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                                 KANTO DEX
N/A=not catchable in game, or evolved from other pokemon in the game
E/O= evolve from other pokemon only
L/O= Leafgreen only
U/C= uncommon

1. Bulbasaur, S
2. Ivysaur, E/O
3. Venusaur, E/O
4. Charmander, S
5. Charmeleon, E/O
6. Charizard, E/O
7. Squirtle, S
8. Wartortle, E/O
9. Blastoise, E/O
10. Caterpie, C
11. Metapod, U/C
12. Butterfree, E/O
13. Weedle, C
14. Kakuna, U/C
15. Beedrill, E/O
16. Pidgey, C
17. Pidgeotto, U/C
18. Pidgeot, E/O
19. Rattata, C
20. Raticate, U/C
21. Spearow, U/C
22. Fearow, R
23. Ekans, U/C
24. Arbok, U/C
25. Pikachu, R
26. Raichu, E/O
27. Sandshrew, L/O
28. Sandslash, L/O
29. Nidoran (girl), C
30. Nidorina, R
31. Nidoqueen, E/O
32. Nidoran (boy), C
33. Nidorino, R
34. Nidoking, E/O
35. Clefairy, R
36. Clefable, E/O
37. Vulpix, L/O
38. Ninetales, L/O
39. Jigglypuff, R
40. Wigglytuff, E/O
41. Zubat, C
42. Golbat, C
43. Oddish, C
44. Gloom, U/C
45. Vileplume, E/O
46. Paras, U/C
47. Parasect, R
48. Venonat, R
49. Venomoth, E/O
50. Diglett, C
51. Dugtrio, R
52. Meowth, C
53. Persian, R
54. Psyduck, U/C
55. Golduck, U/C
56. Mankey, U/C
57. Primeape, U/C
58. Growlithe, U/C
59. Arcanine, E/O
60. Poliwag, U/C
61. Poliwhirl, E/O (I think you can't catch Poliwhirl but I'm not sure)
62. Poliwrath, E/O
63. Abra, R
64. Kadabra, R (I think you can catch Kadabra, but I'm not sure)
65. Alakazam, E/O
66. Machop, C
67. Machoke, U/C
68. Machamp, E/O
69. Bellsprout, L/O
70. Weepinbell, L/O
71. Victreebel, L/O
72. Tentacool, C
73. Tentacruel, R
74. Geodude, C
75. Graveler, U/C
76. Golem, E/O
77. Ponyta, U/C
78. Rapidash, R
79. Slowpoke, L/O
80. Slowbro, L/O
81. Magnemite, C
82. Magneton, R
83. Farfetch'd, N/A (You can trade a little girl in Vermillion Spearow for it)
84. Doduo, U/C.
85. Dodrio, R ( You might not be able to catch Dodrio, Im not sure)
86. Seel, U/C
87. Dewgong, R
88. Grimer, U/C
89. Muk, R
90. Shellder, U/C
91. Cloyster, E/O
92. Gastly, C
93. Haunter, R
94. Gengar, E/O
95. Onix, R
96. Drowzee, R
97. Hypno, R
98. Krabby, L/O
99. Kingler, L/O  
100. Voltorb, C
101. Electrode, R
102. Exeggcute, R
103. Exeggutor, E/O
104. Cubone, U/C
105. Marowak, R
106. Hitmonlee, N/A (beat the fihting dojo and choose Hitmonlee)
107. Hitmonchan, N/A (beat the fighting dojo and choose Hitmonchan)
108. Lickitung, N/A  (I forgot where, but someone trades it to you for Golduck)
109. Koffing, L/O
110. Weeezing, L/O
111. Rhyhorn, R
112. Rhydon, E/O
113. Chansey, R
114. Tangela, R
115. Kangaskhan, R
116. Horsea, L/O
117. Seadra, L/O
118. Goldeen, U/C
119. Seaking, R
120. Staryu, N/A (Im not sure about Staryu, but I think its N/A)
121. Starmie, N/A
122. Mr. Mime, N/A
123. Scyther, R
124. Jynx, N/A (A guy in Cerulean trades your Poliwhirl for his Jynx.)
125. Electubuzz, R
126. Magmar, L/O
127. Pinsir, L/O
128. Tauros, R
129. Magikarp, C
130. Gyarados, R
131. Lapras, R
132. Ditto, R
133. Eevee, N/A (if you go to the back top floor in Celadon mansion you get a 
free one)
134. Vaporeon, E/O
135. Jolteon, E/O
136. Flareon, E/O
137. Porygon, N/A (Get 9999 coins at the game corner and get the porygon prize)
138. Omanyte, N/A (Revive this pokemon from Helix fossil)
139. Omastar, E/O
140. Kabuto, N/A (Revive from Dome fosssil)
141. Kabutops, E/O
142. Aerodactyl, N/A (Revive fom Old Amber)
143. Snorlax, N/A (Find it sleeping on two or three routes and us PokeFlute)
144. Articuno, L (Seafoam Islands)
145. Zapdos, L (Power Plant)
146. Moltres, L (Mt. Ember)
147. Dratini, U/C
148. Dragonair, R
149. Dragonite, E/O
150. Mewtwo, L, (Cerulean cave)
151. Mew, L, (Get Old Sea Chart and go to Mirage Island)

                        Thank you for reading this. If
                        it did not help you that is O.K
                        this is for those who cannot find 
                        pokemon in Firered and need help.
                         Locations of some places and items:

Cerulean Cave: Become the Champion and Something else, I dont remember.
Power Plant: Surf to the right of Rock tunnel until you see more land
Seafoam Islands: surf to them from Fuchia of to the right of Cinnabar Island.
Mt. Ember: Go as far as you can on route off of one island.
Mirage Island: ?????
Old Sea Chart: ?????
Old Amber: Go to Pewter and to the right of the museum there is a tree. Cut it 
down and go inside. Someone will give you Old Amber.
Dome Fossil: In Mt. Moon a trainer in front of two fossils will fight you. 
When you win choose Dome fossil.
Helix fossil: In Mt. Moon a trainer in front of two fossils will fight you. 
When you win choose the Helix fossil.

Do not use this FAQ in a way besides printing and using on your game. I cannot 
give out my email online because many things can happen to it. This FAQ should 
only be on this site.


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