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        /      _   _ _       _                 _                    \
       |      | \ | (_)     | |               | |                    |
       |      |  \| |_ _ __ | |_ ___ _ __   __| | ___   __ _ ___     |
       |      | . ` | | '_ \| __/ _ \ '_ \ / _` |/ _ \ / _` / __|    |
       |      | |\  | | | | | ||  __/ | | | (_| | (_) | (_| \__ \    |
       |      \_| \_/_|_| |_|\__\___|_| |_|\__,_|\___/ \__, |___/    |
       |                                                __/ |        |
       |                                               |___/         |
       |                   Dachshund & Friends                       |
       |                                                             |
       |                                                             |
       |                                                             |
       |                                                             |
        \                                                           /


+BEAGLE+   $510

   Colors: Tan w/ Black & White

NOTE: Must be unlock, either with trainer points or linking with someone that
has that breed. 

   Colors: Brown w/ White, Black Brindle w/ White, Brown Brindle w/ White

NOTE: Must be unlock, either with trainer points or linking with someone that
has that breed. 
NOTE: Is abbreviated on list of dogs. 

   Colors: White w/ Brown, White w/ Tan, Brown

NOTE: Must be unlock, either with trainer points or linking with someone that
has that breed. 

   Colors: White


NOTE: Must be unlock, either with finding a fireman hat on a walk or linking
with someone that has that breed. 

   Colors: White w/ Black Spots (three face patterns)



NOTE: Must be unlock, either with trainer points or linking with someone that
has that breed. 

   Colors: Tan w/ Black, Sable w/ Tan face, Sable w/ Grey face



   Colors: Cream, Gold


NOTE: Must be unlock, either by finding the "Jack Russel Terrier Book" or
linking with someone that has that breed. 

Correctly known as the Parson Russel Terrier.

NOTE: Must be unlock, either with trainer points or linking with someone that
has that breed. 

   Colors: Black, Brown, Yellow/Cream


   Colors: Red/Tan, Black w/ Tan

NOTE: Must be unlock, either with trainer points or linking with someone that
has that breed. 

   Colors: Black w/ Tan, Brown w/ Tan, Red/Tan


NOTE: Must be unlock, either with trainer points or linking with someone that
has that breed. 

   Colors: Black w/ Grey, Grey w/ Silver, Brown w/ Grey

NOTE: Must be unlock, either with trainer points or linking with someone that
has that breed. 

   Colors: Tan w/ White, Black w/ Tan & White, Tan w/ White + face stripe

+PUG+   $590

   Colors: Black, Tan w/ Black, Silver w/ Black



NOTE: Must be unlock, either with trainer points or linking with someone that
has that breed. 

   Colors: Brown w/ White, Tan w/ White, Tricolored


+SHIBA INU+         

NOTE: Must be unlock, either with trainer points or linking with someone that
has that breed. 

   Colors: Cream, Red w/ White, Black w/ Tan & White

+SHIH TZU+   $585

   Colors: White w/ Black, White w/ Brown, White w/ Tan



   Colors: Black w/ White, Grey w/ White, Silver w/ White



NOTE: Must be unlock, either with trainer points or linking with someone that
has that breed. 

   Colors: Black, White, Brown


NOTE: Must be unlock, either with trainer points or linking with someone that
has that breed. 

   Colors: Tan w/ Grey, Tan w/ Black, Tan w/ Silver


|_________Intro to owning a new puppy_________|

So, now you've got a pup? Well, here's a bit of help for the start.

You'll be at your home, and your puppy will be running around

whimpering. The game requires you to pet it until it is happier, so you can name
it, and care for, etc. So, rub your stylus on the pup's body (Preferably the
head or lower back)
Not to long after, sparkles will appear, meaning your pup is warming up to you.

You should give it a name now.

The area marked "Begin Audio Input" is the only thing you should be pressing.
Now, if you want this to work, you have to say the name clearly, so if you're
around other people talking, or the TV's on leave, or this will disrupt the

If you have an accent, try choosing a name you can pronounce as clearly as

Try to repeat the pup's name with the same tone, and the same name of course, so
you don't confuse puppy.

Once you've said you pup's name 3 or 4 time correctly it should bring you to a
screen where you type it in. (I make the first letter capital only, but that's
up to you.)

The typed name in no way has to match your spoken name. You can
say "Poof", but type in "Lucky", and the puppy won't notice. 

Your first trick is sit down. All you need to do is, right between the ears,
pull down with the stylus. Then tap the talk bubble, and so you don't mix this
up with future commands, say "Sit" or "Have a seat" or whatever you fancy.

If you puppy heard you correctly, a light bulb will show up above it's head.

If you want your pup to learn quicker, tap the light bulb, and drag it to your
pup's mouth. 

|_________How is puppy felling?_________|

You see that picture of your puppy with it's name under it in a yellow box? 

Well, this is a very important place on the touch screen. 

Tap where it says your puppy's name, and tada, your puppy's info is all there.

This includes Gender, Hunger, Thirst, How clean your puppy's coat is, and what
it last ate.

This is whether your pup is a boy or girl.

A blue circle with the arrow going upwards is a boy.

A pink circle with the arrow going down and has a cross through it near the
bottom is a girl.

Hunger is very important.

There are four indicators of how hungry puppy is:

+ Normal
+ Hungry
+ Famished

Now, I usually only feed my puppy a bag of dog food when it's hungry, but when
it says normal, I take either Jerky Treats, or Dog Biscuits, and feed it 2 or
three, and it should be full.

I advise Dry food for normal days, and all natural food, for when your pup feels
NOTE: You must unlock the all natural food. 

Yet another important part of raising the pup. 

Also indicated by four stats:


No matter what I give my pup water/milk when it says Normal or below. 

If you don't puppy won't do as well in contests, find good presents, or be in a
good mood around other dogs on walks, or go to sleep, unless it's says quenched.


This makes your pup look great, and give you trainer points each time you give
it a bath. 

Four stats:


Now at clean, you want to bathe your pup, and brush it.

And for beast results I'd use the correct shampoo and brush. 

Long hair Shampoo and Wire Brush
Golden Retriever
Toy Poodle
Shih tzu

Short Hair Shampoo and Rubber Brush 
Jack Russel Terrier
German Shepard
Shiba Inu

NOTE: When giving your dog a bath,never click the sponge more than once, or you
use another bottle of shampoo.


Ah, one of the best parts of the game! 

You either go meet other dogs in the park, train for disc competitions in an
empty park, train for agility trails at the gym, or go to one of the 2 discount

This is also where you meet other dogs at the blue boxes, or find presents. 

You can also find present that aren't marked by blue boxes, or end up eating
trash, which you want to avoid at all costs. 

Do forget to let your dog mark it's territory.
NOTE: Blue dots show up where this certain dog has marked it territory.  

And if it makes a mess, just tap on it to clean it up. 


Sometimes you meet other dogs at the blue boxes. 

It'll tell you the name of the dog, then you will have a chance to have it's
owner give you advice, compliment your dog, tell you their greatest dream, or
scold you if you didn't pick up your pups poo. 

After this your dog can interact with the other one. 

Take note of the music in the background, it'll tell you how they will mostly
likely interact with each other if they get too close. 


Quick pat-pat-pat drumbeats? This means a fihgt will most likely happen. 
Best idea is to leave NOW, by taping the red arrow in the corner.

Hear a guitar strumming? Well, this might be the start to a good doggy
friendship. You might want to tug your dog closer when the other dog lays down
or is tugged back by it's owner into a sitting position. They will sniff noses. 
It could take up to 4 times before they are friends, but if you can manage this,
a different background music will start playing, and you dog will be in a good


Free items you get on walks, cool huh? 

Here's a few tips:

Let your dog go to the bathroom, scratch, or sniff the ground every time it
wants to. You're more likely to find better presents, and extra ones lying around.

Once you have the clover clock a a lucky collar, use them before going for a
walk, you will get better items, and are more likely to find extras lying around.

Stop at the park in the middle of your walk, and tend to your puppy's needs of
thirst and hunger, you will get better items, and are more likely to find extras
lying around.

Hit all the item boxes you can then go to the park, and straight home, none
after the park. When you get to the park put on/change the accessory pup is
waring, once it's saved turn off the game, reboot it, and you'll have all the
item you collect, and be able to go on another walk without waiting 25 - 30

Leave your dog alone for 30 minutes at the home screen, without touching the  
touch screen or checking it's stats or anything, and your pup will run out and
find you a present, to get them back push the whistle button if their not on screen.


   "Lie down" / "Lay down" / "Drop flat!"
When your puppy is sitting, rub the top of his head again and slide 
the stylus to the bottom of the screen. Your puppy should now lay
his whole body on the floor. Touch the training icon.

   "Play dead" / "Bang bang!" (play dead after a "gunshot")
When your puppy is laying down, touch its chest and move the stylus
either left or right. The puppy will lay on its side.

   NOTE: Playing dead to the left counts as a separate trick from 
         playing dead to the right.

   "Roll over" / "Belly up"
When your puppy plays dead, touch her belly near the ground and then
slide the stylus to the top of the screen. She'll roll onto her back.

   NOTE: As with playing dead, left and right are different tricks.
         However, the obedience contest doesn't care which one you
         do, so long as it's a roll over.

   "Take a bow" / "Shake your booty"/"Play"/"Playful"
You can't coax your puppy to do this, but since they're always so
playful, they'll naturally come up and do this a lot. Just touch
the training icon when they do.

   NOTE: Bowing facing you and bowing away from you are different.

   "Wash your face" / "Be a kitty" / "Rub your own ears!"/"Fix your hair"
Touch and hold one of your puppy's ears, and eventually it'll rub
at it with a paw.

   NOTE: Left and right ears are different, as are rubbing when
         standing, sitting, and laying down. There are six ear-
         rubbing tricks in all.

   "Shake hands" / "Gimme your foot/paw/hand"
Pick up and hold your puppy's foot, and then touch the training icon.

   NOTE: There are also six hand shaking tricks, just like the ear
         rubbing one.

   "Beg" / "Beg up" / "Stand" / "Stand up"/"Beggar"
When your puppy is standing, touch its belly and then slide the stylus
up. It will beg for you if it is happy and loves you a great deal. If
not, it will simply rear on its hind legs a moment, which doesn't
count as a trick.

   NOTE: If your puppy is fed, watered, clean, and happy, it will be
         more likely to beg. This is one of the most difficult tricks
         simply because the puppy must love you so much, and it takes
         time to make a bond that strong.

   "Spin around" / "Get your tail"
Grab your puppy's tail and hold it. It will spin, chasing its tail.

   NOTE: Spinning left and right are different.

Tell your puppy to roll over, then ask it to spin. If it is happy, it
will spin on its back, breakdancing.

   NOTE: Your puppy must first know the "roll over" and "spin" tricks.
         It also helps to have a fed, watered, and clean puppy.

   "Jump!" / "Jump up!" / "Spring!"
When your puppy bows, touch above its head. It will leap into the air.

   NOTE: Don't use "jump up" with "beg up" or "stand up". Your puppy 
         is likely to confuse them.

   "Backflip!" / "Turn a flip!"/"Turnover"
Ask your puppy to sit, then tell it to jump. If it is happy, it will
do a backflip for you.

   NOTE: This is another "happy/fed/watered/clean" trick.

   "Tap tap tap!" / "Gum on your foot?"/"Shake it all about" 
When your puppy is standing, touch its back foot. It will shake it.

   NOTE: "Gum on your foot" and "give me your foot" are too similar
         to use together.

   "On your feet!" / "Recover"
Have your puppy roll over, then have it jump. It will spring up onto
its paws like a fighter recovering from a fall. It'll lose interest
in being told the name of the trick almost as soon as it's done,
though, so touch that training icon quick!

   NOTE: This is a "happy/fed/watered/clean" trick.

   "Are you a person?" / "Dance for me"/"Tap Dance"
Have your puppy beg, then grab a paw and pull it to the top of the
screen. Your puppy will now stand on its back paws and fidget around.

   NOTE: The left and right paws are counted different, though once
         your puppy's up, there's no difference in the appearance of
         the trick.

   "It's a puppy top!"/"Marry-go-round"
Have your puppy beg, then have it spin. It should now turn around on
its haunches, looking like a crazy version of a toy top.

   NOTE: Your puppy also needs to be even happier than it was when it 
         learned beg - this trick is more difficult. It may just get
         down and spin on all fours.

   "Handstand!" / "Walk on your hands"
Have your puppy lay down, then beg. It'll get up on its front two
paws in a handstand.

   NOTE: This is another difficult trick, requiring happy, clean,
         well-fed puppies.

   "Hop like a bunny!"/"Hop 'til you drop"
Make your puppy dance, then ask it to jump. It'll hop around on its
back legs like Peter Cottontail.

   NOTE: Probably the most difficult trick to get, just because the
         dog's happiness must be through the roof.


Competitions are a fun way to show off what your puppy can do, as well
as win some money. There are three types. If you place third or better,
you will move up a class. If you do not place, you will be moved down
one class.

This is a simple game of catch the Frisbee/item that can be used as such.
You throw, your dog will
catch it and bring it back (hopefully). 
If the dog won't return, call its name and tap the screen until it does. 
The farther you throw the disc, the more points you will get. You also earn an
additional point if your dog jumps and catches the disc in the air. Practice at
the park when it's empty before entering this competition.

NOTE: Even if you have only one second on the clock, and you throw
the disc, it will still count if your puppy catches it after the time
runs out. This "icing on the cake" throw can make all the difference 
in the higher levels, so make sure you throw right up until the game 
refuses to let you!

NOTE 2: When throwing the disc, be sure to allow your dog time to turn
and get it. Take the Frisbee from your dog, wait one second, then throw
it. Tossing the disc too soon means that the dog must spend time that
it is in the air turning around, and this one extra second of turn-time
is enough to make the puppy miss every throw, no matter how straight. So,
take a moment to let it turn around before giving it a toss. You can still
earn up to 56 points in a round, which is the highest I know how to get.

         1st - $100
         2nd - ?
         3rd - $30
         1st - $300
         2nd - ?
         3rd - ?
         1st - $300
         2nd - ?
         3rd - $90
         1st - $400
         2nd - ?
         3rd - ?
         1st - $600
         2nd - $300
         3rd - $180

This is an obstacle course. The objective is to make it through in as
little time as possible, with as few mistakes as possible. The top
screen shows a map of the objectives and numbers to show the order in
which to complete them. Slide your stylus around the touch screen to
guide your dog; it will run to where ever you point at. Don't lift
your stylus, as keeping it on the screen makes it easier to get better
scores. You have to practice at the gym during a walk before you'll
be allowed to compete.

   + Jump - a simple jump. Slide your stylus over it to make your 
            puppy jump it. There are also double jumps which require
            a longer leap present on the higher levels.
   + Tunnel - a blue tunnel. Touch the beginning of it, then slide
              your stylus through it out the other end.
   + Weave Poles - a slolam. Begin on the left side (you must start
                   on the left, or you will miss the obstacle), and
                   weave through the poles. This is an upper-level
   + See-Saw - a teeter-totter. Walk your puppy up the ramp. When its
               paws reach the white part on the other end, move your
               stylus behind the puppy, since walking off the end
               before it hits the ground is a miss. Once it's on the
               ground, lead your puppy off it. This is an upper-level
               obstacle, and it may scare your puppy the first time.

         1st - ?
         2nd - ?
         3rd - ?
         1st - ?
         2nd - ?
         3rd - ?
         1st - ?
         2nd - ?
         3rd - ?
         1st - $600
         2nd - ?
         3rd - ?
         1st - $1,000
         2nd - $500
         3rd - $300

NOTE: In the higher levels, particularly the championship, the obstacles
will be placed very close together (particularly the jumps). This may 
result in your dog attempting to jump the wrong objective. This is a 
MISS and will result in point deductions, so make sure to keep an eye
on your dog! If it begins to swerve to the side to try and do another
task, tap your touch screen to get it to go in the proper direction.

This is a chance to show off your dog's tricks and fur condition 
(see? I told you that shampoo was useful!). You will be asked to have
your dog perform a certain trick or set of tricks, and then given a
short amount of time to have your dog perform them. Sometimes, you 
will have to hold the trick for a certain amount of time. After the 
required tricks, you will be given a "free performance" period in 
which you can ask your dog to do any and all tricks it's learned.

Before going, it's a good idea to groom your dog as thoroughly as
you can. This means using shampoo until the dog is beautiful, and
then giving it a good brushing. The extra sparkle will win over the
judges and net you some extra artistry points.

   Tricks needed for each level~
         Sit, Shake hands, Lie down
         Sit, Shake hands, Lie down, Spin
      Expert and above:
         Sit, Shake hands, Lie down, Spin, Jump, Beg

         1st - $100
         2nd - ?
         3rd - ?
         1st - $200
         2nd - ?
         3rd - ?
         1st - $600
         2nd - ?
         3rd - $180
         1st - $1,000
         2nd - $500
         3rd - ?
         1st - $2,000
         2nd - $1,000
         3rd - $600

NOTE: You are given three scores after the Obedience Trial. I am not
100% certain, but I believe the first scores your speed (how quickly
your dog responded to your voice), the second your accuracy (how many
times your dog did the wrong trick or couldn't understand you), and
the last your "artistry" (grooming and free performance).

TIP: If you want to win the competition, you should save before you enter, and
when there's like 3 seconds left and you know you didn't win, turn of the game
and reboot, and it'll be like you never entered. 

TIP 2: Went over your 3 competition a day limit? Don't want to wait? 
Well, turn off the power, take out the chip, turn on the DS, and reset the date
to yesterdays date (So if today was 12/8/08 you'd put in 12/7/08) and for time
put in 23:59 Once it's set turn off the DS insert the game and save it. 
Now wait a minute, and tada, you can do more competitions! 

NOTE: This may effect being able to go for a walk. So you might have to wait 25
minutes each time you do this.



Well, you can buy, sell, give away, and find items.
Quite frankly, I don't think I need to say much here.

TIP: On a walk, sometime you will find a rare parrot, and are able to give it
something. If you give it an item worth $200 or more (suck as the helicopter) in
return you will receive a gold bar, worth $2,000

|_________Remodeling your home_________|

Well, this isn't necessarily needed. 
It'll take up to three days for your home to be remodeled.

NOTE:Once you've bought a style of house, you can switch to it back for free. 

|_________Trainer/Owner Points_________|

Things which earn trainer points*
   ~ Feeding your dog at the same times each day
   ~ Making friends with other dogs
   ~ Win a contest
   ~ Generally be a "good owner" (there are other ways to earn points
     that haven't been documented yet)

*Things which lose trainer points*
   ~ Neglecting your dog for three days straight
   ~ Forgetting to pick up poo
   ~ Generally be a "bad owner" (there are also other ways to lose
     points that aren't written down)

   ~ 300 TP
Dog Food Can
Milk Carton
   ~ 2,000 TP
Yorkshire Terrier

   ~ 4,000 TP
Shiba Inu

   ~ 6,000 TP
      + "Desktop" Interior Decorating theme
   ~ 8,000 TP
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

   ~ 10,000 TP
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
      Natural Dog Food Bag
   ~ 12,000 TP
      + Seaside Room
   ~ 14,000 TP
Shetland Sheepdog
   ~ 16,000 TP
Miniature Schnauzer
   ~ 18,000 TP
     Outer Space (room)
   ~ 20,000 TP
   ~ 22,000 TP
Toy Poodle - Dachshund
   ~ 25,000 TP
     Ranch House
   ~ 30,000 TP
   German Shepherd 
   ~ 35,000 TP
   Miniature Pinscher 
   ~ 45,000 TP
   ~ 50,000 TP
   ~ Find a Jack Russell Terrier Book
      + Jack Russell Terrier becomes adoptable
   ~ Find a Fireman's Hat
      + Dalmatian becomes adoptable

|_________Exclusive Items_________|
"Dog's Theme" Box
Graduation Cap
Leather Shoe
Mario Kart
Red Rubber Bone
Shower Cap
Smart Clock
"Waves" Record


sandychan87/sandy87 for tips and cheats. 
My brain. 

************************** for hosting this. 

sandychan87/sandy87 for info.

Nintendo for making this game.

My nintendogs, Gina, Freddie, Jake, Lobo, and Bear for being such great virtual

And the biggest thanks of all goes out to you, the reader of this very, very,
very long FAQ.


Did I forget something? Want me to be more specific? Want to use some of the
info from my FAQ? Email me at [email protected]

If you don't ask, I will have it removed right away. 

Don't spam me, or you'll be blocked. 

This was written Sunday, August 17, 2008. 
At 7:10 PM, over the course of 5 1/2 hours.

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