The 3 Legendary Dogs - Guide for Pokemon Colosseum

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Hi! do you want  to be the most powerful trainer in whole world this will 
help you.
           Step1. Entie= to get entie u have to go all the way to mount battle 
and keep going until u see this muscular guy. Battle him and then he will have an 
entie.But snagging him is not that easy  u have to weakin entie to almost faint 
and my opinion using a premier ball. Once u catch him quickly save or u willl not 
have him.    P.S [ it is very very hard to do but i did yt]                                                                             
          Step2.Suicune= to get suicune u have to battle the T.V. girl and then 
you will have to  snag her suicune but her other pokemon are also very tough so 
make sure your team of pokemon is strong enough to win and snag her. My opinion is 
espeon and crocnaw but u do what u want.                                                                            
         Step3. Raiku= to get raiku u have to beat the game and fight this 
person that challenges u after u win . Now this is REALLY hard but to be the best 
trainer I suggest u try. Ok so then u battle this guy then he will have a Raiku  like 
the other legendary dogs u have to snag him. The only thing is that when u try to 
snagg it either misses or he attaks you. So once again I used espeon and crocnaw but you 
This  was very short but it is useful in the game. i hope u enjoy those 3 
pokemon.                   Thank you

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