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                       Hey! I'm Sammer!!!!

This is my first ever GOLD CHOCOBO GUIDE
Version 1.0: That's right! my first Version
Version 2.0: I said it would never to be finished, but I thought I would add some
Questions? Comments?  "[email protected]"
            TOC (Table Of Contents)
      Sections:  I: Versions
                II: Chocobos
                    A: Regular Chocobos
                    B: Blue & Green
                    C: Black
                    D: Gold
                    E: Uses For The Gold Chocobo
               III: FAQs
                IV: Credits
                 V: Contacting Info

***************** I: Versions *********************
Version 1.0: That's right! my first Version
Version 2.0: I said it would never to be finished, but I thought I would add some
***************** II: Chocobos ********************

          A: U R going to need 4 stables at the Chocobo Farm; 6 would be really 
helpful but u don't
have to.  Once you have it go to the Chocobo Sage on the Northern Continent. While 
in the 
Highwind, bring the all-screen map up look at a single ring of a mountain, not the 
crater. Go to it 
if u find the crater then go to the other mountain ring. There you should find a 
lone house withe 
some greenery around it, get out of your plane thereand start to roam around on the 
(ONLY the greenery). U should eventually come across a red formidable monster, i 
don't know his 
name. You should use your yellow command materia "steal" on him. keep steeling 
untill u get a 
"carob nut," then you either beat him or run away ([pageup]+[pagedown]), or you 
could just beat 
'em, i'm not entirely sure u would get the nut. I'm suggesting u get 5 just in case 
but u need at least 3
             B: So now you should have at least 3 carob nuts correct? Go down to 
the chococo tracks 
west of mideel. There get 2 Chocobos. Note: Instead of feeding the chocobo to keep 
it from running 
away, just beat the Ultimate Weapon to get Cloud's ultimate weapon. You can just 
beat the enemies
with 1 hit! If you doubt me or Ultima Weapon, or are worried that it'll run away, 
then don't do it. Now
Go to the Chocobo Tracks SouthEast of the Gold Saucer. Get 2 more chocobos. Go to 
the Chocobo Farm.
Just before you enter enter. Go into the barn and talk to Choco Billy, 
the boy standing still.
"Welcome!" he'll say. He'll give you a set of options choose "Moving Chocobos," 
now,if you have one,
select a running Chocobo and a walking Chocobo or a "great"(running) and a "good" 
(walking) chocobo
if you do not have one restart and try again!

I won't be making any more of this. I'm sorry. :'(  I started out with the 
enthusiasim to finish but I never did. I wish I could retract this whole thing, so 
no one would know I did this! If anyone knows how to get this off of here, e-mail 
me at [email protected]! P.S. I am thinking about adding some more Like 
this part!
***************** III: FAQs ***********************
Any one have any Qs?
***************** IV: Credits *********************
Me! Hershey! Submit something and you'll get credit!
***************** V: Contacting Info **************
[email protected]

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