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Isaaru isnt hard, 
(do not worry about Auron & Kimahri, but find them anyway for battles on your way to

First he will summon his Ifrit. You should summon Shiva. Keep attacking with heavenly
strike because you need your blizzard/blizzaga attacks for healing. If he is about to
use Hell Fire, you must use shield. Kepp attacking with heavenly strike and Ifrit
will die. I was able to use Diamond Dust twice with this stradegy. 

After Iftrit is killed, Isaaru will summon Valefor. I was able to keep Shiva but if
she dies with the same stradegy as the one fasing Iftir. But if that fails, try using
Ifrit, because you'll probably need Ixion. Ifrit should use his meteor strike and use
Fire or Fira to heal. Valefor will be easy since its the weakest Aeon. If you keep
this up Valefor will probasbly use Energy Ray, so usty use shield before it can.

The final battle will be against Bahemut. There is a countdow befor Bashemut uses
Mega Flare, so around the lat 2 or 1 seconds you might keep using sheild until the
countdown is over. You might want to use your Reamaing Shiva or Ifrit to do damage,
and then summon Ixion. He shouls attack directly because its stronger than Aerospark.
Use thunder or thundara to heal and keep using the shielsd to your advantage. Bahemut
will eventually die. 

Isaaru will not call Ixion or Shiva.

Now you have defeated Isaaru and ended his pilgramage.

Zombie Evrea is a little tougher.

When swimming through the waters under bevelle there will be a battle with Evrea
again. You will have Trigger options. unlock both locks. This will happen twice.
After the second time, the only plaayable characters Wakka, Tidus, and Yuna will swim
through another gate and it will shut before Evrea gets through. Nw he cant use
Poison Breath and wont attack. He can still us Photon Spray though so maske sure you
have plenty of posions or hi-posions. I used Al Behd posions. If rikku gets her
limit; use an Abuility Sphere and a Gernade. That will use an attack that can poison,
silence or blind evrea. Maybe all three. No just use all your basic attacks. Wear any
Soft Armor though because uses stone gaze which now automattically shatters. Keep
attaqcking with Wakka and Tidus (dont use Brotherhood, by now it has water effect,
use Boroque sword, but costumize it so it has Strength +3, and streangth +5) and
Rikku should use any offensive items. and if you have the spare change abuility, use
that too. Zombie Evrea will shake when dieing. Now rigt after that you will meet up
with Yuna, Kimahri, Lulu, and Auron for the hardest fight yet.

Seymore 2 is the hardest fight so far. I havent completed it yet.
(you will need drain, use a black magic shpere 1 on Lulu to get it.)
(do not use ANY Aeons until Part III)

Part I (seymore's life at 30000)
Seymore has the Mortibody which comes to your advantage. Attack it. Everytime you
kill it, he will drain seyomore by 4000, then the next time its 3000 etc. Use drain
to attack Seymore. (My Auron, Wakka, and Lulu all know it, but try finding black
magic spheres.) Use Tidus to Haste Yuna so she can use Nul-attacks. This is harder
because mortibody will use an element asttack on all characters then seymore will use
multi-magic. If your lucky, then Yuna will have a turn in between. If not, then there
is no way of preventing it. Magic, Power, Armor, and Mental break dont work.Use Auron
to attack Mortibody with basic attacks. 

part II (seymore's life at 20000)
Make sure yu switch to Soft armor because seymore will use Break (stone-effect) and
Mortibody will use shatter claw. Keep attacking Mortibody with Auron to have it drain
 Auron (it'll be easier to kill because by now it should have 1000 life)And drain

part III (seymore's life at 10000)
Seymore will use Flare (about 2000 damage) and it is not considered a fire attack.
This is the part i never got passes. ake sure you have Yuna reach her overdrive and
get all but one of you Aeons at overdrive. (grand summon will deal ith one of
them))Now before Seymore banishes them, use there Overdrives to finish the job.
(I didnt win this battle yet because i only justr thought lof this stradegy)
Seymore will banish them one by one now. But it doesnt matter, you only need them for 
 one turn using ONLY there overdrives. Seymore is totaled. You win and im not sure if
your done in Bevelle just yet.

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