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With a game this tite you knew there would be false tricks and lame tree huggers 
coppying them, leaving you with a butt load of lies. Im here to straighten them 
out.It's pretty short but thats because it's been tested and is original.

 Secret characters

1. Jiggly puff (im not sure why anyone would want her but oh-well)
     A. beat classic with any one on any difficulty
     B. beat adventure on any difficulty with any one
2. Dr Mario (basicly same as Mario cept with throwing pills instead of fire)
     A. beat classic mode with mario with out losing a life and beat the Dr at the 
3. Falco ( same as fox cept... well hes the same as fox)
     A. complete 100 man spar ( I hate doing it but its easiest to be cheap and use 
1 attack the hole time ex link's spin sword aka up+b)
4. Gannondorf (A powered up capton falcon who trades speed for power)
     A. team up with zelda to beat him then beat him on your own to unlock him
5. Young Link (a quicker shorter range Link)
     A. Beat adventure mode with ten characters but 2 of them gotta be link and 
6.Luigi ( a combo of part mario part pichu)
     A.beat adventure mode twice in a row im not sure if there is a time limit on 
the first level like some say but i know that there is no time limit on any other 
level so just try to hurry past the first level. You will fight luigi instead of 
mario on your third way through adventure.
7.Pichu (an even kiddier version of pikachu)
     A. the only real way you'll wana unlock him is to beat event 37
8. Marth (quick, powerful, and good range on his sword)
     A. play 70 multiplayer games 
     B. play as all 14 regular characters in multiplayer
9. Roy (my personal favorite secret character,same as marth except he's got a cooler 
charge B move)
     A. complete classic mode with Marth without losing a single life.

I warn you these last 2 characters I havnt unlocked yet so I gotta play it like I 
hear it im sure there right but I have a life so I'm not gonna play for the required 
20 hours for awile if you find an easier way or find that these work email me.

10. Mew two (I'm not into pokemon so I dont know what his power or speed is)
     A. play multiplayer for 20 yes 20 hours ( I sugest plenty of coffee)
     B. this is a lot easier NOT! another way to get her/he is to complete 700 
multiplayer games 
11. Mr. Game and Watch (He is a zoo keeper who likes pengiuns on his pizza, 
seriously though I have no idea ... what kinda name is that anyway?
     A. beat classic mode with all 24 characters 
     B. break all targets with all 24 characters in target practice (training mode)

this was my first FAQ ive made so if it sux lie to me and say wow your good then 
call me dum behind my back ... ... ... any way i need to talk to my therapest 

Later, Armidildo 

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