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Table of Contents
I   Introduction
1.  Bob-omb Battlefield
2.  Whomp's Fortress
3.  Jolly Roger Bay
4.  Cool Cool Mountain
5.  Big Boo's Haunt
6.  Hazy Maze Cave
7.  Lethal Lava Land
8.  Shifting Sand Land
9.  Dire, Dire Docks
10. Snowman's Land
11. Wet-Dry World
12. Tall, Tall Mountain
13. Tiny Huge Island
14. Tick Tock Clock
15. Rainbow Ride
II  Castle Secret Stars

I Introduction

To start, turn on the game and select Super Mario 64 DS.  Wait till the titlescreen 
shows up, then select ADVENTURE. Good, now your ready.  Choose your file, and when 
you are Yoshi, sitting out in the courtyard, you're ready to begin!

1. Bob-omb Battlefield

Star 1: Big Bob-omb on the Summit
        This is your first star.  After you enter the castle, talk to the toad on 
the left and he'll direct you to the correct room.  Go into the room, and jump into 
the bob-omb portrait.  Now you're in.
        Okay, you're Yoshi, you just need to get yourself to the top of the 
mountain. Just go straight towards the bridge and go up it.  Go past the chomp 
(avoid him) and go up the teetering bridge.  go thorough bubble blast field, and go 
towards the cage wall.  Go in through the opening.  Now you have two ways to go.  
I'd recommend the hill, but don't slip on it! Once your up, just keep navigating 
your way up the mountain.
        Once you're at the top, you'll meet the Big Bob-omb, and he'll want to 
fight you.  What you do is you wait until he throws a bob-omb at you, you pick up 
the bob-omb, and you throw it at him.  Then he'll start hopping around so watch 
out!  Hit him 3 times with his own bob-ombs and you'll get the power star.

Star 2. Footrace with Koopa the Quick
        What you do in this star is go up to Koopa the Quick, who is near the 
bridge where you went up for the last star in the beginning.  Talk to him, and 
he'll challenge you to a race.  Say yes, and when he begins, start racing.  You are 
racing to the top of the mountain, and you know how to get up there, so go ahead 
and race him to the top.  Once you're at the top and you're the first one there, 
you get the power star.  Plain and Simple.

Star 3. 5 Silver Star!
        This is a new one.  What you do is you look at the touch-screen and search 
for the 5 silver stars.  After you collect all five you get the power star.  Pretty 
easy.  Oh and I almost forgot to mention, if you get hit by anything, you'll lose a 
silver star.  It won't go back to where you found it, but it'll bounce around so 
hurry up and retrieve it before it becomes a wild goose chase.  Collect the star in 
the end and there you have it.

Star 4. Big Bob-omb's revenge
        This one is just like the one from the original Super Mario 64 for Nintendo 
64.  Just go to the top of the mountain and fight him, only this time you beat him 
a different way.  Pick him up from behind (A button) and throw him back on the 
ground (do not throw him off the mountain or he'll say it's not fair to do that and 
you'll have to start all over).  Do this to him 3 times and you get the power star.

Star 5. Mario Wings to the Sky
        You'll need Mario for this star.  You can still get it with Yoshi, but it's 
a lot harder.  I'd recommend going to another course and playing until you have 
enough stars to unlock Mario in the back of Peach's Rec Room (8 stars) but for 
those of you who are brave souls and want to try it with Yoshi, prepare for your 
worst nightmare.  
        Okay, what you do is, have you noticed the floating island yet? If not, 
take a look in the air (press X twice) and try to locate it.  If you have trouble 
even then, check out your touch-screen.  Once you locate it, you must first talk to 
a bob-omb buddy (the pink bob-ombs), particularly the one right in front of you.  
One of the two of them opens all the cannons for you.  Jump in the cannon and blast 
yourself toward the hill you slip on a lot that has a red coin on it.  Go up the 
hill, and keep going staight until you see another cannon.  Use this one to blast 
to the island.  It might take you a couple trys, but there are like 6 cannons in 
this course so keep trying and don't give up.  Once you're on the island, you'll 
find another cannon.  See the circles of coins that are near the floating island in 
the air? There are 5 of these circles.  The key is to cannon yourself through all 
five (not in one try, but in several trys) and you'll see a number when you go 
through one.  Once you get the 5th number, a star appears.  The reason it's easier 
with Mario is because he can get the wing cap and when you blast off it activates 
the flying right away and gives you high speed flying.  So you can fly through all 
five, which takes less time and effort.  So have fun, and seriously, it's 
frustrating using Yoshi, wait till you get Mario and unlock the secret of the 
Winged Cap.  Grab the star and you got it.

Star 6. Find the 8 Red Coins
        What you do is you try to find the 8 red coins scattered among the course.  
Talking to a certain bob-omb buddy who is just almost by the bridge, will show you 
where to find them on the touch-screen.  But then they disappear off the touch-
screen so you have to memorize where they are.  You know one's by the hill that you 
can slip on often.  One is over on the chain chomp's post he's chained to.  Two are 
near eachother right above the beginning area, to the left after you go across the 
teetering bridge.  One is behind the cage near the rolling boulders under the 
teetering bridge (just go through bubble blast field and down the hill and you can 
grab the coin, a 1-up, and hit a switch to open the cage).  One is on top of a tree 
on the floating island.  One is near the bridge at the beginning after you go over 
it, near the rotating pads.  And the last one is on top of a rock near a cannon 
under the floating island.  Once you get them all, a star will appear near the two 
coins that were near eachother.  Grab the star and you got it.

Star 7. Behind Chain Chomp's Gate
        This one is simple to understand but sometimes hard to pull off.  What you 
have to do is go to the chainchomp.  The pole he is posted to, do you see it? You 
have to get on top of it, and smash it down all the way.  Be careful not to get 
killed by the chain chomp before you pound it in.  Once its all the way in, the 
chain chomp will hop away, and the cage opens.  Grab that star.  Congratulations! 
You've completed the first level of the game!!!

Coin Star: Grab 100 coins
           For this extra star, you must collect 100 coins from this course.  Do 
that and you earn a star!!

To be continued...

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