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EEERRRMMMM.. Well, this game is like the first, you will have some breezy easy 
bits, some average action and some hardcore mercenary manhunt death. Yes, well 
pretty mixed huh? Well, I’m not experienced at publishing walkthroughs but my 
friends say I certainly can make them. Anyway, I’ll skip the, ‘this is my life’, 
and we’ll get on. Now, I will not tell you how to do things, like the control 
movements.., just what to do, not how to do them. So you do as I say, nothing else, 
I have read other walkthroughs for this game but I believe this is a bit more 
practical, as I am practical. So, First of all we are in Dili, Timor. The main rule 
of this mission is not to kill anyone or set of any alarms…. Yet…

Dili, Timor

Start by climbing up on the ledge in front of you on to the platform. You will 
notice you are in some docks. Follow along till you get to the stairs, from there 
(once at the top) jump up to the zip line at the large open window, or just a big 
gap thing. Once at the bottom about a foot or so forward from the end of the zip 
line is a pipe. Jump on to it and head inland. Before you get to the fence you must 
pull your legs up to get over it. When you get to the platform (underneath you), 
you can drop down. Go round the right side of the hut / building and just round 
that corner is a door. Go in to enter a small lit room. At the other end of the 
room is a door. Pick the lock and then go through. Through this door is a pipe to 
climb up in a room, do so and once up go forward and climb down the hatch. When 
down, go to the door and open it. Here you will be on a small platform outside. Go 
down the few steps and look for a platform where you can crouch and go underneath. 
Do so, when you come out, there are some steps to go up Pick up some ammunition for 
your pistol. You’ve now got 40 clips.

Go down the steps then back against the fence, continue along to the end then 
perform a SWAT turn to the adjacent building, then detach from the wall and crouch 
and sneak up behind the guard on the crate, grab him and pull him back to the 
building you did the SWAT turn on to and knock him out. You should then continue to 
the mines up ahead (visible through night vision) and crouch under the porch and go 
through, there are more, go on the crate to the left and from there you can jump 
over them or shimmy along the building and drop down. Continue past the building to 
the narrow alley to the right where you can do a split jump. From there you can 
jump up to the next ledge. Climb up and follow along until you get to the balcony 
thing and climb down the ledge on the pipe. When down you can crouch and when the 
guard across the way is looking away you way quietly go across the stream to go 
behind the wrecked car. Watch his patrolling pattern. As soon as his back turns do 
a fast crouch his way and knock him out. Go round the corners and you’ll see a 
guard on a crate, slowly creep up behind him the grab him. While interrogating him 
take him to the small alley in front next to the flaming barrel. Its dark here and 
there will be a guard looking for his friend for a light, well; you shouldn’t even 
want one in the first place!!! Knock him out, then do a split jump and from there 
you can get up to the top of the wall above, or, if you’re not too good at that 
there is a pipe by the barrel.  When you get to the top you have done part one of 
this mission. 

You will see some scaffolding with ladders leading up, take them to the top and 
there will be a open window at the face of the building. There is guard inside, so, 
to get past, back against the wall while crouched and go under. When you get to the 
edge detach and go further in to the next wall, return to your ‘against wall’ 
position. When you get to the door do a SWAT turn past it. When you reach the end 
detach and  crouch run to the broken end of the balcony where there are flames 
beneath. At the edge you a given a selection to climb out. Do so. Go up and shimmy 
to the side. When you go round the corner drop down to the balcony and open the 
window. Once you’ve done that go through, and in a crouch position creep up behind 
the guard beating the man (that man being Douglas Shetland, your contact) and knock 
out the guard. Talk to Shetland then shoot out the light and pick up the bullets. 
Now, open the door (one of them). If you see a room with the hostages in that’s 
where you want to go, if not, try the other door. At the other end is guard looking 
out a window. Slowly sneak up behind him while avoiding the glass and knock him 
out. Leave his body. Go through the next door and you’ll be in a small one. Go 
through the next one. You’ll see some stars. In stead of going down those yet 
continue up the next corridor. There is a guard looking out the balcony. Every 7 or 
so seconds he looks slightly to one side inwards, so when you go to knock him out 
make sure he is not in the process of ding so. Once that’s done go to the left and 
see a door. You must pick the lock. When inside you will see health if you need it 
and its now ready for you to use a your disposition when needed. Go back to the 
stairs and go half way down staying on the dark side. In this large room is one 
patrolling guard and two at the far end playing checkers. When your man (the 
patrolling guard) turns his back and walks away, quickly find the room under the 
stairs and go in. Once in, shoot out the 2 lamps and the light, but, even though it 
will sound stupid, you must still turn the now pointless light switch at the door.[-
want to know why?, email me at [email protected] -] Then go out and whistle 
to get the patrolling guards’ attention. When h comes to the room he will try to 
switch on the light, whilst he does this you may sneak up behind him and knock him 
out. Then turn the still pointless light switch as if it were off again. Then,… 
(its like a broken record) get the guys body and place it 1/3 down the room with 
his head to the door. This is relief. ….

To be concluded…

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