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HELLO!Just in case you don`t know....That`s the Hourglass.This is a guide (By 
Doodle) To help you beat the last battle.PHANTOM LINEBECK!Jeese....He`s lazy.He 
Insults you.He uses you.Now he`s attacking you!How much worse can Linebeck get?
Ok lets get to the guide.

                    -Phantom Linebeck-
When you get to the Ghost Ship it cuts into a scene.It shows Linebecks ship go 
towards the ship.You get there and see Link`s Girlfriend (Tetra) being held by 
Bellum.Belleum is confused and knocks into the mast.The mast falls on the ship 
and Oshus and they both dissapear.Links distracted and Bellum Catches him.He 
drops his sword and WHAT!?!Oh great....It falls next to Linebeck.But don`t give 
up hope.Linebeck`s smart enough to realize that he needs to take charge.So he 
grabs the sword and hits Bellum.Bellum freaks out and drops Link and Tetra.Link 
gets knocked out and wakes up to see Linebeck going Bazerk.He needs Links 
help.You get up but not before Linebeck is attacked by Bellum.He throws you the 
sword and you get it.But then Bellum posseses Linebeck and he turns into a 
phantom.Looks like your gonna have to attack Linebeck.Sounds Fun.Here`s how you 
do it.First make sure you have at least 2 potions.Now start hitting him like 
crazy!!After a while Celia will send out a sphere.Grab it and draw the 
hourglass on it.Linebeck will Freeze and you have to go behind him and hit 
Bellum`s eye.When you go back there his eye will be closed.Celia is all 
confused.She moves behind him and gets captured.But hey!Now you can see when 
his eye is open or closed.Gu up and hit him until he loses balance.Then hit him 
2 more times and then you have to rub the screen back and forth.Celia will 
shoot another sphere at you.Grab it and wait for Bellum`s eye to open.When it 
is use the sphere and freeze time.Hit his eye as many times as you can!Reapeat 
this process until he is Defeated.

Yay!!!You won the game!!!Bellums gone.Linebeck`s normal again.The old man is 
the ocean king...blah blah.Well that was fun!Congrats!Well I hoped you enjoyed 
my game guid and the game.I do not take e-mails regarding my guide.Remember!!If 
you like this guide......TELL YO FRIENDS!Bye!:D

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