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The Gamerman's Version: Super Mario 64 DS Walkthrough Part 2

2. Whomp's Fortress

Star 1: Chip off Whomp's Block

Okay, when you enter this course, you'll notice a pirahna plant. To defeat these, 
push lighly on the D-pad so it doesn't wake. Then, swiftly run and either punch/ 
dive (A button) or jump on it (B button) to kill it. It'll drop a blue coin. These 
are worth 5 yellow coins so it's good to grab a lot of them. 

Now go to the ledge and do a backflip (Hold R button and press B button) to get up 
there. Run up along it and go up the small staircase. Be careful not to wake the 
other sleeping piahnas up there. Run across the falling platforms. Do it quickly so 
you don't fall off! Then slowly walk across the plank. Next, wait for the whirling 
circly plank thingy to get on your side so you can cross it.

Once on the other side, there is a whomp. To defeat these, go in front of them. 
They will try to pound on you but jump out of the way quickly. Then jump on its 
back and ground pound (A button to jump in the air, while in the air R button to 
ground pound). It will die and give up a few coins. Continue on, and you'll see 
others to attack as well. Soon you'll see a rotating block thingy. Jump on it and 
jump up to the top thing you see at its peak height. Jump up there and you'll find 
King Whomp. 

Do defeat him, do as you would with any old whomp, though he is harder cuz he is 
bigger and more massive so be careful and jump much earlier than with regular 
whomps. Defeat him just like another whomp and get the star.

Star 2: To the Top of the Fortress

Okay, just like last time, you backflip up to the ledge, and walk up it. Basically 
just follow the instructions to get to the place where the big whomp was. He's 
gone, and now you'll find a large fortress and a bullet bill launcher. Avoid the 
launcher and start jumping on the ledges protruding from the fortress. After you 
jump on the last, highest one, it becomes a lift elevator and takes you to the top. 
jump off at the top and go around the other side of the top. You'll see the star. 
Get it and you got it.

Star 3: Blast into the Wild Blue

For this star, backflip onto the edge, only this time go over to the watery area 
instead of up the ledge. Talk to the bob-omb buddy and he'll open the cannon for 
you. Hop in, and shoot to the little area fortress looking place in the air undre 
that big pole where the goomba is. Climb down the other pole in the fortress-like 
area and you'll see the star.

Star 4: Red Coins on the Floating Isle

     For this star, you need to travel to the top of the fortress (but don't go up 
the ledges, just right by the bottom of the ledges.  Find a staight up plank around 
you, and kick and punch it down.  Walk slowly across the plank and that gives you 
access to many other red coins.  Find all 8 in this world to collect the star.  

Star 5: Fall onto the Caged Island

     To grab this star, you start out where you always do.  There should be a 
couple trees near you.  One of them has an owl sleeping inside it if you climb up 
it.  Find the owl in the tree and listen to his instructions.  Use him to fly up to 
a caged-looking island floating in the sky.  There is a star inside it.  Fall into 
the caged island and grab the star inside.

Star 6: Blast Away the Wall

     If you're really clueless about how to do this, listen carefully.  I will 
spend as much time as I can explaining as specifically as I can how to do this 
star.  First, go to where the cannon is.  Before jumping in it, use the zoom look 
(hit Y once) and aim toward the circly plank.  Now focus on the two walls in 
between the plank.  The corners of these walls that are sticking out towards you 
are the key.  Now, get in the cannon, and blast toward each of these.  You should 
destroy some of the wall, and once you have destroyed both parts, a star will 
appear.  Go up to that area and grab the star.  If you are still confused about 
this star, I'm sorry.  I will explain better if you contact me at  Thanks.

Star 7: Switch Star of the Fortress

     There is a new area added to this place different from the original Mario 64 
for N64.  If you haven't gotten that game before, then don't worry.  Just travel to 
the pirahna you see at the beginning and then make a left.  Go over towards the 
gate area at the end of the pathway.  Jump over it into a different area, the new 
area.  You have to be mario.  What you do is you destroy one of the red blocks 
there and one should reveal a switch.  Jump onto the switch and a star appears 
inside a crystal ball a little further down the path ur in.  Get there quickly and 
grab the star from the diamond thingy. 

Star 8: 100 Coin Star

     Very simple for this course.  There are lots of 5 coin bearing pirahna plants 
and there is a wonderful 5 coin switch.  Do your best.  You can get SEVERAL coins 
in this place.  Good Luck!!!


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