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Hello there! I(Ashley Jones) will tell you about Team Chaotix's Extra Missions. Ok 
here are the stages and missions for the team. BE WARNED that these mission you do, 
may stress you out! Also I will help you out on all of them so this can be easy for 
you! May take a while to update. Also they will be extended over time. If anyone 
needs help on any mission (like anything on this game especially the SUPER HARD 
MODE), please e-mail me at [email protected] and I will help you.


Find all 20 crabs!

1st crab: After the first loop you come to, go up the hill and stop at 
the top. Go to the right and stop at the edge. Now look over the edge 
and you can see a platform below. The crab is on that platform along 
with a 1-up.

2nd crab: Getting back on the main path, there's a small stand with a 
crab in plain sight.

3rd crab: Staying on the main path, you now come to a wall and a robot. 
Smash the huge stone in the center with Vector and a crab appears where 
the stone was.

4th crab: You now have 2 choices. 1- Go down the hill. 2- Bust the 
boxes to reveal a jump pad. Get on the jump pad to go flying to some 
springs that spring you up to the crab on a stand.

5th crab: Still on the main path you come to your first checkpoint and 
another wall to smash. The crab is on top of the left column.

6th crab: Going through a little speed run and through a loop AND 
crossing the sea, you land on a beach setting. 6 columns stand here and the 
crab is on the shortest column on the left.

7th crab: The crab is inside of the smash-able block on top of the 
highest column on the right.

8th crab: As you approach the nearby cannon, switch to power formation 
and hop in. There\'s a wooden box sitting on a platform with a crab in 
it but the cannon shoots you past it. After the cannon shoots you out, 
go back and smash the crate.

9th crab: Go back to the cannon and hop in as Charmy this time to be 
launched to a high platform with a crab on it.

10th crab: Still on the main path, you come to another beach with a 
raised portion in the middle. At the top is another block. Vector can't 
smash this one but he can move it to reveal a crab underneath.

11th crab: Still on the main path you come to a hill with dash pads to 
get up there. A crab is in front of the pads.

12th crab: At the top of the hill there is a downward path and a 
platform to the left. At the end of that platform is a box with a crab in it.

13th crab: Now head down until you come to a cannon. Hop in as Vector 
to go to a platform in the sea. There's a crab there when you land.

14th crab:After you pass the 3rd checkpoint there should be a flower on 
your right. Have Charmy sting it to open it and use it to teleport to a 
platform with a crab on it. Then use the flower again to go back.

15th crab: On the main path you come to a choice. 1- Use the speed 
rings in the air. 2- Drop down below. Drop down and you find another block 
that you can move to reveal a crab.

16th crab: Up ahead are 2 more moveable blocks. The crab is under the 
right block.

17th crab: OK, there is a cannon here Jump in as Charmy to be blasted 
to a higher road. Up there you find (gasp) another moveable block. Move 
it to reveal a crab.

18th crab: Go back to the cannon and shoot across. Run ahead until you 
reach a lone pillar and a crab should be near there.

19th crab: Head further up the beach until you see a cannon. Don't hop 
in and look to your left. There are four columns with smash-able 
blocks. The crab is under one of them.

Last crab: Just keep going until you come to a dead-end with a flower. 
The flower will take you to the beginning of the level but you won't 
need to use it because.... THE LAST CRAB IS RIGHT THERE!!!
(Thanks to SonicFantic for sending me this!)


Find the chao without being noticed by enemies!

Ok you know the drill. You start out dropping then go to the spring. Hit the spring 
and switch to Vector. Hit the door and turn invisible with Espio. NOTE: those ruins 
WILL fall so try to go around(homing attack the edge) to get across. After going 
downward to the fly sign, switch to Charmy to fly and touch the checkpoint. Then run 
and go to the fan. Use Vector (ACK!?!) DON'T LET THE ENEMY SEE YOU!!! (NOTE: BY LUCK 
YOU DON'T LOSE A LIFE ON THIS LEVEL-I am NOT lying you don't lose a life on this 
level(when you get caught) BUT it WILL set your score to zero!) Destory the emeny
(only Espio) and fly. Smash the ruins(and door) then turn invisible. Go all the way 
down the hill(past the sleeping guards)and go around to where you see the fan then 
use Vector. Go up and(not again...) turn invisible. Go to the door and destory it 
then you will blast yourself through the rainbow rings and touch the checkpoint. 
Switch to Vector and balloon ride up.(STOP AT THE EDGE OR YOU'RE DONE FOR!)Destory 
the enemy(with Espio) and ride it again. Then switch to Espio, run down the hill and 
destroy the ruin with Vector. Turn invisible then run to the door and destroy it 
with Vector. Switch to Charmy and sting the flower and you will be teleported to 
another area. Turn invisible and use team blast(at the center of the enemies are at)
and destory the ruin with Vector. Destory the enemy with Espio(invisible)and ride 
the fan with Vector then turn invisible and go to where the cage is and bust it with 
Vector. Now you've completed the mission. NOTE: Try to get an early time limit!
(Thanks to SonicFantic ([email protected])for details)


Defeat every "LAST" enemy within the time given!

This is simple if you got an "A" on the first mission, destory every enemy again but 


Destory all 5 gold turtle robots!

Too simple in this level. Just search, open the gates and destory(use Team Blast to 
save time if needed).


Collect 500 rings!

Boy all you have to do is use that slot machine at the start of the game over and 
over again until you get 500 rings. (hint: get all three teamates in the slot to get 
the Jackpot!)


Collect all 20 caniso chips!

1st chip: At the start take the right path. You see it after you land. 2nd chip: In 
a cage after the tube up ahead. Kill the robots to open it. 3rd chip: After going 
down the slides, you hit some springs. Land on the table and drop down below to land 
on a pinball table. The chip is in front of a drop out hole. 4th chip: Coming to 
your first BINGO slide, the chip is in the air where the (6) is. Use the ramp to 
reach it. 5th chip: Head for the (9). The chip is in front of it. 6th chip: Coming 
off the pinball table, there's a set of green balls to bounce on. Use those to get 
the chip in the air. 7th chip: Along the way you come to a hall with 2 dice blocks. 
A chip is sitting on one of them. 8th chip: Below the dice blocks is another pinball 
table. The chip is on the left side of the table. 9th chip: Going on the main path, 
you come to another plain slide. You go down it but then drop onto another slide 
with 2 flippers on the sides. Use those to get the chip behind the square panels. 
10th chip: Coming off the slide, you hit some springs. The chip is being struck by 
lightning due to the robot above. Take out the robot and claim the chip. 11th chip: 
You enter a glass hall with a fan at the end. Use Vector to float up to the top and 
you'll see some square panels. Use those as a path to reach the chip at the end. 
12th chip: After you break the glass to drop down, there is a chip floating in the 
air. Use Charmy to make sure you get it. 13th chip: Going down the slide, spot the 
(3) and (4) early. They will be on 2 seperate paths. The chip is in the middle 
before the paths split up. 14th chip: Go for the (5) as it's on a bridge that is 
hard to get on and stay on. The chip is after the (5). 15th chip: After the (6), you 
head around the corner and the chip is in front of some square panels in the middle.
16th chip: After the slide, you come to another pinball table. The chip is in the 
middle at the top. 17th chip: Get off of the table by going through the tube at the 
bottom. The chip is in the air but you can use the spring to get it. 18th chip: 
Moving along, you come to a wall with green balls to bounce up and a door with an X. 
Ignore the door for now and go up. The chip is in plain sight. 19th chip: Stay where 
you are and locate 2 switches hiding behind 2 pillars. Those will open the door with 
the X on it. Go to the door and use Espio's leaf swirl to go past the lasers. Grab 
the chip.Last chip: Go back to chip 18 and use the flower. The flower will transport 
you to a pinball table you couldn't get to before. The chip is on the board so look 
for the green arrow on the right side and it should be there. (Note: This pinball 
table is above the start so if you fall off you have go through the entire level 
(Thanks to SonicFantic for sending me this!)


Get to the terminal within the time allowed!

Now when I tried this I couldn't even think I got an "A" on this. This can be hard 
but take as MANY SHORTCUTS AS POSSIBLE! Also do you see that switch that curves 
(from the start), hurry and change to flying formation and fly! (you better have a 
GOOD JUMP for this to work) and at the end, HOLD the "B" button and stay in the 
middle rail. You better go fast for this mission.


Destory all 50 capsules!

You start off on rails and come to a huge tower. Head toward it and destroy the (4) 
capsules surrounding the cannon. Now use the cannon as Vector and launch yourself 
where the cannon is pointing. There are (2) capsules behind the grating. Get back to 
the cannon and use use either Espio or Charmy to reach the top of the tower. Kill 
the robot with the sheild and also the (1) capsule. Hit the right switch and head 
for the rails. Hit the 1st checkpoint and continue.

Capsules Left: 43

Continuing on, there is a capture robot and (1) capsule. After that, drop down and 
to you left is (1) capsule. Proceed to make your way out of the pit and stop at the 
top of the hill. Of course kill the robot and jump towards the platform in the air 
ahead to get (1) capsule. Up ahead you should see (2) more capsules. Under them are 
switches to activate the pole. Use the pole and you'll be sent to another pole and 
then to a set of rails. Watch out for the rhinos on the left and right rails. You'll 
see 3 switches and (2) capsules. Change to Vector so you can hit all 3 switches at 
once. Going through the door, there is a robot charging at you. Kill him and move on 
to the grating on the ground. Use Vector to break the grating and head down while 
getting the balloons. Kill the capture robot and 2 robots with lasers at the top of 
the stairs. Now at this cannon, if you enter as Vector you will get to destroy the 
super metal box for some rings. If you enter as Charmy, you will be launched up to a 
boost ring that you can use to get a balloon for some rings. Either way is fine. Run 
through the 2nd checkpoint.

Capsules Left: 36

Moving along you come to a capture robot and narrow bridge to cross. I suggest 
flying across to risk not dying. Kill the robots around the corner and you can see 
(1) capsule behind the fence. You could fly around to the other side and deal with 
it or just slam down with Vector near the capsule to destroy it. Hit the switch and 
head through the door. There are 4 robots in here along with (2) capsules. Before 
jumping in the large cannon, locate a second hall besides the one you came from but 
it'll be blocked by metal boxes. There are (2) capsules behind the boxes. Now hop 
into the center of the room and get ready for a long ride. Be sure to get as many 
balloons in the air by moving left and right. After you're flight you land on some 
rails. After riding the rails, you automatically change to Vector to use the fans up 
ahead to float upwards. Be sure to get the (1) capsule where the 2 fans are. Hit the 
3rd checkpoint and continue.

Capsules Left: 30

There is a set of fans ahead so use Vector to float across. Stop at the fan with a 
switch in the middle. (Position yourself over the switch and drop then use the 
bubble again to continue onward.) Now stay afloat in that spot and turn the camera 
around so you can see what's top your left. Head over to the platforms where (2) 
capsules are. Go back to the fans and finish going across being careful not to die. 
The switch before was used to open the door ahead with (1) capsule inside. Now fly 
to the top and smash the grating at the top to fall through. You are now on a high-
speed transport train. Destroy the boxes if you want and get on the rail to reach 
the other platform. Kill the capture robot and take care of the (1) capsule. Fly 
over to the next platform to your left and there is a robot with a shield and (3) 
capsules. Continue and kill the robot and head to the pole. Use the pole to reach 
the other platform ahead and kill the robots there. Use the Triangle Jump to get 
across the gap (be carful not to hit the floating panel.) Kill the capture robot and 
use Vector to hit the blue button on the train car and your off on some more rails. 
Grinding along you come to some springs and a bobsled all ready for you to ride. 
This part is kinda tricky so i advise going slow but speed up to jump over the 
lasers on the path. There are (9) capsules on the bobsled run. After the run, you 
come to some more rails. Grind along those and change the light rails to red and 
grind to the next area. There you find the 4th checkpoint. Hit it.

Capsules Left: 14

Before going on, go back on the rails but this time make the light rails blue and 
ride them to a new spot. There are (4) capsules located here. (By the way, if you 
missed any cpasules on the bobsled run, there's a flower here to take you back to 
the start of the run.) Now continue on where the checkpoint was and use Espio to go 
through the lasers and hit the switch to deactivate them. Now you can see a platform 
in the air with a robot on it. There's a switch to be hit so get that. It opens a 
door up ahead where (1) capsule is. Then get the (2) other capsules that are on the 
left and right of the door. Now head up and through the grating and to another 
transport train. Going along the train, get on the rail to get across, kill the  
capture robot, and fly over the invisible fence. Collect the rings if you want and 
fly over the next fence. Destroy the (1) capsule and use the flower to transport to 
the next flower. Go across the gap by using Triangle Jump as Espio and being 
extremely careful. Make it across and destroy the (2) capsules then hit the switches 
and use the pole to head up and over to the next pole and then the next area. You 
probably noticed a capsule on top of a platform on the train car. So get that(1) 
capsule and head back and fly to the platform up ahead and destroying the (1)
capsule. Now keep going until you spot the last (2) capsules guarded by a robot. 
Destroy him and the capsules to complete the mission.
(Thanks to SonicFantic for sending me this!)


Get through the forest without being noticed by the frogs within the time limit!

And I thought rail canyon was bad - this is worse! Ok you start out landing on the 
ground. Turn invisible and hit the orange and land on the ground(where the enemy 
is). Ignore the enemy and run the sprial. Then you will hit a booster(I think) into 
a land with a frog.(ACK!?!) I hope you are still invisible, now jump on the pad and 
use homing attack on the ivy and grind all the down. Then you will be swinging on a 
vine and a frog is below you! (If you don't know how to swing ahead to the next vine 
I will tell you how. To get to the next vine wait until the vine reaches its highest 
point then press "A" button. If your timing is good you should be swinging on the 
next vine) Swing across the vines and you will see a check point,touch the check 
point. Now switch to charmy and once you land, turn invisible and jump over to the 
next pile of land(because there is a frog on the other side. Hurry up and fly to the 
mushroom and hit the star thing with vector. Now turn invisible and run down through
(there are frogs here) and you will land on a platform, then fly to the next 
platform and turn invisible fast(because there is a frog above you) and hit the 
spring, then homing attack to the platform(you should make it IF there isn't a pad 
there) and touch the checkpoint. Now you need to hit the star thing with vector and 
you will bounce to the platform into another mushroom. After bouncing off of the 
mushroom and landing, fly to the next area and you will see a flower. Use espio to 
fly the flower(since you are invisible). You will fly until you drop down into a pit 
and boost yourself on a vine. Grind the vind and once you hit the end of the vine 
hit the spring and homming attack to the area with frogs(wow there is too many of 
them). Since you are invisible run into the area with oranges and homming attack 
across them to the next area. now run through until see a wall fly up and use the 
flower again(you should be invisible when using the flower). Once you land run up 
and touch the goal ring.(if I am wrong on ANYTHING in this section please let me 
know so I can give you credit)


Find all 20 chao!

(number of chao's is the first number)(1)Found in a cage at the start of the stage 
but you have to kill the giant robot to get it.(2)Along the normal path, your going 
up and around some giant roots in the center. You can get the chao that is just 
fluttering around on the pad that's on the main path.(3)After that one immediately 
turn around and fly into the air to spot a pad with a chao on it.(4)Still on the 
main path, you spot some boxes. The chao is inside those boxes.(5)After the 1st 
checkpoint you come to, there are some vines to swing on. Use the vines to cross. 
Kill the giant robot that comes your way and look to the right behind the leaves. 
There is a pad with a chao on it.(6)Killing the giant robot opened the cage with a 
chao in it.(7)After running theough the loop, you land in the next area. Look to 
your left to spot a mushroom with a chao over it.(8) Using the gong to cross the 
gap, you spot a blcak frog. The fruit will kill the flying robots and as you come to 
the 2nd set, to your right is a pad with a chao on it.(9) After using the flowerto 
cross the gap, you come to a green frog. Go near him so the good rain can come and 
make some things grow. Wait for all of the pads in the air to come out. Going back a 
little, fly into the air to spot a pad with a chao on it.(10) Same area, different 
pad.(11)After getting chao 10, defet the flying silver robot to open the cage with 
the mushroom and the chao in it.(12)Moving forward you come to a very cool tunnel. 
Instead of going in, fly on top of the tunnel and towards the center. Kill the 2 
flying silver robots to open the cage with the chao in it.(13)Return to the entrance 
of the tunnel. Coming to 2 giant robots, you have to kill them to open another cage 
with a chao in it.(14)Using the flower to transport to the next area, go to the 
pulley for a safe way of getting down. Go to the 2nd pad then switch to Charmy and 
fly in the air. Up ahead a bit is another pad in the air with a chao on it.(15)After 
getting that one, you come to another giant robot. Kill him to open the cage to get 
at the chao.(16) Before going through the lasers as Espio, head to the left and jump 
over the huge vine and at the dead end is a chao.(17)After taking the flower to the 
top and landing, kill the 2 silver robots to open the cage for the frog. Go near the 
frog so he'll make it rain. Don't take the spring yet, instead go to the right side 
of the tree your on and use Charmy to ge tthe chao in the air.(18)Go to the left 
side of the tree your on and use Charmy to get the chao in the air.(19)Use the 
spring to get to the big root and using the vine to get to the next area, there is 
another cage with a chao in it. Kill the 2 robots to open it.(20)To the left of the 
boxes is a chao that is flying in a circle.
(Thanks to SonicFantic for sending me this!)


Find the keys without being noticed by emenies!

Boy even I didn't know how I got an "A" on this. Anyway I will tell you how to do 
this. Run down the silde and hit the spring grab the key(1) and destroy the boxes 
and drop down. Turn invisible with espio and touch the big switch. Grind the rail 
fly on the platform(wait until it reaches it highest point). Then fly,watch the 
emeny on top! Now fly to the next platform (to not lose you "*" means moving 
platform "up and down" and "**" means next area or short area which you can jump 
on). Grab the key(on bottom)(2). Swich to espio turn invisible. Go hit the small 
switch. Jump on the side of the cage, switch to charmy, press "B" and you will 
teleport to an area with a big switch. Touch it and you will be back to normal. Turn 
invisible run forward (watch out!)then turn so you don't get hit. Grab the key(3)
then go to the platform* jump on it, then wait. Jump on platform** then grind the 
rail, run to the end and jump on platform for your key(4)jump down and grind the 
rail down to the checkpoint then touch the big switch. Grab the key(5) then fly to 
the platform** above you land and press "B" ,then land on flower and once 
teleported, turn invisible with espio(hey, there are emenies here) circle around and 
grab the key(6). Go back to the flower then drop down. Jump on platform*, then on 
platform**(watch it!)use charmy to hit the two(WATCH IT,IF NOTICED EVEN WITH 
TEAMMATES IT'S OVER!). IF NOT NOTICED, switch to vector and kill the two. Switch to 
charmy and TAKE A BIG JUMP(fly if needed) to the platform*(DON'T DIE!)then land on 
the platform**. Hit the small switch,turn invisible with espio then hit the big 
switch (watch for emenies). Go look behind you and grab the key(7) then walk foward 
follow the fire path then air will lift you up to the key(8). Now go to the door. 
Switch to vector hit the weak wall, pull the switch. Turn invisible with espio, 
destory the boxes, and pull the switch. Still invisible,run forward(WATCH OUT!)until 
you see a weak wall(stay there UNTIL the enemies are on the other side of the wall). 
Destroy the wall and grab the key(9). Then go to the fly sign and fly(make sure it's 
clear). Then hit the enemy(watch it!),destroy it with vector and hit all three 
switches and touch the checkpoint. Then turn invisible with espio until you see a 
square with a big switch hit it then enter the castle(watch it!). Now jump on the 
platform** and run your way to the top which has a cage and a pull switch. Go to the 
pull switch and pull, then touch the big switch which leads to a platform** and the 
last key(10).


Blow out all the blue torches!

If you see any blue flames, blow them out(I think there are 46)!


Find the fleet(find the goal ring and touch) without being noticed by enemies within 
the time limit!

Ok you start out grinding a rail(since you are Espio use Leaf Swirl)and soon you 
will be on land. Once on land run to the caution sign(black and yellow so I won't 
lose you)BUT ahead there are enemies and a small switch there so find a way to jump 
in the middle WITHOUT GETTING HIT! After hitting the switch go down(where the door 
just opened)and all the way down there is a checkpoint then you have to fly. Switch 
to Charmy and fly to the platform,land and fly to the next platform and(WATCH OUT!!! 
IF NOTICED YOU'RE DONE!)then switch to Espio,use leaf swirl and don't get hit! Jump 
on the box and jump again over the stacked boxes. Once done run to the spring,hit 
the spring and land in the small area. Run down and switch to Charmy before hitting 
the spring. Hit the spring with Charmy and you have on of two choices(I will say the 
upper area for this part) Once flew through the booster and landed on a grind 
rail,switch to Vector and ride the fan to the next rail. Switch to Espio and use 
leaf swirl and grind to the end of the rail(you may have to jump). Hit the spring 
and touch to checkpoint. Switch to Charmy and fly(watch the cannons),switch to 
Espio, use leaf swirl and use homing attack to the next platform. Run to a small 
area and use the booster to fly a long way over the fleet. Then grind all the way and
(I think) you will see a checkpiont. Touch the checkpoint and you STILL should be 
invisible and if you look ahead there ARE enemies destroy them...WITH ESPIO'S STARS! 
Once done switch to Vector and bust the cages that contain the two switches then 
activate all three of the switches and go through the door. Now go all the way down 
and sting the flower(on your right) and turn invisible and land on the flower. Still 
invisible go to the side and kill the enemy(you should be on level three with Espio) 
with Espio. Then jump and on the sign it says fly. Fly to the side...(hey there are 
enemies so DON'T GET CAUGHT!) and turn invisible. Once done jump on the stands(so I 
don't lose you the stands I mean are the some-what platforms that stick up that 
block the robots from seeing you.)and jump on the platform and hit the booster. Now 
you see a checkpoint(skip it.)(NOTE: this will take time away of what you really 
need to get an "A" on this mission).(if you are still invisible)Run up and hit the 
two enemies with Espio's stars. Once the emenies are destroyed hit all the switches
(no the the teammates activating seprate switches)and bust the cages and actavate 
the remaining two. Then go down and sting the flower and turn invisible again. Now
(since you are invisible) activate the six switches with Espio. Then where the 
flower is, switch to Charmy and fly to the cage that just opened.(that contains the 
star in the middle)Now the way to hit the switch is to switch to Vector and hit it 
with a ball. After hitting the switch, turn invisible and homing attack the pole 
with Espio(since Espio SHOULD be at level three) and homing attack the cannon then 
run to the enemy behind the large cannon(make SURE you are close) and use Team 
Blast. Once done run to the Goal Ring and you are done with the mission!


Find all 10 cell keys!
At the beginning and after the first rail, you come to 2 robots with stone shields. 
Kill them to open the cage with the key inside.(1)When you come to the first giant 
armored robot, the key is in a cage behind him. Destroy him to get the key.(2)After 
the 2nd key, hop on the spring and land on the fan and use that to land on the rail. 
Grind to the next platform ahead and kill the 2 robots with stone shields. Killing 
them opens the cage to a cannon. Hop in the cannon as Vector and shoot yourselves 
into the super metal boxes. There's a switch to be activated and that turns on the 
fan. Float to the highest possible height to a platform with a key.(3)Coming to your 
first E-2000 robot (yellow with a shield on its arm) you have to kill him to open 
the door ahead. The key is after the first line of lasers.(4)After the long rail 
ride with huge lasers, you land to yet another E-2000 robot. Kill him to open the 
cage with a key inside.(5)Coming to an open area with 2 robots with spiked shields 
and another E-2000 robot, there is a key inside the cage. Kill them to get it.(6)
After dealing with 2 giant armored robots, you come to 3 more! Kill them to open the 
door to the key.(7)After using the flower in the next area, there is a key above a 
hole. You wouldn't see it at first so clear out the area of all of the robots and 
blockades.(8)After some tricky platforming, you come to a corridor where you can use 
triangle jump to get across. At the other end is a cage with a key inside. Kill the 
robot to get it.(9)Use the flower to get out of there and to another corridor. Kill 
the E-2000 robot and get across. It's really hard so I advise to jump at your 
highest near a wall and go for it. After that, you can see a cage with the final key 
in it. But you have to kill the 3 giant armored robots to open it. There is one on 
the huge left platform, one on the huge right platform, and one way ahead on a 
platform shaped like a U. Destroy them all and return for the final key!(10)
(Thanks to SonicFantic for sending me this!)

I want to give thanks to you, for reading, Cheatcodes for plublishing this FAQ and 
myself. Also SonicFanaic for helping me. Note: You will NOT be able to use this 
faq for another website unless granted my permission to do so!

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