Team Rose Bosses - Guide for Sonic Heroes

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Hi! I'm Gfdhfd

1.Egg Hawk
2.Team Sonic
3.Robot Carnival
4.Egg Albatross
5.Team Chaotix
6.Robot Storm
7.Egg Emperor

1. Egg Hawk
This boss is easy. It is easy to be Amy or Big. With Amy, keep running and when 
stops, keep doing the homing attack. When being Big, only change to him when 
stops. Keep press X and square when Cream and Amy aren't on your shoulders.

2.Team Sonic
This isn't hard at all. When being Amy, keep using the tornado attack.With 
keep using Thunder Shoot. With Big, you can just about use any attack. And when 
get Team Blast, USE IT!

3.Robot Carnival
This is a little tougher. When fltying robots appear, use Cream. And when 
robots appear, use Big. And when you get Team Blast use it on a group that has 
tough robots.It is harder than it sounds!

4. Egg Albatross
This can be tough. But I suggest you be Cream. Fly over his attacks, and use 
Shoot. When you get to a part with a short rail, make sure you get on it, or 
will fall and will have to start over!

5. Team Chaotix
This is pretty much like beating Team Sonic. But when they get Team Blast they 
use it! Do the same thing you did to beat Team Sonic, and you should do good.

6. Robot Storm
This is almost the same as Robot Carnival, but the robots are stronger. So be 
Use Team Blast on the giant robots with hammers.

7.Egg Emperor
Finally! This guy shoots lasers out of sword. He has a sheild-type thingy. Too 
you're too tough. What? This guy looks strong? Never in a million years would I 
think this guy is strong! Use Cream to beat him. Fly over his attacks, and 
shoot him 
with thunder shoot. What? Still think he is tough? Well I only needed 2 Team 
to beat him. 

Do you like it? Bye for now!

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