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Super Smash Bros. Melee FAQ and Guide  
Version 2.0
Written by paxk
This Document Copyright by [email protected]     

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Legal Stuff
Part 3: Version History
Part 4: Super Smash Introduction
Part 5: Characters + How to Unlock Hidden Characters
Part 6: Stages + How to Unlock Hidden Stages 
Part 7: 1-P Modes
Part 8: Special Melees
Part 9:Tournament Mode 
Part 10:Stadium
Part 11:Lottery + Coin Information
Part 12:Trophy Information
Part 13:Conclusion/How to Contact Me

Part 1- Introduction
Welcome to a new generation of smashing! Now I know there are already several FAQs 
about this game, but this, I promise you, will be one of the most complete and in-
depth ones you will read! So what are you waiting for? Get smashing!

Part 2- Legal Stuff
This Document is Copyright 2002 by paxk.
E-mail: [email protected] 

Part 3- Version History
Version 2.0- Updated 2 COMING SOON Sections and added more trophies to the Trophy 
Information Section.

Version 1.0- This is the first version, so send me e-mail if you notice anything I 

Part 4- Super Smash Introduction
This game was first released in 1998 in “Super Smash Bros.” by Nintendo, and 
included 12 characters: Mario, Luigi, Samus Aran, Link, Captain Falcon, Fox Mc 
Cloud, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Ness, Yoshi, Kirby, and Donkey Kong. Well, they 
probably thought that there weren’t enough characters and stages, so they added 
this new one. I’m so glad they did though! This game is the best! And this FAQ will 
get your game going!

Part 5- Characters/How to Unlock Hidden Characters
The first good thing with any game is the character. In Super Smash Bros. Melee, 
there are 25 different characters to choose from. This section will answer most all 
of your questions about them.

Take Control!
A: Use Standard Attacks
B: Use Special Moves
C Stick: Zoom Camera (in 1-P Mode)/ Smash Attack (VS. Mode)
Control Pad: Taunt
Control Stick: Move, Jump
Start: Pause
L and R Buttons: Shield
                 (+ A) Grab
Z: Grab (You can also use L + A or R + A to grab)

Original Characters/Special Moves
B: Fireball
Forward B: Cape
Up B: Super Jump Punch
Down B: Mario Tornado

B: Toad Smash
Forward B: Peach Bomber
Up B: Peach Parasol
Down B: Vegetable

B: Firebreath
Forward B: Koopa Klaw
Up B: Whirling Fortress
Down B: Bowser Bomb

B: Thunder Jolt
Forward B: Skull Bash
Up B: Quick Attack
Down B: Thunder

B: Bow
Forward B: Boomerang
Up B: Spin Attack
Down B: Bomb

B: Blaster
Forward B: Fox Illusion
Up B: Fire Fox
Down B: Reflector

B: Charge Shot
Forward B: Missile
Up B: Screw Attack
Down B: Ball Bomb

B: Swallow
Forward B: Hammer
Up B: Final Cutter
Down B: Stone

Ice Climbers
B: Ice Shot
Forward B: Squall Hammer
Up B: Belay
Down B: Blizzard

Captain Falcon
B: Falcon Punch
Forward B: Raptor Boost
Up B: Falcon Dive
Down B: Falcon Kick

B: PK Flash
Forward B: PK Fire
Up B: PK Thunder
Down B: PSI Magnet


B: Nayru’s Love
Forward B: Din’s Fire
Up B: Farore’s Wind
Down B: Transform


B: Needle Storm
Forward B: Chain
Up B: Vanish
Down B: Transform

Donkey Kong
B: Giant Punch
Forward B: Headbutt
Up B: Spinning Kong
Down B: Hand Slap

B: Egg Lay
Forward B: Egg Roll
Up B: Egg Throw
Down B: Yoshi Bomb

Hidden Characters/Special Moves
B: Fireball
Forward B: Green Missile
Up B: Super Jump Punch
Down B: Luigi Cyclone 

B: Thunder Jolt
Forward B: Skull Bash
Up B: Agility
Down B: Thunder

Dr. Mario
B: Megavitamins
Forward B: Super Sheet
Up B: Super Jump Punch
Down B: Dr. Tornado

B: Warlock Punch
Forward B: Gerudo Dragon 
Up B: Dark Dive
Down B: Wizard’s Foot

Young Link
B: Fire Bow
Forward B: Boomerang
Up B: Spin Attack
Down B: Bomb

B: Flare Blade
Forward B: Double-Edge Dance
Up B: Blazer
Down B: Counter

B: Shield Breaker
Forward B: Dancing Blade
Up B: Dolphin Slash
Down B: Counter 

B: Blaster
Forward B: Falco Phantasm
Up B: Fire Bird
Down B: Reflector

Mr. Game & Watch
B: Chef
Forward B: Judgment
Up B: Fire
Down B: Oil Panic 

B: Shadow Ball
Forward B: Confusion
Up B: Teleport
Down B: Disable

B: Rollout
Forward B: Pound
Up B: Sing
Down B: Rest

How to Unlock the Hidden Characters
Luigi- Clear the first stage (Mushroom Kingdom) of Adventure Mode with a two (2) in 
the timer’s seconds. (Example: 5:32.00) Defeat him in less than 30 seconds to make 
him appear.

Pichu- Clear Event Match 37 or play VS. Mode more than 200 times.

Dr. Mario- Clear any Regular Match with Mario on any level, or play VS. Mode more 
than 100 times.

Ganondorf- Clear Event Match 29 or play VS. Mode more than 600 times.

Young Link- Clear Classic Mode with 10 different characters (including Link and 
Zelda) or play VS. Mode more than 500 times.

Marth- Clear Classic Mode with all of the original characters, or play VS. Mode 
more than 400 times.

Roy- Use Marth to clear Classic Mode without continuing, or play VS. Mode more than 
900 times.

Falco- Survive the 100-Man Melee, or play VS. mode more than 300 times.

Jigglypuff- Clear Classic or Adventure Mode once with any character, or play VS. 
mode more than 50 times.

Mewtwo- Play VS. mode for more than 20 hours (not in a row just total. Plug in more 
human controllers for more total time.), or play VS. mode more than 700 times.

Mr. Game & Watch- Clear Classic and Adventure mode with EVERY CHARACTER ORIGINAL 
AND HIDDEN or clear the Target Test with all of them. Or play VS. mode more than 
1000 times.  

Part 6: Stages/How to Unlock Hidden Stages
These are all the stages you receive at the start of the game:

Great Bay
Rainbow Cruise
Princess Peach’s Castle
Mushroom Kingdom
Yoshi’s Island
Yoshi’s Story
Icicle Mountain
Green Greens
Fountain of Dreams
Kongo Jungle
Jungle Japes
Mute City
Pokemon Stadium

Hidden Stages

Brinstar Depths
Big Blue
Poke Floats
Mushroom Kingdom II (Subcon)
Dream Land N64
Kongo Jungle N64
Yoshi’s Story N64
Flat Zone
Final Destination

How to Unlock the Hidden Stages
Brinstar Depths: Play 50 VS. Matches

Fourside: Play 100 VS. Matches

Big Blue: Play 150 VS. Matches

Poke Floats: Play 200 VS. Matches

Mushroom Kingdom II (Subcon): Get a Birdo Trophy.

Dream Land N64: Clear Break the Targets with every character.

Kongo Jungle N64: Survive the 15-Minute Melee.

Yoshi’s Story N64: Score over 1300 feet in the Home-Run Contest. (100m in Japanese 

Battlefield: Complete All-Star Mode

Final Destination: Clear all 51 Event Matches.

BONUS: Alternate Stage Music
Hold L and R while a stage is loading in VS. Mode, and you’ll get alternate music. 
This will work with the following stages:

Great Bay---------------- Saria’s Song
Temple------------------- Fire Emblem Theme
Icicle Mountain---------- Balloon Fight Song
Pokemon Stadium---------- Pokemon Gold and Silver Theme
Onett-------------------- Earthbound Theme
Yoshi’s Island----------- Super Mario Bros. 3 Theme
Mushroom Kingdom & Subcon ----The Fever Theme from Dr. Mario
Big Blue----------------- Mach Rider Theme
Battlefield-------------- 100 Man Melee Theme
Final Destination-------- The Showdown (Event 51) Theme

BONUS: Random Stage Select
To choose which stages you want the Random button to take you to, clear Classic 
Mode with all characters, or unlock every stage except for the three N64 stages, 
Battlefield, and Final Destination (you can unlock them if you want). 

BONUS: Score Display
This feature allows you to see who’s winning in a battle. This cool feature comes 
at a tough price, though; you need a total of 5000 KO’s to receive it. Use the 
Mewtwo strategy; put a level 9, handicap 9 computer against 3 level 1, handicap 1 
computers at Flat Zone for an unlimited time. Leave the game on for as long as you 
want. When you come back, you will have several hundred KO’s. Don’t do the same 
thing with a 99-man stock fest. It will only give you about 290 KO’s.

Part 7: 1-P Modes
I have broken this section into three sub-sections: Classic, Adventure, and All-

Sub-Section 1: Classic Mode
In Classic Mode, you fight 8 random characters. Sometimes you will have to face 2 
opponents with an ally at your side, and sometimes you will have to face multiple 
armies of enemies. The stages of Classic Mode are broken up like this:

Stage 1:  Random Character
Stage 2:  Team of 2 (1 ally)
Stage 3:  Break the Targets
Stage 4:  Random Character
Stage 5:  Giant Character (3 allies)
Stage 6:  Snag Trophies
Stage 7:  Random Character
Stage 8:  Team Character (10 characters)
Stage 9:  Race to the Finish
Stage 10: Metal Character
Stage 11: Master Hand (and Crazy Hand if you play on Normal or above without 

Sub-Section 2: Adventure Mode
In Adventure Mode, you battle through 12 stages against enemies. The stages are:

1. Mushroom Kingdom
You Fight: 
Yoshi Team
Mario and Peach (or Luigi and Peach, see how to earn hidden characters to find out 
how to face Luigi.)

2. Kongo Jungle
You Fight:
Two Tiny DKs
1 Giant DK

3. Underground Maze (find the Triforce)
You Fight:
5 Links (you can jump over the sword to avoid them)

4. Brinstar/ Escape from Brinstar
You Fight: 

Then You: 
Escape from Brinstar

5. Green Greens
You Fight:
Kirby Team
Giant Kirby (if you beat the Kirby team in 30 sec. or less)

6. Corneria
You Fight:
Fox again (or Falco if you have him unlocked)

7. Pokemon Stadium
You Fight:
Pikachus, Pichus, and Jigglypuffs. (If you have Pichu and Jigglypuff unlocked)

8. F-Zero Grand Prix (first avoid the racers)
You Fight:
Captain Falcon

9. Onett
You Fight:
3 Nesses

10. Icicle Mountain
You Fight:
4 Ice Climbers (2 Nanas 2 Popos)

11. Battlefield
You Fight:
Wire Frame Team
Metal Mario (and Metal Luigi if you have him unlocked)

12. Final Destination
You Fight:
Giant Bowser (Regular if you use the Giga-Bowser method)
Giga-Bowser (if you get here on Normal or higher without continuing)

Sub Section 3: All-Star Mode
In All-Star Mode, you have 1 life to kill all 25 characters. You have 3 Heart 
Containers on the road, which heal all your damage. 

Each character in All-Star Mode has a unique stage. Look at the monitors on the 
back. When you face one character, you’ll be at their stage. When you face two, 
you’ll be at the stage of the one on the left. When you face three, you’ll be on 
the stage of the one in the middle.

NOTE: You always   face a team of 25 Mr. Game & Watches last.

The Stages are:

Mario- Rainbow Cruise
Peach- Princess Peach’s Castle
DK- Kongo Jungle
Yoshi- Yoshi’s Story
Link- Great Bay
Zelda- Temple
Captain Falcon- Mute City
Bowser- Yoshi’s Island
Fox: Corneria
Samus- Brinstar
Pikachu- Pokemon Stadium
Ice Climbers- Icicle Mountain
Kirby- Green Greens
Ness- Onett
Dr. Mario- Mushroom Kingdom II (Subcon)
Falco- Venom
Pichu- Fourside
Luigi- Mushroom Kingdom
Jigglypuff- Poke Floats
Mewtwo- Battlefield
Mr. Game & Watch- Flat Zone
Marth- Fountain of Dreams
Roy- Final Destination
Young Link- Jungle Japes
Ganondorf- Brinstar Depths

Part 8: Special Melees
Camera Mode- Use the player 4 controller as a camera and take snapshots!

Stamina Mode- All players have HP!
Super Sudden Death- All players start and recharge with 300% damage.

Giant Melee- All players are giant.

Tiny Melee- All players are tiny

Invisible Melee- All players are invisible

Single Button Mode- All you can use are the Control Stick and A. (Ideal for 

Lightning Melee- All players move fast.

Slo-Mo Melee- All players are VERY slow.

Part 9: Tournament Mode
In this mode, you can have a tournament with up to 64 players. Here you can choose 
elimination or winner/loser out matches.

Part 10: Stadium
The stadium has three special activities: Target Test, Home-Run Contest, and Multi-
Man Melee. 

Target Test
This section is Break the Targets from Classic Mode. To win you must break all the 

Home-Run Contest
The goal here is to smack the sandbag around for a few seconds, then unload on him 
with the bat. The best way to win is to use Yoshi and jump then use a down + A move.

Multi-Man Melee
Here you can fight Wire Frames for practice or to try and get hidden 
characters/trophies. There are 6 types:

10-Man Melee
You vs. 10 Wire Frames

100-Man Melee
You vs. 100 Wire Frames

3-Minute Melee
You vs. Wire Frames for 3 min.

15-Minute Melee
You vs. Wire Frames for 15 min.

Cruel Melee
You vs. HARD Wire Frames

Endless Melee
You vs. an infinite number of Wire Frames

Part 11: Lottery/Coin Information

Part 12: Hidden Trophies
If you have saves from other games, you can get new trophies. Here are the games 
you’ll need:

Pikmin- Captain Olimar
Luigi’s Mansion- Vacuum Luigi
Wave Rider: Blue Storm- Blue Storm

You can also get new trophies through clearing Event Matches:

Event Match 9- Goomba
Event Match 27- Entei
Event Match 47- Majora’s Mask

You can also get trophies by winning Classic/Adventure/All Star Mode with the 

You can even get trophies by completing parts of the Multi-Man Melee:

Mr. Resetti

Part 13: How to Contact Me
E-mail to me at [email protected] or [email protected] However, Lycos mail isn’t working 
right at this moment, so just stick to Yahoo for now. You can copy this guide and 
post it on your website (the reason I’m doing this is because I’ve wanted to post 
other guides but people haven’t let me). See ya in Version 3.0!


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