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Naruto Ultimate Ninja

III.Fight System
VI.Again, the disclaimer.

I do not own Naruto or other characters in any way.
They are property of Masashi Kishimoto.Period.

1. The first mode is Scenario.
You play through each character's
story. Completing one character's
story may unlock another character's
story. *Note-Scenarios are referred to as 
"sagas" in the game.*

2.The second mode is scenario. This is where you get
your money by doing tasks with conditions and will also
unlock the two strongest characters in the game.You have
experience points that help you ascend the ranks and do
tougher missions.

3.Practice. Basically you just get your combos down and
all that good stuff.

4.Ahh, good old versus mode. Fight your friends or the COM(computer)
with unlocked characters.

5.Naruto's house. You can either change difficulty,sound, and screen position,
or view collected scrolls,music,videos,etc.

6.The shop. Dun-dun-dun. You buy scrolls and stuff here. This is why
you have missions. You start out with the Capsule Collecter for Beginners.
Don't be cheap and insert 200, as it will 95% of the time pull a blank.

Also, there is the Capsule Collecter for Maniacs and medium(forgot the name).
You start out with Beginner and will get Maniac when you reach Anbu rank.

III.Fight System
1. Attacking. Just press the circle button
with some directional buttons thrown in. *Note-Combos
are listed on menu during battle.*

2.Tools. You will throw either senbon , kunai, or shuriken
as your default weapon.
3.Press X to jump and again to double jump. Press X twice quickly and
you will launch a combo starter

4.Additional Blows. When your opponent is knocked into the air, you can teleport
above them or behind them to attack yet again. They can substitute that hit and 
hit you and you can substitute that until one of you gets hit or runs out of 
space. *Note- Hits are faster each substitution.* Press up circle or back 
circle to substitute.

5. Substitution. Similiar to additional blows, only you can use these to 
teleport behind your opponent upon about to being hit by pressing R2.

6. Jutsu. Good times, goooood times. Press down, down, circle and your character
will preform a jutsu, or you can do the designated combo for another jutsu.
You have to have at least one chakra bar to be safe.

Naruto- 1.Farts 2.Harem Jutsu

Sasuke-1.Fireball Jutsu. 2. Pheonix Flower Jutsu.

Sakura- 1. Inner Sakura 2.The Great Sakura.

Lee- 1.Leaf Whirlwind. 2. Leaf Hurricane.

Shikamaru- 1. Human Boulder. 2. Shadow Possesion Jutsu.

Kakashi- 1. 1000 years of Death. 2.Stunning Earth Style: Fanged Pursuit Jutsu.

Hinata- 1.Medicine. 2. Hyuuga Style Taijutsu.

Neji- 1.Rotation. 2. Hyuuga Style Taijutsu.

Gaara- 1.Shukaku's arm. 2.Cursed Sand Destruction.

Orochimaru- 1. Blade Tecnique. 2. Wind Jutsu.

Zabuza- 1.Water Prison Jutsu. 2. Water Dragon Missle Jutsu.

Haku- 1. 1000 Needles of Death. 2. Dance of the Needle.

Curse Marked Sasuke- 1. Fireball Jutsu. 2. Phenoix Flower Jutsu.

Nine Tailed Naruto- 1.None. 2.None.

7.Secret Tecniques. Use these to alot of damage.Alot. There are three strength
rankings:Red,Purple,Blue. Press triangle to ascend. Press circle to activate it.
The opponent has to be hit. It can be blocked and substituted. When you manage 
to hit, you will enter some cutscenes where you press all of teh buttons before 
time runs out to either get some more cutscenes or deal Critical Damage. The 
opponent can ony reduce damage.

8.Other. Holding up with Kakashi, Shikamaru, Hinata, or Sakura will heal you 
slowly. You will be vulnerable, as with charging chakra. Just hold down.
To walk on water will cost you chakra. Some stages are meant to slow you down 
with their water and you cannot walk on them. You can climb up walls and trees.
When your opponent or you slams into a wall or floor, take the chance to either 
grab the little chakra beads that are consumed from the opponent or use a 
secret tecnique on the opponent who is jumping around like an idiot and 
grabbing chakra.


1.Q. What does chakra look like?
A.Yellow balls.

2.Q. Can you fall in water?
A.Yes, and will lose life.

3.Q.Are stages interactive?
A.Yes, you can get items and chakra
by destroying things.

4.Q.How do I get up in other places
or down to my support characters?
A. Press up X or down X.

5.Q. What does it mean, "less than 10 life"?
A.You lives must be blinking red.

Support characters give you items and
power-ups. This will help you distinguish them.

1.Attack Items
Support Attack-Looks like a badly wrapped present in
tan paper. Unleashes support character attack.

Special Ninja Tool- Either throws an abnormally and suspicously
huge Demon Windmill Shuriken or a ton of kunai, shuriken, or senbon.
Looks like a gold shuriken.

The Weight of Gut- Slows down your opponent. Looks somewhat like a brick.

Sleep-When white feathers catch you in a Genjutsu.

Curse Mark- Slowly drains your life until 10%. Increased attack and speed.. You 
can only use kunai and secret tecnique x3.

Nine Tails- Increased speed and attack. No weapons, no jutsu, and only secret 
tecnique X 3.

Kakashi Figure- Automatic substitution. Two rotating logs above your head.

Shoes- Speed up.

Soldier Pills- Attack up.

4.Support Characters
Can be attacked and give items.

VI.Again, the Disclaimer.
I do not own Naruto in any
way or form.

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