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	This is the Elite Four:

Aaron, the easiest of the Elite Four, uses Bug and dark type Pokemon.

Bertha, her defence oriented team is full of ground type and one rock type Pokemon.

Flint, his combination oriented team uses fire, normal, ghost, and steel pokemon.

Lucian, his balance oriented team uses psychic type pokemon.

Cynthia, the champion of all trainers, uses a variety of types of pokemon.

	THE GUIDE: (The order in which the Elite Four and the champion send out their
pokemon varies depending on your pokemon.)

	First up is Aaron, the user of bugs. His pokemon are, Dustox lv 53, Beautifly
lv 53, Vespiquen lv 54, Heracross lv 54, and Drapion lv 57. Dustox is a
bug/poison type so Psychic, Fire, Flying, and Rock type moves will be good
against it. A steel type pokemon is good too, because it won’t be affected by
Dustox’s Toxic, and Bug Buzz will do little damage. He will probably start out
with being cheap on his Double Team, using Toxic and Bug Buzz in between. The
Beautifly is Aaron’s strongest pokemon(just kidding). It will use Bug Buzz and
Giga Drain and little else. The Heracross has a whole butt load of move types.
He’s got Night Slash for no apparent reason, He has Stone Edge to kill your
flying types, he has Close Combat because he wants to make it easier for you to
kill him, (I mean, what idiot would send out a rock type against him?) and He
has Megahorn because he wants to waste turns missing. The Vespiquen has Heal
Order (can you guess what that does?) Defend Order (How about that one?) Attack
Order (You better know what that does) and Power Gem, which is super effective
against a Honchkrow but not very effective against a Graveler. Lastly, his
Drapion is NOT A BUG TYPE! It is actually dark/poison and it is very much an
idiot. Ground moves are good against it, so I send out Torterra. Ice Fang is
among his Move set, but he chooses to use Cross Poison instead. Retard! He also
has Aerial Ace and X Scissor. He also feels the need to show off his moves, so
he will never use a move twice in a row and, being the idiot he is, will also
try not to use moves that are super effective against your guys.

	Next is Bertha, the old fat lady that uses ground type Pokemon because her
sister, Agatha from Pokemon Red and Blue stole all of her Ghost type pokemon,
and since almost every ghost type pokemon isn’t affected by ground type moves,
due to Levitate or a dual type or having Wonder Guard, Bertha is a senile old
bat that’s upset at her long dead mother for loving Agatha more. Anyway, her
first pokemon is Quagsire, and she must have been drunk when she chose it’s move
set. It’s only attack move is Dig, so your flying types are safe. It will
usually alternate between Protect and Double Team, like every pokemon that
dropped out of high school does. It’s other move is sandstorm, which it only
wants to use if it won’t affect the pokemon you have out. Her other pokemon are
Sudowoodo lv 56, Golem lv 56, Whiscash lv 54, and her biggie is Hippowdon lv 59.
Her Sudowoodo knows Hammer Arm, Hammer Arm, Hammer Arm, and Rock Slide. Hammer
Arm is all it will ever use. Whiscash isn’t actually all that stupid, but the
only thing it knows how to do is Aqua Tail and Amnesia. Can you believe her
Golem knows Gyro Ball? And, better yet, it’s the only thing it uses? Once in a
great while you’ll see an Earthquake but it’s too dumb to figure out it has any
other moves. Hippowdon is not smart but it’s not dumb either. It uses Crunch and
Earthquake to kill you, and Curse, which does not help it against Surf or Brine.
She is easy to beat, and there’s a reason why, because she is an illegal
immigrant from Kanto that had to escape because so many people knew about her
habit of molesting children.

	Here comes Flint, the guy with the out of style hairdo that keeps inputting the
type he uses into every conversation he has. “You need to light a fire in that
guy’s heart.” “This situation is heating up, I’m blazing now!” “Whew, burnt
right down to cinders!” “You are one hot trainer!” He just uses this lingo to
distract people from figuring out his affair with Bertha. Eeeeeew! He may claim
to be a quote “Fire Pro!” but in reality only 2 of his guys are fire type, which
is reasonable considering there are only 5 fire types in the sinnoh pokedex. His
pokemon are Rapidash lv 58, Drifblim lv 58, Lopunny lv 57, Steelix lv 58, and
his biggie is Infernape lv 61. The Rapidash will use Flare Blitz on no pokemon.
It will use Bounce and Solar beam on all pokemon. The idiot knows Sunny Day, but
would rather take twice the time in charging up Solar beam. His Drifblim will
use Double Team (another high school drop out) and then Baton Pass with
Infernape to make it impossible to kill. It’s only attack is Ominous Wind, which
could raise all his stats which would suck even more with Baton Pass. It almost
never uses Will o Wisp. Lopunny will use Charm to make you switch to your
special attacks and then reflect them back at you with Mirror Coat. It also
knows Sunny day and Fire Punch. The Steelix knows Fire Fang but it never uses
it. It usually has the habit of dying in one Surf. The last one is Infernape and
he has a whole butt load of moves like Heracross and Drapion. He knows Thunder
punch for the water and flying types, Earthquake for no reason at all, Mach
Punch because Flint was high on Meth and thought Close Combat was Scratch, and
Flare Blitz because he doesn’t have enough money to buy Flamethrower. Infernape
is like Drapion in many ways, he felt like using Thunder Punch on my Torterra.
That made me feel like burying him with an Earthquake.

	Lucian likes to read, which means he’s a nerd and could never get any girls in
high school or his 10 years in college. It also means he’s weak Physically, and
so he becomes devoted to psychic type pokemon so he can use his mind instead.
His pokemon are a Mr. Mime lv 59, Girafarig lv 59, Alakazam lv 60, Medicham lv
60, and his biggie is Bronzong lv 63. Mr. Mime will spoil your attacks with
Reflect and Light Screen, knowing that you would never use Brick Break on a
Psychic type. Then he will use Psychic and Thunderpunch which was lame for my
Honchkrow. the Girafarig will use a combination of Crunch, Psychic, Double Hit
and Growl. That’s right, I said Growl. I’m just kidding, he doesn’t have growl.
The Alakazam is really the strongest of Lucian’s pokemon. It knows Psychic to
kill all in one hit, Focus Blast for the Dark types, Energy Ball for wasting
turns, and something else that he never uses. The Medicham knows Fire Punch, Ice
Punch, Thunderpunch, and (you guessed it) Detect. Here are the thoughts going
through Medicham’s mind as he emerges from his pokeball to fight a Torterra.
Let’s see here, I think I’ll use Detect 5 times in a row, and then if I’m still
alive, i will use thunderpunch. He’s probably Canadian. Bronzong is a sturdy
one, I found it impossible to kill him in one hit with anything. He will use
Calm Mind about 4 times and then Earthquake, which is not affected at all by his
Sp attack boost. He uses Gyro Ball and Psychic occasionally, but for the most
part it’s all about Calm Mind and Earthquake. Beat him up and shove him in a
locker and you will now face the champion.

	Yes, that’s right the person following you throughout your adventures turns out
to be the Champ. Where have I seen that before? Oh right! In every single game!
Her pokemon are a lv 62 Spiritomb, a Milotic lv 63, a Lucario lv 63, a Roserade
lv 63, a Gastrodon lv 62, and her gigantes is Garchomp lv 66. Depending on your
type, the Spiritomb will change it’s move to make sure it’s not very effective.
Silver Wind, Psychic, and Dark Pulse, occasionally Embargo, and always something
that was totally the wrong thing to do. Milotic could use Ice Beam on my
Torterra, but it would rather use Aqua Ring to restore about 5hp each turn. It
also knows Recover, which can be a bitch if you’re not doing more than half
damage with your attacks. Roserade will use Shadow Ball and Energy Ball against
your steel type. Gastrodon will use Stone Edge on a steel type pokemon, when it
could use Earthquake. It also has Sludge Bomb, which doesn’t affect steel types,
but that didn’t stop him from using it a couple times. Lucario knows a whole
bunch of random moves, only one of which belong there, Aura Sphere. It also
knows Earthquake for the fire types, Psychic for the fighting types, and Dragon
Pulse for doing no damage. Last and smartest (but still dumb) is the Garchomp.
It’s got Brick Break for Ice types, Dragon Rush, Giga Impact (For leaving itself
vulnerable) and Earthquake. It will use all the wrong moves for the types you
put out, and Dragon Rush and Giga Impact for all. It has terrible Sp defence. I
gave it an Ice Beam from a lv 24 Glaceon and it took half it’s health. Hooray
you are now the champion! (Unless your pokemon suck too bad that they can’t even
beat Aaron)

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