- beat event #51
That’s about all I know for the levels.
     I hope that my FAQ will help you in any way. If I have given false 
please E-mail me at [email protected] This FAQ will be updated in a litter 
PS. I’m unbeatable with Roy!
( I know, I changed it from last time)

I have copyrighted this FAQ. So don’t get any ideas.

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