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In this FAQ, I will tell you about the characters, their moves, and their 
capabilities.  If they are a secreat character, I will tell you how to get them.  
Also give me a break because this is my first FAQ!


Also known as Mr. Nintendo, Mario is one of the most famous Smash Brother.  Mario 
is an plummer that does more than fixes the sink or toilet.  He usually spends his 
times saving Princess Peach from the evil cluches of Bowser.  He has featured in 
loads of games and there are still more to come.  Also the neat thing about Mario 
is that when Smash Brothers (and Sisters) are measured for their combat 
capabilities, they are measured by Mario's capabilities because of the fact that 
Mario has a well-rounded attack and defence range.  Also through the years, Mario 
used to have red overalls and a blue t-shirt!

Mario has a well-rounded attack and defence range so that he doesn't have any 
painful weaknesses.  That is pretty much his capabilities and is a good character 
for begginers.

Fire ball (B) Mario shoots out a red fire ball at his opponents that is effected by 
gravity.  This is probably the only long-range attack that he has so he also relies 
on his close-up attacks.  This attack is best for stopping someone in their tracks 
if they are charging at you or to stop them from unleasing their smash attacks that 
they can power up.

Cape (forward+B) Mario can refect long-range attacks with his yellow cape.  He can 
also make enemies that are close up face in the opposite direction using this 

Tornato (down+B) Mario spins himself silly with this attack.  While spinning, he 
pulls in close-by enemies and spins them as well.  When Mario unleases his final 
spin, the enemy will go flying up, making this helpful for combos.

Super Jump Punch (up+B) This is Mario's emergancy jump if you are falling off of 
the ledge.  When you hit an enemy, they will be pulled up and hit with one strong 
punch that causes them to lose their cash!

Forward Smash (forward+A) This attack alows Mario to power up a powerfull fire ball 
at the pulm of his hand.  This attack is very strong.

Down Smash (down+A) Mario does a kick that spins around and hits his foes from the 
front and rear.

Up Smash (up+A) This attack alows Mario to use his head. . . leterally!  Mario 
smacks his enemies with his head and forces them to fly up and mabey out of the 

Sorry, but I will have to stop now and releace FAQ's about everyone else another 
day because I'm busy. . . I will also releace info about another character every 
day.  I will write another FAQ tomarrow!  Tomarrow will be Dr. Mario.  See ya!

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