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yo peeps it's edgecatore herre.

Table of contents:
1.My top 10 pokemon
2.pokemonteam vs. gymleaders
3.pokemonteam vs. elite four
1. My top 10 pokemon are:
1st Meganium lv.66/attacks:cut strength , iron tail , solarbeam
2nd Red Gyarados lv.36/attacks:bite , dragon rage , icy wind , rock smash
3rd Machoke lv.34/attacks:ice punch , fire punch , vital throw , thunder punch
4th Ursaring lv.33/attacks:strength , fury swipes , faint attack , rest
5th Tentacruel lv.32/attacks:surf , acid , bubblebeam , wrap
5th Ponyta lv.32/attacks:fire blast , ember , stomp , firespin
5th Golbat lv.32/attacks:steel wing , bite , confuse ray , wing attack
5th kadabra lv.32/attacks:future sight , dynamic punch , thunder punch , shadowball
6th Graveler lv.31/attacks:rock throw , magnitude , self destruct , explosion
7th Dragonair lv.30/attacks:waterfall , slam , surf , dragonbreath
8th Eevee lv.28/attacks:tackle , detect , quick attack , return
9th Poliwhirl lv.25/attacks:bubble , hypnosis , water gun , double slap
9th Poliwag lv.25/attacks:hypnosis , water gun , double slap , rain dance
10th Electrode lv.24/attacks:tackle , explosion , sonic boom , self destruct
10th Gligar lv.24/attacks:poison sting , wing attack , quick attack , harden
10th Togetic lv.24/attacks:rollout , fly , metrnome , flash
2.pokemon teams vs. gymleaders , these r the pokemon i used for each gymleader
Faulkner:1win/0loses Bayleef vs.pidgey , Pidgeotto vs. Pidgeotto
Bugsy:1win/0loses onix vs. metapod , Bayleef vs. Kakuna , Pidgeotto vs. scyther
Whitney:1win/1lose onix vs. clefable , Machop vs. Miltank
Morty:1win/0losesgastly vs. gastly , gastly vs. haunter , haunter vs.gengar , onix 
vs. haunter 
Chuck:1win/lose Meganium vs. Poliwrath , Machoke/Kadabra vs. Primape
Jasmine:1win/0loses Growlithe vs. magnemite ,Meganium vs. steelix ,  Dratini vs. 
Pryce:1win/0loses Dragonair vs. Dewgong , Bayleef/Red Gyarados vs. Piloswine
Clair:1win/0loses Dragonair vs Dragonair , Dragonair vs. dragonair , Red gyarados 
vs. kingdra
3.pokemon teams vs. elite four:
will:Kadabra vs. Natu , 

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