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2.unlock characters
3.unlock stages
4.battle help

All the help and stuff you will need to get through this exciting game.This is help 
for desperate people only.


a-normal attack
b-special attack
up,down,left,right+a-charge attacks
up,down,left,right+b-ground attacks
r+right,left-dodge roll
jump+r-air dodge
jump+up+b-air attack

2.Unlock Characters

Use Mario in Adventure Mode then complete it and Dr. Mario is ready to fight.
Go to adventure mode for this.You can only use some characters to unlock luigi.get 
a good time and good points on the mushroom kingdom level and a short scene will 
show Luigi knocking Mario off the stage.beat Luigi and the rest of the adventure 
and he will fight you.This takes a few tries.
this is kind of difficult for many people.complete the level 29 event match.then 
ganandorf will show up to challenge you.
complete the 100 man melee with the wire frames.{i'll show you the best way to beat 
this in the battle help section}
Young Link:
beat classic mode with 10 different characters.then show him what you are made of.
{hopefully you are made of something better than him}
beat adventure mode with zelda.{or shiek}
beat classic mode mode with marth without losing a life.
play atleast 50 vs. matches.
Beat the legendary pokemon event match{event 37}
Play vs. matches for a total of twenty hours or play 700 vs. matches.{more details 
in battle help section}
Mr.Game and Watch:
complete adventure mode with all 24 characters and you have successfully unlocked 
all characters after you defeat mr. game and watch of course.

3.Unlocking Stages

Planet Zebes Brinstar Depths:
complete 50 vs. matches
complete 100 vs. matches
Big Blue:
complete 150 vs. matches
Poke Floats:
complete 200 vs. matches

i will explain a quick way to get these stages in the hints for winning battles 

Mushroom Kingdom 2:
get the birdo trophy.{its best to get it in the lottery game.}

complete classic mode with Mr. Game and Watch without losing a life.

Final Destination:
complete event match #51 

successfully complete All-Star Mode with any character

Dream Land:
complete Break the Targets for every character with all 10 targets broken.

Kongo Jungle:
complete 15 minute melee {will show easiest way in battle help section}

Yoshi's classic stage:
get 1300 feet in home-run contest using only yoshi.{will show easiest way in battle 
help section}

4.Battle Help

100 man melee:
the best way to beat this difficult battle is to use a character that has an attack 
that can hit anything in its surrounding area. I recommend using link or donkey kong
use link's {up+B} attack or donkey kong's {down+b}attack and press b rapidly.use 
the attacks over and over again until you win.

15 Minute Melee:
again i recommend donkey kong or link but i recommend donkey kong even more since 
link's attack has a small amount of time for a wire frame to attack link when 
starting the attack again after the attack is over.

Event Match 37 Legendary Pokemon:
there are two good ways of doing this.Just keep dodge rolling from the wire frames 
and go straight for pokeballs or you can charge attack all the wire frames when in 
a group and get pokeballs when you have a chance before the wire frames recover 
from your smash attack and let your pokemon do the rest.

event match 39 Jigglypuff Live!:
the best way to do this is to repeat this step.charge attack a jigglypuff and dodge 
roll behind another and charge attack it from behind then dodge roll again.keep 
doing this step and you are sure to win it.

Event Match 51 {this is the last one}:
first destroy crazy hand first. i recommend using Falco or Fox with their fire kick 
attack.keep using that attack because its easiier to avoid the grab attack from 
both the hands.after crazy hand is defeated do an all out melee on master hand 
because he is just like the master hand in classic mode.

{that event match where you are luigi fighting giant bowser}:
its best to get behind or under bowser and do a quick charge attack then. use the 
dodge roll to avoid most of his attacks. this is a moving map so be careful not to 
fall off.try to use the moving map as an advantage against bowser.{by the way this 
battle takes place at poke floats)

giga bowser event match:
use Fox or Falco and do a fire kick on giga bowser first until he has enough damage 
you can just charge attack him out of the for the other two just dodge 
roll behind them and charge attack.keep up this step and pat yourself on the back.

winning vs.matches quickly:
go to super sudden death in the special melee section and put the settings on stock 
then put it on 1 life. make sure that the opponent is level one. just do a forward 
smash attack over and over again.thats the quickest way on my opinion.


Special Movie:
go to data at the main menu and select archives

How To Play Movie:
go to data at the main menu and select archives

Credit Game:
complete adventure mode or classic mode

alternate music:
hold down L and R while selecting a stage  {note that only some stages have 
different music}

change color of a character:
press the Y or X buttons when selecting a character

current game records:
go to data and select records

go to trophies at the main menu and select gallery to view all of the trophies you 
have collected

view all of your trophies on a table and plus there are nintendo systems on a shelf

use all the coins that you collected and win trophies

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