The Black Hole Glitch - Guide for Super Smash Bros. Melee

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I.Required characters, items and stage

I. Requirements
  a.Super Scope
  b.Peaches turnips
 3.Stages(Any of these will work)
  b.Yohi's Island(NOT 64!)
  e.Kirby's Dreamland N64
  f.D.K.'s Jungle N64
  g.Princess Peaches Castle(You can put the most black holes there)
  h.Mushroom Kingdom
  i.Mushroom Kingdom II
II. Instructions
 1.Put Fox and Ness on one team and Peach and Falco on the other.
 2.Go to any of the above stages with all of the above characters.
 3.go to the outmost platforms(Mushroom Kingdom go to the top bricks)
(Princess Peaches Castle wait for the platforms to rise all the way).
 4.With Fox on the left platform and Falco on the right, put both of there 
reflectors up.
 5.Get a Super Scope as Ness and do the infinite ammunition glitch.
 6.Have Ness stand behind Fox and fire away.
 7. Have Peach jump into the barrage of bullets and it should be a straight 
blue/green line.
 8.Have Peach throw 14(15 would freeze the game)turnips into the line.
 9.The game will slow down a little, but have Ness jump in and it will regain 
 10.If the turnips fly into the air, repeat steps 4-9. If they don't, have Ness 
use 3 PK Fires.

If you have any questions, e-mail me. E-mail address [email protected]

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